A woman screaming with pleasure from an orgasm

How To Squirt: 8 Steps For Easy Squirting Orgasms

  • Laura Rose Halliday
  • Published: March 15, 2022

Learning how to squirt might not be easy at first, but if you want to have one of the best orgasms of your life

If you want to make your body literally explode with pleasure…

And if you want to experience a completely different kind of ejaculatory orgasm

Then learning how to squirt is for you.

In this article you are going to get the most important keys to squirting that you should learn before trying to squirt yourself.

Learn these and you’ll be on your way to one of the most exciting and satisfying orgasms of your life.

And a totally unique feeling.


However, this is still only me describing what to do, isn’t it!

Wouldn’t it be more helpful to learn if you could see, and watch exactly what to do?

That’s why we (Laura and Jakob, the founders of School Of Squirt) created out premium training course – Squirting Triggers – to teach men and women all about how to make squirting a part of your healthy sex life.

We’ve been running in-person training seminars in Florida every year for 5 years where we teach our secrets to men and women from around the world in an epic 3 day event.

Anyway, more on that later if you’re interested.

Let’s get back to the main topic…

What Is Squirting?

Contrary to what a lot of people think, squirting is not peeing.

Although the liquid that is ejaculated does contain trace amounts of urine (3-7%) it is closer to the male equivalent (but without the sperm) containing sugars, electrolytes and water.

It is possible to test this yourself using the asparagus test.

The asparagus test show that squirting is different from peeing

People know that after eating lots of asparagus it can make your pee smell rather funny.

However, squirters will comment that eating asparagus doesn’t affect the smell of the liquid that they ejaculate.

Some people have also said that squirting is just incontinence (accidental peeing) but as you’ll learn in the next section, this has also been disproved because Kegels, which strengthen the vaginal muscles actually increase our ability to squirt.

If squirting were a form of incontinence then the opposite would be true.

No one should have the power to limit your ability to have pleasurable orgasms.

After all, if our body is capable of enjoying these kind of orgasms naturally, shouldn’t we honor that ability?

This is why, at School Of Squirt, we emphasis that squirting should be integrated in as part of our healthy sex life.

The Importance Of Kegels

A kegel is an exercise for your vagina that helps you have more powerful and intense orgasms. Learn more about the anatomy of squirting here.

And it’s an exercise that every woman should do – Especially if you want to learn how to squirt.

In fact, it’s a very important part of squirting, since the muscles that you’ve been strengthening with kegels will help ejaculate the liquid out during orgasm.

And the stronger these muscles are, the more explosively you can squirt.

In the Squirting Triggers Training Course, you’ll see the kegel in practice – you’ll learn how the muscles strength affects the strength of the orgasm – and how it allows you to increase the amount of liquid ejaculated.

Kegels are also very important for confidence. Many women think they need to pee during sexual stimulation – when actually it is the feeling that they are ready to squirt.

The feeling is similar, but women who are lucky enough to be experienced at squirting can easily tell the difference.

Practicing kegels will help you tell the difference and make you feel confident that you’re not going to pee during sex.

And I’m sure you’ll agree that feeling confident is an important part of enjoying sex.

See Video 3 of Squirting Triggers to learn more about Kegel exercises and how to do them the right way.

The Orgasmic Potential Massage

The orgasmic massage is one of my favorite ‘techniques’ of all time.

The reason?

Because I’ve seen women who were barely capable of even enjoying sex turned into nymphomaniacs who loved sex and squirting because of it.


Not only were they able to get much more pleasure from their sex life – but their increased ability to have powerful orgasms actually helped heal their body, reduce stress, increase relaxation and allowed them to be more feminine and sensual.

Not to mention their partners who loved having a ‘fully orgasmic woman’ who deeply enjoyed sex on their hands.

Orgasms can be incredibly healing for your body. During an orgasm, hormones are released that reduce stress and increase dopamine sensitivity meaning life will seem just that little bit brighter after a squirtinf orgasm.

So what is the Orgasmic Potential Massage, and why is it important for squirting?

Throughout the body there are muscular tension spots. It’s normal that these tension spots arise because:

  • We have stressful lives
  • We have sedentary lives and probably don’t do as much exercise as we should
  • We have bad posture and are often sitting down most of the day
  • We have feelings of shame and guilt surrounding our body and our body image and our sexuality
  • We’ve become out of touch with ourselves, and what we experience in our body.

Unfortunately, these tension spots, which are found in certain areas around the body, drastically reduce the flow of sexual energy around the body.

Because these tension spots stop the sexual energy flowing around the body, it makes it much harder to have an orgasm.

Man giving woman a back massage

And the orgasms you do have won’t be as strong as they could be.

Instead of the orgasm taking over your entire body, running up your spine, making your whole body shake and wriggle with pleasure – your orgasm will be localized to just the vaginal area.

This is because your sexual energy can’t flow to the vagina (which helps you orgasm) and it can’t flow back to your body (which helps you have full-body-squirting orgasms.)

Just imagine a pond.

Drop a pebble in at one side of the pond and the ripples travel over to the other side, reflect of the edge and come back with little loss of energy.



But now imagine there is a bunch of pond weed in patches across the pond. You drop the pebble again but this time the ripples are stopped by the pond weed absorbing the energy.

The energy soon dies out – it can’t travel throughout the entire pond.

Well those bunches of weeds are like the tension spots in your body – they stop sexual energy flowing.

And this stops your orgasms being 10% of what they could.

Your orgasms have so much more potential.

You have no idea how much pleasure your body is capable of producing.

You have no idea how much wonderful, healing orgasmic energy you are missing out on because of this tension in your body.

This is what the massage helps with – it removes the tension spots using intense massage on very specific places of your body.

And it does take time – the tension spots didn’t get their overnight – so they can’t be removed overnight.

Learn more erotic massage secrets here.

But it’s well worth the time to gey rid of them so that you can have the kind of powerful (full-body) squirting orgasms you deserve.

The reason that this massage is so important for learning to squirt is that a squirting orgasms is a powerful orgasm.

The more sexual energy that flows to your pussy – and the stronger your muscles are – the easier it will be to squirt.

In Video 3.2 of Squirting Triggers, we have an entire 40 minute section dedicated to showing you exactly how to do the massage:

  • Which areas hold the important tension spots
  • The precise technique needed to remove the spots
  • How long it will take and how much massage is required

And you’ll see the entire massage demonstrated live, so you know exactly what, where and how to do the massage, before our assistant goes on to have multiple-full-body squirting orgasms.
In this diagram I’ve highlighted the tension areas in blue. These are the areas that you’ll focus on during the massage.

These are the areas that when the tension is released, you’ll be able to have such powerful orgasms that it will almost be unbearable.

Your orgasms will also last MUCH longer – just think back to the ripples in the pond reflecting on the edges and bouncing back and forth.

The Squirting Triggers Training Course is aimed at both men and women, and is especially popular with couples who want to go through the lessons and learn together.

The Difference Between Peeing & Squirting

An important note needs to be made about the difference between peeing and squirting.

Most women get the feelings confused and for this reason, they’ll hold back.

Have you ever been afraid that you were going to pee during sex?

You may have been close to squirting.

Try to go to the toilet before becoming sexually aroused so that you are confident that you don’t need to pee and that your bladder is empty.

Kegels, as discussed earlier, will give you more confidence that you won’t pee. As you practice your Kegels you’ll notice that it is easier to stop peeing mid-stream.

This also highlights another important point when it comes to squirting…

It’s important to have a loving partner who you trust and is willing to come on this adventure with you.

When you’re not afraid, and you wouldn’t be embarrassed to pee in front of your partner then you’ll be able to let go and enjoy squirting.

Side note, some women have asked me before, why do guys like squirting so much so I wrote a more in-depth article about that.

Overcoming Psychological Barriers

Female ejaculation is mainly psychological. Almost every woman is physically capable of squirting so if it’s just not happening for you then you really need to work through the psychological issues why this might be.

This is THE biggest barrier, and is even more important than the physical side, in my experience. Unfortunately, our culture has a tendency to shame women who are sexually open and experimental.

There are certain reasons why the culture has been shaped this way, but that’s outside the scope of this article, but you should keep in mind that female ejaculation is looked down on by many people.

We need to get rid of those fears and think about it logically; squirting is fun, healthy and healing, so why not make it part of everyday life and a great sex life?

On all accounts, female gushing is healthy and healing. It is a way to relax, ‘blow off steam’ and add another dimension of pleasure to the standard female orgasm.

It also promotes the release of regenerating and emotionally bonding hormones into the bloodstream. You will need a partner who sees things this way as well.

It’s not much good if you are open and willing but your partner is judgemental and close-minded.

If the physical side of things is taken care of, and your still not cumming then consider the possibility that you have deeper feelings of shame surrounding sex and make an effort to overcome these. We don’t need those feelings anyway.

A mature, sophisticated guy will find a girls who can gush as a massive turn on, sexy and much more fun in the bedroom. That’s why we teach men how to make her squirt.

Physically Prepare Your Body For Squirting

Physical preparation is the second most important aspect of wet orgasms, emotional preparation being the first. Just like any other muscle, the walls of the vagina can be trained and strengthened and this is a crucial part of the ejaculation process.

Training these muscles results in not only the ability to ejaculate more easily, but more powerfully. You’ll also limit your ability to have multiple and stacked squirting orgasms if you don’t exercise your PC muscles.

Get A Really Good Lube For Your bed-side table

Good lubrication is crucial for squirting, in fact, without it, a pleasurable touch can quickly turn into an irritable friction burn.

Yes, there are substitutes like saliva for example – but they really aren’t your best option.

My favourite brand of lubricant is Nooky Lube. It’s a natural, water based lube, that feels amazing to the touch – Out of all the big name brand lubes I’ve tried this is by far my favourite and if you use it you’ll drastically increase your chances of squirting.

‘Give Birth’ To Your Orgasm

‘Giving birth to the orgasm’ is an expression that essentially means ‘as you feel the orgasm coming don’t try to hold it in, instead push it out.’ If you’re holding it in then that’s really going to limit the intensity and quantity of female ejaculate that you can produce.

Don’t Hold Back – Let Go…


Most women ‘hold back’ during orgasms because we are afraid of losing control.

This is especially true with squirting orgasms where holding back is a sign that you aren’t truly comfortable, either with your partner, or with yourself.

It also probably means you are in a logical frame of mind, and not an emotional one.

If you instinctually find yourself holding back during orgasms then remember to ‘let go’ and push out.

Plenty of women would have ejaculating orgasms naturally during the course of foreplay and intercourse, however we have been taught by society to remain ‘prim and proper’ which makes us hold back.

Sometimes the trick is as simple as letting go and not being afraid, so you will need a trustworthy, non-judgmental, and caring partner.

We also hold back because women who are unfamiliar with how to ejaculate to mistake the feeling of wanting to pee with the feeling or a gushing orgasm.

Be Hydrated So You Can Squirt Multiple Times

It sounds silly I know, but it’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re coming buckets.

A large proportion of the general population are also chronically dehydrated and would make significant health benefits, such as weight loss and overcoming fatigue if they were fully hydrated.

You can read a book called ‘Your Body’s Many Cries For Water’ for more information.

Staying hydrated may sound trivial but it does help.

Stop Wearing High Heels Wherever Possible

This is another strange point but is something interesting to consider. Wearing high heels can actually diminish the intensity of your orgasms by causing an unnatural rotation of the pelvic bone.

Because the pelvic bone rotates during intense orgasms and whilst wearing high heels there is less of a physiological difference and therefore your orgasms may be less intense.

I personally don’t think it’s that significant but it might make a small difference.

Further Learning

If you are interested in learning more about how to squirt and how to have better and more powerful orgasms then you will find our Premium Training Course, very interesting and fun to watch.

We’ll guide you through everything you’ve learnt in this article in our video lessons, demonstrated for you to see and copy yourself.

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I recommend this because learning with a video format is much easier than simply reading. You could endlessly search the internet for information, but lets be honest, the internet is full of fake gurus who don’t really know what they’re talking about.

At School of Squirt, we’ve been in business since 2013, teaching couples how to have a better sex life. Our video program will guide you step by step through the process of having a squirting orgasm.

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