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Sex From Behind | How to Master These 5 Positions

In our humble opinion, having sex from behind can be one of THE best things life has to offer… The view along with the feeling of dominance is truly hard to beat compared to other positions for several reasons we’ll go into shortly.

There are many enjoyable sex positions from behind, both from the man and woman’s point of view. These include doggy, reverse cowgirl, the prone bone, and many, many more. Sex positions from behind allow you to enter at angles that can hit some really sensitive points inside the girl and can stimulate your penis in different ways as well.

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When you’re penetrating the woman from behind, it puts you in a dominant position that can really turn your woman on. From the woman’s point of view, she feels like she’s put in a submissive and even somewhat helpless position. In some ways, she can feel like she’s being used, and this really turns some girls on. Sex from behind can also be great for more kinky things such as roleplay and BDSM.

(Even if you’re not really into that kind of stuff, having sex from behind can provide some unique sensations and views that other positions just can’t do for you.) However if you want to check out some other positions check out this article going through all our favourite positions.

The Importance of Dominance In Sex

As I mentioned earlier, sex positions from the back give puts you in a super dominant position, while your woman is in an extremely submissive position. Most guys don’t take full advantage of the fact that most women actually like being submissive in bed.

In the age of feminism and political correctness, it might seem quite crude to say that women like being submissive. However, according to very recent studies, books, as well as personal experience from ourselves and countless guys we’ve taught – somewhere around 80% of men are naturally dominant, and the reverse is true for women – 80% are naturally submissive. The remaining 20% of each gender are split 50/50 into being naturally submissive/dominant or both equally dominant and submissive.

So, don’t be afraid to be a little rough and call the shots in the bedroom.

Be Dominant in Bed

What might seem a bit disrespectful or masochistic might turn out to turn on your girl like never before. If you’ve always been into vanilla sex and never really switched things up, we highly recommend starting to try things like choking, slapping, spanking, spitting, throwing, and pinning. (Obviously all girls have their tastes and limits.)

Some girls are OK with being choked and spanked, however get extremely turned off and feel quite disrespected if you spit on them. Be sure to try these things carefully and at a pace she’s comfortable with, however at the same time without being too timid.

Besides sex, there’s other ways to show your dominance and get her more attracted for you such as leading her around by the hand, giving her orders, and just overall having a decisive and straightforward vibe to you.

Once you master the dominance aspect of sex, it’ll come naturally to you – as well as your woman’s reaction to your dominance. She’ll be so turned on and be able to let herself into her natural submissive role that makes your male and female chemistry work together really well.

Now without any further delay let’s get into some nice positions from behind that you can start trying tonight.

Sex Positions From Behind

Classic Doggy

This one really doesn’t need too much explanation… You’ve probably seen it thousands of times in porn, as well as performed it countless times, as it’s a staple in most people’s sex lives.

The girl is basically kneeling on all fours on the bed, and you enter from behind while kneeling as well. Her legs should be spread wider than yours to make it easy for you to enter. Make sure her back is arched back also, as it makes it a lot more visually appealing from the man’s point of view at the back.

You can pound her while she’s staying still, have her move her ass back while you’re staying still, or both go at it at the same time which in our opinion is the best and can be a huge turn-on if you both have the rhythm and endurance to do it right.

Another thing you can do to enhance both you and the girl’s experience is to place your legs outside hers, and have hers tight together. This variation allows you to go much deeper and give your penis a much tighter sensation. Your girl will definitely feel quite a bit more stuffed as well to say the least.

From doggy style you can pull her hair, spank her, and hold her hands together on her back. These all add to the dominance factor that can be a huge turn-on for both you and the girl and can even make it more likely for her to have an orgasm.

Head Down Ass Up Doggy

This one is essentially a really hot and even more submissive doggy style variation. However instead of the girl being on all fours, she’ll place her head down and have her hands beside her head, grabbing the sheets.

The penetrating motion is the same as classic doggy style, however you might have to modify the angle you’re entering at to make sure you’re going in and out smoothly. Get your girl to also help out by adjusting the angle of her ass to make sure it’s comfortable for both of you.

The great thing about this position is your girl’s ass is super accentuated and right in your face, giving you a fantastic view while you’re hitting it from behind. Same with the classic doggy style, either you or your woman can move to do the penetrative action, or both do it at the same time.

The nature of this position makes it even more submissive (from her point of view) and dominant (from your point of view) than the classic doggy style, as her head is all the way down while you’re enjoying yourself from the back.

Standing Doggy

Another nice doggy style variation – as the name suggests, you’ll be doing it while standing. The simplest way to get started with this one is to have her rest her arms on a wall, slightly bending over and sticking her ass out. You then come in from behind, stick it in, and start going at it.

This position might be more difficult for couples that have a significant height difference. If the woman is shorter, she can spread her legs until the man can penetrate it. However, if the man is shorter, you’ll have to use a stool or something similar – this can be a bit annoying and unpractical, so you can try the other doggy variations mentioned earlier instead.

Prone Bone

With this position, your girl starts off lying flat on the bed with her legs straight and together. You come in from behind and do her in that position. Usually the man does all the work in this position, however if you have a really experienced or gifted girl, it’s possible for her to be able to move her ass up and down well enough for some good penetrative action.

The challenge with this position is entering at the right angle – you’ll have to experiment and adjust along with the help of the girl to find the ideal penetration angle. You can also try putting a pillow under her pelvis to adjust the angle to a more comfortable one as well. If you can do this position well, it can be quite enjoyable as it’s quite comfortable for both you and the girl, allowing you to go at it for quite a while.

Reverse Cowgirl

This is another classic position that you’ve probably seen in porn and tried countless times. The most basic way of doing this starts off with the man lying flat on the bed. The woman gets on top, facing her back towards him and straddling her legs around his torso. She should be able to put his cock inside her pussy at this point comfortably.

For the penetrative action, it can be done by the girl doing a sort of sitting up and down motion, or the guy can do it by thrusting his hips up. Or, the man and woman can move at the same time which can feel really nice, as long as their rhythm and intensity is consistent.

Also, instead of the woman remaining upright, she can adjust her position, by bending over and grabbing your legs, or going in the opposite direction so that her back is almost parallel to yours and using her arms to support herself. This position might be a bit challenging for some girls as it requires a bit of coordination and core strength to pull off properly.


Sex from behind allows for both EXTREME physical, as well as psychological arousal and pleasure, due to the dominant nature of the positions from the man’s point of view. If you really like feeling dominant, and/or you girl likes feeling really submissive, you can’t go wrong with adding several of the positions detailed above into your bedroom routine.

The view from the back of your woman’s ass and back while either or both of you are thrusting hard and deep can be a HUGE turn-on as well. All of these positions are also REALLY good for grinding, as well as dry humping.

In fact, we’d put a bet to say that you’ve gotten way more turned on by grinding a girl at the club from the back rather than the front. The feeling of her ass rubbing against your crotch can’t really be matched with any positions from the front.

Actually, sometimes when you’re having sex and your girl decides to grind with your dick still inside, you might accidentally bust from how good it feels. That’s definitely one of the advantages of having sex from the back!

While a few of the positions might be slightly challenging to pull off at first, with more practice they’ll be second nature to you and that’s definitely a good thing when it comes to sex – the less you’re in your head and thinking, the better. You want to be fully uninhibited and present, so that you can both enjoy sex together as a couple.

Be sure to try out these positions and let us know what you think! Also if you want to check out some more sex positions, check out our extensive article on all our favourite positions here.

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Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday started The School Of Squirt back in 2012 and has been running the website and digital courses along with Jakob Wulfe since then. She is a full time sex writer, researcher and practicer.

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  2. I love it when my partner does me from behind, grabs my hair and just smushes my face into the pillow – can’t get enough. never knew if was called the prone bone position though, just call it doggy. awesome though – can’t stop coming.

  3. hi laura – got two words for you – sex pillow! mastering some of these moves ain’t easy, you need support girl! my guy got me a sex wedge and it’s a godsend for my back. 10/10 would recommend.

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