About Us

Hi we’re Jakob and Laura and we run School Of Squirt, (or SOS as we like to call it.)

School Of Squirt is the Number 1 Squirting Website in the World and each year we help over ONE MILLION men and women learn how to have a more exciting, pleasurable and fulfilling sex life.

This is our passion, and nothing makes us more happy than hearing all the amazing stories from our fans who got their ‘diploma in a wild sex life.’

You’re probably wondering; What made you want to create a site like this in the first place?

Good question…

I don’t want to go into too much detail here, since it’s something we talk more about in the Squirting Triggers Introductory video.

For our best techniques and tips, their best material and videos, you’ll have to get access to best selling training course; Squirting Triggers 2.0 ($197.)

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Although this premium course isn’t for everyone, we’ve kept the price at $97 so that only those who are serious about ‘sexual mastery’ are given access. Since you’re given direct access to both Jakob and Laura inside the course.

The cost of the course allows us to cover the running costs of the website and produce new videos and articles that our fans want us to make.

We love helping you, and we love hearing your feedback and stories.

If you have any questions or queries about sex and squirting then drop us a line by writing to support [at] schoolofsquirt.com, although many frequently asked questions about squirting have already been answered.

Best Regards,

Jakob & Laura.

Claire Myers

Claire is our lead editor, who also handles business partnerships, and helps with filming and producing our video courses. She can be contacted via Claire (at) schoolofsquirt.com. (Customers please use support (at) schoolofsquirt.com)