How to Satisfy Her in Bed | The Ultimate Guide

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Learning how to properly satisfy your women in the bedroom might be one of the most important things most men never learn.

I realised this for myself first hand when my long-term girlfriend broke up with me and went back to her previous boyfriend because I had no idea what she wanted, and how to please her sexually.

After that I made it my mission to learn how to give women the most satisfying sexual experiences of their life.

That’s when I started School Of Squirt! And made my video program – Squirting Triggers 2.0

There are a few reasons why, as a man, you need to learn how to keep her sexually satisfied:

1: Women love sex. Both emotionally and physically women typically enjoy sex more than men (they’re just better at hiding it). So if she’s not getting what she wants in the bedroom her primal instinct will be to go elsewhere looking for it.

2: Women fantasize… a lot! Just look at how popular 50 Shades of Grey has been. If you don’t know how to rock her world in the bedroom department, she won’t fantasize about you. She’ll be thinking about another guy when you make love. But if you know how to please her, she’ll fantasize about all the experiences she had with you.

3: This point might be the most interesting and important, and yet understated of them all. A sexually satisfied woman is a completely different person to a woman who isn’t. She’s more feminine, more energetic, more girlish, more loving, more caring, more thoughtful, less nagging. She’s a joy to be with.

A woman who isn’t satisfied, who hasn’t had an orgasm recently is a completely different animal. She nags, she’s grumpy, she has wild(er) moods swings, she’s less feminine. You get the picture, right? Give her what she needs in the bedroom and she’ll make your life amazing. Leave her wanting more and she becomes the girlfriend or wife that you just don’t want to be around.

Does that make sense?


Carefully read and take notes on what you’re going to learn here. If you don’t learn these steps you could be risking your relationship. You could be risking living with a nagging partner who never wants to have sex and has lost all of her feminine energy.

Oh yea, that reminds me. There’s point number 4.

If you’d like more sex with your partner, if you’d like her to initiate in the bedroom, if you’d like her to pull down your pants and start gratefully sucking your cock as soon as you get home from work then you damn well better learn how to properly please her too.

I mean, how can you expect her to always be up for having sex when she never has an orgasm?

But, flip that on its head.

How could she not be up for doing anything for you, doing whatever you want if you are the only man in the world who has given her “stacked orgasms,” “multiple orgasms,” “squirting orgasms,”?

That’s right, figure out the key to unlock her orgasms and she’ll be your little girl for life.

Okay, enough about why you need to learn this stuff.

Let’s get to the best bit of this article, the ‘how’.

There are two realms of female sexual satisfaction:

  • Emotional
  • Physical

To be the best she’s ever had, you need to learn how to satisfy both realms.

It might sound hard, but that’s actually a good thing. It means there’s no other guy who’s done it before for her.

So it will be extra special that you’ve taken the time to learn and master each realm.

Being good at either the emotion of the physical satisfaction separately and you’re already way ahead of the pack. But when you put them both together – that’s when fireworks happen.

That’s when you’ll have her addicted to you like heroin.

That’s when you’ll have her begging like a little girl for you to fuck her and willing to do whatever you want, to get her ‘orgasm fix’.

If you’re interested in learning more about exactly how to do this in a step by step manner, demonstrated right in front of your eyes in HD videos, I would recommend getting our new program, Orgasm Control.

This is where I teach my best tricks and techniques for female sexual satisfaction.

After all, there’s only so much I can put into writing. Sometimes you just have to see it demonstrated right in front of you to really know how to do it the right way.

Emotional Sexual Satisfaction

For women, sex is an experience that is driven by emotion.

Men are simple. We are much more visual in the way we experience sex. That’s why half the internet is adult videos.

But women need emotions to be turned on. Hence why men watch porn, and women read romance novels or watch 50 Shades of Grey.

The biggest barrier to achieving emotional sexual satisfaction is stress and worry. When a woman feels stressed or worried it will be incredibly hard for her to have an orgasm.

When her mind is focused on other things and not in the moment, she can’t truly enjoy the physical sensations that you’ll (soon) be able to give her.

This is why, part of giving her an amazing sexual experience involves helping her to move past the stress and worry of everyday life.

When she’s in a state of complete relaxation, without cares, worry’s or negative thoughts, and when she’s in the moment with you… that’s when she’ll have the best orgasm of her life.

This is why women’s sexual fantasies always involve some sort of adventure before the actual sexual experience itself takes place.

There is always some build-up or tension that takes her mind away from the boredom of everyday life.

This all sounds quite difficult and time-consuming doesn’t it?

Having to satisfy her emotional side before you’ve even got to the physical.

And, to be honest, it is difficult… if you don’t know what you’re doing (which most men don’t)

However, there are 13 techniques to cause her to get into the right emotional state so that you can then work the magic with the physical.

These are going to change the way you approach sex in general, and you it doesn’t take much time or effort to throw one of these tactics into the mix now and again to keep her totally pleased.

In no particular order:

1. Roleplay

Most men don’t even consider the possibility of roleplay in their sex life. That’s a real shame as it can add so much to one’s sex life.

The vast majority of women have sexual fantasies that can only be realized through roleplay due to the low probability of such things happening in real life. That’s where you come in as a man and help her turn those fantasies into reality (sort of).

Roleplay introduces a whole new world of adventure for couples that will add a lot of adventure, fun, and excitement that will leave you with a new passion and enjoyment for one another.

Common roleplay scenarios include doctor/nurse, executive-secretary, teacher-student, animal play, along with many more that you can search up online. The only limit is your imagination.

Once you start incorporating roleplay into your sex life you might get addicted as there are so many different scenarios that you can explore. You can say and act out many things that you can’t do in real life, along with things that you normally wouldn’t during a vanilla sex session.

Since variety is one of the most important pillars of keeping a healthy sex life with you and your partner, you will have no problem with this as soon as roleplay becomes a staple of your sex life.

Roleplay is one of the things that you can start doing right away and you’ll probably notice a difference in your woman’s reaction immediately. She’ll wonder where your kinky ideas came from and start looking forward to sex with you more, as well as experience a lot more pleasure and enjoyment from it.

2. Surprise

Once you’ve settled down into a routine with your partner, the occurrence of sex becomes fairly predictable. For example, when you get home together after dinner, when you’re about to sleep, etc.

One of the things that turns girls on the most is surprise. What you want to do is keep your girl on her toes and unable to predict when sex is going to happen. Spontaneous lovemaking sessions are often the best as she’ll be experiencing a lot of intense emotions.

For example, you can throw her onto the bed out of nowhere and get going, get naked in a fitting room while shopping, or go for a quickie right before you have to go to work. If the idea of sex pops up while you’re together (given you’re in an appropriate place), try to go for it!

Random, unpredictable sessions that catch her by surprise will have her looking forward and keep her emotions in a heightened state, which will only help you satisfy her even more.

3. Getting away

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, then you’ve already formed particular habits together. These are needed for everyday life, but they also cause your sex life to get stuck in a rut. These routines and habits take the excitement and tension out of sex making it very hard for her to ‘get in the mood’.

Many couples take it as a sign that their sexual appetite for each other is waning, but this usually isn’t the case. It’s actually about their environment. If you change the environment to something completely new, the spark of your sex life will rise again.

An example of this would be a weekend getaway where you’re free from the stress and triggers of everyday life and you can go back to fully enjoying sex with each other.

Even something as simple as a hotel room can be enough to spark the fire and excitement. Getting away from your everyday life so you can re-spark the passion once in a while is one of the best ways to keep her satisfied with her sexual relationship with you.

4. Domination (choking, hair pulling, spanking)

Despite what some feminists have to say about men and women being completely equal, in a male-female heterosexual situation there must be a dominant and submissive role for things to be optimal.

Although there are heterosexual dominant women and submissive males, the vast majority (around 80%) of men are naturally dominant, and the same figure goes for women but for being submissive.

By letting out and expressing your true sexual core your polarities are interacting in the ideal way that nature intended, as well as the way your emotions and attraction respond to.

A dominant man that can express his dominant side well will bring out the best in a submissive woman, and vice-versa. By being uninhibited and showing dominance and control, you can expect your woman to get extremely aroused and horny.

Here are some techniques that will get your woman extremely turned on and feeling your dominance. (Keep in mind that your woman might not be into some of these, so be sure to gauge her reaction and adjust accordingly).


This one is simple once you get the hang of it, but many people have the wrong idea of how to choke a girl. The way you want to choke her is by restricting blood flow to her brain by putting pressure on the carotid arteries (on the sides of her neck), not by squeezing her windpipe.

Choking her this way will block off oxygen to her brain, giving her a heightened sense of pleasure, while giving her a sense of danger where she can feel your dominance over her.

By doing it this way, it’s a lot safer than blocking her windpipe as she can still breathe but still feel a lot of pleasure and experience being submissive to you.

Hair pulling

This one is also quite simple once you understand how to do it properly. What you want to do is grab her hair by the roots, not by the ends. Grabbing it by the ends and pulling will just be annoyingly painful and kill the mood.

Pulling her hair puts you in a position of pretty much full control and domination. Some great positions that you can try while having control of her head are while receiving oral and during doggystyle.

You can move her around as you please and as a result she’ll be extremely turned on by your dominance.


This is one thing that many girls enjoy, as it gives them a sense of pleasurable pain. The best position to spank girls is probably doggystyle to due ergonomic ease as well as the dominant nature of the position.

The key to spanking is being uninhibited and not timid about it. Be in the moment and spank as hard as you want (within reason). She’ll tell you if its too hard, so don’t be shy and fully enjoy the experience of spanking her.

Once you introduce spanking into your bedroom sessions, your woman will get hooked and see you as a more dominant man.

5. Aggression

Not all women respond to aggression in the bedroom, so some women respond very well. What I’m talking about here is loving aggression. You are not doing this in a mean-spirited or hateful way. You are being aggressive to engage her mind in the present moment and give her a kick of adrenaline. You can be aggressive and then whisper in her ear “I love you”.

However, during the entire time, you are strategically using aggression in the bedroom you should be aware of how it is affecting her. Some women love it and some women find it too much.

Aggression could involve a number of specific techniques, let’s talk about them one by one.


As mentioned earlier, spanking is a great way to show dominance, as well as aggression. To show more aggression, simply apply some more intensity and frequency into your spanking.


This is one that many girls don’t experience often, and if you do this she’ll be extremely grateful and willing to do basically anything to please you.

The easiest way to get started, if you haven’t done this before, is by carrying your woman and then just throwing her onto the bed on her back. This will be quite easy for most guys, and if it isn’t then considering weight training more.

Your girl will experience the sense of being under your full control and get extremely wet whenever you do this. When you pick up and throw a girl, there’s basically nothing she can do to stop it.

As you get better, you will know how to do this more and more aggressively without hurting her.


Holding a girl and keeping her there is one of the best ways to show your aggressive and dominant side. Since men are physically stronger than women, she’ll feel helpless and submit to you when you hold her in whatever positions you wish.

An easy to way to start doing this is simply hold her hands down to the bed during missionary position sex. As a man, you’ll feel a sense of pleasurable control and she’ll feel very submissive and turned on.

You can also try holding her hands together behind her back during doggystyle. This one really turns girls on as they’ll feel a helpless lack of control while you get away at it.

As with anything in your sex life, keep it variable and unpredictable. So don’t always hold her the same way.

6. Tying up

Tying her up during the foreplay period is one of the surest ways to give her that jolt of excitement that will get her pussy juices flowing and put some serious spice in your sex life. It’s also one of those things that women appreciate you knowing how to do. As a side note when you can give a girl a new sexual experience which she’s never had before she will remember that and be grateful for it for the rest of her life.

Tying up works extremely well when used in combination with blindfolding, which I’ll get to in the next point.

With her lying flat on the bed on her back, take both arms and hold them behind her head up against the head-board of the bed. Take a tie, a belt or anything else suitable and use it to firmly tie her hands and then tie them to the bed board.

This is super kinky, and many women love this kind of foreplay experience. There’s no way she could be tied up and blindfolded to your bed and still in a state of stress or worry about everyday life. She’s going to be in a perfect emotional state for one of the most memorable orgasms she’s ever had.

You can also tie her feet, one to either bed post, or together, but you may need to move her legs around for one or two of the positions you’ll learn about later so often there isn’t a need to tie her legs anyway.

With her firmly tied up you can now use the physical techniques you’ll learn about later and in our video program to drive her pleasurable sensations to the next level.

Keep in mind, you don’t always have to do this in the same position, or even in the bed. Be spontaneous.

Maybe it’s the morning and you’re both downstairs having breakfast. Pull your belt out from your trousers, wrap it tightly around her hands behind her while she’s standing. Now you can enter her from behind over the kitchen counter before you go off to work. Women love quickies too.

Trust me, she’ll be thinking about this the whole day. She’ll have a hard time not telling her friends about the amazing experience she had this morning. She’ll be wet at work and begging for your cock back at home. It will put her in a great mood for the whole day.

Tying up makes everything more exciting, kinkier, more spontaneous, and makes you more dominant. All things that women love from their man in bed.

Now let’s take that up another level by adding in the blindfold.

7. Blindfolding

Blindfolding works in a similar way to tying in that it is a simple but effective tool to increase excitement, intrigue and sexual tension.

If she’s already tied up, now is the perfect time to slip on a blindfold, or any piece of cloth suitable to cover her eyes.

Let me tell you why this works so well to drive her absolutely crazy…

Most women are self-conscious, and even the sight of their own naked body can get their mind racing with negative thoughts and self-talk.

This isn’t what we want.

We want her mind in the present moment, in a highly engaged and emotionally spiked state.

This is my many women don’t like doing it with the lights on. Seeing things will open up thought loops that interrupt the flow of sex.

Secondly, when you remove one of her senses (vision) this naturally turns her attention to the other senses. These are touch, smell and hearing.

This can be a really, really good thing. Many women aren’t visually driven when it comes to sex so removing this sense allows her to focus on the more important ones… and the ones that will be responsible to bring her to orgasm.

She’s not like a guy who needs that visual stimulation to come.

With her blindfold on, and her touch sense heightened, and hopefully her hands tied up, she’ll be ready for some seriously mind-blowing orgasms.

8. Teasing

Using teasing strategically is one of the best ways to build up your lady’s arousal and excitement for you. The key is to tease her enough to want you really badly, but not so much that she just ends up frustrated.

To tease effectively, you have to keep an eye on your woman’s reactions. If you can see that she’s enjoying it and getting increasingly aroused, you know you’re doing it right.

Once you can see that she’s getting bored of it, just get down to business.

Some ways to tease your girl are interrupting the flow of things (e.g while making out you stop and refuse to let her kiss you back), rubbing your penis on her clit when you can clearly see that she’s anticipating penetration, and touching/licking near her private areas but never actually touching/licking the actual area.

By becoming an effective teaser in bed, you’ll be experiencing a lot more sexual tension that will only boost your woman’s desire for you.

9. Fighting

This technique incorporates the elements of domination and aggression we discussed earlier. (Also we do not condone physical violence on women, this is more like play fighting).

Fighting with your girl during sex introduces the elements of dominance, aggression, and hostility which we touched on quite a bit earlier.

You can begin by starting arguments leading up to sex and then transition the emotions into a physical form by dominating her. You should encourage her to fight back and then dominate and control her some more, eventually leaving her helpless (given you’re in shape and strong enough).

Try using the dominant and aggressive moves we mentioned earlier while she’s trying to fight you back. You’ll likely find it extremely thrilling and fun.

The range of emotions and pleasure the girl will feel will be unfathomable for you as a man.

You’re essentially giving her an emotional rollercoaster.

10. Public places

(Check the laws in your area – do this at your own risk!)

One of the things that turns both men and women on is the possibility of getting caught, and this is the perfect way to do it.

You should start off in less crowded areas and times, such as in large parks at night. Then, as you get better, you can move on to places such as shopping malls, parking lots, etc.

The very possibility of getting caught will get your adrenaline pumping through both of your veins, heightening your arousal significantly.

As you won’t be able to take your time as much, and even not be able to get fully undressed, there will be a great sense of urgency that will only add to the excitement of the experience.

Your girl will see you as more of a man – willing to take risks just to show and fulfil your sexual desire for her, which will only turn her on and please her more when you have sex with her.

11. Intimacy

Ultimately, sex is more of an emotional than physical experience for women, which is actually the opposite of men.

They really crave being desired and loved, and one of the best ways to do this is showing deep intimacy while you’re making love.

You can do this by talking affectionately, as well as doing more affectionate things such as kissing passionately and touching her smoothly.

Saying romantic things during sex such as I love you and complimenting her will only add to the sense of intimacy. Try to say things that are unique to her and will make her feel appreciate and like you really understand her.

I’m sure you can tell the difference between raw uninhibited physical pounding vs true passionate lovemaking. There’s definitely a time and place for both, but intimate lovemaking must be mastered for your woman to truly get attached to you.

12. Massage

If you’ve ever gotten an erection from getting massaged, then you’ll understand why this technique is so powerful.

Massage is a great way to lead up to sex, as it builds up your arousal and stimulates your imagination for what’s about to come.

You can start experimenting with this by offering your woman a massage after a long, hard day of work. She’ll be grateful and open to it for sure as it’ll relieve her stress.

Massage reduces stress effectively and is a good way to put your woman in a present state of mind, which will allow her to enjoy sex and orgasm easier.

You should start off my massaging non-sexual areas such as her shoulders and arms, and slowly proceed to her thighs, breast, ass, and so on. This way the tension and arousal builds up.

Soon enough she’ll be so wet that she’ll practically be ripping your clothes off and begging for it.

13. Emotional drama

There’s a reason why break up sex is so satisfying. The hostility and anger towards each other quickly turning into unbridled passion and aggressiveness is extremely emotionally pleasurable for women.

If you don’t find yourself in a real argument with your girl, you can easily start one over some trivial thing. Get your girl worked up and emotional, then once you or her apologize, or the argument is resolved, start initiating sex.

You can also spark jealousy, start ignoring her, among many things that you can do that will make her feel emotions that she doesn’t usually feel. This will only add to the emotions in her sex life.

Women don’t like boring, stale relationships. By introducing drama like this you’ll give her an emotional rollercoaster which is literally addictive to women. They crave stuff like this.

Physical Sexual Satisfaction

Getting her mind and emotion ready for sex is the crucial first step to blowing her mind in the bedroom.

I know, it seems like a lot of hard work to go through all that emotional stuff. But be glad it’s like that otherwise all men would be out of a job. If it were purely about the physical realm then vibrators and dildos would be the easiest choice for her rather than us. Bit of course, they aren’t.

This section is all about the step by step techniques you’ll need to keep her sexually pleased. This is all about making her have such a powerful orgasm that her body shakes and trembles from head to toe.

So she drenches the bedsheets with her pussy juice and squirts everywhere. This section is all about the female orgasm. Simple ones, stacked ones, multiple, blended, squirting, nipple and anal orgasms.

This is the real ‘crack cocaine’ that will get her addicted to your touch and satisfied in a way that no other man can.

There are three things we have at our disposal to give our girl an orgasm:

1: Fingers

Using your fingers is probably the most effective way to make her come because you can apply precise pressure to her g-spot in just the right way using your fingers curled up inside her.

You can also vary the number of fingers, direction of motion and pressure and angle very easily. Unlike with your penis, you won’t have to slow or stop because you’re worried about coming too soon. And you won’t have to worry about going soft. The only issue might be your arm or hand getting tired.

Knowing this, your fingers can be used as an effective tool to please her sexually.

Can you see how knowing the exact right fingering techniques can be a really easy and effective way to keep her satisfied?

Well I would recommend that you go and get our video program where I demonstrate every single technique for you. It’s as easy as watch the videos on your smartphone or laptop, try the techniques yourself with your girl, sit back and enjoy as she wriggles around your bedroom in waves of pleasure.

One thing that most guys do wrong (according to the women I’ve talked to about this) is that they enter her pussy in a way that can be painful.

Before putting your fingers inside her, move the tips of your fingers to the bottom part of her pussy where she should be wet. Take some of that natural lubricant so you can use that to make your fingers moist before entering her. If you just take your dry fingers and try to push them inside her it will be uncomfortable for her and turn her off, making orgasm impossible.

Having your fingers work magic on her pussy is all about positioning, speed, intensity and pressure. Using your other hand to apply pressure to the top of her pussy will help speed up the process to reaching orgasm.

There’s also a few good ways you can stimulate her clit at the same time which brings double the pleasure.

2: Mouth

The mouth, and more specifically the tongue is your perfect weapon to stimulate her clit. The clit is extremely sensitive so using something like a finger to rub it (although possible) can be too much and cause her to become desensitized.

This is where the tongue comes in.

The tongue being soft and slippery can apply an insanely pleasurable amount of pressure and sensation right to her most sensitive area.

You’ll need to be able to locate her clit and then use the right speed and pressure to build her arousal to a level where she will have no option but to release it in wave after wave of orgasmic energy.

Finger and tongue work magic together. Using two fingers to hit her g-spot and a tongue to lick her clit you’ll be able to give her an overpowering orgasm. More on this technique in the course.

3: Penis

Using these three body parts we have what we need to blow her mind.

Most men only use 1 (penis during sex). Some use 2 (fingering and sex). Even better some use 3. However, I want to teach you how to go beyond that and strategically use all three in a way she’s probably never experienced before.

By using a combination of all three we bring her to the highest possible heights of orgasmic sensation.

Usually, men start off by making out, licking her nipples, and then fingering and eating her out before penetrating her. But by mixing all these in different orders you’ll be teasing her and giving her a wide range of sensations, resulting in a really pleasurable experience.

You can also use all three at the same time by stimulating her clit while you’re doing her missionary, while kissing her or licking her nipples. You’ll be giving her a pleasure overload that she’ll be thinking about for a long time.

Normal Orgasms

This is honestly quite easy to achieve once you know what you’re doing. For some women, it’s as simple as licking their nipples.

For others it takes more work, such as by fingering and giving them oral, along with penetration.

Actually for most women, clitoral stimulation is the most effective way to reach orgasm. Only a small minority can achieve climax solely through penetration.

A good way to get a woman to come normally is to finger her while licking her clit. You’ll find it’s quite effective, as long as you keep your rhythm and ramp it up as her moans and reactions get more intense.

Make sure to not get tired! It’s common that your forearm and tongue muscles get sore if you’re doing this properly. But push through it and the pleasure you see your girl having will be totally worth it.

You can also rub her clit while penetrating her. As it’s hard to do this properly in certain positions, missionary is probably the best way to get started. The simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation is guaranteed to have her throbbing with pleasure.

It’s easy to know when a girl has come – the facial and bodily reaction she has is super similar to when a man comes, but at a higher degree. Her clit will become more sensitive and she might even push you away due to pleasure overload.

Once you master giving girls a normal orgasm you can move on to the next level of pleasure giving…

Multiple Orgasms

Now you’ve got a good idea about normal orgasms, you might want to try giving her multiple orgasms.

Now most people get confused and think ‘multiple orgasms’ means multiple single orgasms in a single session. And while I agree that makes sense given the name, that is not what I’m talking about here.

Multiple orgasms really refers to an orgasm that repeats itself multiple times without ending, so it can’t really be seen as separate distinct orgasms.

If a single orgasm was like this: orgasm
And multiple distinct orgasms in a session was like: orgasm… orgasm… orgasm…
True multiple orgasms would be like: orgasmorgasmoragsorgaoragsm.

You get the idea?

They don’t end, they just keep going and going, blended together in one long train of sexual bliss that very few men can conjure for their woman.

(Later on I’m going to introduce you to stacked orgasms which will also blow her mind)

Giving her a true multiple orgasm requires you to understand the different phases of the female orgasm because the trick is that right when her normal orgasm is about to finish, you then ramp it back up, allowing her to continue on and on and on.

Most men can’t even imagine such an orgasm because we just come and then that’s it. But for women it’s totally different. Their orgasms can keep going and going and going. If, and only if, their man knows what he’s doing.

I’m guessing since you’ve read all the way through to this part of the article that you intend to become one of the very rare men who knows about this stuff, right?

Okay, next up is the stacked orgasm, this is where things get really interesting!

Stacked Orgasms

Stacking orgasms are beyond the level that even the top 1% of “good in bed” guys will ever reach, however, I’m going to make it easy for you to learn.

This will truly be something she’s never experienced before so it’s worth your time to learn this stuff.

A stacked orgasm is similar to a normal orgasm except for one major difference – it’s much, much more powerful and intense

Imagine that the female orgasm was like a huge bucket of water. To release the bucket you tip it over the edge and the water comes flooding out, in orgasmic waves. The more water you have in the bucket, the bigger the orgasm.

However, before you can tip over the bucket (make her orgasm) you first need to fill it up with water, and all you’ve got is a small bottle to carry the water.

This filling with water part is essentially what we’ve talked about so far. You’re getting her to the point where so can orgasm.

Most guys however only use the small bottle once to fill up the bucket. They fill up the bucket to only a fraction of what it could be.

And if they are lucky enough to give her an orgasm, it’s usually only a small, weak, disappointing one.

I mean, a female orgasm is already better than 95% of other guys manage with their partners, but we’re not here for that. We want explosive orgasms.

This is why you need to take your small bottle and patiently fill the bucket up, again and again. Hence why this technique it called stacking. Each time you fill up the bucket a little bit you essentially stack one orgasm on top of the other without releasing it.

Now this might sound like a super advanced technique, and that’s because it is. You will need a good level of intimacy and knowledge about your partner, as well as skill to give her a stacked orgasm. But the effort is totally worth it. First off you need to master the single orgasm though until you’ve got that under control.

Back to the point…

You ‘stack’ up her orgasms by bringing her up to the point of climax but not quite over it and then bringing her down again, without tipping over the edge.

This requires a good degree of control and knowing when your partner is about to have an orgasm so you can tease it away from her again.

Once you’ve done this a few times the sensation will be overpowering for her. She will beg you to release her orgasm. And when you finally ‘tip over the bucket’ by bringing her up to the point of orgasm and then over it, she will really truly have an extra special and intense feeling of orgasmic pleasure.

The best way to stack orgasms is using your fingers and/or mouth, but you can also do it during intercourse.

Since this technique is advanced you really need a long term partner who you love and is willing to go on this journey with you.

These orgasms have been known to be so powerful that the women end up crying with joy after wards. If she feels like you’re not the kind of man who can handle that kind of emotional intimacy with her she’ll resist having such a powerful orgasm with you.

That’s why trust and intimacy are such important foundations for blowing her mind in bed.

Stacked orgasms are subtly different from multiple orgasm in that they generally only happen once per session (being so powerful they can’t happen too often.)

Multiple orgasms are less powerful but last longer. You can use both whenever you want, just make sure you use them carefully, and not to manipulate women, since these techniques are like powerful drugs that she’ll start to crave.

Squirting orgasms

One of the most enjoyable and intense orgasms a woman is capable of having is the squirting orgasm. I wrote a whole in-depth article about it here or you can check out our course.

Squirting feels like a massive release of tension for women. Imagine having an orgasm but not ejaculating! It would be weird wouldn’t it. And it definitely wouldn’t feel as good.

Well it’s the same for women, they love to squirt. To have her body shaking and her pussy spraying round after round of beautiful juices all over the bed sheets is an awesome experience for both you and her.

The trick to making her squirt is getting her comfortable with releasing. If she feels like she’ll be judged for squirting she’ll hold back and this will prevent her both squirting or even having a simple orgasm.

You’ll also need to know how to hit the spot at exactly the right angle. The easiest way to do this is by inserting your third and fourth finger into her and curling them upwards to hit her g-spot. By. Moving your hand up and down in rapid succession you’ll hit her g-spot just right helping her to squirt.

There’s more to it than just that, which is why I encourage you to check out our videos in our orgasm course.

You’ll learn how to do it with the right speed, power and positioning so you guarantee she has that perfect gushing orgasm that all women crave.

Anal Orgasms

Anal orgasms are something entirely new for most women. Most simply haven’t tried it because they never had a partner who knew what he was doing… until now.

However, anal orgasms are one of those things that once she tries it, there’s no going back. She want them from you forever more. And since you’re the only guy who can give them to her, well she may get a bit annoying bothering you for sex.

Anal orgasms can be achieved using either your finger or penis. You will also need to use a lot of lubrication because this is not like her vagina that naturally lubricates itself.

Anal play itself is a whole new realm for a lot of women but it can add another dimension to a satisfying sex life.

A great place to start is by inserting a lubed finger up her bum whilst at the same time stimulating her clit and g-spot. There are various different techniques and positions you can use to do this, all of which we teach in our video course.

Another option is to use a butt plug. Although it might sound like a strange thing to use to the uninitiated, a simple butt plug provides girls with a ‘feeling of fullness’ and ‘added sensation’ that they won’t get just by working on her pussy.

So whether you’re using your finger/thumb, penis or butt plug, anal orgasms are not an area you should ignore lightly if you want to provide her the full spectrum of sexual pleasure.

Also, make sure you take a look at our guide to anal fingering here.

Sex positions

Although sexual intercourse might not be the most efficient way to bring her to orgasm, it will probably the most intimate and enjoyable part of your sex life.

We have our illustrated guide to our 50 best sex positions here!

Sex is about communicating love with your partner in a way that’s difficult to do with words. It’s also the best way to let go and let your primal side take over.

Most men get sex wrong though. This is because we are taught how to do it really badly. Many men grow up watching porn and using that as a sexual guidebook. The truth is that porn is made to be visually stimulating for men, it rarely if ever gives a good idea of how to maximise female sexual satisfaction.

Or maybe we’ve learnt from friends who gave us tips. This probably isn’t a good idea either. How would your buddy know any better, or maybe he just exaggerates to sound cooler.

My point is that learning the right way to have sex so the woman gets just as much pleasure out of it as the man is very important.

When was the last time you and your partner orgasmed at the same time? For most men it’s very rare for the women to come together with them, but this is something special that all couples should experience.

Most of the time the man just comes as soon as he’s ready or can’t hold it any longer and has little regard for whether the women is ready yet. What if I told you that you can make your girl have an orgasm together every time you wanted to?

As I mentioned earlier, most women can only come with some sort of clitoral stimulation. So they key is to make her come like this while having sex with her.

Imagine being able to orgasm at the same time. That would be a truly bonding and passionate moment that will only cement your feelings and desire for each other.

The key to coming together is 1) making her come and 2) being able to come at will so as you feel she’s about to come you can release as well.

If you want to come at will here’s how…

Ejaculation control

Without the right ejaculation control you’ll never be able to keep your woman truly satisfied because you will:

  • Come too early
  • Come too late
  • Be so focused on controlling yourself that you forget to be in the moment, responding to what your girl wants so she can receive maximum pleasure

None of these three options are good, hence why learning how to control your own ejaculation is one of the keys to controlling her orgasm.

However, once you have it figured out you’ll be able to stop worrying so much about yourself and start enjoying being with her.

One of the best feelings ever is giving orgasm after shaking orgasm whilst you’re inside her with total control. There’s a whole section about this inside our Orgasm Control course, but here is a quick overview.

A common way from preventing yourself from coming too early is to think of something else and remove yourself from the present example. Often people suggest things like thinking of old people and doing math problems in your head.

The problem with this is that you remove yourself from enjoying the immersive part of sex. If you’re not fully present, what’s the point?

So the best way is to train your PC muscles so that you can literally come as you wish. The PC muscle is the muscle that controls your urination as well as ejaculation.

Essentially, the stronger your PC muscle, the better you can control ejaculation. A common way to exercise it is doing Kegels.

Kegels were originally developed to help women strengthen their pelvic muscles after pregnancy, but were found to be extremely effective for men too.

What you want to do is contract and hold your pelvic muscles (like you’re holding you’re pee), and then release. As you get better, hold it for longer and for more repetitions.

Practice standing on your tip toes and mid-stream whilst urinating stop the stream of urine. Then resume it. Do this multiple times each time you go to the bathroom.

One quick and simple tip to stop yourself from coming is to lightly pinch your ball sack and then pull down. This pulling down of the balls helps relieve the need to come and works surprisingly well.

Soon enough you’ll notice you’ll have way better control of your orgasms and eventually be able to literally come at will like pornstars.


We hope you enjoyed this extensive article teaching you to please your woman. If you diligently read and apply this, you’ll soon be having your girl crave you pretty much every second of the day.

Not only will your girl be extremely satisfied, you will as well! You’ll also learn a lot more about female anatomy and psychology, while having tons of fun.

Trust me, learning all this stuff is extremely useful and is a super good investment of your time. Once you master this set of skills, basically every girl you sleep with be super impressed and keep coming back to you at least for quite a while.

Be sure not to rush and try everything hastily. You want to try a few things at first, get good at them, and then try more. That way you’ll be sure you’re doing them effectively.

Soon enough when you sleep with a girl everything will be coming naturally and you’ll be in the moment, doing what’s in this guide, reaching heights of pleasure on a regular basis that most people basically never get to.

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