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Multiple Orgasms: Definition & Guide for Men & Women

It’s safe to say the majority of women are happy to experience just one orgasm during a sexual encounter. After all, achieving orgasm can be a little more difficult for women than for men so their pleasure can often be overlooked.

But what if I told you that it’s possible to achieve two, three, or even four orgasms in one session? That’s right! Multiple orgasms aren’t some fantasy or dream. With the right techniques, any woman can experience rolling waves of pleasure over and over again.

So if you want to experience this on your own, or if you want your partner to experience new levels of pleasure, then consider giving multiple orgasms a try.

What are Multiple Orgasms?

Simply put, multiple orgasms occur when a woman experiences more than one orgasm in a session. There is usually a short refractory period between orgasms, though the length of this recovery period varies for each woman.

Multiple Orgasms Versus Stacked Orgasms

When reading up on multiple orgasms, you may see reference to stacked orgasms. What are these, and how do they differ from multiple orgasms?

The greatest difference between the two is the time period between each orgasm.

The typical sexual response cycle is as follows:

  • Excitement
  • Plateau
  • Orgasm
  • Resolution

When a multiple orgasm occurs, the woman enters a period of resolution after the initial orgasm. With enough stimulation, though, that resolution can turn into a plateau and result in another orgasm (and perhaps even another, and another).

With stacked orgasms, however, there is no resolution. Instead, the orgasms happen in quick succession one right after the other. You can think of it almost as a rollercoaster. You’re traveling up the track (plateau), you peak (orgasm), and then just as the intensity is wearing off (going down the track), you peak (orgasm) once again.

What About a Refractory Period?

You may have noticed when talking about multiple orgasms I completely skipped over any mention of a refractory period. That’s because women don’t have a refractory period.

During the resolution stage of the sexual response cycle, men will experience a refractory period where they are unable to orgasm no matter how much stimulation occurs. The length of this period varies from a few minutes to a few hours to a few days. During this time, it is physiologically impossible for men to orgasm.

While women also experience the resolution stage, it is physiologically possible for them to orgasm again. It’s easier for some women than others, but it’s at least a possibility for all women.

What Do Multiple Orgasms Feel Like?

Just like a singular orgasm, mulitple orgasms will feel different from woman to woman.

For many women, multiple orgasms feel like rolling waves of pleasure. Each orgasm is the peak of the wave with general feelings of pleasure and satisfaction during the lows.

For other women, multiple orgasms can feel like a physical and emotional release. It’s not uncommon for women to feel overwhelming emotions after multiple orgasms. This may release itself as tears, laughter, or even a combination of the two.

How to Achieve Multiple Orgasms (Solo or With a Partner)

It’s possible to achieve multiple orgasms either alone or with a partner. Here are a few tips for doing so.

1. Work On Those Pelvic Muscles

The pelvic floor muscles play an important role for men and women in all stages of life. They also play a role in sex and the female orgasm.

While we often take the strength of our pelvic floor muscles for granted, it’s best to start exercising them before they cause issues. This can also improve your ability to orgasm multiple times in one session.

Not sure where to start? Here’s an easy four-step process:

  1. Lie flat on your back on the floor. Bend your knees and place them shoulder-width apart. Place your hands, palm down, firmly on the ground.
  2. Lift up your pelvis and continue to lift until your torso creates a slope with your knees.
  3. To activate the pelvic floor muscles, pretend you’re stopping the flow of pee. Hold this position for 10 seconds, release, and hold the release for 10 seconds.
  4. You can hold yourself in this position for the duration of the exercises, or return to a flat position between sets.

Perform three or four sets per day.

2. Talk About It

If you’re wanting to try this with a partner, then communication is key. Let them know what you want and talk through any questions or concerns they may have.

If your partner is male, they may not understand why you want multiple orgasms in a row. After all, it’s not an option for them but they enjoy the one just fine. Your partner may also ask if they’re not providing you with enough pleasure.

Just remember these questions and comments are normal. Your desire for multiple orgasms is in no way a reflection of your partner’s abilities. You simply want to have a good time and experience something new, neither of which is a bad thing!

3. Get Aroused

As you might have guessed, the more aroused you are, the easier it’ll be to achieve multiple orgasms.

Start with foreplay. This can start hours, or even days, before sex. A few ideas to get you started:

  • Send dirty text messages to your partner
  • Read erotic literature
  • Buy a new set of lingerie
  • Send naughty pictures to your partner
  • Watch adult entertainment
  • Talk dirty to each other
  • Have a makeout session

When it comes time to actually get down and dirty, don’t rush the process. Spend time exploring your partner’s body and let them explore yours.

If you want to bring it to the next level, try an erotic massage. This takes some upfront planning, but it’s a great way to get closer to your partner and enjoy a deeper level of intimacy. Here’s what you need for a successful erotic massage:

Set Up the Environment

The environment can make or break a massage session, so don’t skimp even if it seems useless or “extra.”

Dimmed lights and candles create a relaxing atmosphere. You can add in rose petals, scented mists, and music, too.

Of course, the setup where the massage is going to take place is important too. If you can’t afford a massage table, a sturdy folding table padded with towels and blankets would work just fine. You can also use the bed, though I’d recommend covering it with a sheet or blanket you don’t care about.

Get Into the Right Mindset

Both the giving and receiving partners should work on their mindsets prior to and during the massage.

As the giving partner, ask yourself these questions:

  • How can I make her experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible?
  • How can I keep my mind focused throughout the entirety of the session?
  • How can I communicate with my partner to ensure maximum pleasure?
  • What signs should I be looking for in my partner’s reactions/responses?
  • Am I expecting anything in return, or am I doing this freely? Have these expectations been set with my partner ahead of time?

As the receiving partner, be sure to communicate your needs. This can help to set expectations and avoid annoyance or hurt feelings.

Find a Good Technique

There are a few techniques that are often used during sensual massage. These techniques include:

  • Effleurage: Using a light touch and the palm of your hands, work in circular motions to increase blood flow.
  • Kneading: Use your thumb and fingertips to gently squeeze the muscle tissue between them. Use varying levels of intensity.
  • Stretching: Manually manipulate your partner’s joints (ankles, wrists, elbows, knees, etc.) by gently rotating and stretching them.
  • Percussion: Use the sides of your hands to chop your partner’s body at various levels of intensity. It’s best to focus on muscle-rich areas like the thighs and back. You can also use just your fingertips to create a quick tapping motion.
  • Friction: If your partner has a particularly stubborn knot, use your thumb and fingers to press down onto the knot and work in small, circular motions.

You can use one or a combination of these techniques during your session. Just be sure to check in with your partner, either using their body signals or verbal cues.

4. Use Different Techniques

Just because you orgasmed from one type of stimulation doesn’t mean you have to stick with it for the others. In fact, switching it up can make it more likely for you to reach multiple climaxes.

One of the blessings of being a woman is the ability to orgasm from many different types of stimulation. To name a few:

So when it comes to reaching climax multiple times, you really have quite a few options to choose from.

I’d recommend you start with the techniques that have worked for you in the past. Though, if you’re aroused enough, it may also be a great time to try one new technique to see how it feels. You may not climax right away, but you may still enjoy the new sensations.

5. Relax

I’ll give you the same advice as I’d give someone who is stressing out about orgasming for the first time, or squirting, or even just trying a new sexual activity: relax.

The more you stress out about multiple orgasms, the less likely you’re to achieve them. So relax, both physically and mentally, and just enjoy the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Multiple Orgasms

Do you have more questions about multiple orgasms? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions on the topic.

How Many Orgasms Are Actually Possible?

The answer isn’t so clear-cut as this will vary from woman to woman. While you shouldn’t expect to experience anything in the double digits, I’d say that anything over five is also unlikely. Aim for two or three to start and then see what naturally happens.

Can Every Woman Achieve Multiple Orgasms?

Generally speaking, every woman should be able to achieve multiple orgasms. Of course, there could be physical or mental limitations that make this difficult, if not impossible.

The numbers vary widely when it comes to how many women naturally achieve multiple orgasms, from as low as 8 percent to as high as 70 percent. However, I believe that 100 percent of women can enjoy multiple orgasms with the right techniques.

What if It Hurts?

If you’re not used to stimulation immediately following an orgasm, trying to achieve multiple orgasms may be painful or uncomfortable. This is especially true if the first orgasm was achieved via clitoral stimulation and the clitoral stimulation continues.

I’d recommend you try another stimulation technique so as to help with sensitivity. For example, switching to vaginal stimulation after clitoral stimulation. You can also take a short two or three-minute break after your orgasm – enough time to reduce sensitivity but not too much to come down from your arousal.

How Do Multiple Orgasms Differ from Edging?

While the two are often mentioned in the same conversations, they’re actually two very different sexual experiences.

As we know, multiple orgasms are more than one orgasm experienced during one sexual encounter. Edging, on the other hand, aims to deny orgasm multiple times over an encounter so the orgasm is explosive and intense.


For the vast majority of women, multiple orgasms are possible. It may take some time and patience, but the techniques above can help.

Even if you’re one of the few women who can’t achieve multiple orgasms in one encounter, you and your partner will still be bound to have a fun time exploring your body and its various erogenous zones.

Have you or your partner ever experienced multiple orgasms? Are you excited to try the above techniques to experience new levels of pleasure?

Laura Rose Halliday

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