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Cum on Face | How to Give and Receive the Ultimate Facial

The art of giving a good blowjob is pretty straightforward and easy to learn.

But what if you want to make your man scream with pleasure when you suck his dick?

What if you want to make him cum so hard that you have to peel him off the ceiling?

What if you want to give drive him wild and give him an orgasm that he’ll never forget?

To achieve those results, you’ll need to let your guy do one special thing: cum on your face! That’s why in today’s post, I’m going to teach you exactly how to give and receive the ultimate facial!

Here, you’ll find a range of wonderful techniques and tips that you and your guy are sure to love! If you’ve never experienced the thrill of a cum-on-face blowjob before, this guide will show you how and answer all your questions.

By the end of this guide, your man will think you’ve befriended a pro! I’ll teach you a range of SECRET tips and techniques that are sure to make your guy’s eyes roll back into his head and make him see stars!

So if you’re ready to:

  • Make your guy cry with pleasure,
  • Push him to the brink of sexual ecstasy,
  • and make him explode like never before,

Then keep reading

Because you’ll about to learn how to do all that and more today at School of Squirt!

By the way, if you want to learn how to give your partner a facial, I’ve got plenty in store for you too! I’ll teach you the art of cumming on your woman’s face and show you how to make sure she LOVES it and starts BEGGING you for more!

As some of the activities I’ll be discussing are risky, please read my disclaimer before we get started:

This guide is strictly for information and entertainment purposes only. does not endorse any of the activities or practices discussed herein. All opinions expressed are those of the writer and have not been written or reviewed by a physician or healthcare professional.

What Is a Facial?

When it comes to sex, every guy has different sexual preferences:

  • Some guys fantasize about having their balls fondled, while others find it a turnoff.
  • Some guys love getting deepthroated, while others can do without it.
  • Some guys dream about having their assholes fingered or even licked a little until they’re fit to burst!

But what unites ALL guys is their innate desire to blow their entire load all over their partner’s face – and that, my friends, is called a facial!

Facials are the ultimate way to finish any sexual experience, be it a hand job, a blowjob, or regular P-in-V (Penis in Vagina) sex! Facials are hot, dirty, kinky and sensual, all rolled into one  – and this guide will teach you the art of giving the perfect one!

Why are Facials So Popular?

If you’re wondering why facials are such an incredibly common and popular sexual fantasy among men, you aren’t alone. Understanding the popularity of facials will help you understand what makes your guy tick, and this makes the process of learning how to give the ultimate facial extremely worthwhile!

There are a wide range of reasons why a guy might want to cum on your face, but here are the four main ones that you should know:


Facials owe much of their popularity to the fact that they help inject a little novelty into sex. Trying something new and exciting is a proven way to spicing up a stale bedroom routine and blasting out of a sexual rut. And that’s what makes facials one of the best things you can try, in or out of the bedroom!


Many guys grow up believing that their penis is dirty and therefore something to be ashamed of. Cumming on a girl’s face gives some guys a sense of validation that their body is perfectly normal and natural.

They are Kinky

Shooting sperm over someone’s face can seem naughty and this makes the idea MORE appealing! If your guy wants to cum on your face, this is the most likely reason: he probably finds the idea extremely kinky! As taking a load on your face can seem humiliating or degraded, there is an aspect of BDSM – domination and submission – involved in both giving and receiving a facial, provided it’s consensual, of course!

Fantasy Fulfillment

Facials are so commonplace in porn that scenes featuring internal ejaculation – i.e. ‘Creampies’ – are considered niche. Your guy has definitely seen countless facials and letting him cum on your face will make him feel like he’s a porn star! For some guys, that’s all facials are about – acting out their inner porn star fantasies!

Now that we’ve explored the popularity of facials, it’s time to delve into the benefits of letting your guy shoot his load over your face.

The Benefits of Letting Your Man Cum On Your Face

Taking a load to the face may seem messy and pointless, but it’s actually one of the hottest, sexiest things you can do for your guy! Facials have MANY benefits and here are the top three reasons why you should let your guy cum on your face.

Heightened Sexual Pleasure

Nothing will make your man become harder or more excited than telling him how much you want him to blow his load over your face when he cums! Hearing the magical words “Cum on my face, baby” will make the pleasure receptors in his brain go into overdrive! His excitement levels will go stratospheric and his heart will start to beat faster and faster with anticipation. Receiving a facial will make your guy cum harder than you’ve ever seen before, guaranteed!

Strengthen Your Relationship

Taking a cumshot to the face and helping your guy live out his inner porn star fantasies and is sure to be an experience that he’ll never forget! This powerful shared experience will help to deepen and strengthen your relationship like nothing else! Provided the facial is consensual, there’s nothing wrong with feeling a little bit humiliated or degraded; it can be a HUGE turn on for your guy and can be a great of letting him live out any 50 Shades of Grey dominance fantasies he may be harboring without having to break out the whips and chains!

Better Orgasms

Think that facials are better to give than receive? Think again! One of the most commonly overlooked benefits of facials is that they aren’t just great for the giver – they can work wonders for the receiving partner too! Taking a load of hot jizz to your face is a massive turn-on that is guaranteed to make you super-horny! Some women even report being able to orgasm by having their guy cum on their face!

So, if you want to deepen your relationship and experience pleasure like never before, receiving a facial is one of the greatest things you can try! To find out how to get started, keep reading

How to Use Dirty Talk to Build His Arousal Levels

Dirty talk is hands down one of the greatest sexual techniques you should master. If you want to receive a facial, talking dirty to your guy will build his arousal levels like nothing else and make anything you do feel a million times better! Dirty talk will make your guy blow his load like you’ve never seen before! Here is my down-and-dirty guide to using dirty talk to build your guy’s arousal levels to give him the ultimate facial.

Make Flirty Suggestions

If you’re on a date at the movie or theatre, wait till just before the end and whisper to your guy how much you can’t wait to have his dick in your mouth. Slowly rub his inner thigh and then sensually lick your lips while whispering other flirty suggestions into his ear. He won’t be able to WAIT for the date to end!

Tell Him What You Want to Do

While on your way home, trying teasing your guy’s dick and balls through his pants using just your fingernails! Be direct about what you want and whisper how much you want him to blow his load over your face the second you get home!

Describe What You Want to Happen

When you get home, start teasing your guy by describing all the hot and nasty things you want to do with him; this is one of the best ways to ensure that the facial is spectacular! Begin by slowing kissing him all over – right up his neck to his ear lobes and then down his arms. Tell him how much you want to suck his dick and taste his cum. Tease him by telling him how much you want to feel his hot jizz dripping down your cheeks.

Be Direct

When you start touching your guy’s dick and taking it in your mouth, pause every so often to tell him how deeply you want to take him and hot much you want him to blow his load over your sweet little face. The excitement of hearing these words will send him into ecstasy! The dirty talk will make all the little things you do – such as twisting and stroking his cock with your hands and using your mouth to suck hard on his dick while you tongue the tip – feel incredible. Direct and explicit dirty talk will drive him insane and will make him cum absolute buckets over your face!

For Her: What to Do Before and After He Cums On Your Face

Taking a facial can be a spontaneous decision, but it works best with a little preparation. Here’s my ultimate list of before and after tips for taking a load to the face.

Make Strong Eye Contact

The SECRET to giving the ultimate facial lies with eye contact. What every guy really wants is for his woman to look deeply into his eyes with passion and intensity and beg for him to spray her face with his hot cum! The biggest mistake that most women make when taking a facial is screwing up their eyes – maybe through fear of getting cum in them. Keep your eyes open for as long as possible; look up at your guy until the last possible second when he drenches you with his cum!

Ask Him to Warn You

Keeping the dirty talk going has an added advantage: you can tell your guy to let you know when he’s about to cum! This gives you a heads up and makes it less likely that it will take you unawares.

Keep Talking Dirty After He Cums…

Once your man sprays his jizz over your face, keep up the dirty talk. Tell him how good it feels to be drenched with his cum. Tell him how nice it tastes and how much he sprayed! Tell him how awesome it was and how much you loved it!

Have Some Wet Wipes Handy

Porn rarely shows you the aftermath of facials – there’s plenty of laughter, towels, wet wipes and showering. To receive the ultimate facial, it’s always a good idea to have some wet wipes handy. These help you clean off and stay fresh with the minimum of fuss.

For Him: How to Cum On a Woman’s Face

Giving your woman a facial is all about knowing what you want and taking it. Here’s my ultimate guide to giving her a facial.

Be Assertive

When you’re having sex, be assertive and tell your woman what you’re going to do. Be specific and tell her, “I’m going to cum on your face”. This gives her a chance to object and, if she’s up for it, lets her get prepared.

Make Her Beg for It

Instruct her to beg for it by saying “Beg me for my cum”. After she starts to beg, start stroking your shaft until you blow your load all over her face.

Tell Her When You’re Going to Cum

Cum really stings if it comes into contact with the eyes, so you’ll want to give your woman fair warning. Be vocal about when you’re about to ejaculate so that she knows when to close her eyes!

Help With the Clean Up

There’s no escaping from the fact that facials are messy; have some wet wipes or towels on hand to help her deal with any post-cum mess.

How to Give and Receive an Intimate Facial

Letting your guy cum on your face is one of the most caring and intimate things you can do for him! Simply drop to your knees, look deeply into his eyes and take his cock in your hands before telling him how much you want him to cum all over your face. Here are my best tips and techniques that you can use to give your guy the ultimate intimate facial TONIGHT… and see some toe-curling results!

Tips for him: If you’re reading this guide for tips on how to give your woman the ultimate facial, feel free to share the following techniques and positions with her tonight…and prepare to be amazed!

Shower Him with Kisses

If your man has had a long, hard day and you want to show him how much you appreciate him, give him time to relax into his favorite spot on the couch or in his recliner. Walk over to him and straddle him before kissing him all over passionately. This lets him know how you feel about him and helps him get ready for the main event!

Massage Him

To make the experience extremely sensual, reach down and start massaging your guy’s inner thighs. Stroke his testicles through his pants and then start massaging his penis, all while continuing to kiss him passionately. Alternate between fondling his cock and massaging his legs until he’s practically begging you to blow him! Once you can feel he’s hard, get down on your knees and pull his pants off.

Read my erotic massage secrets for more tips and ideas!

Try the Boss’ Chair Position

Once you’re on your knees, you’re now in one of the best oral sex positions imaginable for sucking your guy off and having him cum on your face: the Boss’ chair!

This sensual position is hugely relaxing for your guy and is perfect for giving him the ultimate facial. as it lets you stay in complete control while your guy cums all over your face!

By the way, this position is also great for all the dirty, freaky things I’m going to share with you later such as ass licking, anal fingering and more!

Take Him Into Your Mouth

In the Boss’ Chair position, your guy should be seated on a couch or recliner with you kneeling between his legs. Hold his dick at the base and use little kisses and licks all over his testicles and up his shaft until he’s squirming with pleasure. When you get to the tip of his penis, show it a little more attention before slowly returning to the base in an ‘up and down’ motion. Take two or so inches of his shaft into your mouth and start moving your tongue around his cock, again and again. (Find out more intense ways to give him an orgasm here (link)).

Stroke His Shaft While Talking Dirty

After a few minutes to swirling your tongue around his dick, start stroking your man’s shaft up and down with your hand. Tell him how much you want to feel his hot cum all over your face. Hold one of his hands to make it even more soft and sensual and encourage him to start pleasuring himself.

Take the Facial

Continue talking dirty while your guy pleasures himself. Look him in the eyes and tell him to let you know when he’s ready to cum. When he climaxes, make sure to close your eyes so that you don’t get an eyeful of cum. After he shoots his sweet load over your face, start to gently stroke his cock while telling him how awesome his cum tastes and how much you loved it!

How to Give and Receive a Dirty, Slutty Facial

Caring and loving facials are all well and good, but what REALLY turns most guys on about facials is the sense that they are humiliating and degrading! After all, there are no pleasure receptors in your face that respond to be jizzed on and cum is sticky and fairly unpleasant-tasting. That’s why learning to give and receive a dirty, slutty facial may be the greatest thing there is!

You see, getting down and dirty really taps into the primal aspect for letting a guy cum on your face. It incorporates aspects of BDSM and fetish play by showing your subservience through allowing your guy to assert himself over you. Even if you’re willing to be a little humiliated and degraded, you’re still letting your guy ‘play the part’ and this, in itself, can be a very sweet romantic gesture. So if you’re ready to get your freak on, here are my best tips for giving your man a dirty and slutty facial that is guaranteed to rock his world!

Tips for him: If you’re reading this guide for tips on how to give your woman the ultimate facial, feel free to share the following techniques and positions with her tonight…and prepare to be amazed!

Lose Your Inhibitions

To unlock your inner slut, try getting a little tipsier than usual on your regular date night. Set yourself free and start feeling a bit more like an eager pornstar! Drinking more will help you feel slutty, super horny and willing to please!

Ramp Up Your Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is a normal, natural part of giving a facial, but to make the experience zing you’ll want to pull out all the stops. Tell your guy the dirtiest, nastiest things you can possibly imagine, such as how much you want him to make you gag over his cock, and how super-crazy hot it makes you feel to be drenched in his cum. A minute or two of this will make him lose his mind!

Try the Elevator Position

There are NO prizes for guessing where this super-hot sex position got its name! The Elevator position is PERFECT for giving your guy the dirtiest, sluttiest facial anytime, anyplace – no exceptions! As the name suggests, you can try the Elevator al fresco, in a bathroom cubicle, in an elevator, or in any room of the house, including, of course, in the bedroom!

In this position, your guy is standing and you’re kneeling – instantly bringing to life a million porn scenes and driving him wild! Simply unzip his flies or pull down his pants, take his shaft in your hands and start licking, kissing and fondling his balls before working your way along his shaft with light kisses and nibbles.

Suck His Balls, Then Suck His Dick

Start by giving your guy a firm hand job and then take one of his balls gently into your mouth. Lick and suck it until you can feel the excitement start to build in his cock. Take his dick in your mouth and start swirling your tongue around the head of his penis. Alternate this with some dirty talk but looking him in the eyes and telling him how much you want him to blow his load over your face!

Let Him Facefuck You

To really let your guy act out his inner porn star fantasies, grab both his hands, place them on your head, and let him control your head and mouth in any way he pleases! This may make you gag a little but don’t worry – he’ll love it! In fact, this move is so hot that he’ll likely feel an uncontrollable urge to ejaculate after just a minute or two!

You may find being facefucked uncomfortable and messy at first, but don’t worry, with practice you’ll LOVE being your guy’s submissive oral sex slave! You may even like to try the Reverse Face Sit position by having your guy straddle your face on the bed!

Hand It to Him

When you feel your guy getting close, put your head back and have him start to pleasure himself. Encourage him to slap his dick into your face while he jacks off and powers himself towards a mind-blowing orgasm. Keep moaning and telling you how much you want to taste his jizz until he blows his load over your face!

Now that I’ve shown you exactly how to give and receive both and intimate and a dirty facial, it’s time to up the ante with some mind-blowing tricks that are guaranteed to leave you drenched in cum!

10 Super Hot Tricks That Will Make Him Explode!

The secret to giving the ultimate facial is always taking the initiative. Keep your guy in suspense with what you have in store for him. Keep him on his toes and eager to discover what’s next! If you’re stuck for ideas, here are 10 incredible tips and techniques that are guaranteed to make your guy cum buckets over your face!

Tips for him: By the way, if you’re reading this guide for tips on how to give your woman the ultimate facial, you can encourage her to try these techniques too – you’ll be amazed with the results!

1. Use Plenty of Lube

To give and receive the ultimate facial, my best advice is a good quality water-based personal lubricant, and plenty of it! Lube makes everything easier without having to rely too much on saliva!  If you don’t like the taste of lube, try a flavored one! It will help a handjob or blow job last considerably longer and is guaranteed to make him cum harder!

2. Use the Right Techniques for Your Man’s Dick Type

The most important trick for making your guy drench your face with cum is using the right technique for his dick type. If he’s uncut, his head will be a little more sensitive so be careful not to use too much pressure. Use the foreskin to your advantage and place your tongue between the skin and head to tug it a little. Swirl your tongue around the head while stroking him with your hands.

If your guy has a cut dick, his head won’t be as sensitive so you should use more pressure. Use some hoover action with your cheeks, as if trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose. You can also use more pressure with your tongue and lips.

3. Edge Him

Edging is a technique where you bring your partner to the cusp of an orgasm and then remove the stimulation to let them calm down. After a few moments, you re-start proceedings and power them towards an even more intense orgasm! If you are looking for one tip that can make your guy cum even harder, edging could be it. Similar to tease and denial, edging makes ejaculations FAR stronger! Here’s how it’s done.

Start by blowing your man using a regular blowjob technique by gliding your lips up and down the sides of his shaft. Tease him by slowly putting your mouth towards the head of his penis and then backing away at the last second. Apply lots of lube to the head of his penis and start polishing it with your palm in a circular motion. Nibble on his foreskin and scrap your teeth gently down his shaft while you stroke him. When you feel him start to cum, stop everything and let him cool down. When you start things back up and drive him towards orgasm again, this time, let him spray his sweet, hot cum all over your face! You’ll find that the spray is far stronger and more powerful compared with a regular facial!

4. Lick His Frenulum

The little area of skin just under the head of your guy’s penis is known as the frenulum. It’s the most sensitive part of the penis so you’ll want to pay it special attention. Lavish it with affection you’re your tongue while stroking his shaft with your hands – he’ll love it! However, here’s another area where knowing your guy’s dick type is important: if he’s cut, his frenulum may have been removed.

5. Tongue His Urethra

It sounds weird, but tonguing around your guy’s pee-hole (his urethra) with the tip of your tongue feels weirdly amazing! Some guys swear that their urethral passage is the equivalent of a female vagina but that’s a topic for another day…

6. Stroke His Perineum

If you want your guy to spray cum over your face like a fire hydrant, pay close attention to the area between his testicle sack and his anus – known as his perineum.

While stroking your guy’s shaft, cup his balls and then gently place a finger on his perineum and apply some pressure. Massaging your guy’s perineum will feel amazing and is guaranteed to send his cum shooting out of his dick like a hose!

7. Drool on His Cock

When it comes to giving the ultimate facial, the sloppier, the better! Gagging produces plenty of drool but you don’t need to be able to deep throat to give your guy the thrill of drooling on his cock! Drool is super thick and viscus and most guys find it red hot! Drool not only makes you look and feel degraded and humiliated, but it makes the blowjob even more lubricated and pleasurable!

If you’re not into deepthroating but want to drool like CRAZY, try an O-ring ball gag.

O-ring ball gags will make you drool uncontrollably and fuel your guy’s fantasy that taking a facial makes you feel degraded and humiliated. After a few minutes, you’ll have masses of drool cascading down your chin and onto your guy’s cock, making the blowjob feel spectacular! You can even smear your face with drool as a prelude to getting a faceful of cum! Wearing an O-ring gag may seem a little ‘out there’ but try this once and you won’t believe how hard it makes your guy squirt!

8. Use a Vibrator

If you want to make your man spray buckets over your face, try adding a bullet vibrator to your blowjob and get ready to see fireworks! Start by teasing his cock with the vibe by lightly dragging it along his shaft and around his head, especially the frenulum.

While stroking his shaft or giving him a blowjob, gently vibe his perineum and balls. For extra fun, you can also vibe around his anus! (Tip: It feels even better with lube!). A few minutes of this is all most men will be able to take!

9. Lick His Ass

Of all the ideas on this list, giving your guy a rim job is one of the ones you may need to prepare for! Most guy’s assholes are hairy and sweaty, so you’ll need a strong stomach to ‘just do it’ spontaneously. Ass licking is definitely better left for a post-shower activity!

Not all guys get off on rim jobs – some find it ticklish – but others find it orgasmic! Try it on your guy and he may become hypnotized. It’s best to find a comfortable position such as with him lying on his back. He can place a pillow under his hips to move his butt to a better height and then raise one leg to give you access.

Start by directly kissing his butthole with your lips and then dabbing your tongue onto the hole. Make circular motions and try swirling your tongue around his butthole while you stroke his shaft. After a few minutes, he’ll stop finding it ticklish and start loosening up. You can be able to tongue into his anus, or just flick your tongue across the opening of his anus. After a while, he’ll be begging you to let him cum over your face.

If you’re looking for ways to make ass licking feel even better, read my best ass licking tips here!

10. Finger or Dildo His Ass!

Ass licking is awesome, but to make your guy drench your face with his jizz, you may need to venture inside! Using your fingers, an anal dildo or a prostate massager, you can stimulate your guy’s magic spot – his prostate, or P-spot and make him blow his load like never before!

You see, P-spot stimulation is so powerful that some guys can experience a hands-free ejaculation (i.e. milking the prostate) from this alone! P-spot orgasms feel completely different to a regular orgasm, so why not tap your guy’s P-spot tonight and give him the ultimate facial?

While doggy style position (pictured above) provides the easiest access to your man’s derriere, most guys find a reclining position such as the Boss’ Chair more comfortable.

Be sure to use plenty of lube around his anus and your finger and slowly push it one or two inches inside. Using an in-and-out ‘come-hither’ motion with a slightly curved finger will stimulate his P-spot. This motion will compliment any hand job or blowjob feel incredible and is guaranteed to make your guy cum buckets!

If your guy is into it, you can also give him a self-facial by making him shoot his own load over his chest, his face, or even into his mouth!

Want to know my BEST tips for anal fingering that will make your guy explode? Check out my Ultimate Guide to Anal Fingering here and read all about using prostate massagers and small butt plugs to get his juices flowing!

BONUS TIP! Deepthroat Him

Last but not least – Deepthroating. This may require some training unless you happen to be in the lucky one-third of women who don’t have a gag reflex! To learn how to control your gag reflex, check out my proven strategy in my how to suck dick guide (link). When you master deepthroating, you can create all these wonderful sensations for your guy. It takes plenty of coordination, practice and mental focus, but it is totally worth it and can make your guy cum buckets!

Deepthroating enforces the notion that giving a blowjob and receiving a facial is humiliating and degrading. If you start choking and gagging on your guys’ dick, you are literally suffocating and showing your subservience (even though it’s totally consensual!). You can try crazy actions such as licking his balls while he’s inside your mouth and deliberately gagging on his cock!


If you started reading this guide because you wanted to know how to give and receive the ultimate facial, hopefully  I’ve answered all your questions! Giving a facial is one of the kindest, most loving and HOTTEST things you can do for and with your partner!

So, if you’re ready to see your partner orgasm like never before, I’m confident that my guide will see you well on your way!

Feel free to give me a shout out in the comment section with any questions or comments and I’ll do my best to get back to you!

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  1. My husband likes doing this and this article is the greatest. I never understood it really, but didn’t mind as long as it didn’t get in my eyes. We’ve been married almost 15 years and without a doubt, this turns him on more than anything else.

    Truly the eye contact is important to him, and I guess most guys. Also I guess I used to grimace when it happened and he asked I try not to.

    Definitely going to try some tips from here. I’m not into some of the Bdsm stuff, but I do let him take video, just got himself.

    We don’t always or even usually finish this way, but he likes it well enough that he talks about it frequently. Sometimes he wants me to talk about coming on my face (ok, beg for it), but actually finishes on my breasts.

    One thing we’ve started doing is planning “the event” ahead of time. We’ll fool around a little and I’ll tease him, or talk dirty I guess, about wanting him to come in my face. Anyways, we do this for 15-20 minutes before work in the morning, then stop without him actually finishing. He seems to like this and I’ve noticed that when he does finally orgasm, his loads are huge.

    Thanks again for putting this site up. I love my husband and don’t find this to be demeaning at all. I love the expression on his face as he, uh, explodes.

  2. Hi Laura,
    My girlfriend never lets me cum on her face, what’s the secret to talking her into trying it? Do I need to be aggressive and just grab her hair or what? She’s not really into it. Maybe I’m with the wrong chick 🙂

    1. If she’s not into it, and if you’ve not previously discussed rough-housing, I wouldn’t recommend the aggressive approach. She may not be into it ever, and that’s okay. She may also agree to work up to it (cum on her ass, then her stomach, then her chest, etc.) until you get to her face. Communication is key.

      1. I would say the key is to find out why she won't let him.

        Generally, there could be two reasons: either it's a mental hang-up, as she views a facial in a negative context (degrading), or a physical issue of aversion to cum .It's entirely possible for her to overcome both. Communication is indeed key.

        If she feels facials are degrading, he should explain and reassure her that the reason he wants to facial her is not to offend her, as that would make no sense, but rather what turns him on is her acceptance. He should stress the fact that guys love to cum on the face of women they find beautiful, sexy, and attractive, and that's the reason he wants to cum on Her's. He can explain that just as he shows her love and appreciation outside the bedroom, he strives to show that during sex. As they are in a relationship, she likely already knows his character, and that it's safe to assume he doesn't intend to harm or degrade her. Another point he should convey is that nowadays facials are no longer perceived as degrading, but are rather a staple of many women's sexual repertoire.

        A good way to help her visualize facials could be a positive and even bonding experience, is to show her porn that depicts loving couples having sensual sex that ends with a facial. A woman that feels secure and reassured should be able to view her partner cumming on her face in a positive light.

        As for the physical aspect. It is a fact that many women are totally comfortable with having their guy's cum anywhere on their body, including all over their face. What may seem gross at first, can defiantly turn into not that bad, and then into not bad at all, and totally fine. Basically it's a matter of making an effort.

        So the question is, would she be willing to make that effort on her part, for his satisfaction and pleasure. As attending to one another's needs and expectations is inherently a part of successful sexual relationships, chances are that she's already inclined to do so.

        The main point he should try to convey, even though it's one she's surely well aware of, is how for many men, blowing their load all over a beautiful woman's face is the peak of sexual gratification. Given that, there's really no sense for women to deny them that pleasure. He can try to make her understand how it's similarly that important for him, if indeed he can't help but feel it's something he can't do without. While it's certainly not right to be "pushy", not being open with each other and avoiding the truth can be at least equally damaging. For men who love facials, being denied can understandably be a deal-breaker. After all, what is the point of being in a relationship in which a reasonable sexual desire remains unfulfilled? A thoughtful and considerate discussion can enable her to understand this point of view, and to help her realize the benefits of investing in an effort, that will allow herself to accept and handle his cumshots on her face.

        Having her get used to his cum by receiving it first on other parts of her body is defiantly a good technique. Another is to reassure her that after he's finished unloading on her face, he'll be there to help her clean up. Many women are concerned about the moments right after getting facialed, how exactly to deal with his cum. Being there with her and not just dozing away and leaving her to tend to herself alone can be a key factor in making her feel comfortable to get cum on her face.
        He can also help her understand that while it can be a messy experience (as it should, the whole point is that it gets all over her face, and as much as possible for all he's concerned!) it isn't a very long one, as for most guys even the strongest orgasms tend to last for a matter of less than a minute. She can wipe it right off, with a towel or wipes, until the time comes when she gets used to the sensation of his cum on her face and no longer feels an urgency to immediately wipe it off.

        With careful and considerate attention in attending those issues she might have, its entirely possible for her to eventually get used and become totally comfortable with letting him cum on her face whenever he desires – as indeed many women do! His extreme satisfaction and gratitude should by themselves prove rewarding enough for her efforts.

  3. "If your guy is into it, you can also give him a self-facial by making him shoot his own load over his chest, his face, or even into his mouth!"

    You alluded to this but we many, many, very many wives out here would like a "How to encourage him to do this" article. It is one of the freakiest, hottest things we feel a man can do (along with a few others) to get us to go along with all the aforementioned in the current article.

    We should not be the only ones who do this. A real man's man get take it as well as give it and most who do both are the best at it all!

  4. I know this article isn't about women squirting but I have to say that I guess I'm the luckiest man ever because every single time my wife comes she squirts like Niagara falls. And I absolutely love ITIT's so hot it tastes so good it's a sexy thing ever goddamn I wish every girl does this. we are divorced now, so if any ladies out there want to squirt, i would love to give it a try for you.

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