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33 Standing Sex Positions To ‘Elevate’ Your Sex Life

Standing sex is pretty damn sexy. The idea of doing it stood up in a fiery, take-me-right-now session is enough to get anyone hot under the collar. Plus, there are practical benefits too – standing sex opens up a whole world of new possible sex locations.

Once you’ve mastered a few positions, your antics are no longer confined to the bedroom. And trust me, there’s nothing quite like a quickie pressed up against the wall… or in the shower… or the airplane bathroom…

With that in mind, we’ve put together 33 standing sex positions that will lead you to some insane orgasms. Grab your notepad – or your partner – and read on, and we’ll give you the lowdown.

Tips for Having Sex Standing Up

Done right, standing sex is incredible. Done wrong, and it can be really, really bad. Most of us aren’t used to getting it on vertically, and if you jump in without knowing what you’re doing, it might not be such a pleasurable experience. For example, you don’t want your knees giving out on you half-way through – what a turn-off!

That’s why, before we jump into our top 33 positions, we wanted to go over a few basics. Here are a few expert tips for having sex standing up.

Use Surfaces for Support

For better standing sex, use the surfaces around you to take some of the weight off you. For example, your partner could lean against a wall and wrap their legs around your waist. You can also use surfaces like desks, tables, and counters in a similar way. The receiver can sit on the edge of one of these surfaces while the giver stands in front of them.

Consider Using Props

Another way to take some of the weight off of you is to use props. Things like wearable harnesses and sex swings give you more flexibility and mobility for added pleasure. You can also buy suction footrests to stick in the shower and rest a foot on to achieve a better angle. And speaking of angles…

Get the Right Angle

Getting the right angle is essential to enjoyable standing sex. If you’re both completely vertical, it’s going to be difficult to achieve comfortable penetration. Instead, the receiver should bend over or lean against something so that the giver has a better angle. You can also try propping a foot up on something.

Height Matters

If you’re a giant and your partner is a shortie, certain positions are going to be more difficult than others. Consider the height difference between the two of you and how your bits line up when you’re choosing a standing sex position. You might want to use elevation aids and surfaces to account for the height difference.

Experiment with Different Locations

The best thing about standing sex is that you can do it pretty much anywhere. Use this as an opportunity to experiment with different locations depending on what mood you’re in. Different places are better for different sex positions than others. For example, the kitchen has plenty of tabletops and surfaces to rest on – just watch out for the cutlery!

Start with the Easy Stuff

Don’t jump straight into the super-difficult positions like ‘the Jack and Rose’ and ‘the Mermaid’ if you’re new to standing sex. As a beginner, it’s best to start with the ‘easier’ positions while you get your feet wet, so to speak. Positions like ‘Standing Oral’, ‘Stand Up Guy,’ and ‘Over the Table’ are all great options to start with.

Don’t Be Afraid to Switch it Up

If you’re used to having sex while lying down, you might find it difficult to finish standing up. That’s totally fine. Don’t be afraid to move over to the bedroom if the mood takes you – there’s no shame in switching it up!

Standing Oral Sex Positions

Let’s start out with some oral sex positions. Here are 10 standing oral sex positions that will have your partner writhing in pleasure.

1. Standing Oral (Male)

Technique: He stands up while she kneels in front of him and performs oral sex. She can look up and give eye-contact to make it even more intimate and steamy.

Hot tip: Try out this position in front of a mirror so he can enjoy the view.

Why it’s great: This is one of the easiest standing oral sex positions to start out with, with both partners in a comfortable, natural position. Him being stood up when she is kneeling puts him in a dominant position and her in a submissive one. If those are the kind of power exchange practices you like to work with in bed, you’ll love it.

2. Standing Oral (Female)

Technique: This is essentially the same position as the above but with the woman standing and the man kneeling. It helps if the woman has one leg raised by putting her foot on the edge of a bed, counter, or foot strap for easier access. If there’s a big height difference, it might be more difficult for him to go down on her from this position, so use props to elevate her to a higher position if necessary.

Tip: Do this next to the bed so that she has something soft to fall on in case she gets weak in the knees when she finishes.

Why it’s great: This position flips the script and puts her in control. She feels more dominant, while he’s the one in the submissive position. If you’re into dominatrix-stuff, you’ll love it. Another great thing about this position is that it leaves her hands and arms free so she can use them to press his mouth deeper into the parts that feel good for her.

3. Bound Standing Oral

Technique: You’ll need a pair of over-the-door restraints for this one. Start out in a standing oral position with the receiver stood up. The receiver raises their hands above their head into the restraints, while the giver kneels down in front to go down on them. As the receiver is bound, it’s a good idea to agree on a ‘safe-word’ beforehand that you can say if you want to call it quits.

Why it’s great: This is a variation of the standing oral sex position that takes things up a notch. It turns the dial-up on the BDSM-factor and is a great introductory position to the world of bondage. The receiver has no control and can do nothing other than succumb to the pleasure being delivered by the giver’s mouth.

4. Face Bang

Technique: This position is almost identical to standing oral (male). The receiver stands while their giver kneels down in front of them and takes their penis into their mouth. The receiver keeps their head still while the giver thrusts – or ‘bangs’ – their mouth. You can also try holding on to the giver’s head or hair while you thrust.

Why it’s great: This is another interesting variation of standing oral. The difference is that this time, the receiver is in the driving seat rather than the giver. The receiver controls the pace of the oral and feels completely dominant.

5. Face First

Technique: This oral sex position requires a high surface like a counter or a table. The receiver sits on the edge of the counter and spreads their legs, placing their hands flat against the counter by their sides for support. Their partner stands in front, bending over at the waist so that their mouth reaches his/her genitals.

Why it’s great: The receiver is in a comfortable, relaxed position. All they have to do is lean back and enjoy it while the giver sucks, licks, or plays with their penis/vagina.

Variation: If the giver is very athletic and strong, they can lift the receiver up so that their genitals are pressed against their mouth instead. Just make sure you have high enough ceilings!

6. Drive-Through Cunnilingus

Technique: She stands with her legs spread wide. He sits on the floor facing the opposite direction to her and moves his head under her crotch, grabbing hold of her thighs for support. He then stimulates her clit with his mouth and eats her out. She can hold onto a wall or door frame and lean back to steady herself if needed.

Why it’s great: He doesn’t have to bend over or kneel down to access her vagina, he can sit down instead. The angle is great for both him and her, as is the view.

7. Under the Cuckoo’s Nest

Technique: This is another standing oral sex position in which the giver’s face is directly underneath her genitals. To start, she stands next to a bed or couch. Next, she raises one foot and rests it on the surface. Her partner then lies down on the bed/couch and puts his head between her legs to orally stimulate her.

Why it’s great: This is one of the most pleasurable positions for cunnilingus and is sure to leave her weak at the knees. Another great thing about it is that her hands are left free to explore his body. She can reach down to stimulate his penis so that both of you get to give and receive at the same time.

Read our entire article about how to perform cunnilingus here.

8. Upside-Down 69

Technique: This one is difficult, so pay attention. The stronger of the two of you start by sitting on a chair. Your partner should then lean over and place their head into your lap, using their hands to support their body weight. The stronger partner then guides their body into an upside-down position (so that they’re doing a kind of assisted handstand) and places his/her head between their thighs.

Both of your heads should now be in the right position to give oral. Once that’s the case, the stronger partner stands up and lifts their partner up with them, hugging tight to stabilize. You’re now in a standing 69 position and can start licking and sucking to your heart’s content.

Why it’s great: This one’s a little tricky, and probably isn’t the best beginner move. However, if you’re flexible and athletic enough for it, the payoff is more than worth it. It’s a really exciting and unusual position that encourages both of you to entirely let loose and go to town with your tongues. Both of you get to give and receive oral pleasure at the same time. You’ll be left dizzy with pleasure and the headrush!

9. Edge of the Bed 69

Technique: She lies on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the bed, while he stands at the edge of the bed facing her. She then brings her legs up towards her so that her knees are against her chest, while he leans forward so that his lips are against her pussy. He can support his upper body by resting his elbows on the bed on either side of her. She takes his penis in her mouth while he licks her out.

Why it’s great: This is another, much-easier version of a standing 69 that’s perfect if you’re not strong enough for the aforementioned upside-down 69 (me neither). As the guy is standing, he can thrust into her mouth while he’s going down on her. Her raised legs provide the perfect angle for oral stimulation.

10. The Deep Sea Diver

Technique: The receiver stands up straight, leaning against a wall if they want to, while the giver crouches (or sits, depending on the height difference) down behind them, licking their ass. The giver can use their free hands to spread the receiver’s buttcheeks or reach between their legs to play with their genitals.

Why it’s great: This is the first rim job pose on this list, and a great, beginner-friendly, standing oral sex position for whenever you’re looking to spice things up by trying out some rimming. It’s a very natural, easy position for both of you and gives the giver’s tongue excellent access to the receiver’s butt while leaving your hands free.

One great thing about this position is that it’s perfect for the shower – an ideal location to try out rimming in a clean, hygienic way.

Penetrative Standing Sex Positions

Moving on from oral, here are 23 standing positions that are perfect for hot penetrative vaginal or anal sex.

11. Fast and Furious

Technique: She stands with her legs spread a couple of feet apart, bends her knees slightly, and leans forward at a slight angle while supporting herself by placing her hands on her knees. He stands up behind her, grabs her hips, and bends his knees ever so slightly. He then thrusts into her from the rear while holding her hips. For deeper penetration, he can pull back on her hips, or she can push back into him.

Experiment with the angle to see what works best for you. Some women find that arching their back a little and rotating their pelvis helps boost their g-spot stimulation. To add to the pleasure, she can also reach down with one hand to play with her clitoris.

Why it’s great: The Fast and Furious is the perfect sex position for a quickie when your passions suddenly start raging. It’s straightforward and great for rear-entry, with excellent g-spot stimulation, and the angle is perfect for powerful thrusting.

12. Yourself on the Shelf

Technique: She perches on the edge of a surface, like a table or a counter. He stands in front so that he’s face-to-face with her. She bends her knees and puts her feet into his hands, and he enters her. Instead of thrusting, he can rock her back and forth over his penis.

Why it’s great: The gentle gyration is an interesting sensation that might be a new one for both of you. It directs the focus onto the top wall of her vagina, which feels great for her. As you’ll be making eye contact, it’s also a very intimate sex position that brings you closer to your partner and leaves you free to kiss and make out while you’re getting it on.

13. Stand And Deliver

Technique: To start, both of you stand up straight, facing the same direction, with the receiver in front. The receiver bends over at their waist at a steep angle while the giver enters from the rear. The giver can hold the receiver’s hands behind their back or grab their hips for extra leverage.

Why it’s great: This position creates the perfect angle for deep, powerful penetration. The giver can easily reach in front from this position to explore the receiver’s body. There are also a few things you can do to turn up the kinkiness, like tie up the hands of the receiver behind their back with a scarf or some toy cuffs.

14. Stand up Guy

Technique: This position looks kind of like the one above, the main difference being that the receiver places their hands on the floor for support. Start by standing up straight, facing in the same direction as your partner. The receiver should be positioned in front. They should lean over and bend at the knees, placing their hands on the ground to create a pose that looks like the ‘hike’ position in a football game. The giver stands behind and thrusts.

Why it’s great: This is a great position for both anal and vaginal penetration. She can reach between her legs to cup or stroke his balls.

15. The Jack and Rose

Technique: He stands up with his feet shoulder-width apart, and his legs slightly bent while she stands in front facing away. He lifts her up by her waist until her ass is at penis-height, then enters her. She bends her legs and wraps her feet around back of him, while he wraps his arms around her waist. She locks her arms through his then leans forward, using her core to keep herself stable.

It’s difficult, complicated, and requires a lot of core strength. Don’t try this one unless you know what you’re doing and try not to get yourself hurt!

Why it’s great: This is an athletic, creative, and risky sex position that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. It’s difficult to pull off but, if you can manage it, the pay-off will be insane orgasms. If you’re not quite up to the task, it can also be made easier if you stand next to a counter and rest your hands on top of it.

16. Wheelbarrow

Technique: This position is similar to the above; the main difference being that the receiver’s arms are resting on the floor for support. Start by having the receiver get on their hands and needs, then pick them up by the pelvis. The receiver should grip your waist with their thighs while you thrust.

Why it’s great: If you were super into the idea of the ‘Jack and Rose’ position, but it was a little too difficult for you, this is an easier variation worth trying out. The crossed over feet and angle make for a tight squeeze and deep penetration that really stimulates her G-spot. Plus, you’re both getting a pretty great workout at the same time!

17. St. Valentine’s Day

Technique: Here’s another tricky sex position to try out. The giver stands up with their feet shoulder-width apart. The receiver starts by facing the man and doing a handstand, before bending at the knees while he grabs her hips or thighs and pulls her gently onto his shaft to reach the position illustrated in the image above.

Why it’s great: Why not get a little sexually adventurous next Valentine’s day and try out something new with this exotic position? If you’re into more exotic stuff, you’ll love it. It’s a great way to add some variety to your sex life.

18. Ballet Dancer

Technique: Both of you stand facing each other. She wraps one leg around his waist so that she’s standing on one foot. Embrace each other for support. Optionally, she can put her raised leg on his shoulder for a wider angle and deeper penetration.

Why it’s great: This is an elegant and classy position that is great for couples who want a more intimate experience. The face-to-face eye contact and close body contact adds to the intimacy and makes this extra romantic. As you’re both fully standing, it’s also a very compact sex position that’s suitable for the tightest spaces. You don’t need a wall or any surfaces to carry this one out.

19. Victory

Technique: You’ll need a doorway for this. Both you and your partner stand on opposite sides of a doorway, leaning against the door frames and facing each other. The receiver lifts one leg and jams it over the giver’s shoulder – a little flexibility is required for this – while the giver thrusts to enter from the front, using their hands to hold their partner steady. The name, Victory, refers to the ‘V’ shape of the receiver’s legs.

Why it’s great: This position was designed specifically for very tight spaces. Both the giver and receiver utilize wall space for leverage to thrust from. It has a sense of urgency – I mean, you’re doing it right there in the doorway – and is both psychologically and physically stimulating. The fact that both of you can push back against the door frame means it’s a powerful position that allows for really deep penetration.

20. Deep Victory

Technique: The receiver perches on the edge of a table, counter, bed, or another surface, and the giver stands between their legs. The receiver places both hands on the counter by their side and leans back on them for support while raising both legs up to rest their ankles on the giver’s shoulders. The giver penetrates from the front while grabbing hold of the receiver’s hips.

Why it’s great: If ‘victory’ wasn’t quite deep enough for you, try ‘deep victory’ instead. This pose is designed for extra deep penetration to better stimulate her cervix and give her a full-body orgasm.

21. Upstanding Citizen

Technique: Both partners begin standing upright and facing each other. She jumps up and wraps her legs around his waist, straddling him. He grabs ahold of her thighs to support her and enters from the front. If you’d rather not jump up, you can start off by standing on the bed. It might also make this pose easier to maintain if you’re against the wall, as she can lean back against it to take some of the weight off him.

Why it’s great: This is another intimate position that is perfect for sex up against the wall. It’s the kind of passionate, hot pose that you see a lot in Hollywood movies, and for good reason-it looks super sexy. The positioning means that his pelvis is pressed against her clitoris while he’s inside her for extra stimulation.

22. Wall Lean

Technique: He stands with his back pressed up against a wall or something similarly sturdy, leaning slightly and placing his legs forward a little with them shoulder-width apart. She stands in front, facing away from him and leaning slightly forward. Her feet should be behind his feet and her hands on his thighs. He holds her waist and pulls her onto his penis, or thrusts into her.

Why it’s great: This is one of my personal favorite rear-entry positions for standing sex. It’s great for anal, easy to pull off, and versatile enough that you can do it pretty much anywhere. All you need is something to lean on: a tree, a wall, the side of a shower, whatever! This makes it perfect for any room in the house, the club bathroom, the elevator, or anywhere else you feel like doing it.

23. Corkscrew

Technique: You’ll need a low surface for this position, like a bed or a bench. She rests on the edge of the bed/bench on one side of her body and presses her thighs together. He stands behind her, leaning over to straddle her body, and enters from the rear.

Why it’s great: Pressing her legs together tightly keeps things nice and snug, which feels great for both him and her. As you’re both leaning on a bed, it’s a little more comfortable if you’re not used to full standing positions yet. Plus, when he gets tired of being on his feet, the bed’s right there for you both to jump into.

24. Ballerina

Technique: You’ll need to be very flexible for this one; only attempt it if she is able to do the vertical splits. She stands next to a wall and leans forwards, with her arms bent at the elbows and her forearms pressed against the wall for support. She lifts one leg straight in the air while keeping the other firmly on the floor. He stands behind her, resting her raised leg on his shoulder and grabbing her butt with one hand while resting the other on her back, and thrusts.

Why it’s great: It’s easy to see how the inventor of this position came up with the name. It’s a very elegant position in which she’s positioned like a dancer with her legs in a vertical split. If you can pull this off, it offers him an incredible angle for deep penetration and amazing standing sex – just remember to stretch first!

25. Table Top

Technique: She sits or lies down on her back at the edge of a bed, a low table, or a low sofa while he enters her. She can place her legs in any position that feels comfortable, like resting on his shoulders or lifting them up to either side of her head.

Why it’s great: This is a great standing position to try if there’s a big height difference between you and your partner. It minimizes that height difference by bringing you both down to the same level. It’s also more comfortable for her and a little more intimate than some of the other positions we’ve looked at so far.

26. The Door Jam

Technique: Get in between a door frame or other tight space, face each other, and lean back against it. She bends one or both legs at the knee, and he thrusts inside her.

Why it’s great: this is another position that’s perfect for tight spaces. Like the ‘Victory’ pose, it’s designed for door jams and gives you both a surface on which to lean to take the weight off both of you, as well as give you something to push back against for extra thrust.

27. Sagittarius

Technique: She stands next to him on her toes at a sideways angle to him. He lifts up her leg under her knee while she bends it and wraps the other arm around her waist. He then penetrates her from this angle while she wrapped one arm around his neck. She can use the other one to explore her own body, or his.

Why it’s great: I’m a big fan of this position. It’s comfortable, hot, and strikes a good balance between intimacy and the raw indulgence that makes standing sex so appealing. You’re both facing in the same general direction, so you can get that eye-contact that makes sex intimate, but you’re not pressed up so close that it gets awkward.

It’s also great for anal sex; he can enter her ass while she uses her free hand to stimulate her clit at the same time. He’ll definitely appreciate the view of her front as she plays with her clit.

28. Bathroom Badass

Technique: This position has you taking advantage of your bathroom sink. There are a few different ways you can go about it. One option is to have the receiver sit on the sink while the giver stands between their legs and enters from the front. If your sink is too high to make this viable, the receiver can lean over it instead while the giver enters from behind.

Why it’s great: The sink is an ideal surface to lean on for standing sex as the walls of the sink help to keep the receiver in place. Not only that, but you probably have a mirror behind your sink, which you can use to get a great view of the action. Plus, once you’re finished, you can jump straight in the shower.

29. Over the Table

Technique: This one’s really easy. The receiver just leans over the table while the giver stands behind and thrusts into them. The giver can grab ahold of their waist to guide them into the right position or pull on their hair to make things a little rougher.

Why it’s great: Over the table is one of the easiest standing positions, and is perfect for anal penetration. Most tables are at the right height to make this position comfortable and ideal for anal orgasms. Grab some lube and give it a go!

30. On the Table

Technique: Like the last position, this position also requires a table. This time, the receiver lies with their back on the table so that their butt is right at the edge, and lifts their legs up. The giver stands in front of them, grabs ahold of either side of their butt, pulls it up towards their penis, and penetrates them.

Why it’s great: This one is another position that’s great for the kitchen. It’s a better angle than ‘Over the Table’ for G-spot stimulation. The receiver’s position means they can rest their ankles on the giver’s shoulders and push against them to control the angle.

31. Mermaid

Technique: Start by standing in a spooning position. The giver should then lock their arms around the receiver’s stomach, while the receiver locks their arms around the giver’s arms. At this point, the receiver can lift up their legs by bending at the knees and wrap them around the giver.

Why it’s great: This standing position is a little crazy, and it’s good to get a little crazy from time to time. It’s a very acrobatic pose that isn’t easy to pull off. You’ll need plenty of core strength and flexibility. If you can manage it, it’s awesome for both him and her. One of the best things about it is that his hands are in the perfect position to play with her clit while he penetrates her.

32. Pile driver

Technique: She lies on the floor with her legs up in the air, like she’s doing leg raises. He stands over her, grabs her legs, and pushes them further up so that her butt is almost directly above her head. He then straddles her and penetrates her by squatting up and down.

Why it’s great: The pile driver is one of the most intense, hardcore sex positions of all time. It’s an iconic position that you often see professional pornstars in, but it isn’t easy for us mere mortals. To pull this one off, he’ll need a lot of leg strength for those squats, and she’ll need to be super flexible. But hey, great sex is all about trying new things, so why not give it a shot?

33. Comfy

Technique: For this sex position, start by having her lie on the edge of the bed on her side, with a pillow underneath her head. Her butt should be right at the end of the bed. She brings her knees up towards her chest so that her body is in an ‘L’ shape.

He stands at the edge of the bed, puts one hand on her rear and the other on her thigh, and thrusts to penetrate her. She can open her legs a little while he enters then close them once he’s inside her to create a tight squeeze.

Tip: experiment with different angles, angling your penis towards her front helps to stimulate her g-spot.

Why it’s great: The aptly-named ‘comfy’ pose is one of the most comfortable sex positions. It’s perfect for pregnant women and heavier couples and provides all of the pleasure with none of the pain. She gets to lie down on her side without having his weight on top of her while he gets a great view. Plus, the positioning of her legs creates a tight fit that feels great for him.

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