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Hands-Free Orgasms: How to Cum Without Using Your Hands

Everyone loves having orgasms. The more, the better!

But there’s more to climaxing than just having sex or using your hands. If you want to experience some of the best orgasms ever, you need to go hands-free!

When you learn how to cum hands-free, you’ll be able to give yourself orgasms anytime, anywhere, on command. You’ll be walking around all day every day on cloud nine!

Sadly, not many people know the secret to experiencing a hands-free orgasm. Some people have never experienced one before and are skeptical that zero-touch orgasms are even possible.

In this article, I’ll teach you everything you need to know to cum hands-free!

The techniques you’re about to learn come from years of personal experience, including conversations with hundreds of men and women, numerous interviews with porn stars, and amazing submissions from some of our readers!

I know all the greatest tips and tricks for coming hands-free, so if you’re ready to cum like never before, then keep reading!

By the way, my favourite (and BEST) tips are at the end, so make sure you stick around!

What is a hands-free orgasm?

Have you never heard of a hands-free orgasm before?

Well, there are two main definitions you should know:

  • Some people interpret the phrase as meaning any orgasm that doesn’t involve using hands.
  • But purists argue that a hands-free cum should involve no physical stimulation whatsoever!

Don’t worry; I’m going to cover both of these definitions in this guide!

So let’s look at the first definition; an orgasm that doesn’t involve hands. This means anything else is fair game!

For women, this would include things like:

  • Swinging
  • Pressing, grinding, and thrusting
  • Rhythmic clenching
  • Water massage
  • Sex toys like wireless vibrators

For men, this would include things like:

  • Rubbing and thrusting
  • Rhythmic tensing
  • Sex toys like pocket pussies
  • Good vibrations
  • Prostate assisted orgasms

Now, for the second definition – an orgasm that involves no physical stimulation whatsoever. This is where you have an orgasm using only the power of your mind!

The most popular ways are:

  • Wet dreams
  • Binaural Beats
  • Erotic hypnosis
  • Guided meditation

By the way, these are some of my favorite ways to cum hands-free! They give you a completely chill orgasm that you simply can’t experience any other way.

Don’t worry; I’ll explain exactly how to orgasm using these methods later on, so stay tuned!

Can anyone have a hands free orgasm?

The short answer is Yes!

If you’ve never experienced an orgasm without touching yourself before, I know you’re thinking, “That’s not possible, is it?” But hear me out.

One of the best things about running this website is that people are more likely to talk to me about their sex lives, and believe me, I’ve heard a lot!

Since starting this blog, two separate women have reached out to me and told me they started having orgasms at a very young age – and by young, I mean when they were still in elementary school!

The first woman contacted me after having read my orgasmic massage article and told me that she experienced her first orgasm while swinging when she was around nine years old! She wanted to know if I’d ever heard about anything like this before. At the time, I hadn’t. I figured it must have been something to do with bending and straightening her legs and inadvertently putting pressure on her clitoris, but thought nothing more of it.

But then a few months later, a second woman contacted me and said she’d really enjoyed my article about sex swings and said she’d had her first ‘Big O’ quite young while swinging at school! Having two separate women relay such similar experiences got me thinking; how common are hands-free orgasms?

Well, fast forward a couple of years and hundreds of men and women have told how they’ve been able to make themselves cum hands-free!

Wanna know my highlights?

  • I’ve heard from plenty of women who can cum while sitting anywhere, just by crossing their legs and squeezing their thigh muscles together for a couple of minutes!
  • I’ve also heard from dozens of women who can cum just by crossing their legs and pushing all their energy into their genitals!
  • One male reader told me he could cum just by lying face down and thrusting his dick into the mattress!
  • I even had one guy tell me how he can orgasm while riding his Harley, just through the vibrations!

Far from being a weird, mysterious, happy accidents, hands-free orgasms are actually quite common!

So yes! Anyone can learn how to cum hands-free!

What are the benefits?

Hands-free orgasms offer all the same awesome benefits as regular orgasms, like:

  • Reliving stress
  • Boosting your mood
  • Relaxation
  • Improved sleep
  • Lower sexual tension
  • A better understanding of your body

But they also offer three additional, amazing benefits:

  • Freedom
  • Multiples
  • Infinite fantasies

Let me break these down for you!


Hands-free climaxes rock because you can give yourself one almost any time, any place! Once you learn the secrets of bringing yourself off without using your hands, you can enjoy the freedom of being able to make yourself cum while sitting or lying down anywhere!


The second benefit of learning how to orgasm hands-free is that you can climax again and again! This actually surprises many guys, as they’re used to their orgasm and ejaculation happening at the same time. But they are actually two separate events!

Once you learn some hands-free orgasm techniques like prostate-assisted orgasms or hypnosis-induced orgasms, you can learn to separate these two events and start having multiple, whole-body orgasms! When a man comes without ejaculating, it leaves him feeling fresh and invigorated instead of run down and tired!

Infinite fantasies

The third benefit of learning to cum hands-free is that you can use the power of your imagination to explore an infinite number of fantasies! My personal favorite way to cum hands-free is through self-hypnosis. There are countless hypnotic tracks out there to choose from – some free, and some paid.

With erotic hypnosis, you can safely try out fantasies that you might be too scared or hesitant to try in real life, like gender-swapping, role-play, or visiting a BDSM club! You name it; you can try it! You can train your mind to orgasm on command and just experience whatever fantasy you want – risk-free!

Now you know the incredible benefits of climaxing hands-free, it’s time to learn my secret tips and techniques that will help you reach the Big O!

Hands-free orgasm secrets for women!

Okay, if you’re a woman and/or have a clitoris, this is the section for you! I’m going to teach you my favorite ways to cum hands-free! These methods are all completely safe, and you can do them anytime, as much as you want!

However, they all involve physical stimulation; if you’re interested in coming hands-free with zero-touching, keep reading till the end of this guide!

1. Swinging

Yes, you read that right – one of the best ways to cum hands-free is by swinging! How? The leg movements when you swing help activate your genitals like crazy. Pushing you towards a mind-bending climax!

If you have a clit and wanna try this, simply bend your legs as you swing back and then straighten them at the top and squeeze! This motion puts tension on your clitoris and then… magic happens! The secret is clenching your thighs really hard on the down portion of the movement. Swing sex orgasms rock, and no, you don’t need to go to a kid’s playground to get off – sex swings work too!

Check out my sex swing position article to find out more!

2. Pressing, grinding, and thrusting

Another really cool way to cum hands-free is to straddle a pillow or the edge of the bed and press and thrust until you orgasm! This isn’t a very common way to masturbate – only around 4 percent of women regularly get off in this way, but it’s definitely something that you CAN learn! The SECRET that I’ve learned from talking to hundreds of women is that you need to find your preferred texture and material for grinding against; hard, medium, or soft.

Many girls learn to masturbate by grinding against super-soft things like pillows and blankets – but it works great at any age, trust me!

Some women prefer things that are soft to touch but hard or firm underneath. The edge of a mattress is perfect as it’s covered in soft material, but then it’s got that firm core underneath – it feels SO good!

Some women prefer grinding against hard stuff like the wooden arm of a chair or the edge of a table.

If you’ve never cum this way before, the secret is experimenting with a range of surfaces until you find your jam!

3. Rhythmic clenching

The third awesome way to cum hands free is simply crossing your legs and then rhythmically rubbing or clenching your thighs together! The trick is exerting all the energy from your inner thighs into your genitals and clit.

Learning to bring yourself off this way is freaking amazing because you can do it anywhere! Lying, sitting, in class, in a restaurant, sitting on a bus! Masturbating in public take the experience to a whole other level – you can get such a kick out of knowing that no-one has a clue what you’re up to!

The secret to making clenching feel even better is learning to contract your pelvic floor muscles or PC (pubococcygeus) muscles! These are the muscles that hang across your pelvic region. They’re the ones you clench when you’re trying to stop yourself from peeing.

You can strengthen your PC muscles by doing regular Kegel exercises or using Ben Wa Balls. This gives you the strength to ‘pulse’ these muscles while you’re rubbing or clenching your thighs.

I’ll show you exactly how to do the perfect Kegel exercise later in this guide!

Bonus tip!

Clenching feels even better if you get the seam of your pants or jeans lined up along your vulva. The material will rub against your clitoral hood and give your clit some love that sends you over the edge!

4. Water massage

The fourth hands-free cum technique is using water to massage your clit or vulva. Most women who learn to cum this way use a shower head, but some just lie in the bathtub and scoot their butt down until their vulva is running under the faucet!

I remember one email I got from a reader who said she learned how to do this during summer vacation! She added quite a bit of context; she noticed it felt tingly and good and then suddenly “Whoa!”. Let’s just say she ended up spending quite a bit of time in the bath that summer!

5. Wireless vibrators

If just wanna cum without having to rub one out, wireless vibes are where it’s at! They come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, from love eggs, to bullet vibes, pantie vibrators, and more! Simply nuzzle the vibrator against your clit and cycle through the vibration modes using the wireless remote! Or hand the remote to your partner and let them decide when and how often you orgasm!

My favorite wireless vibe is the We-Vibe Sync – it’s app-controlled, so my partner can control it via an app on his phone from literally anywhere. This adds a whole other dimension to our phone sex sessions and helps keep the passion going when he’s away on business trips!

Check out my complete guide to wireless vibes to find out more!

Hands-free orgasm secrets for men!

So if you’re a guy or have a penis, this is the section for you! I’m going to show you my secret tips and techniques that will make cumming hands free an absolute cinch! If you’re a purist and want to orgasm with zero-touching, keep reading, and I’ll give you my best tips at the end of this guide!

1. Rubbing and thrusting

If you have a dick, then a really cool way to cum without using your hands is by rubbing and/or thrusting into or onto something! This creates friction on the penis, leading to an orgasm and/or ejaculation! Plenty of guys can get off in this way by lying on their side or face down and grinding or humping into the mattress or a pillow!

Rubbing and thrusting can also work well if you find yourself walking around with an erection; simply rub against your partner’s arms or body! Just be careful who you rub up against; you should only rub it into your partner or someone who has given their consent. Otherwise, it’s sexual harassment.

2. Rhythmic tensing

Another cool way to bring yourself off hands-free is by rhythmically tensing your dick and letting it fall down with a jolt! Most guys who like to cum this way do so while lying in bed on their side.

They tense for a few moments, so their penis stands ‘to attention’ and then let it flop down onto the bed. This ‘impact’ sends little waves of pleasure cascading through their penis and, when it’s done, again and again, is really effective at bringing on an orgasm!

With practice, you can even do this while standing up and make yourself cum hands-free!

3. Pocket pussies

Most guys need direct dick stimulation to cum – and this is where pocket pussies win hands down! If you just want to experience the thrill of coming without using your hands, pocket pussies are awesome! Simply wedge one between your mattress and the base of the bed, apply the lube, and stick your penis in to give yourself an amazing orgasm without touching yourself at all!

Higher-end pocket pussies like Fleshlights have a range of optional accessories that are guaranteed to make your ‘me-time’ even more realistic! You can buy a suction cup mount that hold your Fleshlight securely on any hard surface – perfect for some hands-free shower fun!

If you want to take things one step further, you can even buy special mounts called Liberators that hold your Fleshlight snugly while you fuck it Doggy style!

Another cool option is to buy an automatic machine like an Autoblow 2 that does all the hard work for you! This lets you cum hands-free without breaking a sweat!

4. Good vibrations

Vibrations are a great way to cum without using your hands! Resting a vibe on your dick or balls can bring you off if you get it just right. The options are limitless – you can sit on a vibrator, use a prostate massager, or even get yourself off with a wireless vibe!

As I mentioned earlier, riding something hard that vibrates is a sure-fire way to experience a hands-free orgasm. Some guys find that the throbbing vibrations from a motorbike feel great! Why? The powerful vibrations shoot straight through your perineum (the skin between your testicles and anus) and into your prostate, shown below.

With enough vibration and enough time, you can trigger an awesome hands-free prostate orgasm – which leads me nicely to the fifth option…

5. Prostate-assisted orgasms

Yeah, you read that right! You can have an orgasm through prostate stimulation alone! This type of orgasm – known as a ‘prostate orgasm’ – is extremely intense, and you can easily learn how to give yourself one!

An indirect way to stimulate your prostate is by rhythmically pressing on your perineum with your finger or thumb from the outside. But the most direct way is to go inside your anus with a finger or thumb and ‘milk’ your prostate that way.

Read my beginner’s guide to prostate milking and learn how to cum hands free TONIGHT!

If you want to experience the magic of a prostate orgasm but don’t feel comfortable with anal masturbation, the best way is to use a vibrating prostate massager. These nifty little devices are like anal dildos, except they are specially designed to send vibrations right into your prostate and make you cum without using your hands!

Prostate massagers (like the one shown above) have curved heads designed to stimulate your prostate internally. The curved outer base hits your prostate from below by sending vibes through your perineum, doubling the pleasure!

How to use a prostate massager

Using a prostate massager is pretty simple. Just have a nice long bath or shower, apply a little lube on your prostate massager and your anus, then lie on your back or side and slip it in.

Remote-controlled prostate massagers are awesome as you can easily cycle through the settings until you find the right type of stimulation that gives you a mind-blowing hands-free prostate orgasm!

Check out my complete guide to prostate massagers to find out more!

How to get better at having hands free orgasms

Now you’ve read some of my best tips for coming without using your hands; you’ll notice that most of them involve some form of clenching or squeezing. To do them right, you’ll need strong pelvic floor (PC) muscles. That’s why the SECRET to coming hands-free is strengthening your PC muscles. But how?

How to find your PC muscles

Your PC muscles form a ‘diamond’ shape and span your pelvis, basically holding everything in place. To find them, try tensing up as if stopping yourself from peeing – those are your PC muscles!

Your PC muscles stop you from urinating when you don’t want to. They help you control flatulence. But when you get turned on, they become engaged. They flex and relax and stimulate your genitals and your anus, and this in itself can be extremely arousing. When you deliberately clench your PC muscles, you can put pressure on your internal erectile tissue. If you do this enough – you’ll make yourself cum hands-free!

If you’re female or have a vulva, your PC muscles will stimulate the two spidery ‘legs’ of your clit’s internal structure known as the ‘Crus clitoris.’

If you’re male or have a penis, your PC muscles will stimulate the internal structure of your penis!

How to strengthen your PC muscles

The best way to strengthen your PC muscles is with Kegel exercises. These are simple exercises that you can do anywhere, whether you’re sitting, standing, or lying down. You simply contract your PC muscles, hold for a few seconds, and then relax. Over time, this exercise strengthens the muscles.

To do the perfect Kegel, you need to know that your PC muscles have three main areas – front, middle, and back. You need to consciously squeeze all three areas and hold.

Here’s how.

  • Sit somewhere comfortable and squeeze as if you’re trying to ‘pull in’ your penis (if you’re male) or your clit (if you’re female) – this activates the front section of your PC muscles.
  • Next, squeeze as if holding in pee. This activates the middle area of your PC muscles.
  • Third, squeeze as if stifling a fart – this activates the back area.
  • Now try contracting all three areas at the same time – that’s a Kegel! Hold it as long as you can, then relax.

Over time, you’ll want to build-up to the point where you can do Kegels ten times in a row with a 3-second pause in between each one. Repeat this three times per day and gradually work up to holding each Kegel for longer and longer!

Once you’ve built up to ten-second contractions, you’ll have STRONG PC muscles and find it much easier to come hands-free!

How to have a zero-touch orgasm!

So far, I’ve shown you all my best tips and tricks for coming without using your hands, but there’s one level beyond this: climaxing without any physical stimulation whatsoever!

This may sound impossible, but the science is clear: sexual behavior is controlled by the brain, and both men and women can have powerful orgasms using just the power of their minds!

I’m going to share my secret tips and tricks for reaching orgasm with zero-touching. You’ll be able to try out what you learn right away and start enjoying mind-blowing hands-free orgasms TONIGHT!

The science behind zero-touch orgasms

Now I know what you’re thinking; zero-touch orgasms are baloney; men need penile stimulation, and women need clit stimulation to cum. That’s common sense, right? But before you start rolling your eyes, hear me out. There is a scientific basis for all this!

You see, all pleasurable sensations activate a portion of our brain known as the nucleus accumbens. While we usually get aroused by sensory inputs like sights, smells, and touch, we can also experience these stimuli through our imagination, and through things that we hear.

This is how all zero-touch orgasm techniques work – they stimulate senses that we don’t usually use for sexual arousal – our imagination and our hearing – and use this stimulation to drive our imagination and increase our levels of arousal! Pretty cool, right? In fact, you’ve likely already experienced a zero-touch orgasm before – a wet dream!

Wet dreams

The most common way that most people experience a hands-free orgasm is by having a ‘wet dream’ or ‘nocturnal emission’ to use it’s the scientific name. Wet dreams are a perfectly normal, natural occurrence that happens to both men and women – usually during adolescence but occasionally during adulthood.

These ‘sleep orgasms’ are caused by dreams which may or may not be erotic. They are called ‘wet’ dreams because men usually ejaculate when they orgasm, but the same term is used to describe when women orgasm during sleep!

The key thing to know is that wet dreams are completely involuntary – they can’t be controlled or stopped – and they have nothing to do with masturbation – they are 100 percent in your mind. You can’t give yourself an orgasm by having a sexy dream any more than you can stop yourself from having a wet dream. But if you’ve ever had a wet dream before, now you know: your mind does have the power to make you an orgasm hands-free!

What we do know is that wet dreams help reduce excess sperm in the testicles. So if you’re male, one way to make having a wet dream more likely is to abstain from having sex or masturbating for a while and let nature take its course!

Orgasmic binaural beats

One of the BEST ways I’ve discovered to cum hands-free is with orgasmic binaural beats. ‘Binaural’ just means ‘two ears,’ and a binaural beat is where one frequency sound is played to your left ear, and a slightly different frequency sound is played to your right ear.

This creates a ‘wobbling’ effect, but ONLY if you listen with stereo headphones! Listening through regular speakers won’t work as the two frequencies will mix before they hit your hears, creating a regular harmonic sound. So why is this type of sound good for having an orgasm sans hands?

Recent research showed that Binaural beats help the left and right hemispheres of the brain communicate better, and this creates new neural pathways. You can listen to binaural beats to help you do everything from relaxing to concentrating, to sleeping better, but what we’re interested in here are orgasmic binaural beats designed to stimulate powerful hands-free orgasms!

Orgasmic binaural beats are designed to stimulate your hypothalamus and pituitary glands – located at the base of your brain – to make more endorphins. These naturally boost your mood and lower your stress, helping you to orgasm without using your hands!

Do binaural beats work for everyone?

Everyone’s brain develops differently, so it’s just a case of trying and seeing! Personally, I’m able to have crazy wild orgasms without touching myself at all! These aren’t genital-centered like the ones I have through regular sex, but they feel amazing in a completely different way!

I’ve heard from countless men and women who’ve tried them, and the results vary. Some people feel aroused and tingly from binaural beats. Plenty of guys I’ve talked to say it makes them hard, and some have been pleasantly surprised with an orgasm!

If you’re interested in trying binaural beats for yourself, you can find plenty of free tracks on sites like YouTube, but most of my powerful audio orgasms have come from listening to the Binaural Beat Brainwave Subliminal Systems!

Erotic hypnosis

Want to know the best zero-touch orgasms I’ve ever had? Hypno-orgasms through erotic hypnosis! If you haven’t heard, erotic hypnosis is a type of guided meditation that sends your sexual arousal levels through the roof! I’ve had earth-shattering orgasms in this way without any form of physical stimulation whatsoever!

Is erotic hypnosis safe?

Before we dive into this, I must warn you that erotic hypnosis isn’t a recognized form of hypnotherapy, so you won’t be able to find an accredited hypnotherapist willing to help you orgasm hands-free! But what you can do is buy and download erotic hypnosis tracks from trusted sources, like Amazon, that help you relax and become more open to suggestions.

There are countless types of erotic self-hypnosis tracks available but what you want to look for is Orgasm hypnosis, and specifically, for tracks that are designed to help you have a hands free orgasm, known as HFO hypnosis.

How does erotic hypnosis work?

Despite what you may have heard, hypnosis doesn’t make you lose control or force you to do something you aren’t comfortable with. You can’t be forced to fall into a hypnotic trance – you have to really want it to happen. When you listen to an erotic hypnosis track, you remain fully conscious, but your mind becomes highly responsive to suggestions or directions.

Once you’re relaxed, the hypnotist will then train your subconscious mind to a ‘trigger command’ like a word or sound. For example, you could become more sexually aroused every time the hypnotist says the word ‘Come.’ Or you could experience your pleasure doubling every time the word is used. Eventually, by using a series of trigger words, you can encourage your mind to respond to the point where you have an orgasm!

How to have an HFO through erotic hypnosis

Learning to enjoy a hands-free orgasm through erotic hypnosis takes time and practice – it’s highly unlikely you’ll cum hands-free on your first try! Personally, it took me quite a few tries until I had my first HFO, and most people I’ve spoken to have had similar experiences.

That’s why I recommend that you start by choosing an erotic hypnosis track that just encourages you to relax into a hypnotic trance. There are plenty of free tracks you can listen to online. These tracks will help you become comfortable with the ‘process’ of falling into a trance. You’ll learn how it feels to ‘let go’ and then come back out of a trance. It feels really relaxing but takes some getting used to!

After several hypnotic sessions, you can try listening to an HFO hypnosis track. The hypnotist will help guide you down into a light state of hypnosis – which is a very effective state of mind for experiencing an HFO. Think of it like a relaxed, dreamy state where you let go of your anxieties and doubts. This helps open up your subconscious mind to new ideas such as having a hands free orgasm!

Once you’re nicely relaxed, the hypnotist will start training your subconscious mind to respond to a certain ‘trigger command’ like a word, sound, or phrase. They may encourage you to repeat simple mantras again and again. This encourages your mind to react to hypnotic suggestions. As your mind becomes more open to suggestions, you’ll be able to relax to the point where just hearing the hypnotists trigger commands will make you orgasm hands-free!

The secret to having a hands-free hypno-orgasm

The secret trick that I’ve learned is to avoid thinking about having an orgasm. This just puts your mind in a state of anxiety and creates a barrier that prevents you from coming!

Instead, just focus on clearing your mind and relaxing, your subconscious mind will do the rest. If you do come out of the trance and nothing has happened, just enjoy the feeling of being relaxed and refreshed – you can always try again later!

What if I don’t orgasm?

If you try HFO hypnosis and don’t orgasm the first time, don’t worry! That’s pretty common. Self-hypnosis is a learned skill and takes time to learn. Fortunately, I have three little-known tips that can dramatically increase your chances of coming without using your hands!

1. Try different sub-genres of HFO hypnosis

Although HFO hypnosis is a genre of erotic hypnosis in its own right, it has hundreds of sub-genres ranging from BDSM to slave training, tantra, tease and denial, and more! The key is finding a style of HFO hypnosis that turns you on and gets your mind excited.

Think about your current fantasies; do you want to be dominated? Forced to cum? Or have a prostate-orgasm? Choose a HFO track that matches your fantasies, and you’ll be much more likely to orgasm!

If you’re unsure what turns you on, you can also try listening to a variety of HFO tracks until you discover your favorite! Each hypnotist will use a different approach and special techniques, so it’s worth experimenting with different styles.

2. Try HFO hypnosis tracks with post-hypnotic suggestions

My second tip is to try listening to tracks that contain post-hypnotic suggestions. This is where the track installs a ‘trigger’ in your mind and then every time you hear it, either from the hypnotist, or from a person of your choice, your mind will have a certain reaction, like a hands-free orgasm.

If you give the ‘trigger’ word to your partner, they can use it to encourage you to cum hands-free later on! For example, the hypnotist may train your subconscious mind to become aroused whenever you hear the word ‘beg.’ You or your partner can then use this word later to make you more aroused. This is only possible provided you consent – you can’t be forced to accept a hypnotic trigger.

3. Use erotic hypnosis to enjoy other types of HFOs!

Experiencing a true HFO through hypnosis is a tall order. If it doesn’t happen for you, don’t give up! You can also use HFO hypnosis tracks to boost your chances of experiencing other types of hands-free orgasms, too!

Let’s say you’re a guy, and you want to have a prostate orgasm. Maybe you’ve tried a prostate massager but haven’t managed to climax. Here’s what to do. Try listening to an HFO hypnotic track that trains your subconscious mind to find prostate stimulation pleasurable!

The hypnosis will make your body crave HFO orgasms from anal play. After the hypnosis, your body will be more likely to have a prostate orgasm when you use the prostate massager!

If you’re interested in learning more about erotic hypnosis, be sure to check out my complete guide here!

Final thoughts

Having a hands free orgasm is a pretty vast subject, and I’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s possible! There’s plenty left for you to discover, so what are you waiting for?

The ideas I outlined above are just begging to be tried; I’m confident that you will be able to cum hands-free TODAY and never look back!

If you find a cool method or have a different way of making yourself cum that I didn’t cover, feel free to reach out to me via email – I’m all ears!

Good luck!

Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday started The School Of Squirt back in 2012 and has been running the website and digital courses along with Jakob Wulfe since then. She is a full time sex writer, researcher and practicer.

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