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25 New Things to Try in Bed Tonight!

The fact is that every couple, whether newlyweds or long-time lovers, need to spice things up in the bedroom every now and then. Even if you feel as your relationship has passion, it never hurts to try new things.

This guide will outline 25 new things to try in bed. Whether you try one, 10, or all 25, you and your partner are sure to have a good time.

1. Try New Positions

If you’re looking for a surefire way to spice things up, then new positions are a good place to start. With so many sex positions to choose from, you can surely find something that you both enjoy.

Do you like cowgirl? Try reverse cowgirl or Amazon. Do you prefer more intimate positions like missionary? Then try the horny mantis or facing spoon.

And don’t think of just the typical penis-in-vagina positions. You can add new oral positions, anal positions, and even mutual masturbation positions to your repertoire.

2. Switch Roles

You don’t have to go fully dom/sub, but it can be fun to switch up your usual role from time to time. Let’s say your partner typically initiates sex and takes the more strenuous positions. Surprise your partner by initiating sex and taking control during your lovemaking.

If you’re the more dominant lover, then communicate to your partner that you’d like them to take control for one night. Be sure to outline what that looks like to you so you don’t feel disappointed or misunderstood.

3. Have a Makeout Session

You don’t have to initiate sex every time you get intimate with your partner. It can even be fun to let the sexual tension build up over several days. One way to do so is with makeout sessions.

A makeout session can make you and your partner feel like teenagers again. Kissing, heavy petting – its all part of the fun.

4. Use a Blindfold

Anticipation can be an easy way to add spice to the bedroom. One way to build anticipation is to have your partner put on a blindfold.

Without sight, your partner will be using their other senses more intently. This can heighten their sense of feeling and make each touch more electrifying. It may also make you or your partner more willing to do more activities. With sight out of the way, self-consciousness may too disappear.

5. Find Her G-Spot

Ahhh, the “mythical” g-spot. Good news? It does actually exist!

The g-spot is actually the internal part of the clitoris. It can be found near the opening of the vagina just above the entrance. When stimulated, it can produce immense pleasure and intense orgasm.

To find the g-spot, first make sure yourself or your partner is comfortable. Insert one or two fingers into the vagina and bend them slightly at the first knuckles. When you find the g-spot, you’ll notice the area has a slightly fleshier feel than the surrounding tissue.

Once found, move your fingers slowly in a “come hither” motion.

You can combine this with other types of stimulation, like clitoral and nipple, for the ultimate pleasure.

6. Roleplay

If you and your partner enjoyed switching roles in the bedroom, you may want to take it a step further and roleplay entirely different people.

Here are some fun ideas to try:

  • Doctor and nurse
  • Professor and student
  • Doctor and patient
  • Boss and employee
  • Massage therapist and client

Once you and your partner have gotten the hang of it, you may consider some more “out there” roleplay fantasies. Keep an open mind, as some of the below ideas may pique your interest:

  • Vampire and victim
  • Werewolves
  • Body swappers
  • Amnesia sufferer

Roleplaying gives you the ability to pretend to be a new person. This can be invigorating and pleasurable, especially if you’re used to living by societal norms.

7. Get Dressed Up

You don’t need a night on the town as an excuse to get dressed up in your finest. Getting dressed up in your nicest suit or slinkiest gown can be something you do, even if you stay in for the night.

Throw on a piece that you know your partner loves, or use this as an excuse to buy a new item in a color your partner loves. Have fun with it! You can even make a nice meal and put on dancing music to have a night in that turns into so much more.

8. Talk Dirty

Words can have a significant impact on intimacy and passion. Dirty talk is another way to communicate with your partner. It allows you to voice your feelings and passions while also sharing a special kind of “secret”.

If you’re self-conscious as many people are when they first start, why not begin with texts and voice messages to your partner? As you become more comfortable, you can do it as part of foreplay or even during sex.

Not sure what to say? There are plenty of choices ranging from barely naughty to downright filthy. Start where you’re comfortable and your dirty talk will naturally morph as you become used to your partner’s reactions and responses.

9. Stimulate His Prostate

Prostate play can be a touchy subject for many men. Anal play of any kind has long been seen as emasculating. But prostate stimulation can be a very pleasurable experience, and it’s one I recommend you try with your partner.

The prostate can be massaged both externally and internally.

To stimulate the prostate externally, you’ll massage the perineum (the space between the genitals and the anus). You’ll feel an area that’s slightly fleshier than the surrounding tissue. To stimulate the prostate internally, insert your finger into the anus and gently hook it forward towards the genitals.

Whether with your fingers, a dildo, or a prostate massager sex toy, your man will surely enjoy the explosive orgasm that comes as a result of prostate stimulation.

10. Masturbate… Together

Mutual masturbation, that is, masturbating side-by-side with your partner, is a fun way to get intimate without penetrative sex. It can also be a way to get things started and then join together later for an impassioned finish.

If you want to spice it up even further, you can help each other using hands, kisses, and even sex toys.

11. Shop for Lingerie Together

It’s fun to wear a sexy little number for your partner. Over time, you’ve probably come to know what they like. But what if you brought them with you the next time you went lingerie shopping?

Shopping for lingerie together is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of their tastes. You can even put on a little show for them by asking them to pick out three options while you pick out three options. Your partner can then vote on their favorite ones.

12. Have Phone Sex

Phone sex isn’t just for teenagers or long-distance couples. You can use it as a way to connect with your partner in a new and exciting way.

Whether your partner is just in the other room or in a hotel room they’ve rented, you two can use the time to talk about what you’d do to them, what you’re doing to yourself, and what you’d like them to do to you. While you can finish on the phone, you and your partner can also meet up for an explosive finish.

For extra fun, you can roleplay as a phone sex operator and caller. As strangers, you may feel bolder and prone to more exciting phone sex activities.

13. Fulfill a Sexual Fantasy

Are there things you want to try with your partner but you’re worried they’ll judge you or find you weird? Is there something taboo you’ve always wanted to try but you didn’t have the confidence? In a healthy and loving relationship, sexual fantasies can be part of a fulfilling sex life.

A sexual fantasy can be anything from roleplay to bondage to a kink like foot fetishism. While you may be ashamed of your fantasy, it’s important to communicate it to your partner. Even if they find it strange or offputting at first, sharing such an intimate secret with them can open your relationship to a whole new level of intimacy.

Are you not sure how to start the conversation? Ask your partner what their sexual fantasy is. This will start a natural conversation and, who knows, you may be surprised to learn you share the same ones!

If you’ve got a fantasy about making her squirt then this article is a must-read.

14. Be Open to Anal

Anal play is still seen as taboo by many people. However, anal stimulation can bring new levels of pleasure to you and your partner.

Whether male or female, anal play can include anal fingering, butt plugs, vibrators, and dildos. If you’re worried about pain or discomfort, there are even “training” kits you can purchase that gradually increase your tolerance for penetration.

Are you worried about the “mess” associated with anal? While not necessary, you can use anal douches to give you a sense of cleanliness.

You and your partner can have fun exploring the various anal play options, including prostate stimulation as mentioned above.

15. Snap a Sexy Shot

An alluring or naughty photo may have been something you sent to your partner in the early days of your relationship. But a sexy snapshot can be just as tantalizing now as it was then.

Use your phone to take a photo of yourself in your favorite lingerie. Snap a teasing shot of your breasts or penis. Or you could even invest in a boudoir photoshoot with a professional photographer for both a confidence boost and a beautiful gift for your partner.

A photo is a great way to build anticipation for the pleasure that’s to come!

16. Play a Sex Game

Sex doesn’t have to be a serious affair. Sex games can be a great way to increase passion, build trust, and deepen intimacy. And of course, they’re fun!

There are plenty of sex games to choose from so you’re sure to find something that both you and your partner enjoy. Just a few options include:

  • Strip Questions
  • Would You Rather?
  • Monkey See, Monkey Do
  • Name That Letter
  • The Orgasm Race

From playful word games to full-body experiences, sex games can open a whole new world of pleasure and fun. They also usually don’t require any new sex toys or items so they can be done anywhere, anytime.

17. Try Bondage

It’s true that BDSM (bondage and discipline + sadomasochism) isn’t for everyone. But the BDSM community doesn’t have sole ownership over bondage. So while you may not want to take it quite that far, bondage can be an introduction into that mysterious world.

Many sex shops now carry basic bondage gear, like ropes and ties, spreader bars, handcuffs, and blindfolds. With the help of an experienced worker, you can find beginner-friendly items for your next intimate session.

If you’re looking for the most entry-level way to get into bondage, I recommend three items: handcuffs, a blindfold, and a spreader bar. These are easy to use but also safe and easy to remove quickly should your partner become uncomfortable. There are also plenty of fun ways to use these items for that extra sizzle.

18. Play with Toys

There are some couples who see the use of toys during partner play as a sign of failure. While your partner can certainly please you without the use of toys, there’s no doubt that toys can easily bring pleasure to the next level.

The most common toys in the bedroom include vibrators and dildos. There are plenty of options for both men and women, including g-spot or prostate stimulators, nipple clamps, clitoral vibrators and even various different sex dolls. These toys can be used to stimulate you in new ways while your partner spends time on other areas.

Just imagine the heights that your pleasure can reach! Even during sex you and your partner can experience the fun of sex toys combined with the usual pleasure of penetration.

19. Give (or Get) a Foot Job

There’s nothing wrong with hand jobs. In fact, they’re a fun way to get intimate with your partner instead of or prior to penetrative sex. But an easy way to try something new without being completely foreign is to change up the way you do your usual activities. One way to do so is with a foot job.

As the name suggests, a foot job is penile stimulate with the feet. The first few times, your partner may struggle with coordination and it may both look and feel funny. As both you and your partner get used to it, though, it may become your new favorite way of stimulation!

P.S. If feet are your thing, this platform and this platform are options for buying and selling sexy feet pictures and videos.

20. Try a New Location

As sex becomes more of a weekly ritual, you may find yourself having sex in the same place and the same positions over and over. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it can become dull over time. One way to spice things up is to try a new location, whether at home or outside of the home.

From the shower to the living room couch to the dining room table to the kitchen floor, there are plenty of new places in your home to have sex. Sit down with your partner and make a list of all the places you could have sex in your home and then have fun going down the list over the next few days.

If you want to take it a step further, you can think of new locations outside of your home too. A hotel room, a hot tub, the front seat of your car… some of these are riskier than others, but remember that the greater the risk can often mean the greater the pleasure.

21. Keep the Lights On (or Off)

When it comes to you and your partner having sex, there’s probably some environmental elements you’re used to. For example, perhaps you put on some music and turn down the lights to set the mood.

Whatever your environmental preferences, though, why not shake things up by doing the opposite? An easy option is to keep the lights on (or off) depending on your usual preference.

If you’re used to keeping the lights off during sex, then sex in the light can seem like a whole new experience. You may feel self concious at first, but you and your partner may come to enjoy the illumination. Similarly, lights off when you’re used to the opposite can add a level of secrecy and make it seem forbidden and even more tantalizing.

22. Experiment with Lube

You probably use lube during sexual intercourse. If you don’t, you definitely should! But with so many different lubricants on the market, I’d recommend you experiment to find your favorite.

There are different types of lubes, including water-based, silicone-based, oil-based, and hybrid. When it comes to finding the “best” lube, it’s important to remember that different lubes are best for different activities.

For example, water-based and silicone-based lubes are good options for vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, and squirting. Silicone-based alone is best for masturbation or fingering simply because it is the slickest and longest lasting. Water-based is the best (and safest) with sex toys while oil-based is only really good for massage (it can cause infection when used internally).

Aside from bases, there are also tons of flavors and even sensations (hot and cold, tingling, etc.).

23. Give Him a Lap Dance

Over time, your foreplay routine may have grown stale. Why not add some sparkle with a lap dance?

At first, you may feel insecure about giving him a lap dance. It puts you in the spotlight and you may feel silly putting on a show. I can guarantee, however, that any man will appreciate their partner dancing sexily and scantily clad just for them.

Don’t feel like you have to work on a complex routine. Put on some lingerie, play a song that makes you feel sexy, and move your body to the beat. You and your partner will have a great time as you bounce and grind.

24. Get Rough

If bondage and full-on BDSM aren’t your thing, you can still have fun getting a little rough with your partner. What this looks like will vary for all couples, but the important thing is communication.

First, discuss with your partner what “rough” means. Is it light restraint (holding wrists during sex) or even light choking? Is it spanking during foreplay and sex?

Remember that you can start slow and work your way up. Who knows, you may even find yourself getting into BDSM territory and enjoying it! As long as you and your partner are open about your limits, you’ll both have a fun time.

25. Try Edging

Edging is the act of bringing yourself or your partner to the very brink of orgasm and then pulling back so as to deny them climax. The goal isn’t to deny pleasure forever, but instead to increase the intensity of the pleasure once orgasm is finally reached.

You can edge yourself with masturbation, edge your partner with your tongue, fingers, or sex toys, or edge yourselves together for a mutual edging experience.

It can take some practice to get the timing right, both for yourself and your partner. If you’re masturbating yourself, it’s easier to determine where your “edge” is but this may not always be so easy with a partner. The good news is that even “failed” edging will be fun for you and your partner.


Which of the above new activities will you and your partner be giving a try tonight? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.

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