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How Many Times Can a Woman Orgasm?

Do you want to give your woman three, four, five, or even six orgasms in one night? Do you want her to have orgasm after orgasm with barely any time in between to catch her breath? Then this article is for you.

The female orgasm is often described as elusive or mysterious. But this article will outline steps that anyone can use to give themselves or their partner multiple or stacked orgasms. With some patience and a bit of practice, you too can bring her to climax multiple times in a row.

How Many Orgasms Can a Woman Have?

In theory, there is no limit on the number of orgasms a woman can have in one session. The number will depend on the type of orgasm, though.

Multiple Orgasms vs Stacked Orgasms

There is a difference between multiple vs stacked orgasms.

Multiple orgasms happen when a woman orgasms multiple times during one session. There is a come down period between each climax.

Stacked orgasms occur when a woman is brought to the brink of orgasm. If she’s aroused enough, or if a technique like edging is used, she’ll have stacked orgasms that occur one after the other after the other. These happen immediately without any let down between the peaks.

Refractory Period

The refractory period, or resolution period, is the time between climax and when you’re ready to be sexually aroused again. This happens due to the rush of neurotransmitters following orgasm so as to stabilize the body.

The refractory period is much shorter for women than for men.

With men, there is a physical refractory period where the penis goes flaccid and cannot become erect again for anywhere from minutes to (more commonly) hours. Women do not have the same physical refractory period. While they may experience sensitivity after climax, it is not physically impossible for them to orgasm again within seconds or minutes of the initial one.

How to Have (or Give Her) Multiple Orgasms

If you or your partner has never experienced multiple orgasms, you may not know just how easy it can be. The experience will vary, but multiple or stacked orgasms are possible for the vast majority of women. Here’s how.

Clitoral Stimulation

Clitoral stimulation is by far the easiest way to have or give multiple orgasms. After all, the clitoris contains millions of nerve endings.

The clitoris can be used for both multiple and stacked orgasms.

For multiple orgasms, you would simply rub or suck the clitoris until climax. You can use your fingers, your mouth, or a sex toy like a vibrator. The time between orgasms will vary by woman. Some women experience extreme sensitivity following climax, while others may not mind you continuing with stimulation immediately after orgasm.

For stacked orgasms, it’s all about edging. This means bringing her to the edge of orgasm and then pulling back. The goal is to get her so sensitive that she’s ready to explode. When she does finally climax, it will be easy to make it one on top of the other by continuing to stimulate the clitoris.

If you’re not sure if your partner climaxed, read our article on the different signs to look for.

Cervical Stimulation

When it comes to stacked orgasms, the cervix can be your friend.

Cervical orgasms are orgasms that occur due to direct cervical stimulation. As cervical orgasms will typically produce uterine contractions, this type of orgasm offers a stronger, fuller body experience.

You can use this to your advantage for multiple or stacked orgasms.

Mixed Stimulation

Depending on your partner, it may be better to use mixed stimulation. This means moving from one stimulation point (e.g. the clitoris, the g-spot) to another.

You can use mixed stimulation for both multiple and stacked orgasms.

With multiple orgasms, you can use mixed stimulation to move to a new stimulation point after each climax. For example, bring her to climax with the clitoris first. Then bring her to climax with the g-spot. Then the cervix. Etc.

For stacked orgasms, you can use mixed stimulation to edge your partner. This means bringing her to the brink at one stimulation point but stopping short of climax. You then move to a new stimulation point and do the same. You continue until your partner is begging you to let her climax.

Slow It Down

Whatever stimulation technique you choose, one universal tip applies: take it slow.

The longer it takes to build up your partner to climax, the more explosive it will be. This lends itself to strong stacked orgasms.

The buildup doesn’t start at stimulation, but much sooner. You should take your time with foreplay so your partner is highly aroused before stimulation even begins. High arousal increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones, especially the nipples, clitoris, and pussy. The more sensitive, the easier it will be to bring her to orgasm.

(Learn more about nipple play and the many pleasures it can bring to your partner.)

If stacked orgasms are your goal, then you’ll also want to pay attention to your partner’s cues. This will tell you when to slow it down so she doesn’t climax too soon.


It’s possible to make yourself or your partner orgasm multiple times in one session. Whether they happen over a few hours, or they’re stacked on top of each other, these orgasms will not soon be forgotten.

Laura Rose Halliday

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