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Licking Ass: Everything You Need to Know

Rimming, eating ass, tossing the salad, motorbutting – licking ass is known by a number of names! It’s one of the least discussed and most misunderstood sexual practices out there. But anilingus – to use its official name – is one of the hottest, kinkiest and most exciting sexual practices you can try! It’s niche, taboo and madly erotic, so if you want to learn how to excite your partner like never before, you’ve come to the perfect place!

When performed properly, anilingus is super enjoyable and highly rewarding. It can help you spice things up in the bedroom, blast out of a sexual rut and send your passion levels through the roof! Sadly, most people shy away from ass licking without even trying it. That’s why I put together this guide to show you everything you need to know to lick ass like a pro…tonight!

My step-by-step instructions will teach you simple, MIND-BLOWING licking ass tricks and techniques that will make your partner moan with pleasure! You’ll be able to put what I show you into practice right away – and see some astonishing results!

But before we begin, a quick warning –

Once you’ve read this guide, your partner may become sexually addicted to you as you’ll be the only one who can give them what they REALLY crave. Don’t be surprised if they start BEGGING you for more!

After this, your sex life will never be the same again…

What is licking ass?

If the only salad tossing you’ve ever done has been at a barbecue, you’d be forgiven for wondering what booty eating is all about. While licking ass certainly isn’t a mainstream sexual practice, it isn’t as ‘out there’ as it once was and has definitely become more visible in recent years.

Celebrities have tried it. HBO has depicted it. Even Men’s Health has jumped on the bandwagon with a ‘how-to’ guide. But what exactly does it mean to ‘dine downtown’?

Anilingus is an oral and anal sex act where one person stimulates the anus of another person using their tongue, mouth, lips, or even their teeth. Think of it as ‘anal-oral sex’, if you will. Licking someone’s ass is commonly known as ‘rimming’ and the act itself is known as a ‘rim job’. While some women and gay men have spoken openly about licking ass, straight men are a little shyer, with some guys apparently wondering if it makes them gay.

The beauty of licking ass is that anyone can do it – regardless of gender or sexual identity. The real tragedy is that more people don’t ever try it!

Why try licking ass?

Licking ass is definitely something that people enjoy, although exactly how many people enjoy ‘venturing south’ remains somewhat of a mystery. This Indiana University study found that 43 percent of men and 37 percent of women reported having anal sex with the opposite sex in their lifetime, so the numbers of people who engage is ass licking is likely to be roughly similar. So why are so many people going dirty south on their partners?

Breaking a taboo is hot

Given that licking someone’s butt exposes someone to a laundry list of health hazards, it can certainly seem like a strange thing to want to do! Pleasure for the giver during ass licking is usually based more on the principle of the act. Ass licking is taboo and breaking a taboo feels dirty, arousing and hot in equal measures. Breaking a sexual taboo with a willing partner is one of the best ways to fuck their brains out and make them super horny!

Physical pleasure

The anus is one of the body’s most powerful erogenous zones and having it licked can feel crazy good! As the anal region is packed with a relatively high concentration of nerve endings, there are real physiological reasons for the intensely pleasurable sensations experienced during an ass licking session. It’s almost silly how arousing having someone’s tongue on your asshole can be!

Better foreplay

While many people may engage in anilingus for its own sake, it’s also an incredible foreplay activity that can make both partners extremely turned-on! As most ass licking involving licking around the anus and ‘gilding the lily’, rather than tonguing the butthole itself, it can transform cunnilingus or a blowjob into something truly mind-blowing! Ass licking can also provide a natural stepping stone to other kinky things like anal fingering or anal penetration but only if both partners want to visit the dark side of the moon!

Explore fetish play

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life and get a little 50 Shades of Grey, then ass licking can be plenty arousing for both you and your partner. Besides being dirty and a little bit naughty, ass licking is also an exquisite form of erotic humiliation and can be part of role-playing, bondage or fetish play.

Is ass licking safe?

Ass licking is definitely a risky sexual behavior and is much safer if you use a flexible sheet of latex known as a dental dam. Anilingus poses risks to both the person performing the act (the ‘giver’) and the perform receiving the ass licking (the ‘receiver’). The main risks are the spread of bacteria and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and the best way to stay safe is to use a dental dam.

Best hygiene practices

Although having an enema or using an anal douche isn’t necessary before engaging in ass licking, the receiving partner should wash or shower beforehand. If this isn’t possible, using an antibacterial towel or a wet-wipe can help. Being hygienic can help reduce potential health risks arising from oral contact with feces, such as viral hepatitis and other intestinal parasites such as Escherichia coli (E. coli). however I still strongly advise you to use a dental dam.

Using a dental dam also helps protect the person who is receiving the rim job from bacterial infections. If the active partner applies their mouth to the person’s genitals after licking their ass, they may inadvertently cause a urinary tract infection or spread  E. coli to the person’s urethra.

Using a dental dam to avoid STIs

Being hygienic won’t protect you from STIs, so using a dental dam is strongly recommended. Dental dams are sheets of latex that you unfold and spread over a person’s genital and anal area. This helps prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases, not just between the mouth of the active partner and the anus of the receiving partner, but also between their anus and genitals of the receiving partner, something you need to be especially aware of.

What to discuss beforehand

Ass licking can be a lot of fun to give and receive but you must have trust and consent while doing it. Although anilingus does sometimes happen accidentally during cunnilingus, it’s much more enjoyable if you have communication with your partner both before and while doing it.


You and your partner should discuss ass licking before trying it. If one partner feels it is gross and doesn’t think it would feel good, they shouldn’t feel forced or pressured into trying it. To build trust, set an agreed-upon safe word that the receiving partner can use to signal that the ass licking should come to an end. This helps foster a sense of openness and makes ass licking super enjoyable!


To prepare for ass licking you should take the same precautions as when preparing for anal sex. Eating someone’s booty in the heat of the moment isn’t recommended. Besides STIs, you also need to consider bacterial infections from feces. Always discuss safety beforehand and agree upon basic hygiene practices such as showering to make the experience as safe and as enjoyable as possible.

If you want to make ass licking part of quickie sex or even try it alfresco and find that taking a shower isn’t possible, you should at least use some water or antibacterial wipes before venturing to the dark side.


Ass licking doesn’t have to involve super-deep tonguing or any type of penetration, so make sure you discuss boundaries with your partner beforehand. You should let your partner know what your expectations and limitations are to avoid unwanted surprises later on.

Where to do it

As an oral sex activity, ass licking can take place literally anywhere, whether you want to have sex in your car or even make love in the woods. However, there are three places that lend themselves especially well to getting up close and personal with your partner’s butthole!

In the shower

There’s no better place for eating booty than in the shower! It’s hot, it’s wet and you’re getting clean anyway, so why not tick ass licking off your bucket list? Getting busy in the shower isn’t always as straightforward as it seems in the movies and having full sex can be a challenge. But showering and ass licking go together like peanut butter and jelly – they are a match made in heaven!

To make sure that no-one slips, non-slip mats are a smart investment and faucets are perfect for propping your body up in some of the sexy ass licking positions I’m going to show you later!

In the bathtub

Having a long, hot soak in the bathtub can help ensure that your partner’s butthole is as clean as possible. The warm, soothing water can also help their anal muscles relax and this can help make the experience feel very safe and comfortable!

Another advantage of rimming your partner in the bathtub is that you can add some essential oils to the mix! Lavender, for example, will help lower their heart rate and blood pressure, putting them in an extremely relaxed state. This is EXACTLY what you need to make ass licking feel MIND-BLOWING! Try it!

In bed

If you want to lose your mind over your partner’s ass, hitting the sack can work wonders! The bed will make them feel safe, accepted and highly relaxed. As they are lying down, you can start with an erotic ass massage to get them in the mood and then slip into a gentle mix of using your lips and tongues to send their pleasure levels to the stratosphere!

The 5 best ass licking moves you should master

If you want to make your partner WET with pleasure and make them drench the bedsheets with their juice, I’m going to show you the 5 ULTIMATE ass licking moves you should master! My simple step-by-step instructions will help you arouse your partner until they SCREAM your name in ecstasy!

Best of all, you’ll be able to try these techniques with your partner TONIGHT and see them cum like never before!

Give them an erotic ass massage

If your partner is a little hesitant about letting you eat their booty, the best ass licking move to master is the erotic ass massage. The orgasmic potential of massage is absolutely ridiculous and massaging your S.O. before giving them a rim job is guaranteed to get them in the right headspace to enjoy the experience!

Have your partner lie face down on the bed and spread their legs. This lets them know that you’re in charge and allows them to relax. Using some massage oil or lube (Durex Play 2 in 1 is my personal favorite) start giving them a deliciously slow foot rub, making sure to rub in between their toes and all around the soles of their feet. Work your way up their calves and glide your hands up and down the backs of their thighs until they start to feel relaxed.

When you feel they are ready, slip your hands onto their inner thighs (one of their HOTTEST erogenous zones) and run your thumbs up towards their crotch. What this is doing is hitting one of the most powerful nerves in their entire body – the ilioinguinal nerve – and it’s almost guaranteed to make them glow with delight!

Butt cheeks are designed to be parted, so grab your partner’s ass – one cheek in each hand – and spread ‘em! Place the tips of your thumbs to either side of their anus and start gently kneading this soft fleshy area while squeezing their cheeks with your fingers. This slow, sensual kneading action will give their asshole some exquisite indirect stimulation and will get them ready for the main event. You can also use your fingernails to lightly scratch their buttocks to give them a unusual type of stimulation. They’ll love it!

Tongue their butthole

Have you ever stopped and thought how incredible your tongue actually is? It can change from pillowy softness to rod-like stiffness in a fraction of a second all while bathing in its own natural lubricant. When you consider angles, stiffness and speeds, there are literally infinite approaches to tonguing your partner’s ass. So when it comes to tonguing your partner’s butthole, be creative!

When you’re ready to move from massage to rimming, it’s time to crack open that dental dam and lay it over your partner’s anal area. Use your hands to spread their cheeks and overlap the dam with your fingers to keep it in place. To begin with, try swirling your tongue around their anus in a circular motion and before switching to light flicks across their butthole. Use plenty of saliva and keep your tongue flat and loose. This will feel heavenly!

Don’t forget to lavish plenty of attention on the area around your partner’s anus. You can continue kneading this area with your thumbs, to enhance the sensations. Keep on caressing their ass with your hands as well to help them feel relaxed.

Kiss their starfish

To get your partner ridiculously horny, try to get right on their butthole with your lips! This gives the whole experience a more sensual quality and lets you explore more variety of pressures and touches!

To drive your partner absolutely wild, spread your tongue out flat over their anus and then use your lips to form a seal around their butthole, almost like French kissing. Alternate between these deep, passionate kisses and lighter, more playful ones to make their entire anus tingle with delight!

Kissing is one of the best ways to make your partner feel safe and comfortable with you going to town on their ass without giving them the feeling that you’re trying to get inside it. You’ll want to alternate between kissing and tonguing until your partner is blissfully relaxed, like a plate of overcooked spaghetti.

Tease them with your teeth

To transform ass licking from “Mmmmm” to “Oohhh!”, you need to get busy with your teeth. Don’t worry about breaking the latex of the dental dam; it’s plenty strong enough to take a fair amount of abuse. Running your teeth run over your partner’s anus will feel UNBELIEVABLY good, especially if you mix things up and alternate between kissing and licking. Here’s what to do.

Spread your partner’s cheeks with your hands and softly place your front teeth above their anus. Let them rest for a few seconds to give them a taste of what’s to follow. Flick your tongue rapidly from side to side across their butthole and then run your teeth downwards – gently – over their anus. This combination of flicking and hard stimulation will feel divine! Try it and see!

Get buzzy

Whether your partner has a penis or a vulva, there’s NEVER a bad time to introduce a vibrator when it comes to licking their ass! People of all genders love vibrations and using a vibrator is one of the best ways to make ass licking ORGASMIC!

Try using a tongue vibrator to transform your tongue into a whirlwind of pleasure. These silicone marvels contain tiny bullet vibrators that create powerful tingles throughout your tongue. Tongue vibrators will help stimulate the nerve endings in your partner’s anus as you lick, suck and kiss them. It will feel tingly and oh so good!

If your partner has a penis…you may want to use a tongue vibrator while licking his testicles and perineum (the area of skin between his testicles and anus) as you give him a rim job. You can also work in some hand action and give him a sensual handjob while you’re at it. The tingling vibrations from the tongue vibe will feel spectacular!

If your partner has a vulva…they’ll love being kissed and licked across their entire vulva by your tongue, from their vaginal opening to their clitoral hood. But they’ll especially love it if you use a tongue vibe! While you lick their ass, try fingering their clit and vulva at the same time. This will make the whole experience feel toe-curlingly good!

The top 5 ass licking positions to try right now

So far I’ve been describing how to give your partner the PERFECT ass licking while they’re lying down in a prone position. Overall, this is one of the most relaxing, comfortable positions you can try and I definitely recommend starting with it. However, as you gain experience, you’ll be ready to discover a whole new range of sex positions that are guaranteed to your partner TREMBLE with pure pleasure!

Here are the top five greatest ass licking positions you can try right now!

The Inquisitor

The secret to making ass licking feel divine is helping your partner get as relaxed and comfortable as possible. For that, there’s no better position than the Inquisitor! Here’s how it’s done.

Have your partner lie on their back and prop their head up on a pillow so they get a good view of the action! Slip a pillow under their hips to bring their pelvis up to a comfortable height. Spread their legs to let them know you’re in control and they can relax. Lie on your tummy with your mouth hovering inches from your partner’s genitals. Spread their cheeks with your hands and start tonguing their ass like a boss!


  • The Inquisitor is insanely relaxing and will make any ass licking feel divine, no matter which techniques you use!
  • If your partner has a vulva, you can eat her pussy while massaging around her ass and then switch so that you are fingering her clit while you eat her tush. So good!
  • If your partner has a penis, the Inquisitor position lets you give them a sloppy handjob with plenty of lube while you tongue their butthole. This handjob/rim job combo is so damn hot that it’s not even fair; they’ll be a puddle within minutes!

The Book

If the Inquisitor seems too vanilla for you (I like the way you think!), then the Book is guaranteed to bring some chocolately decadence to your starfish escapades!

To give your partner the ass licking of their life (or like never before!) lie on your back and prop your head up with a pillow. Have your partner straddle your chest and place their knees on either side of your waist. Lower their butt down towards your face, spread their cheeks with your hands and start eating their booty like a king. If they want to return the favor by eating you out, well, it won’t hurt!


  • The Book is like the standard 69 positions, except it puts your head in the PERFECT position for some bootilicious action!
  • If your partner has a vulva, this position is just as good for eating their pussy as it is for ass licking. You can also try out my ultimate fingering techniques while you lick her butthole. This fingering/rim job combo is so crazy hot it will make her cum on your face!
  • If your partner has a penis, you can warm them up with a slobbery blowjob or suck their testicles before you start eating their tush – just make sure they don’t blow their load with excitement before you give them permission!

The Emmanuel

If you want to lick your partner’s ass so damn good that they cum on your face, the Emmanuel is the position for you! Here’s how it’s done.

Lie on your back and have your partner straddle your head with their foot either side of you. They kneel down and place their knees on either side of your head. You reach up to support their thigh while they lower themselves on your face. For this position, you can use your best anilingus moves to make them squirm with delight! If your partner has a vulva, the Emmanuel could make them SQUIRT, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!


  • If your partner is a little hesitant about have your touch them ‘down there’, the Emmanuel is PERFECT. It lets them control the intensity of the sensation and they can always raise themselves up if things are getting too hot and heavy!
  • If they like what they feel, they can lower themselves down for a stronger experience!
  • So you want to try face-sitting? Of course you do! This position lets you work in a little BDSM play. Trying tying your partner’s wrist together with a silk scarf and tell them you won’t stop eating their ass until they ejaculate over their face!

The Rusty Trombone

If you’ve ever watched the scene where Lena Dunham gets motorbutted on HBO’s Girls and wondered whether you were missing out, here’s how to try this ass-licking position tonight and see some amazing result!

Have your partner stand with their legs shoulder-width apart and lean slightly forward against a suitable object like a desk, chest of drawers or a faucet (if you’re getting hot and steamy in the bathroom!). Stand behind them and crouch down or kneel on the floor so that your face is hovering behind their tush. Grab their thighs and thrust your mouth into their dark moon. Use your favorite ass licking moves to eat their booty.


  • Sex should be a 50-50 effort and the Rusty Trombone lets the receiving partner put if their fair share of the work. They can twist, twerk and gyrate their booty in whichever ways feel best until they get their fill.
  • If your partner has a vulva, this position lets them finger their clit while you venture dirty south. If they aren’t sure how to bring themselves off, have them read my ultimate guide on fingering yourself to orgasm! They’ll soon be flicking their bean to the Big O again and again. You can also reach up and use a dildo or clit vibrator while you eat them out. That works too!
  • If your partner has a penis, they can masturbate themselves while you visit their dark side. You can also reach around and pleasure them with your hand.

Doggy style

Although Doggy style has the reputation of being the default anal-sex position, it’s not for beginners. If your partner isn’t warmed up, this position can make the anal muscles tense up, which translates to less pleasure. Be sure to gain experience with other positions before trying this one out!

Have your partner get on their hands and knees Doggy style on your bed. Kneel behind them and spread their ass cheeks with your hands. Bury your face deep into their tush and start eating their booty. While you’re going dirty south on them, feel free to spank, scratch and massage their butts – with their consent of course!


  • If your partner is up for it, Doggy style gives you the best access to their dark hole of ANY sexual position. This helps maximize the pleasure for BOTH of you and makes the ass licking as good as possible!
  • If your partner has a vulva, use lots of lube and start thumbing her pussy while rubbing her clit with your forefinger. (Read my guide to fingering for help if you need to!). After a while, her pussy will open wide and her ass will pucker while you lick and tongue it. This will make her super relaxed AND make you rock hard, ready to fill her holes with hot jizz!
  • If your partner has a penis, use plenty of lube to give him a MIND-BLOWING handjob while you rim him. He’ll LOVE it! You’ll be able to see his ass pucker as he nears orgasm before he EXPLODES all over you!

5 butt-tastic tips for making your partner explode!

Even if you follow all of my techniques and can toss a salad like your name’s Caesar, you may find that ass licking simply isn’t getting your partner there. So what gives? Well, for starters booting eating isn’t for everyone. As Cosmopolitan’s canonical, groundbreaking article on the subject laid bare, the ass licking experience can range from “simply incredible”, to “like a slug trying to crawl into your butthole”. Different strokes for different folks, alright?

But I’m confident that, with the right approach, ass licking can not only feel fantastic, but it can also give your partner the orgasm of their life (or like never before!). So here are my five butt-tastic booty licking tips for making your partner EXPLODE with pleasure and drench the bed with their cum!

Try dirty talk

If your partner has a vulva, it’s unrealistic to expect ass licking alone to leave them breathless. With no prostate on their south lawn to play with, the whole thing can be more “Meh” than “More!”. So what’s a guy (or a girl) to do?

While some women aren’t going to love having their ass licked, what WILL get their motor running is hearing a little dirty talk. What really turns women on about ass licking isn’t the physical sensations – it’s the thought of you losing your mind over their ass!

Real talk here: most women would gladly do without ass licking. But once they see how HARD it makes you, it’s totally worth it! All you need to do it TELL THEM how freaking hot it is and what you love about it.

Dirty talk is an incredibly powerful aspect of eroticism; it supercharges sexual polarity, activates the imagination, and adds a steamy layer of exhilaration to any sex act.

If your dirty talk game is a little rusty (or non-existent) here’s what to do:

Before you start licking your partner’s ass, while giving them a massage, try telling them what you want to do to them. Things like, “I can wait to bury my tongue in your sexy little tush,” or “I love how your ass smells. I could get drunk off the scent right now”.

When you start eating their booty, start telling them what you like. Things like “I love how your breath pauses when I tongue your ass,” or “The way your asshole gapes is making me so hard right now!”

Dirty talk is like sexual elixir for women and is guaranteed to make ANY WOMAN dripping wet and ready to cum, especially if you throw in some skillful clit and vulva stimulation while you’re at it! Try it and see!

Nipple play

Your partner’s nipples are one of their most sensitive erogenous zones, so why not show them some love while you go dirty south? Stroking, teasing and fondling your partner’s nipples will not only get them CRAZY HORNY – it may give them the extra stimulation they need to climax while you’re eating their ass.

My ultimate guide to giving nipple pleasure shows you EXACTLY how to give your partner’s nipples an experience like never before (and maybe even a nipple orgasm), so what are you waiting for?

Experiment with spanking

Licking ass is kinky because it’s taboo – so why not break another taboo and experiment with spanking? Provided you have consent, spanking your partner is one of the BEST WAYS to make ass licking feel orgasmic. You can explore your inner-most domination and submission fantasies while you kiss, lick and rim your partner to ecstasy.

To read my HOTTEST erotic spanking tips, read my full guide here.

Lend a hand

You’ve got two hands, so why not put them to good use? Offering your partner some manual stimulation while you eat them out is a sure-fire way to rev up the passion and make them cum!

If your partner has a penis, you can give them a handjob while licking their ass to really get their pulse racing. The ‘kink-factor’ of having their ass licked will make them rock hard and is guaranteed to make them cum absolute buckets!

As I already explained, if your partner has a vulva then ass licking alone probably won’t make them cum. To really ramp up the pleasure, use plenty of lube and start fingering her clit and pussy while you eat or finger their tush. This works especially great in Doggy style position as you can easily curve your fingers around to hit her G-spot.

You can rub, press, and stroke her to within an inch of her life while your tongue works it’s magic on her butt. It’s guaranteed to make ass licking feel explosively good!

You can also finger her clit using my secret clit stimulating methods that are guaranteed to make her wet!

Use a butt toy

Ass licking doesn’t have to involve or lead to penetration. However, if you’re determined to make your other half cum, then butt toys can be JUST what your partner needs to get there.

If your partner has a vulva, sometimes a well-placed vibrator on her clit is the only thing she needs to climax while having her ass licked. However, sometimes a butt toy like a vibrating butt plug will also get here there. That’s because butt plugs can hit her A-spot – a sensitive spot at the back of her vagina near her cervix where her vaginal wall meets the internal nerves of her clitoral complex.

If your partner has a male, a vibrating butt plug – or even better – a prostate massager – will hit is P-spot and make him ejaculate like a firehose!


If you were curious about ass licking and wanted to know more, that’s about all!

Ass licking is a fantastic stand-alone activity that you can try with your partner…tonight! It’s hot, dirty and taboo, and there’s NO better way to fuck your partners’ brains out then by breaking this taboo and going dirty south on them.

Ass lick is amazing as part of foreplay and can enhance your sex life beyond belief! The SECRET to having an amazing ass licking session is good preparation and staying safe by using a dental dam. Using my techniques, I’m confident that you’ll be able to give your partner the BEST orgasm of their life and make them cum like NEVER BEFORE!

Have fun!

What’s the next step?

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Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday started The School Of Squirt back in 2012 and has been running the website and digital courses along with Jakob Wulfe since then. She is a full time sex writer, researcher and practicer.

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  1. I’ve always thought getting my ass eaten was super taboo, but tried it a few weeks and it just feels too good! Highly recommend to everyone to try it!

  2. Hi Laura, my bf really wants me to eat his ass but I’m not into it – got any tips for making it less gross?

    1. Hi L,

      It’s important that you not do anything you aren’t comfortable with. If you’re willing to give it a try, though, then you can always have your bf use an anal douche before the encounter. He should also practice external hygiene. Of course, you can always ask him to give it a try on you as well — that might put you in the mood!


    2. The only tip to make it less gross is not to eat it. You don't have to do anything you're not into. And that should be understandable by your bf if not then you are in a wrong relationship cause sexual act such as butt eating can traumatize you later. Peace ✌🏾

    3. Get him to douche and shave to make it as clean and appealing as l possible.
      Doggy style so he's not watching you.
      I also use Pavlov conditioning to get myself into things. I watch lots of porn that has whatever I want to try, while watching I masturbate, after a while I start to associate the desired act with orgasm and it helps me try it.


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