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Female Erogenous Zones: 24 Sensitive Places to Touch a Woman

When you want to bring your woman from 0 to 60 in a matter of minutes, you probably have a few places that are your “go-to.” Perhaps you caress her lower back, kiss her neck and nipple on her earlobe.

But did you know there are more than just those obvious turn-on spots? These spots have a name, too. They’re called erogenous zones.

In this article, we’ll introduce erogenous zones. We’ll then outline 24 female erogenous zones in total, including 11 less obvious ones and 13 that you probably know all about.

What are the Erogenous Zones?

The word “erogenous” comes from the Greek eros for “love” and genous for “producing.” These zones, or hot spots, are full of nerve endings and sensitive to gentle touch.

Because of this, these areas on the body are perfect for arousing your partner – male or female – and getting them physically and emotionally prepared for sex.

While there is a general list of known erogenous zones, just remember that the zones and their sensitivity vary from person to person. Just pay attention to your partner’s cues and you’ll soon know all the right spots to hit.

The 11 Less Obvious Female Erogenous Zones

Before we get into the more obvious female erogenous zones, let’s cover some of the oft forgetten zones. These can be just as sensitive as some of the more obvious zones, and they’re a great tool to use during foreplay.

The Scalp

The scalp is full of nerve endings. A gentle brush of the hair or pat on the head can give anyone the slightest tingle. So imagine how much more so when you intentionally stimulate the area.

As with most of the erogenous zones, it’s best to stimulate the scalp gently. Use the very tips of your finger to gently brush the top of the scalp. Focus on areas with more nerve endings, like behind the ears and where the scalp meets the neck. You can also stroke her hair and scalp while kissing, or even use hair pulling (if that’s her thing) as a way to indirectly stimulate the scalp.

The Ears

Have you ever wondered why a partner whispering into your ear can send shivers down your spine? It’s because the ears are an erogenous zone. They have plenty of nerve endings that make whispers, kisses, nibbles, and licks very erotic.

How can you use this to your advantage? If you and your partner are planning a sensual night, whisper sweet nothings into her ear throughout the day. In the morning, give her a kiss just where the face connects to the ear to give her a quick taste. As things heat up, be more obvious with a light nibble on the earlobe or a lick just between the skin of the face and the lobe.

The Armpits

If there’s one spot on the human body you’d never thought of as sexy or arousing, it’s probably the armpit. But the armpit, like other anterior body parts (e.g. inner elbow, behind the knee), has a lot of nerve endings.

You don’t have to focus your attention here, but if you’re looking to hit all the spots from head to toe, then a few gentle touches and kisses may be enough to stimulate the area. It’s particularly fun to hit this zone if your partner is restrained with her arms above her head. Remember, though, you’re going for sensual touch and not tickle so be purposeful in your movements and gauge your partner’s reaction before you continue.

The Inner Elbows

Alright, hear me out. The crook of the elbows are full of nerve endings and not often touched. This makes them the ideal location for sensual touching, especially when your partner is already aroused.

You’re not likely to spend a lot of time here, but a simple brush with the fingertips or kiss in the crook is enough to send shivers down her spine. It’s a nice addition to an otherwise erogenous experience.

The Inner Wrists

Wrist restraints and handcuffs aren’t only erotic because they restrict movement and leave you feeling vulnerable. They also put pressure on your inner wrists which themselves are an erogenous zone.

If restraints aren’t her thing, you can stimulate the area prior to sex with your mouth.

Kisses, licks, and nibbles are the way to go here. You can even continue this as you move down into the next erogenous area, the palms of her hands.

The Palms of the Hands

With how often they’re used in day-to-day life, you might not expect the palms of the hands to be a sensual area. But the abundance of nerve endings makes them a perfect addition to this list of less obvious erogenous zones.

If you’re working your way through the erogenous zones, move from inner wrist to palm with kisses, licks, and nibbles. You can use this to your own sexual benefit, too. Guide the palms of her hands over your own erogenous zones. Do so with varying levels of pressure so you both feel tingles of pleasure.

The Lower Back

You’re probably noticing a theme by now… the areas on the body with the highest concentration of nerve endings are those that are perfect for sensual stimulation. The lower back, also known as the sacrum, is no different.

Gently run the fingertips over the lower back to produce ripples of pleasure. Or use the time while giving her a back massage to kiss and nibble the spot for maximum stimulation.

During sex, you can also add some support to her lower back using the palm of your hand. This will simultaneously stimulate the area while giving her a bit of support to lean back into.

The Navel

Don’t jump right from the breasts to the pussy! Take it slow and spend some time on this sensitive, yet often forgotten, erogenous zone.

Use your fingertips to run from her chest to the bottom of the stomach. Trace your way back to the naval, and return to the bottom of the stomach. You can similarly tease and please her with kisses, licks, and nibbles.

If your partner isn’t comfortable with this area of her body or she perceives it to be “big” or “ugly,” it may take some getting used to. Reassure her that you love every inch of her body, that you just want to please her, and ease her into it.

The Behind the Knee

Knees… not exactly the first body part you think of when thinking about sensuality. The backs of the knees, just like the insides of the wrists and elbows, are packed full of nerve endings. Combine that with the fact that most people don’t have this body part touched by others frequently, and it makes sense that its an erogenous touchpoint.

This is a fun one to stimulate when you’re having a steamy makeout session. If her knees are tucked up slightly, just reach down while kissing and gently brush against the back of her knees. It may be slightly more ticklish than sensual, but a firmer touch may help to solve that.

If she is big on having the backs of her knees stimulated, then do positions that give you access. Cowgirl or Amazon will enable you to reach down and caress the area while she rides.

The Bottom of the Feet

Similar to behind the knees, the bottom of the feet may initially be more ticklish than erotic. When she’s in the right state of mind and with just the right amount of pressure, though, the bottom of the feet can be just as tantalizing as the other erogenous zones above.

The best way to stimulate this zone is with a foot massage. Spend time on the whole foot, spreading oil from toe to heel. Once her foot is all warmed up, run the tips of your fingers along the bottom to gauge her reaction. Apply a bit more pressure than you would if you were intentionally tickling her like you would above on the scalp or navel.

The In Between the Toes

Have you ever wondered why toe sucking is so sensual for some people? It may just be the fact that in between the toes are sensitive to sensual touch.

This is a spot where you’ll either spend very little time or more time than other you’d ever think. This is because this erogenous zone can be a particular kink for some women. So be prepared for opening that can of worms if you try it and your partner enjoys it.

The 13 Most Obvious Female Erogenous Zones

Now that we’ve covered the less obvious female erogenous zones, it’s time to go over the zones that you likely already know about. Even if you do, though, it never hurts to give yourself a refresher course on how to stimulate them.

The Mouth & Lips

When you’re looking to get things started, what’s the one area you turn to most often? If you’re anything like most other men, it’s the lips.

Just like the preceding areas on our list, the mouth and lips have tons of nerve endings. The lips, the tongue, the cheeks – the nerve endings packed into these areas make kissing and other mouth-related activities an easy way to arouse her.

To really get her going, start with gentle pecks that just barely put pressure on her lips. Slowly increase the pressure and length of the contact. Pull back as she gets more aroused, and then go in for kisses that get longer and more passionate.

You can use the time in between kisses to explore other erogenous zones in the area, like the ears and neck. Leave a trail of kisses from one to the other, but always return to the lips.

The Neck

Speaking of the neck, that’s one erogenous zone you want to be sure NOT to miss.

The nape, or back, of the neck tends to be the most sensitive area. This is the top of the spinal cord, so you can just imagine the bundle of nerves present there. However, any area of the neck can be an erogenous zone for many women.

You can use the backs of your fingertips to gently brush it while you’re kissing. Or you can gently hold the side of her neck, just below her ear, as you’re making out.

For those more adventurous ladies, and with her consent of course, wrap your hand around the front of the neck and apply gentle pressure. This BDSM move is a huge turn-on for many women, whether during a makeout session or when in various sex positions, like missionary or cowgirl.

The Breasts

Many men and women love to give their female partner’s breasts a good fondle. In fact, it can be as big a turn-on for them as it is for the one being fondled.

As with all of the erogenous zones in our list, it’s best to start with a gentle touch. When it comes to fondling the breasts, though, you can often firm up your grip without too much oversensitivity for your partner. Just be sure to avoid the nipples until you’re ready to stimulate them more intentionally.

The Nipples

The nipples are often used initially during the arousal stage, but they may be neglected once things have progressed. But nipple stimulation throughout your session can be just the thing to push her pleasure over the edge. In some cases, your partner may even experience a nipple orgasm!

You don’t want to start with the nipples, as the feelings may be too intense if your partner isn’t aroused. Instead, focus on the areas around the nipples, like the breasts and areola, until she’s ready for a more direct touch.

You can stimulate this area with your fingers or mouth. Stimulation from the lips and tongue can send shockwaves of pleasure through her body. Just be very careful to avoid the teeth. But don’t spend too much time here. Explore other erogenous zones and return frequently to the nipples. This will keep her on her toes for peak pleasure.

The Pubic Mound

When you’re just getting your girl started, the last thing you want to do is jump directly to the more sensitive areas, like the clitoris. That’s where the pubic mound, or the mons pubis, can be most useful.

The pubic mound is the fleshy mound of tissue just above the clitoris. It has nerve endings of its own, but it also has a connection to the labia and the clitoris. As such, stimulating the pubic mound can indirectly stimulate those areas.

To stimulate the pubic mound, start with light pressure. Using two or three fingertips, gently press down. You can move up and down or side to side. Do this while kissing other erogenous zones we mentioned earlier in the list, like the neck or navel, and you’ll be well on your way to a highly aroused woman.

The Labia

We probably spend more time moving the labia out of the way than we do stimulating them. But the labia – the vaginal lips – are erogenous zones in their own right.

As you make your way down her body, spend some time gently stimulating the labia. A gentle brush of the fingertips, a slight pinch, and even kisses and nibbles, can really get the juices flowing.

The Clitoris

The erogenous zone to end all erogenous zones, the clitoris is a small organ bursting with nerve endings. Don’t be fooled, though! The external organ in the vulva is just the tip of the iceberg. But we’ll talk more about that in the next section on the G-spot.

When it comes to the clitoris, this is more of a finishing move. You can, and should, stimulate it throughout your sexual encounter. However, it’s best not to go straight for it from the start. The female body needs some time to heat up so the gentle touch is more sensual than it is shocking.

Once she’s aroused, you can use your fingertips to gently rub against it as you explore the rest of her vulva. You can also stimulate it during sex (either with your hand or a toy) to really push her over the edge. And of course, oral stimulation is always a good way to go.

The G-Spot

The internal portion of the clitoris, the g-spot is a spot that can only be stimulated via vaginal penetration. The g-spot can be found about one inch into the vaginal opening on the upper wall (pointing toward the external clitoris).

Like the clitoris, the g-spot should only be stimulated once your partner is hot and bothered. Because vaginal penetration is needed, you’ll want to ensure that she’s either wet or that you’re using lubricant.

To find the g-spot, curve your index and middle fingers as if you’re performing a “come hither” motion. Enter the vagina and feel around for a squishy, walnut-sized part of the vaginal wall. That’s the g-spot! You can continue with the “come hither” motion to stimulate.

You can hit the g-spot while making out, or just before sex as a way to get her close to climax but without pushing her over the edge. There are also sex toys that specifically target the g-spot. While there are some sex positions that stimulate the g-spot, this spot is most easily targeted with the fingers or a toy.

The Cervix

The cervix is often one of those love-it-or-hate-it spots for women. For some women, cervical stimulation can lead to an explosive orgasm. For others, it can cause cramping and pain.

For some women, cervical stimulation is a huge turn-off. It can also depend on where she is in her menstrual cycle as it may be more painful than pleasurable at certain times. Experiment with your partner, and err on the side of gentleness.

The cervix is deep within the vagina, about 5 to 6 inches deep, so sex toys or deep-penetrating sex positions are your best bet.

The A-Spot

The a-spot, or the anterior fornix, is a spot located above the g-spot within the vagina. It’s sometimes referred to as the female prostate moreso due to the pleasure it produces than its function.

To find the a-spot, first locate the g-spot using the instructions above. Now push the fingers up one to two inches further. Swipe your fingers from side to side in a windshield wipe motion until your partner indicates pleasure. The a-spot is less distinct in touch, so gauging your partner’s reaction is necessary.

Stimulation of the a-spot will leave her dripping wet and begging you to penetrate her. When done right, it may even give her a squirting orgasm.

The Perineum

A spot that’s often ignored on women, but that packs a serious sensual punch, is the perineum. Also known as the taint, the perineum is the area of tissue between the vaginal opening and the anus.

The perineum is slightly less sensitive than other erogenous zones, so stimulation may require more pressure. You can use your fingertips to apply pressure to the perineum while licking her clit or as a way to give her a break after stimulating the a-spot or g-spot. This will help her to maintain a low level of arousal without climaxing.

The Inner Thighs

The inner thighs are a great area to stimulate to get your partner warmed up, or as a way to cool things down when it starts to get hot and heavy a bit too quickly. It’s never a bad idea to start here while making out.

You’ve got a few options for stimulation that don’t vary from many of the other erogenous zones above. You can use your fingertips to tickle and caress, your lips to kiss, your tongue to lick, and your teeth to gently nibble.

The Butt Cheeks

Just like the breasts, the fondler gets almost as much enjoyment as the fondlee when it comes to the ass. This is why it’s a “don’t miss” spot for most people.

This is a great zone to hit up earlier in the day to build anticipation for your partner. You can do so with a simple squeeze while you kiss, a spank while walking by, or even just a fondle as you cuddle in bed before you get going for the day are all enough to activate this erogoneous zone.

Erotic Massage: How to Please Your Woman With Sensual Touch

The above erogenous zones can be stimulated at any time during foreplay or sex. But what if you wanted to give her a special treat? An erotic massage gives you the chance to focus solely on her pleasure and the erogenous zones play a large role.

An erotic massage requires three main things:

  1. A sensual environment.
  2. A good mindset.
  3. A solid technique.

The Environment

You want to create a calming environment for your partner that will enable her to get fully in the mood. This will ultimately contribute to her mindset which is another important part of erotic massage.

A quiet room with dimmed lights, scented candles, and soft music can all contribute to a relaxing experience. Take the time to personalize the room to your partner’s likes (i.e. her favorite scents, her favorite sounds) to bring it to the next level.

The Mindset

The environment will contribute to your partner’s mindset, which is why a relaxing environment is key. But if your partner is hung up on previous events from her day or week, this can negatively impact the experience.

Allow your partner time to decompress from her day. Let her vent, or do an activity that she finds relaxing. Only then should you initiate the massage.

The Technique

You have a few options when it comes to massage techniques. They are:

  • Effleurage: Using the palm of your hands, begin with a light touch. Circular motions with constant pressure are the most common movement.
  • Kneading: Using your thumb and fingertips, squeeze the muscles at varying levels of pressure. This is best reserved for larger muscles, such as those found in the thighs, upper arms, and buttocks.
  • Stretching: This technique uses gentle manipulation of your partner’s joints. You can rotate their wrists and ankles, stretch and bend their knees and elbows, and work to get their limbs as free and loose as possible without force.
  • Percussion: Percussion uses swift, chopping motions to tap out any kinks or knots. These vary from quick chopping motion to larger muscles to using your fingertips to tap out kinks and knots found on the lower back, neck, and face.
  • Friction: Use your thumb and fingertips to gently apply pressure to any knots and slowly work in a circular motion. As the knot begins to give way, apply more pressure while continually ensuring that your partner is not uncomfortable.

The ultimate goal is to relax your partner to the point where you can fully explore her erogenous zones. Take note of the areas she seems to prefer so you can use this information in later sexual encounters.


You don’t need to be a sexual pro when it comes to knowing just where to touch to turn on your partner. That’s because the list of erogenous zones is pretty well set in stone, so just knowing where these zones are and how to stimulate them will give you all of the information you need to get her aroused.

Once you find your partner’s more sensitive areas, you can begin to add them to your foreplay. And don’t be afraid to try new things, whether that’s adding new zones to the mix or using different techniques (e.g. licking, blowing, feathers) for stimulation. Trying new things with your partner is a great way to explore both of your sexual fantasies and learn about her body.

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