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Bathtub Sex: The Complete Guide and Best Positions

Are you interested in taking your partner’s pleasure to new heights?

This illustrated ‘sextacy guide’ will show you how to have mind-blowing bathtub sex like a pro in a few quick and easy steps — mutual satisfaction guaranteed!


Let’s face it; sexual fantasies can take you to the brink of orgasmic bliss just thinking about them. If you desire to make her toes curl, though, and you’re finally ready to make your partner helplessly moan like she never has before, then you have to stop procrastinating and start taking initiative today with your new sex life.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but don’t let the fear of societal sexual taboo around sex in the bathtub stop you from awakening the ‘sexual superman’ trapped inside of you. (You do want to unleash your ‘sexual superman,’ right?)

With that in mind, relax and close the door to your sexual inhibitions.

By the time you reach the bottom of this page, you’ll have everything you need to know to make your first bathtub encounter one she’ll never forget!

Let’s get started…

This guide is the world’s most definitive guide to bathtub sex. With that in mind, feel free to click on any of the links above to jump ahead to the area that most excite you, O.K.?

The #1 Reason Bathtub Sex Is Better Than Shower Sex

Shower sex can be an extremely pleasurable experience. The problem with shower sex, though, is the fact that it requires both partners to be engaging in highly spontaneous sexual acts on a slippery floor. It is a huge turn-on to watch your partner’s breasts slip and slide up the glass while you penetrate her again and again with your magic stick.

The problem is that either of you can lose control mid-coitus and fall flat on your face unexpectedly.

Not fun!

The Pre-Sex Chocolate Treat That Will Instantly Turn Her On Before You Turn Her Out

The most satisfying sex starts long before you or your partner ever slip and slide into ecstasy with one another. That being said… don’t just throw your lucky lady into the tub and start thrusting your love sword like a penis swinging point dexter.

Instead — arouse her with some sweet sexual seduction to make your bathtub playtime so unforgettable that she’ll drip like an old faucet virtually every time she thinks of you. If you’re not sure how to take her to that level yet, then worry not my friend because I will reveal my secret in just a moment.

To seduce your woman like a sexual superhero, try tempting and tickling her taste buds with some dark chocolate.

Here’s why…

Dark chocolate contains a highly arousing dopamine-releasing trigger called phenylethylamine (PEA).

In case you didn’t know, dopamine is the exact same feel-good chemical released during sex. To get the biggest phenylethylamine induced dopamine drip for your hard-earned cash, be sure to try dark chocolate. Specifically, the type that’s at least 60% or more real cocoa.

Another great side effect of dark chocolate is that it is also scientifically proven to help you have more satisfying sex because dark chocolate contains L-arginine. L-arginine is your better sex silver bullet because it increases nitric oxide naturally in your body.

The result? Higher arousal below the belt due to increased blood flow to your sexual organs resulting in more satisfying sex. With that in mind, be sure to add dark chocolate to your pre-sex bag of trips and pick some up today.

How to Set the Mood and Get Her Wet Before You Get Wild

There’s a rumor floating around cyberspace that there is no secret formula for keeping your lover intimately interested in you. The truth is that this type of thinking should be avoided at all costs.

The secret of making your women dream of your dick is to develop a strong bond with her. The type of bond where you know what excites her sexually better than anyone else, so, you are the object of her orgasmic desires.

To help you with that, I’m going to share some very powerful strategies today to make her want you. This way, you keep her wet and wanting you more and more, whether you’re together in the tub or not.

Strategy #1: Get Rid of Your “Sexual Microwave Mentality”

If you want your woman to drip with desire for you, then you must realize that her sexual thermostat doesn’t operate the same way that your home microwave does. To keep her sexual thermostat burning hot, always remember that her sexual thermostat rises gradually.

I’ll explain more in the next few sections…

Strategy #2: Turn Her On With Text Messages

Did you know that you can develop a strong sexual bond with a woman simply by texting her? If you didn’t, then today, you just hit the sexual seduction jackpot because it’s 100% true.

Here’s why…

When you text a woman, your lucky lady friend will be experiencing a one on one intimate conversation with you. This works because it allows you to activate her sexual imagination and create a strong bond with her without ALL the common social pressures from society.

To make this work for you, start texting her with simple everyday conversations to get her thinking of you. As the day goes on, expand her comfort level and warm her sexual thermostat by gradually intensifying the conversation with the goal of creating sexual tension to turn her on.

Strategy #3: Master the Art of Touch to Bring Her to Her Knees

There’s a scientific reason why your women love getting close to you.

It’s called oxytocin, and it’s one of the body’s natural “happy hormones” that contributes to positive emotions through touch. Not just sexual touch either. ALL TOUCH!

After hearing that, it’s easy to see why touch is a skill that will make you a bedroom badass.

Follow these tips to touch her with confidence…

When you touch your lover, touch her while maintaining eye contact. By gazing into her eyes, she will be captivated by your charm, and every gentle touch from you will strengthen your bond.

If you’re not sure where to touch her, don’t fret just follow the game plan below:

  • Start simple to get her comfortable by touching her hands or lightly caressing her arms.
  • If she is comfortable with a light touch, don’t rush into more right away. Instead, remember her sexual thermostat and turn her up gradually while you two enjoy the sensations and get lost in the moment.
  • As you notice both of your comfort levels increasing, feel free to touch her hair and neck. If she responds well to that, look her in the eyes, then whisper something sexy you love about her in her ear to make her feel really aroused.

And when in doubt, remember the golden rule… TOUCH HER GRADUALLY!

As your bond strengthens, you’ll know when she wants you because she will begin to tell you both verbally and non-verbally.

On that note, get your hands busy, my friend!

Strategy #4: Get in Some Pre-Sex Sweat Together

Thanks to the University of Texas, there’s now scientific proof that physical activity increases sexual arousal in women.

With that in mind, be sure to incorporate some pre-sex sweating in your seduction routine by exercising together. Here are some great ideas that you can use today to help you get her hot-blooded for you:

  • Take a walk outside together hand in hand.
  • Pick a destination, grab a few bikes, and go on a bike ride together.
  • Find a trail and explore it together.

When in doubt, choose a light exercise that can be done together. This way, you’ll strengthen the bond you both have and build her sexual desire for you naturally.

Best of all, some better sex will follow!

Your Bathtub Booty Basics Checklist for Great Sex Every Time

To make the most of your bathtub booty efforts, I developed a quick and easy-to-follow checklist for you and your partner to enjoy.

This way, you don’t look like a rookie when you bring your babe to the tub, and all your previous efforts are not thwarted because you’re more spontaneous than usual.

Step #1: Choose the Right Water Level

The first step to making sex in the bathtub unforgettable is to make sure that you have the right water level. The truth is there is no one size fits all answer to this question because bathtubs and people come in all shapes and sizes. There are three rules of thumb to live by when filling up your bathtub for sex.

  • Rule #1 is to make sure you don’t fill your tub higher than the hip height of your partner. If you’re not sure what that level would be, it’s generally the halfway level in your tub.
  • Rule #2 is that it’s better to fill the tub up with less water than more water.
  • Rule #3 is always to remember that there must be enough space for the two of you to easily and safely get in and out of the tub, O.K.?

By following these three rules, you won’t flood your bathroom area or your home with excess water.

Step #2: Set the Right Bath Water Temperature

When it comes to setting the right bath water temperature for a hot and heavy time in the tub, don’t overthink it. Simply stick to the following quick and easy guidelines and make adjustments as you and your lover see fit.

Firstly, you should always start with hot water. After heating your bathtub water up, THEN begin to slowly add cold water. After a little, as you’re swirling the water through the entire tub, you’ll find a comfortable temperature.

And if you really want to look like the biggest stud she’s ever seen, be sure to plan ahead and experiment with temperatures before you ever bring her to the tub to fuck!

Lastly, if you plan on pre-heating the tub, always remember that it will cool down. You don’t want a bath that is too cool; it’ll ruin the mood.

Don’t be that guy!

Step #3: Get Her Hot With Essential Oils

Relaxing candles help set the mood for erotic massage

Did you know that one of the easiest and most powerful ways to heat up sex in the bathtub is with essential oils?

For your sexual pleasure, I’ve handpicked two different essential oils that are safe to use in the water:

Lavender oil:

One of the worst ways to cramp your sexual style is to get anxious and tense up. Not only does this kind of behavior send a red flag and ruin the mood, but it also can cause your partner to be self-conscious and think it’s her fault. No need to worry though my friend because lavender oil can calm all those symptoms for you.

Simply add some lavender oil to your water-based sexual conquests, and your anxiety and stress will begin to melt away quickly.

Sandalwood oil:

One of the under-the-radar secrets to turning your women on is to target their sense of smell.

To truly take advantage of this orgasmic phenomenon, be sure to use sandalwood oil next time you go for a romp in the bathtub.

Step #4: Use Soft, Slow Music to Set the Mood

There’s a reason why music artists make love songs year after year. That reason is that people love sex. The type of sex where they bump and grind to the beat together to their favorite tunes that get them in the mood. With that in mind, don’t play any old type of music to set the mood.

Keep things hot, sensual, and steamy by indulging her senses with soft and slow music that will turn her on so you can tear her up. To help you score some serious points in the music department, I’m sharing a super sensual playlist with you free of charge:

Step #5: Create a “Bathtub Booty Bug-Out Bag”

The truth is that you can’t always plan 100% when you’re going to have sex in the bathtub. For these completely spontaneous situations, you need to have a backup plan ready to go. The solution? Create your very own “bathtub booty bug-out bag”!

“So what’s a ‘bathtub booty bug-out bag’ anyway, and what do I put in it?”

The answer is this:

A “bathtub booty bug-out bag” is a portable pre-planned sex kit that contains the items that you will need to make sex fun in the tub with your partner. By preparing ahead of time, you’ll always look like a man who knows what he’s doing when it comes to pleasing a woman.

And as a bonus, you’ll eliminate any extra anxiety or disaster that could occur from being unprepared for what happens next in the tub. Here’s a quick checklist of some items that you should put in yours:

  • Contraceptives: Be sure to include the contraceptive of your choice that will be safe to use in the water in your kit.
  • Essential oils: Always have some stashed away to make the mood right, whether you’re at home or on vacation in a hotel.
  • Dark chocolate: It’s always handy to have some dark chocolate at your disposal. Feed it to her to light her fire.
  • Snacks: After you’ve both worn each other out in the tub, have some snacks available to show her you’re thoughtful and to replenish your bodies.
  • Lube: Using lubrication is essential in the bath if you want to have maximum pleasure. Read on below for my guide to using lube successfully in the tub.

Being thoughtful and prepared is a huge turn-on for babes!

How to Master the Art of Lubrication for Mind-Blowing Bathtub Sex

If you’ve never had sex in the bathtub, I have to warn you about two things…

  • Thing #1 is that bathtub sex is a huge fantasy for many women and is amazing when done right!
  • Thing #2 is that they don’t always talk about lubrication in the movies during those hot bathtub sex scenes. When it comes to having bathtub sex in real life, it won’t nearly be as arousing if you fail to lubricate your love muscles properly.

With that in mind, pay close attention to the lubrication roadmap that you’re about to receive.

The first thing you’re probably thinking is if water and her pussy are already wet and slippery, why do I need a lubricant anyway? Good question!

The reason why lubricant is essential is that water washes off all of the natural juices that normally flow in your women’s vagina when she is turned on and ready for action. The truth is that sex in the tub without any lubricant on your fingers or penis can potentially cause her some pain from all the additional friction caused by the water.

With lubrication, she’ll feel more pleasure, and less pain, and if you do it right, she’ll do it a whole lot more with you!

What Are the Best Types of Lubricants to Use in the Tub?

The only two types of lubricants that you should ever bring with you in the tub are hybrid and silicone-based lubricants.

Here’s why silicone lubes are so awesome for sex in the bathtub:

  • Silicone lubricants are extremely slippery.
  • Gel-based silicone lube is battle-tested for water sex and is proven to stay put during all your water play.
  • If you use latex condoms, silicone lubes won’t tear up the latex so you can plow her with confidence while you stay protected.

Here’s why hybrid lubes can make bath time more fun:

  • Hybrid lube offers less friction during sex, whether on land or in the slippery seas of your bathtub.
  • Just like silicone lubes, they’re also safe for use with latex condoms.

How to Properly Store Your Sexual Lubricant

Storing your lube is simple. For best results, keep it away from direct heat, kids, animals, or anyone you would not want to make a mess with it. If I was you, I’d keep one under the sink and one in the “bathtub booty bug-out bag.” Applying lubricant isn’t rocket science. When it’s time for sex, lube is a tool meant to help you rather than add confusion.

To make your lube work for you so that sex is slippery and spectacular, follow these helpful tips:

  • Don’t over-apply the lube the first time you use it. Start with a portion of lube around the size of a peanut and rub it on yourself or your partner.
  • Before you ever actually have sex in the bathtub, be sure to practice using it on yourself first by gently placing some on your fingertips and experimenting with it.

Once you’ve got a confident feel of what works for you, man up and put your new skills to work with your partner!

Two Positions Guaranteed to Make Her Brag to Her Friends About You

One secret to keeping your woman hot for you is having the confidence and skill to turn her out like a pro during your sexy rendezvous.

To give her the time of her life in the tub, be sure to add these two bathtub positions to your erotic toolbox. If you do her right, it’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll have her grinning ear to ear, begging you for more, and telling ALL her friends about you.

Keep reading to get all the details…

Position #1: The Bathtub Boogie

It’s 100% true — women love dancing! Want to show her a dance move that she’ll never forget?? Then grab her hand, escort her to the tub, and show her this diddy…

The bathtub boogie benefits:

  • If your woman loves to be dominated, you can really take control in this position.
  • The bathtub really spices things up and adds a new dimension to your red-hot sex life.
  • You both will have greater levels of intimacy from all the hot and heavy body-to-body contact during this position.

How to Perform the Bathtub Boogie

Step #1 – Get in the tub: You should get in the tub first and help her step into the tub safely and with confidence.

Step #2 – Get better acquainted with the tub: Once she has gained her footing and, you both had some time to connect with the new environment, help position her on all fours with her head facing the opposite side of the tub.

Step #3 – Put her in a comfortable position: If she has a weak upper body, guide her to the end of the tub and have her lean over it to take the pressure off of her shoulders. This also works if she just needs a break and is tired!

Step #4 – Get yourself in position: Kneel behind your partner with your shins firmly on the ground and wrap your arms around her hips with your hands secured around her waist.

Step #5 – Mix up your speed and depth: By leaning forward or backward, you can adjust your angle of penetration. For best results, experiment with angles and speeds until you discover what feels best. Once you know what feels good, give her more of it. Just don’t get carried away and blow your load too quickly!

Step # – Dominate her like a pro: Dominating is all about the details, my friend. When you spank her, pull her into you with each thrust gradually and under control. Why? Because you’re in a bathtub… If you thrust her too hard, not only will you look like a bum in the tub, you may even cause her to slip and get injured.

Step #7 – Add some extra pleasure to the action: To add variety to the action, reach around the front of her body and strum her clit while you both are going at it. This extra stimulation will make her lose control if you do it right.

Step #8 – Stay in control at all times: When you feel like you’re going to cum, change your speed and lean back slowly till your arousal comes down to a level where you regain control.

Step #9 – Have fun: Enjoy your partner. Sex is supposed to be fun!!!

Position #2: The Bathtub Tree Climber

Ready to take your lady on a sexual adventure like never before? Then the bathtub tree climber position is exactly what you are looking for.

Your goal in this position is simple:

Get her to the tub and introduce her to the most exceptional tree that she’s ever climbed… Your long, hard, and ready cock!

With that in mind, be ready for some serious bathtub action buddy…

The bathtub tree climber benefits include:

  • Deep penetration from your tall and strong, oak tree-like, penis.
  • A high level of body-to-body and face-to-face contact helps develop stronger intimacy levels.
  • It makes bath time more fun and pleasurable.

How to Perform the Bathtub Tree Climber

Step #1 – Get her in the tub and enjoy one another: Once you’re inside the water with sound footing, grab her by the hand and help her climb into the tub safely. Once she’s in, don’t rush it… Take a few moments to get better acquainted with the tub and each other.

Step #2 – Get yourself in position: To make this work, remember to position yourself in a seated position where you can lean on the far left end of the tub. Once you’re comfortable, extend your arms over the outer edges of the tub, and let your legs extend out comfortably on the bottom of the tub, so she has plenty of room to climb your tree.

Step #3 – Get your lady into tree climbing position: Have your woman face you while squatting down on your lap and straddling your legs to prepare to climb your highly erect man tree again and again. If you both want to change things up or she is weak in her thighs, let her climb your solid oak by allowing her to straddle you by kneeling down instead of squatting.

Step #4 – Get wrapped up in one another: In terms of her arms, have her wrap them around your neck, and your shoulders. If she needs some extra tree climbing power, she can even gain extra leverage by grabbing onto the edge of the tub that you’re already resting on. Now that she’s actually climbing your tree take your hands off the edge of the tub and hold her by the hips and let your imagination run wild while you explore her body.

Step #5 – Breath for better blood flow: To really get the blood flowing to all the right places below the belt, try synchronizing your breathing together. Not only will it help you get a deeper connection, but it will also heighten arousal in all the right places that the two of you need to really get it on.

Step #6 – Make tub time fun: Don’t be afraid to be you; let loose and enjoy this amazing position!


Congratulations! You now officially know virtually everything you’ll ever need to know to have a successful sexual adventure in the bathtub with your lover. At this point, the only thing left to do is put on your “sexual Superman cape” and use this information with confidence.

With that in mind, leave your worries behind and take your woman to new levels of pleasure in your very own bathtub paradise…

She’ll be thrilled you did!

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Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday started The School Of Squirt back in 2012 and has been running the website and digital courses along with Jakob Wulfe since then. She is a full time sex writer, researcher and practicer.

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