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Nipple Play: How To Give Pleasure Through Her Nipples

Have you ever given the woman you love a nipple orgasm?

If not, you’re both missing out! Nipple play is one of the BEST ways of helping the woman in your life experience the orgasm of her dreams!

Nipple play will make her open her heart to you and can help her experience one – or multiple – orgasms that she’ll never forget! If you truly care about your girl and want to learn how to give her experience of her life, this guide is for you!

Think that the only way to satisfy your woman was through intercourse, or through her clitoris? Think again. With nipple play, you can take your woman on an incredible sexual journey that will leave her breathless.

Playing with your woman’s breasts and nipples in just the right way can get her dripping wet with excitement; it can make her tremble, writhe and moan with pleasure, and even reach the Big O! So, if you want your woman to become ADDICTED to you and keep coming back you again and again for more, read on…

By the end of this guide, you will know how to:

  • Show your woman how much you care about her by learning the secrets of nipple play!
  • Make her surrender to you with intense nipple orgasms.
  • Easily turn a breast massage into a full-body female orgasm.
  • Get her wet with passion even if she’s not in the mood for sex.

Why Nipple Play?

Nipple play is the art of caressing, kissing, licking, and stimulating your partner’s breasts and nipples lovingly. This form of sex play is GREAT for foreplay and can turn up the heat in any sexual encounter.

If you become skilled at nipple play, it unlocks an entirely new world of passion that your woman has likely never experienced before. With practice, you’ll be able to make the woman in your life SCREAM and BEG you for more until she explodes with pleasure! Following the techniques described in this guide can even help your woman experience a NIPPLE ORGASM!

You see, unlike vaginal or clitoral stimulation, nipple stimulation can create an entirely unique type of intense orgasm that she’ll never forget.

What is a Nipple Orgasm?

What if we told you it was possible to help your woman orgasm WITHOUT touching her vagina or even her clitoris?

Sounds impossible, right? Well, prepare to be amazed because this guide will show you EXACTLY how to stimulate your woman’s nipples until she reaches the Big O! As one of her most powerful erogenous zones, your woman’s nipples can be fondled and stimulated until she sees stars – if you know what you’re doing.

What does a nipple orgasm feel like? Nipple orgasms are generally less intense and shorter than orgasms from clitoral stimulation. But they are incredibly pleasurable, and, as they take longer to achieve, can result in a sharper feeling!

You’ll KNOW how much she’s enjoying it when she starts THRASHING around with pleasure!

Following our advice, you will be able to see your woman:

  • Tremble and wet her panties in delight.
  • Moan with pleasure and BEG you not to stop!
  • Writhe and groan in ecstasy as she approaches that Big O!

Breast Anatomy

The reason that few guys have heard of a nipple orgasm is that they have never really looked at nipples too closely… You’re probably aware that nipples come in many shapes and sizes, but apart from their basic function during breastfeeding, what else is there to know?

There are three main ‘zones’ on a woman’s body that you should know about to master nipple stimulation:

1) The nipple
2) The areola (the area of pigmented skin surrounding each nipple)
3) The breast

Knowing a little about each of these zones will help you learn how to best to touch and stimulate them!

The nipple

Nipples aren’t just for breastfeeding; they are actually islands of sexual pleasure packed full of nerves. Nipples are connected to a woman’s entire breast and chest area and can deliver amazing sexual pleasure. They definitely deserve to be on your erotic radar!

So why is nipple stimulation erotogenic? It has long been known that nipple stimulation, as in breast-feeding, releases the love hormone oxytocin.

But more recent data suggests that nipple nerves may actually be linked directly to the brain. A 2011 study by psychologists at Rutgers University discovered that nipple stimulation actually ‘lights up’ the same area of a woman’s brain as cervix, clitoris and vagina stimulation does!

When female volunteers were asked to lie inside a magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner and rhythmically tap on their nipples, scientists noticed that the nipple stimulation activated the same brain areas as gential stimulation.

Unfortunately, nipple stimulation isn’t for everyone. Some women LOVE having their nipples stimulated, while others won’t want your fingers (or anything else!) anywhere near them!

That’s why it’s helpful to know about the areola and breast; even if your woman isn’t into her nipples being touched directly, you can still fondle and stimulate her in other ways to excite the same nerve endings. Always ask first (“Are there any parts of your body you don’t love being touched?”) before you experiment with nipple stim with your woman.

The areola

Some guys think that nipple play is all about kissing, sucking, flicking or teasing a woman’s nipples – but when it comes to EXCITING your woman and getting her WET, the areola is ground zero!

This unique circular area of pigmented skin around your woman’s nipples is highly sensitive. Kissing and stroking in this area AROUND the nipple can send your woman over the edge. This technique of approaching from the outside towards the center is known as ‘edging’ and it’s one of the best ways of enhancing the pleasure your woman gets from nipple stimulation.

Edging is the sexual equivalent of ‘Good things come to those who wait’. You can use this technique during foreplay, while masturbating, or during oral sex as a way of building anticipating and increasing the power of orgasms.

The breast

Caressing and stroking your woman’s breasts is an incredibly tender act and definitely belongs on the menu during any session. Breast stimulation isn’t just great for women who don’t like their nipples touched; the breast is connected to the areoli and nipples so it is great for indirect stimulation.

How to Give Your Woman a Nipple Orgasm

Nipple orgasms are incredibly rare and special – many women are unaware that they can even orgasm this way! As nipples have fewer nerve endings than the clitoris, it may take your woman longer to orgasm through nipple stimulation.

It depends on how relaxed and turned on she feels. If you want to help your woman feel the earth move during stimulation and orgasm, you’ll need to help her become incredibly relaxed.

Here’s what to do:

Create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere

Choose your favorite make-out spot and use soft music, candles, and aromatherapy to create just the right atmosphere.

Give her an erotic massage

Sit down and ask her to sit on your lap or sit next to you. Start giving her a shoulder massage and make it erotic by focusing on her erogenous zones like the back and sides of her neck.

Most women LOVE the nape of their neck being caressed. An erotic massage will get her body and her mind perfectly in the mood to crave more and more from you!

Introduce massage oil

Nipple play is 100 times better if you use massage oil! A water-based lubricant works well too.

While giving your woman a shoulder and neck massage, you can introduce a soothing massage oil to help build her arousal levels. Slowly undo her top and bra and move to her breasts.

She’ll love it as you stroke, massage and caress her breasts. Using edging technique, start from the outside and slowly move your way in. Ask her to tell you what feels good and let you know if anything feels tender or painful.

Use nipple arousal gel

For top results, we suggest using a special nipple arousal gel on her nipples and areola. This unique gel creates an amazing warming and cooling sensation that will totally rock her world! Gently stroke, flick and caress her areolas and nipples until they are firm and erect.

Use touch your lips and mouth

For some women, edging into her nipples using just your fingers can be enough to trigger a nipple orgasm! For others, the loving touch of your lips and mouth may be what sends them over the edge. We’ll show you the exact techniques to use later on in this guide!

Introduce sex toys

Sex toys are the fastest route to nipple stimulation nirvana! We’ll share an amazing variety of the best nipple stimulation sex toys later on in this guide that will help you buzz, tingle, and excite your woman’s nipples in ways she never thought possible!

The Top 5 Best Sex Positions For Nipple Play

If you want to unlock your woman’s desire and make her extremely aroused, finding the PERFECT position is half the challenge. Here are the top five best sex positions that will help your woman relax until she EXPLODES with pleasure.

1. The Lap Dance

The Lap Dance is an incredible position for nipple stimulation. It’s extremely relaxing and puts your hands in just the right spots!



Sit on a chair, a sofa, or on the edge of the bed and ask your woman to sit on your lap. She can support herself by leaning back into you and steadying herself with her hands on your thighs. You can easily remove her top and bra from this position and reach around to fondle her nipples.


If this position causes discomfort, she can sit next to you and lean back across your torso.

2. Spooning

Lying next to your partner is one of the most loving, gentle and relaxing positions!


Lie next to your woman on a sofa or a bed and snuggle in behind her. As she rolls onto her side, you can rest your knee on her leg and reach around to fondle her breasts and nipples. As you snuggle into her neck, you can kiss, lick and stroke the back of her neck – an incredibly powerful erogenous zone that she’ll absolutely love!

3. The Inquisitor

When it comes to nipple stim, the more relaxed your woman is, the better the time she’ll have! If you’re looking for ways to make her REALLY relaxed, few positions work better than the standard eating-her-out position, ie. The Inquisitor.


She lies on her back on the bed and spreads her legs. You lie on your front with your face between her legs and start kissing and nibbling your way from her inner thigh to her genitals. As you eat her out and stimulate her clitoris, you should be able to reach up to fondle and stimulate her breasts and nipples with one or both of your hands.

4. Emmanuel

Some women love nipple stimulation when they are sitting…on your face! The Emmanuel is great for some hot and heavy action that’s sure to delight!


The Emmanuel is obstinately an oral sex position but it works wonders for nipple stimulation too! You lie on the sofa, the bed or even the floor and she straddles your face. As you lavish her inner thigh, vagina, and clitoris with kisses, nibbles and licks, you can reach up to fondle her breast and nipples with your hands.

5. Goddess

The Goddess is just the Emmanuel but with her facing the other way – for some women, it’s the IDEAL way to relax enough to experience a nipple orgasm!


As with The Emmanuel, you lie down and she straddles your face. You can let your tongue work its magic on her clitoris and keep your hands free to fondle, stroke and excite her breasts and nipples.

Exploring Her Nipples Through Touch

Regardless of which position you choose to try, plain, old-fashioned touching is still the surest route to a NIPPLE ORGASM for most women. When it comes to technique, nipple stimulation is a lot like clitoral stimulation. The lighter and more delicately you touch your woman’s nipples, the STRONGER her reaction will be!

Here are 10 sure-fire ways to ignite a fire in her breasts and make her MOAN with delight.

Breast massage

Massaging your woman’s breast with oil or a lubricant is all but GUARANTEED to drive her wild.

Try this:

Cup her breasts on your hands and knead with your fingers and thumb in small circular motions. This gets the blood flowing to her nipples and really gets her excited about what you have in store for her next! Always use an edging technique and massage the outside first before gently working your way in.

Stroking her areola

Lightly stroking your woman’s areola is one of more AMAZING things you can do! Almost all women respond very favorably to this sensation but it’s also good for women who don’t like their nipples being touched directly.

For added excitement, try using a piece of smooth cloth like silk over your partners’ nipples and then gently stroking her areola through the cloth.

This will feel amazing!

Squeezing her nipples

If your woman likes her nipples being touched, gently squeezing them will make her crazy about you!

There’s a fine line between squeezing and pinching, so always go softly first and gauge her response. Keep asking her questions about what feels good and adjust your touch accordingly.

Nipple flicking

If you want to make your woman go weak at the knees, mastering the art of the nipple flick should be your top priority! Start by gently cupping her breasts in your hands and then use your index fingers to lightly flick back and forth across her nipples.

This is MUCH easier if you’re using massage oil or nipple arousal gel as you can make your fingers ‘dance’ across her nipples while barely touching them! As you build up speed, she’ll likely start SQUIRMING with pleasure and may even yell at you to keep going when you stop!

Twisting her nipples

If you want to naturally raise her levels of dopamine (aka the pleasure hormone), try gently twisting her nipples. Twisting is one move that definitely BELONGS on your repertoire!

Some women lose their minds when their nipples are softly twisted! This action not only excites the nerve endings in the nipple itself; it also pulls the entire areola tight and creates a wonderful sensation that your woman will adore!

Feather play

To send your woman’s passion into overdrive, feather play is where it’s at! Feathers are erotic, seductive AND sultry! They let you tickle and tease her breasts and nipples and take them on a pleasure journey they won’t soon forget!

Feathers are also perfect if you want to start exploring the kinkier side of your relationship as they are a little bit naughty without being daunting. You can use birds feathers (ostrich feathers work great) or you can buy naughty feather ticklers for some discrete fun!

Gently stroking around her nipples and flicking across the tops will feel INSANELY great!


As play progresses from touching to more intimate foreplay, your lips and tongue open up a universe of pleasure and possibilities!

To make your woman WET with anticipation and satisfy her deepest primal desires, try kissing all around her breasts, areola and nipples. You can kiss gently with closed lips at first and then progress to more intense, open-mouthed kisses later on.

Few women can resist a few well-placed kisses directly on their nipples!

Edging with your tongue

If you’re aiming to give your woman a nipple orgasm, think of your tongue as your sidekick! Licking around her breasts and areola in small circular motions will drive her insane! Use the edging technique to slowly work your way in from the outside until you are directly stimulating her nipples.

Tongue flicking

Tongue flicking calls for you to use a similar flicking motion that you’d use on her clitoris when you go down on her. You can try flicking your tongue across one of her nipples in multiple directions until you find her sweet spot. As every woman is different, we can’t tell you exactly where the perfect spot it, but we KNOW you’ll have fun finding out!


Trust us guys: your woman’s nipples will respond VERY WELL to sucking! In fact, suction is one of the best ways to release the love hormone oxytocin, and when that happens, sparks are sure to fly! After kissing and licking her breasts, try giving her nipples several gentle sucks to make her see heaven!

To Bite Or Not To Bite?

Lightly biting or nibbling the nipples can be a natural extension of kissing and may be exactly what your woman likes. But, in our experience, it’s NOT the best approach for giving maximum pleasure through her breasts.

Erotic nipple play is all about creating a relaxed feeling that helps her unwind and maybe even orgasm. For most women, biting won’t be on the cards. But every woman is different so the key is knowing where to draw the line.

ALWAYS ask your woman for permission before trying to gently bite her nipples and don’t let yourself get carried away! We suggest you practice light nibbling first by tenderly holding your woman’s nipples between your teeth without applying any pressure.

See how she responds before you start taking things further!

Combos That Will Drive Her Wild!

If you want to give your woman the climax she deserves and make her become emotionally attached to you, the secret lies in combining various moves that will drive her WILD!

Combinations can help spike her oxytocin levels (aka ‘the love hormone’) and are an important strategy for helping your woman achieve a nipple orgasm. As any woman who has mastered the art of giving herself a nipple orgasm will attest to, you can’t simply do ONE THING and expect results!

You have to stimulate the breasts and nipples in a variety of ways, and at a variety of speeds, until you find the perfect groove.

The following combos can make your woman become ADDICTED to you!

  • Kiss her passionately while flicking her nipples with your fingers.
  • Massage one of her breasts while sucking and licking her other nipple.
  • Flick one of her nipples with your tongue while gently twisting and squeezing her other with your fingers.
  • Kiss and nibble her erogenous zones (her inner thighs or the nape of her neck) while stroking her nipples.

Linking and combining moves will help you become a sexually confident guy that your woman is just naturally attracted to.

Hot & Cold Play

If you want to turn up the kink and turn your woman in a ball of feminine energy, hot and cold play is for you. Your woman’s nipples are HIGHLY RESPONSIVE to both heat and cold, so hot and cold play is where it’s at!

As we discussed earlier, nipple arousal gel is really erotic because it gives amazing warming and cooling sensations. But to take your woman’s pleasure to the next level, here are some easy sex tricks that will make her satisfaction levels skyrocket!

Hot play

Your women will love it if you treat her breasts and nipples to some soothing hot play.

Here’s how:

Sip a warm drink to give yourself pleasantly warm breath and then blow over her nipples. For most women, warm air will send quivers of excitement racing through her body!

Hold a warm drink in your mouth and then suck her nipples. This creates a seal that lets the liquid come into contact with her skin without spilling. The unique ‘deep heat’ sensation will make her nipples stand to attention like nothing else!

Cold play

To give her breasts and nipples a unique ‘chilly’ sensation, try these simple techniques:

Hold an ice cube in your mouth and lightly blow cool air all over her nipples and breasts; she’ll go WILD! Hold the ice cube between your teeth and lightly run it over her breasts and nipples to gently shock her body to attention. This will cause her dopamine levels to spike and send her arousal levels through the roof!

To deepen the sensation, blow cool air over her nipples. This will give her mind-blowing tingles that coarse through her entire body! Alternating between hot and cold is EXTREMELY AROUSING and one of the best ways to stimulate your woman towards a NIPPLE ORGASM!

Try it and see!

Best Sex Toys For Nipple Play

If you follow the ideas in this guide, we GUARANTEE that you’ll be able to help your woman achieve a nipple orgasm that will leave her breathless and BEGGING you for more!

But what if you want your woman to become ADDICTED to you? What if you want her to practically BEG you to go harder, longer and stronger?

For that, you need some sex toys! We’ll show you the BEST sex toys for nipple play that will turn your woman into a SEX ADDICT!

The best sex toys for nipple stimulation are:

  • Nipple stimulators
  • Nipple vibrators
  • Nipple Clamps
  • Nipple suction cups and pumps

There are literally THOUSANDS of products in each of these categories but don’t worry, we’ll show you the ones that work and get results!

Before we get into the details, we appreciate that sex toys may not be part of your usual bedtime routine. You may be wondering; “How can I introduce sex toys to my woman?” That’s a fair question; not every girl is going to be up for trying the toys on our list!

Here are some suggestions for getting started:

Talk to her

If you frame it right, and explain that you bought something that may help her orgasm, most women will be quite open to trying!

Watch an erotic movie

A less direct way is to suggest watching an adult film that contains nipple stim and features the type of sex toy that you want to use. She’ll probably get the idea soon enough and you’ll feel much more comfortable sharing the toy with her.

Surprise her

Variety is the spice of life, so you can always whip the toy out WHILE things are getting hot and heavy!

Nipple stimulators

While we’re confident that this guide WILL help you become a master of nipple play, we recognize that you’re just one guy with one tongue, one mouth, and two hands: There’s only so much you can do!

To make your woman WET with pleasure and turn any session into a guaranteed full-body orgasmic experience for her, nipple stimulators are hands down the best sex toy you could ask for. These sucking, swirling, fun-sized marvels will deliver MAXIMUM pleasure to your woman’s nipples and leave her GASPING with excitement!

So, when should you use nipple stimulators? Nipple stimulators work best with PLENTY of lube and should only be introduced AFTER you’ve fondled, stroked, licked and kissed her nipples until they are THROBBING and erect.

When your woman is super turned-on and begging you not to stop, THEN you can introduce the simulator! Turn it on, gently place it over one of her nipples, and get ready to see her dissolve into your arms!

With the stimulator working it’s magic on one of her breasts, lavish your full focus on her other. Try simultaneously flicking her swollen nipple with your tongue AND index finger until she GASPS for more!

Nipple vibrators

Whether or not she knows it yet, your woman’s nipples will absolutely LOVE some good vibes just as much as her clitoris does! To drive her CRAZY with sensations, this small, discreet finger-mounted nipple vibrator is your new best friend.

The silicone brush tips will make her nipples POP with excitement! You can run it around her breasts, her areolas, and her nipples for a sexual journey she won’t forget in a hurry!

As great as the finger vibe is, the truth is that almost ANY vibrator will work WONDERS on her nipples, be it a bullet vibe, a rabbit, or a wand vibrator.


Try using the edging technique: Start by gently tracing the tip of the vibe over her breasts. Slowly work your way in towards her areola and finally apply the tip directly to her nipples – she’ll adore it!

Combined with lube or nipple gel, a vibe can be enough to send your woman over the EDGE! There are also nipple vibrators that work with remote controls – or even via apps – letting you remotely control the vibrations!

To make your woman SCREAM your name and BEG you not to stop, try combining one of these nipple vibes with some good old fashioned cunnilingus! Place your chosen vibe on her nipples and get her to sit on your face (ie. The Emmanual or The Goddess). As you eat out her pussy and lick her clit, you can use your free hand to switch up the vibe intensity and send the vibrations PULSING through her body.

Nipple Clamps

Earlier we shared with you our nipple squeezing technique that can unlock your woman’s sexual desire for you, even when she’s not in the mood for sex! Well, what if we told you there’s a toy that can help you squeeze HARDER and for LONGER while leaving your hands completely free?

Sound crazy?

Let us introduce you to nipple clamps! Although they may be too ’50 Shades of Grey’ for some people’s liking, nipple clamps are incredible!

In fact, the smallest and most discreet type of clamp isn’t really a clamp at all – nipple balls are two magnet beads that you can put each side of your woman’s nipple and let magnetic attraction squeeze the nipple gently.

Not only do these tiny wonders leave your hands free, but they also create an AMAZING sensation can you can COMBINE with other moves.

For example, with nipple balls you can:

  • Lick her nipple with your tongue for a MIND-BLOWING sensation.
  • Flick her erect nipple with your fingers and/or tongue, for 10X the pleasure!
  • Use a vibrator to make her breasts PULSATE with delight.

If these cute little magnet clamps aren’t your jam, you also can buy discreet nipple clamps that look more like jewelry that something Christian Grey would keep in his bondage room. You can gently adjust the tightness until they’re just right and leave them there while you focus on other areas.

Stuck for ideas?

Here are some things to try while she’s wearing a nipple clamp:

  • Massage her breasts while passionately kissing her neck.
  • Place the tip of a vibrator ON the clamp to send tingles throughout her breast!
  • Use some of the breath play techniques we shared earlier, such as breathing ice cold air over her nipple!

Of course, if you want to turn up the KINK and send your woman over the edge, BDSM-style clamps with chains are worth a look!

Read our article about BDSM ideas here.

Nipple clamps and chains

Nipple clamps and chains are a little more daunting than other types of clamps but are perfect for when you’ve built up confidence with using nipple clamps. Nipple clamps on their own are great, we’re not saying otherwise.

But when you combine nipple clamps with a chain, you unlock a WORLD of possibilities! A smooth, sexy chain can help unlock your woman’s deepest desires.

Chain clamps over her nipples can let you:

  • Gently tug and pull the chain to show her you’re in charge and let her know she can relax.
  • Put the chain in between her teeth so that she can control the tension and sensations.
  • Use a pair of safe Velcro cuffs to bring her hands together (we recommend the front, not behind her back, for safety reasons). This is a safe way to discover an entirely new, kinky sensation!

But what if you want to turn her pleasure dial to MAX?

We’ve got you covered with these BDSM-inspired hanging weights! Weights can be attached to nipple clamps or hung from a chain between two clamps. They create an intense pulling sensation that can drive your woman WILD with delight!

A word of warning though: Unlike other sex toys on our list, clamps and weights can be painful. Never apply a painful amount of weight and always keep talking to your woman while you explore. Have a safe word or gesture that she can use just in case the feeling becomes too intense.

With hanging weights you can:

  • Adjust the weight until it feels just right.
  • Lift the weight to relieve tension and then let it down again (be careful not to drop it!)

Lastly, if our ideas so far seem too vanilla, there are always electro clamps to take her pleasure levels to the stratosphere! Electro clamps are a unique way to give your woman intense tingles and shocks. They certainly aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they will take her on a sensual journey unlike any other.

Electro clamps are small clamps that are connected to a battery-powered control unit. You can select a variety of sensations such as ‘tingle’, ‘pulse’ and ‘random’ and set the power setting. While the tingles aren’t lethal, they can be painful – almost like a kind of throbbing!

As with the nipple clamp weight, you must ALWAYS set a safe word or gesture before playing and you MUST respect your partner’s boundaries.

Nipple pumps and cups

If you’re looking to take your sessions to new heights, nipple pumps and cups are an awesome option! Vibrating nipple pumps create an intense vacuum around your woman’s nipples and can tingle her towards the Big O!

Nipple pumps are discreet and help keep your hands free to explore her other erogenous zones. When combined with kissing and massage, pumps can send your woman to the moon!

To create an even more intense stimulation, these BDSM-style pumps are worth a look. They fit snugly around her nipples and can be adjusted until you reach the maximum pressure.

Lastly, and not for the faint of heart, electro nipple cups deliver a tingling sensation to the breasts similar to the electro nipple clamps we discussed above. But be warned: the combination of sucking and throbbing can be too much for some women!


If you’ve never given your woman a nipple orgasm, what are you waiting for?

Our step-by-step guide provides you with all the techniques you could ask for that will help your woman achieve the Big O! From massage to fondling, stroking, licking and even nibbling, we’ve covered it all in this handy guide to giving your woman pleasure through her nipples.

As a final word of caution though; we’ve covered EVERYTHING in this guide but we aren’t suggesting you try it all!

The SECRET to giving your woman pleasure through her nipples is to help her discover what makes her tick. What drives her CRAZY? And what could she do without?

Whether you’re shooting for a nipple orgasm, or simply want to up your foreplay game, nipple play can unlock a whole new world of pleasure. So, take things slow, help her relax and you never know where things may lead!

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Laura Rose Halliday started The School Of Squirt back in 2012 and has been running the website and digital courses along with Jakob Wulfe since then. She is a full time sex writer, researcher and practicer.

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