Female Anatomy Lesson For Squirting

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All the techniques we talk about on School of Squirt rely on a good understanding of the female anatomy. You don’t want to be fumbling around down there poking the wrong spot.

If you feel confident applying any of the techniques because you know exactly where and how to do them, she will also feel confident and relaxed. This is our concise guide to the female anatomy.

You can learn more about the techniques to help women squirt here.


The clitoris holds the same amount of nerve endings as the entire male penis, even though it is only a fraction of the size. Consequently it can be a source of great pleasure for the woman if stimulated in the right way.

The clit can be really sensitive for some women, especially when un-aroused so it’s a good idea to build up from indirect stimulation towards direct stimulation over time.

The clit can actually become engorged with blood as her arousal levels rise, and will be easier to find under the clitoral hood as she becomes more and more turned on.

Make sure you use plenty of lube or saliva to stimulate the clit and reduce friction uncomfort. Women can have separate clitoral and g-spot orgasms (or both together.)

Many women like the feel of a vibrator on the clit or a light quick action with a finger or tongue. Some women go crazy when you suck on their clit (aka learn to eat pussy well.)

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Clitoral Hood

The clitoral hood folds over the clit to protect it. Some women are so sensitive that they prefer their clit to be stimulated through the clitoral hood, while other women like direct clit stimulation.

To expose the clit from under the hood, lightly push upwards on the skin just above the vagina.

Outer Labia & Inner Labia

The inner labia love to be sucked, stoked, rubbed, flicked and massaged and are found leading down from the clit close to the inside of the vagina, with th outer labia usually being slightly larger and forming the pussy lips.

The outer and inner labia are what cause what’s known as the female ‘camel toe.’

The G-spot

The G-spot is perhaps the most important part of the female anatomy when it comes to giving squirting orgasms, so it’s essential that you know exactly where it is and how it works.

The g-spot is found 1-3 inches inside the vaginal wall, on the front side (so towards her belly button)

The Urethra

The female urethra is a 2 inches long tube that connects to the urinary bladder for the removal of urine. It exits the body above the vaginal opening, but below the clitoris.

The PC Muscles

The PC muscles are what actually project the female ejaculate out of the vagina. As these muscles become stronger the woman will be able to shoot her ejaculate further, she will be able to squirt multiple times and have more powerful orgasms.

If she has strong PC muscles she will also be able to ‘grip’ your penis during intercourse increasing the pleasure for both of you. Kegel exercises are the primary method for strengthening the PC muscle.

Skene’s Gland

The Skene’s gland is an important area of the female anatomy when it comes to squirting because it produces the female ejaculate. During regular everyday life the Skene’s gland is empty, but during sexual arousal is begins to fill up with the liquid that will (hopefully) later be squirted out.

This is why foreplay, and getting the woman highly aroused before you attempt to make her squirt is so important. The Skene’s gland is now also referred to as the ‘female prostrate.’ The Skene’s gland is found close to the g-spot area along the walls of the urethra.

12 thoughts on “Female Anatomy Lesson For Squirting”

  1. For me squirting comes at the beginning of the pleasure, i think most people think it’s like ejaculation for men where it’s like the ‘peak’ of the pleasure, but that’s not my experience of it at all.

  2. omg the first time I squirted, I was up on a hotel rooftop, standing up against the wall and my bf was giving me oral sex and I started squirting – he said it was like looking through a curtain of water!

  3. This whole squirting thing is messy business, but it feels good – the amount of liquid that comes out is a lot – I keep plenty of towels. It’s a bit like dominoes – once I start, it keeps happening.

  4. The first time I squirted with a guy I had no idea what was happening. It was my first boyfriend and we were having sex in his car, it was a really smalll car and I was in a weird position with my body squashed up.My legs were really high above my head. There was this one feeling of tension that didn’t feel good. I was 30 seconds away from saying ‘stop’ but then I felt the need to push and I ended up squirting! It was like a massive ‘letting go’ not like an orgasm.

  5. I used to think squirting was so weird, but then I heard that song where the guy sings “rain, when she came, it poured” – it was so cool to hear that in a song. like before squirting was this weird, secretive thing, but then hearing it in a song made it like okay. ever since then I’ve been okay about squirting

    • It’s unfortunate that squirting is made to seem shameful, or unnatural. But it’s a healthy, natural bodily function that’s definitely fun for us girls 😉

  6. I got really lucky in that the first boyfriend I squirted with was really positive about it. I literally thought I peed myself during sexy time! I sat on the bed, I was about to cry. I thought I peed myself when I came and was like “Great now every time I cum I’m going to wet myself!” I was so mortified. But then my boyfriend thought it was really hot and I had no idea – he was so excited about it and that made it okay. I was so grateful to him that he made me proud of it right from the beginning.


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