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G-Spot Orgasms and Massage: The Complete Guide

Curious about G-Spot massages, orgasms, and everything to do with the g-spot?

You’ve come to the perfect place!

In this guide, I’m going to explain exactly how to find and massage your G-Spot. I’ll explain what the this special spot is, how to find it, what it feels like, and how to massage it for pleasure and even squirting!

This guide is mostly aimed at women or female-bodied people who want to find and massage their own G-Spot, but men or male-bodied people can learn a lot from this guide too. Whether you’re flying solo or enjoyed partnered sex, this is the only guide to the g-spot you’ll ever need!

What is the G-Spot?

The G-Spot is a neurovascular complex structure or erogenous zone, that can lead to powerful orgasms when stimulated. The ‘G’ refers to the German physician Ernst Gräfenberg, who first wrote about the existence of such an area in the 1950s. According to the latest research, the G-Spot is believed to be an area similar to a female prostate gland; it is intimately infused with blood vessels and swells significantly when a person becomes aroused.

Where is the G-Spot?

The G-Spot is more an ‘area’ than a ‘spot’ and is typically located between one and three inches along the anterior wall (belly side) of the vagina. If you imagine that the navel is ‘noon’, the G-Spot is usually somewhere between the 11 o’clock and one o’clock positions.

However, the location, shape, and size of the G-Spot vary significantly from one person to the next. According to a recent study of over 2,000 women and female-bodied people, the most common G-Spot locations are;

  • The anterior (top) wall of the vagina (50 percent).
  • Slightly to the left or right of the anterior wall (20 percent).
  • The bottom wall (16 percent).
  • The left or right side walls (9 percent).
  • 5 percent of respondents said that their G-Spot was not consistently in one place.

In terms of depth, the same study showed that G-Spots could be:

  • One-knuckle deep (29%).
  • Two-knuckles deep (29%).
  • One finger deep (27%).
  • Deeper than a finger can go (15%).

While this research may seem confusing, let’s look at the main numbers:

  • 70% of G-Spots are found on the top wall of the vagina, or slightly to the left or right.
  • 85% of G-Spots are between one-knuckle and one-finger deep.

Hopefully, that should narrow down your search and make it easier to find your G-Spot!

G-Spot massage prep

Before you dive in and start massaging your G-Spot, here are a few quick tips.

  • Spread some towels over your bed, mat, or space on the floor (consider a waterproof pad or sheet if you want to try to make yourself squirt!).
  • Trim your nails and file them to make them completely smooth.
  • Buy some massage oil (or use regular grapeseed oil mixed with a few drops of essential oils).

Consider buying a G-Spot massager if you don’t have one. G-Spot massagers are specially shaped to hit just the right spot and make G-Spot massage an absolute breeze.

Personally, I recommend the PLAY:FLOWER – Suction And Vibrator from bed geek. Over the past year, it’s become my go-to vibe for crazy body-shaking orgasms!

This rose-shaped, dual-ended, 2-in-1 clitoral wand massager and dildo is truly a one-of-a-kind product. With 7 pattern modes and 4 intensity levels, this nifty little device provides hours and hours of pleasure.

The head of the rose can be used for suction (clitoral or nipple), as a vibrator, or as a g-spot stimulator. The unique rounded head adapts to every body.

Best of all, the PLAY:FLOWER features a rechargeable battery that is completely waterproof. This makes it perfect for enjoying a G-Spot massage in the shower, or (my favorite place) the bathtub!

If you’re a man or male-bodied person, you can explore your own prostate with a prostate massager.

How to warm-up

Most people find that their G-Spot only feels good after they have become turned on. If you try to find your G-Spot when you aren’t in the mood, it’s not going to feel good. It may feel awkward or even painful, kind of like going for a pelvic exam.

Many people find that their G-Spot only becomes pronounced after they’ve had lots of other kinds of stimulation. Some people need to have sex or even have an orgasm before their G-Spot starts to ‘wakes up.’

I recommend you start by giving yourself a sensual breast massage or a nipple massage  – see my best nipple massage tips here! Next, touch all over your clitoris and vulva using plenty of lube. If you’re with a partner, you can explore various types of foreplay, like mutual masturbation and fingering.

How to find your G-Spot quickly and easily

Some women and female-bodied people feel some squirminess when they touch themselves internally. That’s why I recommend using plenty of lube and a G-Spot massager – it makes self-touching exquisitely pleasurable and lots of fun! A vibrator or massager also makes it much easier to understand your internal pleasure geography – check out my complete guide to using a vibrator if you need more tips!

Before diving in, check-in with your pussy. Does it desire penetration from fingers or a toy? You should never rush things as this can damage your pussy and pelvic floor muscles. If you feel any tension or fear, just stop and try something else.

When you’re ready, apply an extra dab of lube to your index or middle finger (or toy) and place it at the entrance to your vagina (or place the tip of the G-Spot massager there). Slowly insert your fingers or the toy into your vagina, slowly rotating and moving in and out until it starts to feel good.

To find your G-Spot, curl your fingers upward and start making circular motions – clockwise or anticlockwise (if you are using a G-Spot toy, it will be curved in just the right way!). Focus on slowly inhaling and exhaling while relaxing your pelvic floor muscles. Your vagina will gradually start to lengthen and expand and become more spacious.

As I mentioned, for most people, their G-Spot is going to be on the top wall (belly side) of the vagina, between one or two knuckles deep.

If you’re using your fingers, you may be able to feel an area that feels slightly different from the rest of the vagina. It may feel knobbly like raspberry, or ridged like the top of your palate in your mouth. Some people find their G-Spot feels like a bean under a layer of softer skin.

Everyone’s body is different, so take your time exploring and hone in on where feels most pleasurable!

What to do if you can’t find your G-Spot

If you can’t find your G-Spot, don’t worry! As I explained earlier, the G-Spot is more of an ‘area’ than a ‘spot’, and it could be in a variety of places, or not consistently in one place! Your G-Spot could be on the top, side, or bottom wall of your vagina and anywhere from one-knuckle-deep to deeper than a finger can go. So keep exploring!

The best approach is to systematically ‘scope-out’ the vagina with your finger or toy. Start at the top-front and slowly move backward, then repeat this motion on the sides and bottom wall. If you’re having a hard time, you may not be warmed up enough, or you may be going too shallow or too deep. Try watching some porn, reading some erotic stories, or doing whatever you need to do to get as turned on as possible!

Everyone’s prostate will be a slightly different size; some are big and noticeably bumpy while others are smaller or don’t protrude much. That’s why there is so much mystery surrounding the G-Spot – finding it can be a bit like going on a sexy treasure hunt!

It is best not to get too ‘goal-orientated,’ or things can get not-fun pretty fast. Some people just don’t have a specific G-Spot. That’s OK and perfectly normal. There are plenty of other ways to get pleasure like a Yoni massage, clitoral stimulation, or even anal stimulation.

But if you’re determined to earn the ‘G-Spot-Finder’ award, here’s my advice: try using a G-Spot massager while crouching down. This position can help press your G-Spot into your vaginal canal. This makes it more pronounced and easier to find.

Another way to get the same effect is to lie on your back and bring your knees up to your chest. This position also makes it easier to locate your G-Spot using either your fingers or a G-Spot massager.

How to massage your G Spot

Once you’ve located your G-Spot, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t feel good at first! One study found that 45% of people find G-Spot stimulation unpleasant at first, but then discover ways to make it feel pleasurable. So don’t be surprised if it feels itchy or ticklish, just relax and keep exploring!

You can experiment with the following four massage moves to discover what feels best to you. Try massaging lightly at first, and then move on to more intense, high-pressure motions later on after it starts feeling good.

The Come-hither motion

Most people find that the ‘come-hither’ finger motion is the best G-Spot massage technique.

Start with your finger behind your G-Spot and draw your finger across in one fluid motion, then repeat. The PLAY:FLOWER massager’s unique rose head makes it easy to hit that g-spot. You can also turn it around to use the handle which offers a longer, more fingerlike shape. Simple place against the g-spot and slowly draw back to replicate that come hither.

The Clit Pull

To do the Clit Pull, use your fingers or toy and try to ‘hook’ your G-Spot and then pull it towards you. Do this softly at first, and gradually increase the intensity. After a while, you can start really pressing and kneading into the tissue for a more powerful sensation.

The Moonwalk

To do the ‘moonwalk’, use two fingers and take turns rubbing them over your G-Spot. This will feel like one continuous motion, and you can adjust the pressure accordingly. The PLAY:FLOWER makes ‘walking’ over your G-Spot simple; it has four different stroke positions to choose from, including long and short strokes!

The Clit Sandwich

The G-Spot can handle way more pressure than other areas, and you may not be used to applying that much force. The best way to increase the pressure is to hold your fingers (or the tip of the G-Spot massager) over your G-Spot to provide upward pressure, and then press down from outside (where your pubic hair grows) with your other hand.

This technique ‘sandwiches’ the G-Spot and delivers a lot more pressure than you would otherwise be able to generate. When you’re really turned on, the move feels electric and is one of the best ways to have an orgasm.

How to have a blended orgasm

Some people can orgasm from G-Spot massage; others can’t. That’s normal, so don’t think you’re not doing it right! G-Spot massage can be a nice feeling in and of itself. However, one way to turn a G-Spot massage into a ‘Big O’ is to have a blended orgasm by stimulating the clitoris and the G-Spot at the same time!

The one-handed option involves using your middle finger to stimulate the G-Spot with your preferred motion (Come-hither, pulling, or the ‘moonwalk’). Simultaneously use your thumb to rub your clitoris (or around the clitoris) until you orgasm.

The two-handed option is essentially the same, except you use one hand to stimulate your G-Spot and the other hand to stimulate your clit.

If you have a G-Spot massager, you can use the toy internally and finger your clit, or switch things up and finger your G-Spot while using the toy on your clit.

The best way I’ve discovered of experiencing a blended orgasm is by using the Osé from LoraDicarlo. It takes the guess-work out of the equation by combining a G-Spot massager with a clitoral mouth to stimulate both pleasure points simultaneously.

The Osé’ clitoral stimulator feels just like a mouth and tongue over the clit and sends rhythmic strums throughout the labia in 10 different intensity levels. At the same time, the G-Spot massager works its magic in a ‘come-hither’ motion on your G-spot. The custom settings let you get the exact type of stroke and pressure you need to make yourself cum!

The Ose’ flexible body is completely waterproof and is easy to adjust until I get exactly the right amount of touch exactly where I like it. I’ve had mind-blowing orgasms with my Osé and highly recommend it!

How to squirt from G-Spot massage

G-Spot massage is often linked to squirting, yet many women hold back as they are worried about ‘peeing themselves’ or making a mess. Squirting is completely natural and feels like the most incredible sensation of release; it’s different from having an orgasm but no less exhilarating!

If you’d like to try squirting, I recommend getting a waterproof pad and sitting on the floor against the side of your bed. Use a powerful G-Spot massager like the PLAY:FLOWER and start pushing against your G-Spot until you find the place where the feeling is most intense. Most people find this is just behind (further in) their G-spot at a point, sometimes referred to as the ‘Squirt spot’.

Keep applying pressure until you get that ‘I-have-to-pee’ sensation. When you reach what feels like the point of no return, apply a burst of pressure, and then pull the toy out. You should squirt! There are several other techniques you can try – check them out in my guide to squirting here.

Final thoughts

If you were curious about G-Spot massage, hopefully, this fun guide has answered all your questions.

I’ve shown you what the G-Spot is, where to find it, how to massage it, and how to squirt; the only thing left to do is try it for yourself!

If you need more help or advice, give me a shout out, and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Good luck!

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Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday started The School Of Squirt back in 2012 and has been running the website and digital courses along with Jakob Wulfe since then. She is a full time sex writer, researcher and practicer.

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