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Hi, we're Jakob & Laura.

We started School Of Squirt 7 years ago to give men the very best education in female sexual pleasure after realizing that most men really have NO idea what they're doing in the bedroom...

The female orgasm (and squirting), is often treated as a mythical, and unbelievably hard to achieve conquest that is out of your control.

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  • ​The WEIRD METHOD lesbians use to make their girlfriends squirt hard in less than 4 MINUTES
  • The TOP 3 most effective fingering techniques that FORCE her to have an orgasm
  • The ONLY way to give her orgasm after orgasm until she passes out from pleasure overload
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    How to give her a FULL-BODY female squirting orgasm, and make her whole body tremble
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    The SECRET 2 STEP METHOD to use your tongue to make her ejaculate everywhere
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    The BEST 7 POSITIONS to make the woman you love squirt UNEXPECTEDLY during sex
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    Heart-centered orgasms. Our unique method for giving her 'heart-opening' orgasms
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    The secret TANTRIC MASSAGE METHOD that increases chances of her squirting by 50%
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    Laura's SIMPLE SEX TOY TRICK that TRIPLES the explosive flow of female juices
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    The UNUSUAL SIGNALS that she is ready to squirt - (So you know when to remove your fingers!!)
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    6 BIG MISTAKES that 99% of guys make that cause her to have 'limp orgasms'
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    The UNUSUAL PHRASE WORDS to get your wife or girlfriend aroused, even when she's not in the mood!
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    Our method to make (even girls you're casually dating) RELENTLESSLY CALL YOU for sex

​Who Are We?

We are Jakob and Laura - we started The School Of Squirt because we discovered the secret key to making women squirt.

Most men get it completely wrong when it comes to unlocking the female orgasm, but it’s not their fault. No one really taught us how to give women the sexual pleasure they deserve.

We think that one of the best feelings in the world is giving the woman you love a beautiful and powerful orgasm, yet most men don’t know how to unlock even 10% of the woman's orgasmic ability.

Jakob and Laura now spend their time helping men, women and couples have amazing, connected and empowering sex lives. As you can imagine, it's the best job in the world.