How To Fuck A Girl – Ultimate 8 PART Guide For Men

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So, you want to learn how to fuck a girl right…

To send her into outerspace with gushing orgasm after orgasm?

Answer Yes?

Good, let’s get started then shall we, because you’re about to learn the secret tricks, tips, techniques and mindsets to give any woman, or your girlfriend the best orgasms of her life.

If you never had sex before than this guide is especially for you – since we start with basics.

But for the ‘experienced’ players there are also some neat tips that will help you gain mastery in the bedroom and keep your girl coming back for more over and over again.

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Protection and Preparation

There’s a few things you need to prepare for before you make love with a woman. Firstly make sure you have protection close at hand. This means keeping a few condoms near to your bed. Condoms will stop STIs and prevent you getting her pregnant.

You’ll also want to make your bedroom, or wherever you want to make love as romantic as possible. For example, dim the lights, make sure it’s clean and tidy and smells nice. This is going to help get her turned on quicker and ultimately lead to great sex.


You won’t be able to fuck a woman properly if she isn’t turned on. This is one thing that so many guys get horribly wrong. They think you can just go straight in from kissing into intercourse. But wait… slow down a sec.

For women, sex is all about anticipation and sexual tension. If you go too quickly into penetration her then all the tension is lost. She might as well have just used a dildo.

Sex is all about emotions, so use foreplay to get the woman in a sexual mood before making love to her. To be good at having sex, you must help the woman to get into a sexual mood using foreplay and arousal. You can read all about how to make her horny here.

Start by touching kissing and caressing all the parts of her body. I also find the pillow fighting, play wrestling and physical things help to get her in the mood and ready for sex.

Ideally you want to get to the point where she is so turned on that she is practically begging to be penetrated by you – before you even think about getting her naked and having sex. Let go of the outcome of sex and just enjoy the process.

Getting Naked

You’ll want to keep the lights dim, but still enough so that you can see what you’re doing. If it’s too bright she may feel self-conscious. Usually it’s a better idea to strip off yourself first. Take your shirt off. Then take her shirt off. Bit by bit and slowly as the arousal continues to build.

Now slip your own pants of, now take hers off. Eventually you’ll both be naked. If this all seems too quick for you then find out about dry humping first so that you can see what the sex will feel like without actually having sex.

Fingering and Oral

Before sex, most couples use their fingers of mouths to get the partner even more in the mood. So you might want to finger her first. Or you could go and eat her pussy out. These are very good ideas to try before building up to the big finale of penetrative sex.

After you’ve performed cunninglingus on her, she will be dripping wet and ready to be made love to by you. At this point you need to put on a condom. Sometimes putting on a condom can interrupt the flow of arousal, but don’t worry, it needs to be done. Once you have put on the condom then go back to kissing her before going in.

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Here’s a great position for fingering her, you might want to try it.



The best starter position is called missionary position. This is because the Christian missionaries taught it to the new cultures they came across as a good way to have sex.

Get her to lie on her back. Lie on top of her and hold your penis with one hand. Rub the head of your penis against her vagina, as you feel the opening to her pussy then push inwards slowly.

Don’t push into her pussy too hard to start with – as this could cause her discomfort to start with. Move slowly but rhythmically back and forth or side to side.

Your muscles may get tired after some time in this position – this is perfectly normal – it just means that it’s time to change position.

Please, don’t have sex like Will from The Inbetweeners

Many guys and girls agree that doggy style is their favorite position. This means having sex with her from behind. This is a great position for fucking her strongly and powerfully and many women enjoy this the most. It’s also a great position if you want her to squirt during sex.


At some point you’re going to want to ejaculate, unfortunately for most guys, this means the end of the session for the woman, even though she might want more.

If you feel like cumming, but you don’t want to, just take your penis out of her and start fingering or licking her pussy again. This method will keep her turned on, but will slow down your arousal so that you’re ready to go again soon.

For women, they usually like to have sex and enjoy the process for a longer time than most men. So if you want to fuck her properly than try and last for at least half an hour before cumming.

When you do decide to ejaculate (or it just happens) you have a few options. Contine having sex and come in the condom. Stop having sex and take the condom off so that you can come outside.

You may want to ask her for a blowjob, or finish yourself of by wanking. Some girls like to have sperm ejaculated on to them.

After sex

After having sex is a great time to relax and cuddle. Hormones are released after orgasm that cause bonding in humans. Girls love to be spooned after they have sex. That means lying side by side hugging.

Remember take the condom off, tie it up and throw it away, you may also want to have a shower.

It’s not uncommon make love to her 2, 3, or 4 or more times in a night, so have a little recovery and then you can go for it again.

Final Quick Tips

  1. Prepare properly by having condoms and preparing the space for love making
  2. Do foreplay for as long as possible until she is begging for you
  3. Use your fingers or lick her pussy so she becomes as aroused as possible before penetration
  4. Put on a condom and kiss her before slowly entering her pussy
  5. Use different positions so that your muscles don’t get too tired
  6. Take your dick out and finger or lick her if you feel like coming too soon
  7. Cuddle, kiss and spoon after climax
  8. Do it all again as many times as you like.

69 thoughts on “How To Fuck A Girl – Ultimate 8 PART Guide For Men”

  1. Hello Laura, thanks for the great articles.
    My girl does not want to have sex and even hearing about it but she says that loves me so much. So what can be the problem and what should I do too coz I love her soooooo much???

  2. Hey laura ;
    My gf never believe that she can squirt like the adult movies.
    She said it’s too fake, and I’m wrong?
    Also she doesn’t like me to play in her nippels as it makes her laugh.
    Not love to make sex more than 3 times per week .
    What am I suppose to do?

    • Hey Ghandara, well there is certainly a lot of fake things happening in adult movies. But it is totally possible for women to squirt in real life. However, you will need her cooperation. It sounds like her nipples are very sensitive, so why not try another erogenous zone, or be more light and gentle.

      • Hi Laura,
        Thanks for ur eloborate message. l gonna get married in couple of months and my penis or looks some what small and I use to masturbate regularly. Once I had date with my ex that time while doing fore play itself organs were came out and my penis not getting enlarge for some times. Will it affect my sex life with future wife. And what’s the solution.

        • Hi Vicks, sometimes if you masturbate too much you can lose sensitivity to sexual stimulation, such as foreplay with your wife. If you want to make sure you get as hard as possible (and as big as possible) maybe hold back from masturbating a lot.

  3. Some woman really dont like it when you pull out because you feel the urge to come, They want to be fucked good so they can also enjoy and probably reach an orgasm, So have you any other suggestions then pulling out ???

    • You could try timing when you have sex with her fertility period. For example there are times of the month when it will be almost impossible for her to get pregnant. See this image for more details. During her infertile times you will be able to have sex without getting her pregnant. However, it would be a good idea to check this with your doctor as if her period timing is out-of-sync then it could cause problems. Double check everything with your physician.

  4. Hello Laura. We usually have sexs with my man and after the act there is usually some blood spots and I do feel so much pain during the act. What could be the problem? Remember that if we use condom I feel the pain but with no condom I feel very comfortable and I enjoy it so much.

  5. hello dear thanks for this articles l have sex with my girl friend we really emjoy because of yours thank you so much

  6. Some girls don’t like when to pull out during sex. What other idea you got that I can apply at that moment othere than pulling out?

  7. Laura i come too quickly like 30seconds during sex and im feeling bad though she does complain buh i know is hurting her

  8. I can fuck a girl for an hour without finishing, even when i lost my virginity i lasted an hour with no condom. How do i bust a nut?

  9. My girlfriend and I have been together almost 2 years. She said she’s ready and wants to try it. What should I do, how long should it take, best tips to make her comfortable and happy at the same time ?

    • hey Greyson, great questions. Take it slow. If it’s both your first time then it will be a formative experience for both of you. Keep communicating with her throughout the process. Don’t have big expectations for your first time. It will take time and practice for both of your to become comfortable with each other.

      • I have can’t do sex because
        I have large dike
        I can’t put in my gf pussy
        What can I do ….plz plz anyone help me ….
        ……I think my dike size is normal
        But my gf pussy small what can I do
        .I meet 3-4 time but I can’t do sex 😥😥

    • Try coconut oil, it works wonders. But make sure it’s a good quality and odourless/neutral. It’s the best lube you can get, helps me last longer as well ( less friction) . And a plus point, it’s good for your skin.

  10. my girl friend has a huge ass and i cant get into her with the dog position while she asked me a several time to try this position ; and that make her very sad

  11. Hey its a good idea my gf dosent want to do it with me at first but when i applied this idea she just got ready——————————————-coooooooooooollllllllllllllllllll

  12. Hello sir,
    I have an issue of cumming so fast, sometimes I can’t even reach 5 good minutes on top of a woman, by the time I started enjoying it I will just feel cumming. What shall I do?

  13. Hello, thanks a lot, I need help, I am 23yrs and I have never had sex , but I had a girlfriend before whom I never wanted to have sex with, but she could romance me but still refused to have sex, then I would masturbate after leaving her, but now I fell like doing it but I feel like I can’t make it. Please help me, what can I do?


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