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Masturbation Techniques: Your Ultimate Guide

Masturbation: the primary sexual activity of mankind. In the 19th century, it was a disease, in the twentieth, it’s a cure.” – Thomas Szasz

In fact, up to the eighteenth century, no credible books of medicine made any mention of masturbation whatsoever.

A Swiss physicist named Tissot published a theory, back in 1758., claiming that self-pleasuring was the root cause for all forms of mental illness – a huge sin which should be avoided like the plague.

Despite strong opposition from his colleagues, this opinion became the accepted standard and it could even be traced in numerous reputable medical paperbacks published by the early twentieth century.

Nowadays, things are a bit easier.

Boys and girls usually masturbate when they are horny or bored:  because it is accessible, it is an easy way to calm down, examine one’s genitals or create fantasies without mixing responsibility and vulnerability, and we don’t have to worry about other people or social consequences.

Masturbation is generally a male habit – almost like an urgent need. Regardless of whether they are married or free, in a more or less serious relationship, men claim to never really relinquish beating the meat or it happens on very rare occasions.

Yet among women it is still a bigger taboo topic than with men. Although females enjoy sharing gossip, dirty and clean details from someone else’s life, it is easy to move on to intimate topics involving one’s own lives and it is not uncommon to share all the juicy news.

But there is still too little sharing about specific masturbating techniques or even if one does it at all. Masturbation is always in the domain of SAFE SEX, there is no fear of rejection, shame or failure, it gives the illusion of openness and perfection. Meeting one’s needs, knowing that one’s body is strictly their own property and feeling good are just some of the advantages, so let us dig deeper into this.

An Introduction to Masturbation Techniques for Both Sexes

Many women and men find it difficult to include their personal masturbation methods during sex with a partner. Why? Simply because they transferred techniques from their childhood into adulthood and this is the only way they can perform the act.

Some stimulate the genitals with one or both hands while lying on the abdomen, and this pose is not suitable for sharing an orgasm with another person. Basically, some do it their own way and it doesn’t work any other way, and the problem is they can’t share it when having sex with a partner.

As teenagers, many people played with themselves in a hurry, for fear of being caught, and for many, doing it while lying face down on the stomach and with a hand in the crotch was feasible.

Masturbation is a way to know one’s desires, a way to experiment, which makes us feel safer and more confident. Just as with a regular partner, you have to try out new things, and make small surprises, so you need to practice this with yourself first. Masturbation should by no means be a taboo topic but a private matter that has a positive effect on the body, mood and sex life.

Find out what you need to experience the strongest orgasm by yourself:


The Feminine Vista- How to Reach an Orgasm?

Most women do not orgasm vaginally. That’s right: Usually an orgasm happens by stimulating the clitoris. Although there are plenty of people who are skilled enough to know how to stimulate a woman’s clitoris orally or manually, the vagina is a bit more complex. Nevertheless, an orgasm makes you feel strong and confident, sending out pheromones, which attract the opposite sex.

Whether it is masturbation or intercourse with a partner, the answer to the question of how to orgasm may lie in the right position. Most women need clitoral stimulation to reach it.

The clitoral orgasm is much easier to achieve than the vaginal one you need extra supplies for. Side note – the clitoris is the small protuberance covered with a cuticle located just above the vagina and it is very sensitive to touch.

Some women (mostly younger) say that flying solo has not appealed to them, and even that it causes a somewhat painful, that is, unpleasant, feeling. In a healthy woman, the cause of this discomfort is, in most cases, a direct and coarse approach to the clitoris.

The clitoral hood is there to prevent roughness and discomfort. If you approach the open clitoris directly, it is literally ‘nerve-wracking’ and don’t expect it to be comfortable. Gently rubbing the clitoris will very quickly cause you to feel relaxed.

Many women have acknowledged that they are even more comfortable rubbing the area around and above the clitoris, so make sure to try all the different options. Some are better off sitting, some lying down on their back, while some feel that lying on their stomach is best for self-pleasuring.

It’s hard to say which is optimal. It’s up to you to find yours because, like said, people still hold back from sharing these details. Be gentle and later, when the clitoris swells and asks for it, you can unleash yourself and increase the pressure and speed of movement.

So how EXACTLY do you do it? We have collected some of the best tips, tricks and techniques below. To begin with, we should point out that there is no ‘wrong’ type of orgasm.


This is the key to achieving satisfaction. When you are stressed and your thoughts are elsewhere, chances are slim that you will succeed in your goal. But when you relax and let your senses through, you can easily discover how to experience multiple orgasms. Just for the sake of relaxation, sexual pleasure is closer and easier to achieve with masturbation because you are focused on your own body.

Thirty-one percent of women admitted that it took them about 20 minutes to complete the process, which means you need to be completely at ease. This is exactly why most women do it while they are home alone. Turn off your cell phone, close the door, and start exploring the body. With a partner, it can be more difficult because you have to adjust, but this is precisely why you should turn this into a routine.


If your partner is there with you, don’t skip foreplay and be very specific with it. In fact, foreplay is very important to women. Long kissing in the dark can be exciting, but it is much more exciting if you include hands and touches throughout the story, and it is superfluous to talk about how good an erotic massage is.

Warm-Up on Your Own

Dear ladies, why not. There are times when you and your partner are simply not at the same level of excitement.

If you notice that he is more eager for sex and his lust prevails over yours, be courteous and play with yourself to get into the mood. Self-pleasuring is a great way to do this.

Find Your Zen

As many as 90 percent of women explore their bodies in the privacy of the bedroom, which means that a proper atmosphere is required for self-love. The first thing you have to figure out is what excites you. While for some women it is enough to lie down on the bed and touch the body, for others the perfect stimulator is a body lotion, their favorite song or a crumpled blanket squeezed in between the legs.

I Need You to Use Your Imagination

If masturbation is a recent practice or you haven’t had anyone to talk to about it before, you should know that imagination plays a big role in both men and women. Imagining various situations, some of which you might not even like or try in real life, is completely normal.

The desire to dominate or be dominated are also completely normal occurrences both in imagination and in practice. Get rid of all the brakes, daydream and fantasize about where and what you want to do. There are no rules.


Just like a massage, the touches are much softer and more subtle if lubricated. When you’re ready to start, start by licking your finger. Licking your finger before clit stimulation will probably get you closest to the feeling of oral sex through self-satisfaction.

Everyone needs a little lubrication at first, so why not use the most natural lubricant? Go ahead … keep your finger as wet and slippery as possible before moving on. Just lick your fingertip before clit stimulation and you’ll find that it makes all the difference in the speed and power of your orgasm.

If you want some extra help, there are different kinds of store-bought lubricants from water to oil-based ones, and it is up to you to find out which one works best. Apply some of it to the palms of your hands and coat the entire intimate area and watch what will excite you the most.

Look at Other Naked Bodies

On-screen sex scenes are not just reserved for men. Many women are visual personas who truly enjoy pornography and are also excited about naked bodies and the act of sexual intercourse, so don’t be afraid to prepare a movie or an erotic photo that will stir your passions.

Even if you are new to the game, you will quickly find out what works best for you. For starters, just close your eyes and listen to the sounds of sex, that’s going to be enough to wake you up, but sometimes it takes a little extra visual stimulation to go the extra mile (naughty magazines and women sites). Also, if you are new to this and not in the mood, porn is a great way to feel like you are not the only au naturel person in the room.

Don’t Just Lie There

Most women find that lying flat on their back, missionary style is the best way to enjoy quality alone time. Not only is it the most convenient way when using toys, but it’s also really easy to lie down and scream with pleasure, isn’t it?

But you owe it to yourself to change things from time to time. Try to get on your knees (“doggy style“) and touch yourself in that position. Believe it or not, there is something very primal and very stimulating about this position.

As a bonus, it is a great practice to give yourself clitoral stimulation when you and your man are working it. It’s amazing what your imagination can do with just a little stimulation. Try it on the floor, the stairs, the chair … whatever suits your needs and fantasies.

Try It in The Bath

Some women grew up with an explicit prohibition on touching, so they only experienced orgasms in the tub and it is truly one of the best ways to reach total satisfaction.

Immerse yourself in warmth and do not rush. Pour enough water into the tub to heat up the bottom of the tub. Caress your warm, wet body and thoroughly touch each part. Don’t spread your legs yet.

This way, even if you are alone, it will give you a greater sense of security and privacy. Let your hand slip away and find its way to your clitoris and vagina.

There is rarely anything sweeter than a wet vagina underwater. Lubricate the clitoris with your finger sticking to circular motions. Lie on your back, spread your legs and direct a tap jet between your legs. Use your hands to help expose as much of your pussy as possible to the water jet.

You can put a towel or pad on the bottom of the tub for easy movement. If the situation allows you to do so, stand on all fours and let the water stimulate your anus, and you can help yourself manually.

Try It in The Shower

All of this is possible in the shower, in somewhat altered and, some say, more exciting circumstances. Do you know that amazing detachable showerhead everyone keeps mentioning? It can become one of your greatest sexual pleasures.

Adjust the water with the recommended heat settings. Remove the showerhead and place it within reach of your clit. Let the water caress your your feminine parts. Change the shower distance and you will notice that it has an obvious effect on your stimulation.

Of course, while in the shower, you can always take advantage of the water temperature. Instead of using a normal temperature, make the water cooler against your clitoris and you will see what mixed reactions you have.

In general, sex in a standing position is extra pleasing because of the way the blood circulates the body. Try leaning against the wall of the shower, folding your legs together and clenching your thighs as you lubricate the clitoris and it will bring you extreme pleasure.

Toys Are for Adults Too

Another sizzling tip is to try toys. Fingers are great, but vibrators and dildos can level up the pleasure game.

And who says you should be alone? When you’re comfortable enough, you can even practice with your partner.

Let him watch

Not only will this give him a small, extraordinary visual stimulation, but he will also learn how to touch you better.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Be innovative and forget about the “good girl” role. Have you ever considered looking at yourself in the mirror and getting even more turned on?

Have fun online and play with a stranger in a hot internet conversation. Exchange sexual thoughts, desires, be bold, use juicy words and let the last moral brakes fall!

Don’t force yourself

If you masturbate and feel like it is not leading anywhere, fear not. Sometimes you get too stressed, sometimes you can’t find the right kind of stimulation.

It is important to remember that if you are unable to orgasm during your usual at-home session, do not push it.By forcing yourself, you will be frustrated and make it difficult to have an orgasm next time.

Use both hands!

Finally, the best advice is to use both hands. While one hand is happily playing in your private garden, the other is exploring.

Grab your breasts and squeeze your nipples for added sexual pleasure. Surrender to your beautiful sensuality.

Bonus Techniques:

  1. Childhood habits

Some women claim they experienced orgasms during childhood by stimulating the clitoris by rubbing on a pillow or teddy bear. Some girls squeezed their legs crossed to experience ‘that wonderful’ feeling.

For some, the bicycle seat or a set of tight jeans was enough. Dare to try if any of these old favorites still do the trick?

  1. Clitoral stimulation With Muscle Tension

Direct genital rubbing combined with muscle tension has been practiced by most women during puberty and early adulthood. Holding your breath, with muscles tensed, clitoral stimulation becomes more dynamic until you finally have an exploding orgasm.

This method is fast and almost imperceptible, and is not accompanied by sounds, so many women grew up doing it as it was an easy method not to get caught. A small percentage of women can have this orgasm without directly stimulating the clitoris, just by straining their muscles.

  1. Relaxed Orgasm

This orgasm is hard to achieve. In some women, it occurs after genital stimulation, but without the muscle tension, as in the aforementioned method.

This type of satisfaction is the easiest to achieve with a partner and is characterized by gentle movements, muscle relaxation and deep breathing. This technique involves making love according to tantric rules.

  1. Combined Orgasm

This orgasm is a favorite because it is a mix of all the above. Some kind of sex toy, vibrator or clitoral stimulator can be added to the combination.

Women who have mastered hand pleasuring can take their masturbation to a new level and try a vibrator. The offer is rich and those who have practiced it recommend gadgets with higher speed settings.

  1. Go Slowly, Then Accelerate

Using your fingertip, make soft, slow circles on the hood of your clitoris. Try different things with your clit. Move your finger up and down to slide in and out of the vagina. Try moving your clitoris from side to side or pinch it gently between two fingers.

Use different speeds and different amounts of pressure. Increase the speed, then decrease, then increase again for an incredible orgasm burst!

  1. Find the G-Spot

Your body will tell you what it likes and what it doesn’t like. If you don’t like something, then move on to something else. It’s that simple. You are in control, so you can always come up with a new idea because everything revolves around your pleasure.

For example, you can slide your finger (or two or three) into the vagina to simulate penis penetration during sex. Hold your fingers gently together and press your vaginal wall facing the bladder. About two to three inches, you should feel like you’re flying a little.

That’s your G-spot. If you rub your finger up and down in that spot and stimulate it, you will probably have an orgasm like never before.

Can’t find it? Don’t worry, many women don’t find it at first. Just be persistent.

Let’s get KINKY

Water Bubble

Fill a water balloon, or better yet a long balloon for molding, with warm water. Lubricate your clitoris, and then press the balloon against it and start circling.  A touch of warm water, a gentle, damp vibration and the pressure of a bubble on your feminine parts will make you ecstatic.


Some forms of deodorants and petroleum jelly have a spinning ball or roll on top of the packaging. After draining and cleaning the deodorant, apply Vaseline to the roll-on.

You already know the rest, don’t you dear ladies? These deodorants have the perfect form for penetration.



If you are more flexible, then this method will be ideal for you!

Sit with your heels under your vagina. Start squatting and moaning.

Vibrating Pants

Put the vibrator or clitoral vibrator in your pants. Wet your free hands and stimulate your nipples.

Every woman, regardless of age and sexual activity, should practice Kegel exercises because, in addition to them being good at treating incontinence and recovering muscle tone after childbirth, they are essential for a better and more intense orgasm.

During intercourse, each couple should introduce steps that allow the female to achieve climax, whether it is stimulation of the clitoris by the hand during penetration or something more imaginative.

Be your own best lover… and in order to do so you first have to love yourself. Love your body. Enjoy your body. And don’t be afraid of the game. Masturbation can bring you heaps of eye-opening pleasures and you don’t have to dress up for it!

A Gentleman’s Perspective

First and foremost, dear men, size does and does not matter. Now you must be wondering and scratching (hopefully the head on your shoulders for now; we move on to the comrades in the southern hemisphere in a little bit).

So, what really matters is the compatibility with a partner, not the size itself. In order to feel compatible with someone, you should know what works for YOU.

So, brother, when was the last time you caught, held and looked at your male pride? And the rest of the body?

For men, onanism is not a taboo topic. Or so we are led to believe. Most likely, the way you started touching yourself at 12 is the way you continued through teenage years, college and maybe even after that – and you probably use the exact same techniques still.

Why? Because nobody taught you or explained how to do things differently. If you were ever led to believe that masturbation was an easy thing to do, you are only partly right, because many imaginative people have decided to devise just as many self-indulging techniques that we want to share with you.

Keep in mind that there is no “normal” frequency of pleasuring oneself. The sperm cannot “disappear” since the body produces it constantly, so you can touch yourself as often as you want to. The worst thing that can happen is that it could hurt if you overdo it (just like with any muscle in your body – if you do a hundred pushups your arms will be in pain).

In any age group of healthy men, for example, among high school or college guys, some do it several times a day, some once a day, and some only once or twice a week or even less than that.

Some men never jerk off – either because they have no need, or because for whatever reason they have found a way (and a reason) to resist the urge. But it will be very difficult for a young man to resist his sex drive and not indulge in self-loving from time to time and there is no harm to it whatsoever.

It should be noted that for many people it is generally easier, faster and more effective to jerk off instead of using the time and effort to improve sexual relations with their lover. Jacking off should not replace a healthy sex life with a partner –you will both be rewarded for a mutually beneficial relationship. Research also shows that, chemically (hormonally), jerking is 400 times less effective at satisfying all sexual appetites in comparison to having sex with a partner.

However, jerking is certainly a favorite and enjoyable pastime for both men and women alike, so it’s the optimum way to enjoy and learn something about yourself and your body. So, grab your “buddy”, try a few new techniques and master your hand wrestling.

Some of the techniques may seem crazy to you, but they are a great way to take advantage of that free time when you’re alone and horny. With the right knowledge, you can experience completely unforgettable pleasures. Certainly, don’t dismiss some of these ideas and techniques when you are sharing sexy-time with your partner.

Tips, Ticks and Techniques to Get You Started

Lay the Groundwork

Choose the appropriate time and space, where there is no possibility that someone could interfere with your private sessions. Preliminary readiness includes getting a towel or wet wipes that you will (hopefully) need later on. If you are a fan of visual aids, that is, pornographic films, magazines or stories, keep them close to you, but you won’t be needing them right away.

Love and Know Your Body

Now that we have that cleared and out of the way, let’s start from the beginning. Try to eliminate the use of visual aids during this stage, you can come back to them at a later time.

Instead, switch to other senses and simply be a visual aid to yourself. Examine your naked body. Look long and hard at your face, then gaze down slightly. All the way to the feet.

Imagine seeing you for the first time. Don’t be embarrassed. Take time alone and treat yourself to a real solo show. Look at yourself from all angles, check what your body looks like when you are kneeling, when you bend, sit or move.

Look over your shoulders and notice the curve of your back and the shape of your buttocks. Pay particular attention to specifics. Focus especially on the ones that make you unique, different and special. These are the little things that sexually excite women when they see you naked.

Trial and Error

Relax and enjoy the visuals in your mind and don’t touch your penis yet. You will know you are ready for a massage when a drop of pre-semen fluid appears on the penis. This means that a stimulus in your brain has begun to act on your arousal.

Touch yourself.

Discover new erogenous zones, check old ones and start, but very slowly and gently with self-pleasuring. Slow down to begin with, as if you were enjoying foreplay with your partner. And don’t be afraid to wander a little into undiscovered territories. Experimenting is the key.

The Sliding

When pre-seminal fluid appears on the penis, gently rub it with your fingers all over the swollen penis. In the meantime, continue to enjoy the visuals playing in your ecstatic mind. Moisture on your pecker will be very comfortable and will allow your fingers to slide more smoothly. Massage it very slowly and only with your fingers, not your entire palm.

With this technique, you will feel a high degree of excitement at all times, and your orgasm will literally curl up and come as unexpected. To increase the intensity even more, you can lift your legs slightly from the bed, just a few inches or at the right angles. Increased abdominal muscle strain will increase the intensity of orgasmic tightness.

Switch Positions

Try sitting, walking around the room or standing. When a man plays with himself while standing, his cardiovascular system is livelier, which certainly affects the experience.

With these kinds of techniques, the use of visual materials is recommended, so grab your porn stash. Find the biggest mirror in the house and stand in front of it.

Gaze yourself in the eyes, watch your body and, of course, pay attention to the part where most of the action is happening. When you reach a pre-orgasmic state, you will feel tightness in the legs, especially in your thighs.

In the moments before climaxing, you can stop the intense massage and just hold the swollen shaft in your palm. The right time for this is when you feel a slight orgasmic spasm of the prostate gland.

This will activate the pre-orgasmic fluid. After it has been released, a denser seminal fluid will be squeezed out, resulting in more severe orgasmic spasms. When done properly, this technique will allow you to experience a double orgasm. You might discover something entirely mind-blowing.

Try New Tricks

Do you even really think about your own touch and what you are doing, or are your thoughts focused solely on what’s on the screen or the scene playing in your head? Of course, imagination will always play a huge role in self-discovery, but you must also incorporate feelings into the whole game.

We continue at a slower pace but increase the pressure. Get some of the densest lubricant and soak the tip well. Now employ both hands. Hold the root of the penis tightly with one hand and hold the tip with the thumb and massage it.

This should be done slowly and strongly but not roughly, always avoiding the opening at the top of the penis. Try to avoid that usual steady up and down movement and try something new. Add a small twist to the classic movement as you pull up or massage your entire penis with your open palm with your fingers in the direction of the root.

It is Not A Duty

Believe it or not, most men rarely experience a full orgasm. And the one reached during wanking is usually just fast and clean.

Please remember that sex should never be practiced ‘‘for no reason’’ and ‘‘to just get over with it’’. But what should be done is getting to know your body and your desires on profounder levels.

When approaching an orgasm (hopefully slowly and inventively), put your thumb and forefinger in a circle around your scrotum and squeeze as much as you like. This will delay the orgasm, or the ejection of sperm, and maximize the enjoyment. You are the master down there, there is no rush.

So, let’s recap: throw out the usual supplies (at least sometimes), change positions, slow down, try new techniques, employ both hands and your entire body, use new toys and lubricants and – enjoy yourself. Or beyond yourself. Or with yourself. Oh, just enjoy it!

Bonus Techniques

Men have loved handjobs from the beginning of time, and many have devised some complex strategies for enhancing the experience. Without further discussing the basic and most used handjob techniques – shaking your whole fist and squeezing your thumb and forefinger, since by now there is no doubt that everyone is well acquainted with these – it’s good to also take a peek into some more “advanced” masturbation techniques as well.

An anonymous English sex therapist, who wrote his observations in the book Art of Male Masturbation, states that there are more than 200 different techniques for male masturbation and listed below are the most popular and some more daring ones.

The Fist

In this familiar technique, simply wrap your fingers around the middle of your penis like grabbing a baseball bat and pull it up and down. This provides a lot of contact between your hands and the penis – and more contact means more pleasure.

This trick is especially good if you have a large penis, but if it is not much longer than your fist, you will not be able to fully enjoy this technique so another may be more effective for you.

Thrust to The Wrist

This self-pleasuring method uses the wrist and hand at the same time. Lubricate your hands and wrist. With your fingers towards your testicles, hold your penis by its front side. Kneel on the bed or floor and stick the penis in your hands and against the wrist so that when pushed with the underside of the tip, it touches the wrist.


The testicles are often left out, but this technique gives you the ability to maximize pleasure in this sensitive and sensual zone.

Lubricate the penis. Lie on your back and start moving your index finger from the tip of the penis to the testicles. Your other hand is also free to slide gently over the testicles and to massage the penis with your index finger and thumb. Don’t let the enjoyment end too quickly and have a little more fun.

The Muse

Sitting in a relaxed position, with both hands, one by one, squeeze and pull upwards from the root of your penis to the tip. If you have extra skin (read: uncircumcised), you can also pull the skin up and over the head of the penis. Repeat as needed, slowly or as fast as you want.

Three Fingers

This method is good if you have a smaller penis. Simply hold the shaft as you would hold a pen when you write. This posture provides maximum control and maximum freedom in movement.

Five Fingers

In this technique, your hand and fist form an angle with your penis, with four fingers on top of the neck of the penis and diagonally below is your thumb. This allows you to gain more control over your fingers when they are in contact with your penis and you can move your hand along the entire length from the balls to the tip, even if your penis is not very large.

Twisted Hand

This time take your penis from the left side, not from the right (if you are right-handed). To do this, rotate your wrist with your thumb down; you may need to pull the penis slightly to the side. It might feel weird at first, but it is great for adding juice to your usual routine.

The Condom

You need a condom, the inside of which needs to be filled with a lubricant, and then you can proceed to indulge in the self-loving feeling. The great advantage of this technique is that after the work is done you won’t have to be cleaning the room for the next half hour.


Start by going into the shower, then proceed to point the jet toward the penis tip. It is recommended to remove the plastic shower accessory and allow a “sharp” jet, but before doing so check the strength and heat of the water on your hands first.

Hand Vagina

Connect your fingers and thumb into a half-open fist by turning your thumb down. Then put a little lubricant in your hand so that you can coat your penis too.

Proceed to push it into the “tunnel” and imagine how it feels to be in the actual female genital organ. Experts say the experience is even greater if you place your hand on, e.g. a table, since then it would be like literally making love with your fist.

Bowl of Balls

This stimulating technique of an equally interesting name is actually very simple – keep your scrotum clenched with one hand and pull your hand up and down your shaft.

The Magic Ring

If you introduce a single new item to your masturbation ritual, you are well on your way to a mind-blowing experience. Get a vibrating penis ring and give your sex life a whole new dimension. The vibrations that this device produces in combination with the strokes of the hand lead to a surefire orgasm.

The Towel

Soak the towel with lukewarm water first and then run it over your penis. The testicles play a very important role in the implementation of this technique. Therefore, do not bypass them, but make sure to give them a few strokes too.

Hot and Cold

Place a bowl of shredded ice next to your usual hand-wrestling area. The moment you are close to ejaculation, you should take the ice with your free hand and continue wanking until the end. This technique, in addition to the mix of temperatures, causes incredible orgasmic jerking of all body parts.

The Banana

This technique sounds a bit bizarre, but the banana is a sexy, available toy that anyone can take advantage of in times of need. So, start by making a small slit at the top of the peel and remove the inside of the banana. Slide the skin over your penis and indulge with gentle strokes of friction.


This is a standard technique enriched by fluttering the penis between two palms as if you were playing tennis with the ball on top. Occasional light slaps on the stomach are also recommended in this method.


Several self-loving techniques involve a pillow, the most famous being the one where you rub the shaft with a pillow against your own belly. The linen variations can change according to preferences, and some witnesses say that the combination of sheets and pillows is quite good.

Pro Tip:

The Chinese Position

The name dates back to the 19th century when people all over the world were delving into so-called “opium dens”, which were located in places where the narcotic was most often sold and smoked. The owners and employees were usually of Chinese descent.

The Chinese masturbation technique meant that a man was lying on his stomach during the process, and the English people who used to go into these opium dens often used the term ‘giving a little life to China, which meant that the sperm protruded downwards, to the other side of the world – China. In addition to this type of solo action, the visitors could also choose the option of having an Asian woman under, on a specially made bed, who would give them oral stimulation in the same position down below.

When masturbating this way, it is necessary to have a suitable bed, usually, there are two single beds or a set of fitting furniture that could imitate the original idea. The hand acts as a vagina, so it remains still while the man moves his penis. A towel should be placed on the floor so you can have an orgasm worry-free.

Doing hot jerking off sessions is a wonderful experience and experimenting with new techniques can bring a lot of pleasure.  There is always a happy ending after several ups and downs.

Remember that practice makes perfect! So, cum on ladies and gentlemen!

Learn from the Best

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So, give your partner the gift of a squirting orgasm, full body orgasm, or multiple orgasms by learning these tips, tricks and techniques that most guys will never know.

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Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday started The School Of Squirt back in 2012 and has been running the website and digital courses along with Jakob Wulfe since then. She is a full time sex writer, researcher and practicer.

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