​"Learn The Secrets Most Men Will Never Know About How To Make Her Squirt Tonight"

​Yes, what you are going to learn in our video lessons are simple (and awesome) tricks to make your girlfriend or wife squirt quickly and easily.

Your lovely teachers

We started School Of Squirt 4 years ago to give men the very best eduction in true female sexual pleasure....

But before you begin your first lesson with us, a quick warning!

When you have completed our lessons your girlfriend or wife may end up addicted and needy towards you because you are the only one who can give her the true sexual pleasure she really craves.

After you make her squirt she will obsess over you. (Even when you are not together)

Squirting is the most powerful orgasm that a woman can possibly experience, so don't be surprised when she starts begging you for more.

You have been warned!

Most women have never met a man who could give them such a powerful orgasm.


  • Are you ready to make her body tremble with pure pleasure?
  • Are you ready to make her drench the bedsheets with her juice?
  • Are you ready to open her heart with an overpowering squirting orgasm?

Good, because you are about to learn how to do all that and more TODAY at School Of Squirt.

Ready? Lets GO...

Module 1 – Foreplay Techniques That Get Her Dripping Wet

In module 1 (video + pdf) you’ll learn the best way to get her in the mood and prepare her body for orgasm. These tips will work even if she doesn’t initially feel like making love.

  • ​How to tell if she is a 'natural squirter' and why you need to know
  • ​The (obsession) words and phrases that women can’t help get turned on by
  • ​How to arrange your bedroom to make her feel comfortable
  • check
    Choosing the perfect lubrication and when you should use it
  • check
    Exercises you can practice to gain muscles strength in your forearm
  • check
    The best places to touch her body during warm up

Module ​2 – ​The Art of Sexual Teasing

​In this module (video + pdf) of Squirting Triggers you’ll learn about the art of sexual teasing and why it drives every woman absolutely wild. You'll learn how to mix emotion with sexual teasing to get her dripping wet and ready to explode.

  • ​2-steps-forward-1-step-back method for sexual teasing
  • ​The 7 ultimate erogenous zones that drive her wild
  • ​How to make her so horny she begs for you
  • check
    ​How to make her undress herself and pull down your pants

Module ​3 – ​​Simple Squirting Techniques

​In this module (video + pdf) you’ll learn the step by step fingering method demonstrated live to give her her first squirting orgasm using just your hands. This technique works on almost every girl you try it on (if you’ve done the foreplay and teasing right.)

  • ​How to hold your fingers to hit her g-spot just right
  • ​Our famous Trigger Finger Method
  • ​How you can know how fast to go and what direction (just copy what you see)
  • check
    When to remove your fingers and time it right so she sprays everywhere uncontrollably​
  • check
    ​What to say while stimulating her to make her climax quicker

Module ​4 – ​​​Advanced Squirting Techniques

​In module 4 (video + pdf) you’ll begin your advanced training, taking you from apprentice to master of the bedroom. You’ll see and learn all of our favourite techniques that most men will never know.

  • ​Venus Method which makes her have INSANE full body squirting orgasms
  • Multiple orgasms explained and shown for you
  • ​The advanced method of orgasm stacking (SEE her tremble with pleasure after this one!)
  • check
    ​Using your tongue to make her ejaculate all over your face
  • check
    ​Clitoral + g- spot orgasms at the same time for double the pleasure
  • check
    Neymar Method, so called after the Brazillian football star for reasons you will find out

Module ​5 – ​​​​Squirting ​During Sex

​In module 5 (video + pdf) you’ll learn how to give her insanely pleasurable squirting orgasms while you’re making love with her. These could happen with or without her knowing what’s about to happen.

  • ​The best sex positions to hit her g-spot to make her orgasm
  • ​When to remove your penis so she can release her pussy juice everywhere
  • ​Exactly how to rub her clit whilst you’re having sex so that she has the urge to squirt
  • check
    ​The advanced technique of making her ejaculate whilst you play with her ​ass

Module 6 – Opening Her Heart With Orgasms

​Module 6 (video + pdf + audio) is all about giving her deep, and heart opening orgasms that will make her fall in love with you. Any guy can give a girl an orgasm, but it takes a special kind of guy to give her an orgasm so powerful that she falls in love with you, we want to show you how.

  • ​How to have sex with her so she falls in love with you and what you’re probably already doing wrong
  • ​The simple way to increase her oxytocin levels when she has an orgasm (so she becomes more attached to you)
  • ​Bonus eBook – Truly Loving Orgasms
  • check
    ​The secret things you can do and say after she climaxes that women absolutely love and guarantees she'll want to sleep with you again

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No More Guessing! Make Her Squirt & Give Her The Pleasure She Truly Craves With Our New Training Course!

​These are the secrets to unlocking the female orgasm in a way she has never experienced before… and she will love you for it.

Finally a man who knows exactly what he is doing. Be a man who has control over her body, and can read her like a book, and make her squirt whenever or wherever you like.

​Here's What You're About To Learn Inside Our Course:

  • ​The weird method lesbians use to make their girlfriends squirt hard in less than 4 minutes
  • ​The top 3 most effective fingering techniques that force her to have an orgasm
  • ​The only way to give her orgasm after orgasm until she passes out from pleasure overload
  • check
    How to give her a full-body female squirting orgasm, and make her whole body tremble
  • check
    The secret 2-step method to use your tongue to make her ejaculate everywhere
  • check
    The best 7 positions to make the woman you love squirt unexpectedly during sex
  • check
    Heart-centered orgasms. Our unique method for giving her 'heart-opening' orgasms
  • check
    The secret Tantric massage method that increases chances of her squirting by 50%
  • check
    The Top 3 Female Erogenous Zones to make her drip with sweat and scream with pleasure
  • check
    Laura's simple sex toy trick that 3 x the explosive flow of female juices
  • check
    The unusual signals that she is ready to squirt - (So you know when to remove your fingers!!)
  • check
    6 big mistakes that 99% of guys make that cause her to have 'limp orgasms'
  • check
    The ​unusual phrase words to get your wife or girlfriend aroused, even when she's not in the mood
  • check
    Our method to make (even girls you're casually dating) relentlessly call you for sex

​Learn The Squirting & Orgasm Tricks That Will Make Your Girlfriend Extremely Happy Just Like These Guys Did...

Mark 28yo

"I’ve never been able to give my girlfriend even one orgasm, she always just had a hard time coming with me, but last night I finally broke the spell.

Not only did she have an orgasm, but I made her squirt for the first time.
Venus Method is awesome!"

Yohan 22yo

"Im care lots about my girlfriend and want her to experience the best pleasure her body is possible of.

Only sometimes I give her good orgasm before but now I try your way and watch your vids Laura and Axel and now I can control her pleasure like a volume knob.

I made her squirt, and full body orgasm too when I use your technique. I know she like this feeling so much now she so cute with me, thanx.

Davide 37yo

"I’m 37 years old and I have a difficult time lasting long enough to make my wife reach orgasm so usually I will just try with my fingers, or with oral, but even this rarely makes her orgasm.

After the Squirting Triggers course I knew exactly what to do and have been practicing with my wife ever since. Our new record for orgasms in one night is now 11."

​Who Are We?

We are Axel and Laura and we started The School Of Squirt because we discovered the secret key to making women squirt.

Most men get it all wrong when it comes to unlocking the female orgasm, but it’s not their fault, no one ever taught us how to give women the sexual pleasure they deserve.

We think that one of the best feelings in the world is giving the woman you love a beautiful and powerful orgasm, yet most men don’t know how to unlock even 10% of her orgasmic ability.

In fact, when Laura taught Axel all of her secrets about how to give women ‘real squirting orgasms’ it changed his life. 

Your lovely teachers

He went from feeling frustrated, disappointed and a bit of a loser with women to feeling confident, powerful and successful.

Now he has power and control over the female body. Thousands of other men have felt exactly the same way after they learnt our methods, and you can too.

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