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How To Give Her a Shaking Orgasm

Do you want to blow your woman’s mind with earth-shattering moves that leave her SHAKING with pleasure? You’ve come to exactly the right place! We’ve put together the ultimate list of tried and tested techniques that can help any woman experience wild, shaking orgasms over and over again!

After reading this guide, your sex life will never be the same again…

This guide will teach you the exact steps you need to follow to give your woman the best orgasm of her life!

If you are ready to:

  • Make her TREMBLE with anticipation…
  • Make her DRENCH her panties with excitement…
  • Make her entire body SHAKE with pure pleasure…

​​Then keep reading! This guide will help you become more sexually confident and make your woman sexually very happy!

How to Unlock Her Sex Drive

Men and women get turned on in different ways. For guys, all it takes is seeing, hearing, or even thinking about something that they find appealing or sexy. That’s it, they are turned on and ready to rock!

But for women, things can be a little more complicated. First, women need to UNLOCK their sex drive by removing whatever is acting as a barrier. A barrier could be anything from feeling stressed, to feeling unloved, or even hormonal issues.

Next, women need to EXPERIENCE something that turns them on, like a surprise, a romantic gesture, or an intimate discussion. Many guys understand that men and women get turned on in different ways, but they don’t understand how to use this to their advantage! If you want to give your girl an intense orgasm and make her SQUIRT like a pornstar, you must learn how to unlock her sex drive.

I know you probably want to get right into the fun stuff like the best fingering techniques, the most erotic cunnilingus moves, and the best sexual positions. But wait. If you miss this crucial step and don’t unlock your woman’s sex drive, you’re wasting your time!

The most common barriers are:

  1. Stress
  2. Feeling unloved
  3. Her menstrual cycle

I’ll explain these barriers and teach you specific techniques for removing them, thus helping your woman start to enjoy phenomenal sex with you!

1. Stress

Stress is by far the most common barrier that prevents a woman from unlocking her sex drive. Whether the stress stems from personal or professional issues, studies show that it can really put the brakes on her sex drive. Stress can even dull the sensations of sex.

Here’s what to do:

  • To help your woman de-stress, research shows that meditation can help lower perceived stress and increase mindfulness, leading to increased sexual function.
  • Studies have shown that yoga can be effective at combating stress.
  • Offering your woman a relaxing massage is another research-backed way to help lower her stress levels and facilitate intimacy.

Besides these ideas, you can also help by removing stressors from your woman’s life, where possible. For example, you could help her switch jobs, hire extra help at home, or even help her manage her finances better. For unavoidable stressors such as family issues, you can try to help your woman figure out effective coping strategies.

2. Feeling unloved

The second most common barrier that prevents a woman from unlocking her sex drive is feeling unloved. This includes any time that she feels taken for granted, feels that you don’t care about her, or even feels that you don’t understand her. Feeling unloved is especially common for women who are stay-at-home mums; they may have quite difficult, stressful lives but without the salary, status, and benefits of a job.

If your woman falls into this category, you must take steps to acknowledge her and appreciate what she does. If she starts feeling unloved and uncared for, her emotions will act as a major barrier preventing her from unlocking her sex drive. It’s easy to imagine that you’re always the perfect guy, but you should always try and understand things from your woman’s perspective, whatever her situation.

Women love intimate talks, so take the time to talk with your girl and discuss her feelings. Try to understand the source of her unhappiness. Reassure her that you’ve always got her best interests at heart.

3. Her menstrual cycle

The third most common barrier that prevents a woman from unlocking her sex drive is her menstrual cycle. Understanding the stages in your woman’s menstrual cycle gives you the chance to ‘pick your moment’ and find ‘the right time’ to be intimate.

Research shows that the majority of women feel most sexual around the time they ovulate and feel the least interested in sex in the days before their period when they experience PMS (Premenstrual syndrome). If you help your girl track her ovulation periods (either by counting or using an app) you can avoid the times when physical pain such as cramps leaves her with a reduced sex drive, and pick the times when she is more likely to be horny.

The three barriers that we’ve discussed are just some of the many barriers that your woman may be experiencing. Other barriers include trust issues, sexual shame, sexual trauma, exercise, menopause, age, medications, and even birth complications. If you want to give your girl an intense orgasm, your first goal is to identify and reduce whatever barrier is preventing your woman from unlocking her sex drive!

How to Make Her Horny

After you’ve managed to reduce or eliminate the barriers that were preventing your woman from unlocking her sex drive, she’ll be much more open to becoming aroused and horny!

I’m going to show you two AMAZING techniques that you can use to amplify your woman’s feelings until she practically BEGS you for sex!

They are:

  1. Make her the center of your attention
  2. Use words and phrases that will turn her on

Here’s how to use these techniques to get your girl in the mood!

1. Make her the center of your attention

As a guy, feeling desired may not do anything for you. But for women, feeling deeply desired is kryptonite. It lights up her brain and makes her weak at the knees like NOTHING ELSE! When your woman feels desired, she may even become completely intoxicated and overwhelmed!

At the heart of this reaction lays her desire to feel more special than anyone else. She wants to feel loved and cherished above all others and be the center of your universe. When she feels this way, making her super horny becomes ridiculously easy!

Here are some ideas that you can try:

  • Surprise your woman by visiting a restaurant that she’s always wanted to try.
  • Give her a thoughtful gift like a bottle of her favorite wine or a bunch of her favourite flowers.
  • Send her a card or text message telling her how much you are thinking about her!
  • Organizing a surprise weekend away!

Once your woman feels desired, it’s time to move to the next technique…

2. Use words and phrases that will turn her on

To supercharge your girl’s sexual desire, your best weapon isn’t how great shape you’re in or how nicely you dress – it’s what you say. To express your desire for her, you need to flatter her.

But be warned:

Insincere flattery will get you NOWHERE and can even be counter-productive! You must find something that’s important to her and you must be genuine in everything you say.

For example:

  • If she’s working out more, let her know what great shape you think she’s in.
  • If she’s wearing a new outfit, let her know how amazing you think it looks on her.
  • If she’s recently won a promotion at work, tell her how sexy you think her new role is.

However…. It isn’t just the compliments that are important, it’s how you phrase them that counts.


  • Don’t just tell her that she looks like she’s in great shape. Instead, say, “I really like how your hips look in that dress.” This lets her know that you’re taking notice of the hours she’s been putting in at the gym.
  • Don’t just tell her that you like her outfit. Instead, say, “That dress looks amazing on you,” This phrase is highly sexually suggestive and immediately lets her know that you’re thinking about how she looks without the dress on!
  • Likewise, don’t just casually congratulate her on a recent promotion. Instead, say something like, “Wow, a promotion! What am I going to do with you?” This type of phrase is seriously intense and full of sexual connotations without being overtly sexual.

If you place your woman at the center of your attention and flatter her with suggestive words and phrases, she’s almost guaranteed to become very, very horny!

Try it and see!

We have a very good article about how to help your wife orgasm more easily here if that interests you.

Understanding Your Woman’s Sexual Anatomy

You’ll need to become familiar with her sexual anatomy, if you aren’t already. Her external anatomy, ie. her vulva, looks like this…

The fleshy folds of skin that cover your woman’s urethral opening and her vagina are called the labia. The larger fleshy folds of skin around her vagina are called the labia majora while the smaller, thinner folds of skin are called the labia minora. At the point where the inner labia meet, they form a little ‘hood’ of skin called the clitoral hood, underneath which is the clitoris; the undisputed pleasure center of your woman’s vulva.

However, the clitoris isn’t just for pleasure. According to a recent study in Clinical Anatomy, it plays a vital role in reproduction by:

  • Enhancing blood flow to the vagina
  • Increasing lubrication, and
  • Altering the position of the cervix to improve the motility of sperm

And guess what? Every single orgasm your woman has will emanate from her clitoris. That’s right. Every. Single. One.

You’ve probably heard of a ‘clitoral orgasm’, or a ‘vaginal orgasm’, or even a ‘G-spot orgasm’. But the truth is that if your woman cums, it’s based on clitoral stimulation.

(We have an article about how to give a cervical orgasm here.)

To understand this, you need to know that the visible part of your girl’s clitoris is just the head, or glans to give it it’s correct name. However, her clitoris is actually a spongy shaft that reaches almost five inches inside her body, making it roughly the same size as the average penis!

This shaft splits into two ‘legs’ that run underneath her labia and go as far back as her abdomen. These legs have bulbs that can be stimulated by touching her vagina and outside her vulva.

But that’s not all. You’ll also need to be familiar with her internal anatomy, which looks like this…

By far the most important area to know about is the G-spot; a small ridged area about two to three inches inside your woman’s vagina. Contrary to popular belief, your woman’s G-spot is actually part of her clitoris. It’s the back part of her clit, the apex, that sits near her urethral ducts and sponge. That’s why stimulating her G-spot with your fingers is one of the best ways to help your woman achieve an orgasm; you’re touching her clit!

A lesser-known but equally important area is your woman’s A-spot or Anterior Fornix Erogenous zone. This sits above her cervix, near the back of her vagina.


This is actually part of her clitoris, too! What makes the A-spot interesting is that while it can be stimulated through deep fingering and during intercourse, it can also be stimulated through anal sex!

While not every woman enjoys anal penetration, for those that do, this is why it feels pleasurable!

If you want to learn how to pleasure your woman and give her an incredible orgasm, these are the areas that you NEED to know about!

How to Build Arousal Through Fingering

If you want to help your girl experience the thrill of a screaming orgasm, you need to build her arousal levels. This takes time and patience and no, there aren’t any shortcuts. Sorry!

Fingering your woman’s most intimate parts like her clitoris and G-spot is the surest way to make her super-aroused. I’m going to show you the THREE BEST WAYS to do just that!

So keep reading…

The TOP 3 moves that will send your woman’s arousal levels through the roof are:

  • Massaging her clitoris
  • Stroking her labia, and
  • Stroking her vagina

Here’s what to do:

1. Massage her clitoris

To build tension throughout your woman’s vulva, place your index and middle finger either side of her Labia Majora and apply a gentle squeezing pressure at the base of her clitoris. As the two ‘legs’ of her clitoris run underneath this area, this squeezing motion will feel exquisite without being overwhelming!

You can also roll her clitoris through the clitoral hood between your thumb and forefinger and gently tease it by pushing it up and down. Continually gauge your woman’s’ reaction and experiment until you find the exact motion that she enjoys the most!

2. Stroke her labia

Stroking your woman’s labia won’t make her orgasm, but it can bring her close to climax! The SECRET is using plenty of lube. Use your index and middle finger to stroke up and down her labia as lightly as possible.

As her arousal levels build, her natural lubrication will make the stroking feel even more erotic and enjoyable for her. If her labia is long enough, you may also be able to rub her clitoris through her labia for extra excitement!

3. Stroke her vagina

The third technique for building your woman’s arousal levels is to use your index finger and gently stroke upwards from the bottom of her labia to the top where the inner labia meet and form the clitoral hood.

This feels incredible if your finger is covered in her natural lubrication! When your woman is nicely wet, you can also stroke from top to bottom too, starting at her clitoris and stroking down to her vagina.

How to Finger Her Clitoris

Once your woman’s arousal levels are sky-high, it’s time to show her clit some love! As every orgasm that your woman ever experiences will be based on her clitoris, fingering her clit is hands down the best way to make her cum.

Using the right techniques, you can make her thrash and WRITHE with pleasure until she SQUIRTS with happiness! I’m going to show you the BEST THREE moves that you can use to finger your woman’s clit until she experiences a toe-curling, back-arching orgasm that she’ll never forget!

They are:

  1. Rubbing her clit
  2. Flicking her clit
  3. Massaging her clit

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Rub her clit

Once your woman is nicely turned on and wet, take your index finger and start rubbing her clitoris in a gentle up and down motion. For most women, this intense, direct stimulation is enough to make them climax! Alternate your speed and pressure until you find EXACTLY how she loves you to touch her and then keep a super-steady pace until she cums.

2. Flick her clit

An extremely erotic alternative to rubbing is lightly flicking your index finger from left to right over your woman’s clit at various speeds and angles. Use plenty of water-based lube to let your finger ‘glide’ more easily over her clit. If you feel your finger drying out, either apply more lube or dip your fingertip into her vagina to pick up some of her natural lubrication.

3. Massage her clit

While rubbing or flicking with your index finger will be enough to make most women orgasm, if your partner needs even more stimulation, you may want to try this third technique – massaging her clit.

Put plenty of lube on all four of your fingers and start rubbing your woman’s clitoris and labia in a small circular motion. This technique will feel CRAZY GOOD as your fingers have a large surface area, helping maximize the pleasure your girl experiences!

Experiment with different speeds and pressures until you find what works well. Some women prefer a light pressure with small circles while others prefer heavy, deep circles and plenty of pressure. Once you’ve experimented with these three techniques, see what your woman responds to best:

Does she like it when you are:

  • Rubbing or flicking?
  • Using a light, medium or intense pressure?
  • Going slow, medium or fast?
  • Using direct or indirect stimulation?

The KEY to making your woman cum is experimenting and asking for feedback along the way. Be sensitive to everything your partner says and pay special attention to their breathing patterns. Heavier breather, moaning, muscles tensing and back arching are non-verbal, physical signs of sexual arousal to look out for.

This will make it obvious that you’ve hit a certain rhythm that’s working, even if your woman doesn’t say anything! Once you find the right groove, keep it going until she climaxes!

Fingering Her G-spot

Fingering your woman’s clitoris using the techniques I just taught you should help her achieve one, or multiple, orgasms! However, research shows that over 60 percent of women need both clitoral and vaginal stimulation to reach orgasm.

If you want to help your girl feel the earth move when she cums, touching her vagina is definitely something you should explore…

And, if you’re touching her vagina, you should definitely focus on her G-spot.

Why? Your woman’s G-spot holds the KEY to giving her an orgasm like she’s never experienced before!

How to Find Her G-spot

Your woman’s G-spot is the most sensitive part of her vagina. It is located around two or three inches inside her vaginal canal on the front wall, known as the anterior wall.

To find your woman’s G-spot, make sure your hands are clean and you use plenty of lube. Gently slide your index finger into her vagina and curve it upwards towards her pubic bone. The G-spot feels like a swollen area with little bumps and slight ridges.

If you’re having trouble finding your woman’s G spot, it’s helpful to know that the more aroused she is, the more her G-spot swells, making it easier to locate! You can try gently pushing down on your girl’s pubic mound with your free hand from the outside. This can make her G-spot even more pronounced, making it easier to locate.

Once you’ve found your woman’s G-spot, the following three techniques are GUARANTEED to make her SHAKE when she cums!

They are:

  1. Stroking, pressing and rubbing her G-spot
  2. Stimulating her G-spot and clit together
  3. Using your fingers and a vibrator

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Stroke, press and rub her G spot

Most women love a combination of stroking, pressing and rubbing on their G-spot. The KEY to giving your woman an incredible orgasm is finding out which one or combination of these movements drives her WILD!

Do this:

Stroke her G-spot
Simply run the tip of your index finger over her G-spot in short, regular motions.

Press her G-spot
Try pressing directly on her G-spot and holding your finger in place for a few seconds.

Rub her G-spot
Try rubbing your woman’s G-spot in small, circular motions. Try a variety of pressures until you find the perfect one.

Experiment with all three of these movements at different speeds and intensities and gauge your woman’s reaction…

  • If she indicates pain or displeasure, move on a try something else…
  • If she starts moving closer to you and moaning with pleasure, keep going!

Let’s look at the second technique…

2. Stimulate her G-spot and clitoris together

If you want your woman to experience a phenomenal orgasm, try stimulating her G-spot and clitoris at the same time. Begin by using your main hand to stimulate her G-spot in any of the three ways listed above (stroking, pressing or rubbing). Then, use your other hand to rub her clitoris using any of the three fingering techniques I outlined earlier (rubbing, flicking or massaging).

Mixing and matching any of these six movements gives you dozens of combinations to try! Play it by ear and ask your woman to give you feedback about what feels good, what she prefers and how hard or how fast you should go!


3. Use your fingers and a vibrator

If you and your woman are open to using sex toys, using a vibrator is one of the BEST ways to help her experience the joy of an intense orgasm. I recommend using any of the three G-spot fingering techniques I outlined above while holding a vibrator against or near her clitoris! If your woman finds that her clitoris is too sensitive for direct contact, try holding the tip of the vibrator on the clitoris hood or to either side.

You can also try using a finger vibrator! This fun, discreet sex toy loops around your index finger and delivers a powerful buzz right to your fingertips!

How to Tease Her With Your Tongue

I promise that ANY of the clitoral and G-spot fingering techniques I outlined above will all but GUARANTEE that your woman orgasms.

However… If you want to make your woman SHAKE with ecstasy, you need to use your tongue. Sexually teasing your woman with your tongue can propel her to multiple orgasms!

But be warned:

The techniques I’m going to show you are so good that your girl may become sexually addicted to you! Tongue teasing will work her up into a FRENZY of excitement, especially if it follows a good fingering!

Here are my TOP THREE tips for teasing your woman and helping her build her levels of arousal until she shakes when she cums.

1. Kiss, nibble and lick her erogenous zones

Your woman’s most powerful erogenous zones include her inner thighs, the back of her neck, her lips and even the bottoms of her feet. You can drive her INSANE by kissing, nibbling and licking these areas of her body before spreading her legs and kissing up to her panties. Nibbling or squeezing the skin on her inner thighs with your teeth will likely drive her CRAZY with passion!

2. Lick and kiss her through her panties

To make her literally BEG you to start eating her out, try kissing her vulva and vagina through her panties before you take them off. Run your tongue softly from the bottom of her vagina up to her clitoris. Kiss the area above her clitoris (her mons) and then move back down. Alternate between her inner thighs and her vulva to make her moan with anticipation!

3. Stoke her with your fingers

One of the most POWERFUL ways to build your woman’s excitement levels is to combine well-placed kisses, nibbles, and licks with finger movements. Try rubbing or flicking your fingers across her clitoris WHILE licking and kissing her vulva, or switch things up by stroking her vagina while kissing her mons and clitoris! These three techniques for teasing your woman should make her see stars and start thrashing with excitement!

How to Eat Pussy Like a Pornstar

Eating out your woman is a sure-fire way to make her scream, cry and SHAKE with pleasure!

The SECRET is slowing building tension first with things that we have already discussed, such as:

  • Removing the barriers to her sex drive
  • Making her horny
  • Fingering her clitoris
  • Stimulating her G-spot, and…
  • Teasing her with your tongue

By this point, your woman should be CRYING with pleasure and, if she hasn’t already orgasmed, she should be BEGGING you to make her cum! THIS is the time to unleash an incredibly potent oral sex move that will push her to the point of orgasm and beyond!

This ONE SIMPLE technique is easy to perform and will make you into a sexual god! It’s called the Tongue Massage.

Here’s how to do it!

The Tongue Massage

Remember the four-fingered clit massage technique that we showed you earlier? Well, the tongue massage is a CRAZY SIMPLE technique that your woman will find EVEN MORE ADDICTIVE!

Begin by sticking your tongue out and making is as wide and as flat as possible. This gives you the same approximate surface area as your four fingers in the clit massage technique, except you’ll be letting your tongue work its magic!

To perform the Tongue Massage, keep your tongue as wide and flat as possible and let your head to all the work! Begin by covering your tongue in saliva and pressing it over your woman’s mons. Slowly push your head down until your tongue is covering as much of her vulva as possible. Next, begin moving your head in small circular motions over her clitoris and clitoral hood.


It’s not your tongue doing the work: your entire head is performing the movement while your tongue remains relaxed, wide and flat. All the pressure comes from your neck muscles, not from your tongue movements, so don’t twist your tongue or lick, just keep it as flat as possible.

With a little practice, you’ll appreciate the logic behind this: your tongue doesn’t get tired so you can perform cunnilingus for longer, giving your women enough time to orgasm! Studies have shown that just 15 – 20 minutes of foreplay can DOUBLE the chances of a woman reaching orgasm!

Begin by using minimal pressure and see how your woman responds.

  • Is she moaning, arching her back, breathing more heavily or clutching at the bedsheets? If so, that’s probably a good sign that you’re on the right track!
  • If not, slowly increase the pressure until you can tell she’s enjoying it. Sexual arousal is often translated unconsciously, so pay as much attention to her physical responses as to her verbal cues.

Your goal should be to use the least possible amount of pressure until she orgasms, so don’t be afraid to ask what feels best! Every woman is different: some women need incredibly light pressure and slow movements while others need hard and fast, like a dog lapping up water – so if in doubt, just ask! Most women prefer a steady pace when they are approaching orgasm – so find a pressure level and pace that works and stick with it!

However, with enough practice, you’ll be able to take your head game to a whole new level with a technique known as ‘edging’.

How to ‘Edge’ Your Woman Towards a Mind-Blowing Orgasm

If you want to learn the ULTIMATE way to give your woman a mind-blowing orgasm then this is it. Edging is an orgasm control technique that you can use to give your woman the strongest orgasms imaginable!

Here’s how it works: You bring your woman to the point of orgasm and then stop her, bring her back from the edge, and then build her up towards climax again. Also known as ‘peaking’ and ‘surfing’, edging can be used during mutual masturbation, oral sex or even intercourse and can result in stronger, more powerful orgasms that can make your woman SHAKE with passion!

However, it comes with a catch:

Edging is definitely an advanced technique. To master it, you should be experienced enough to be able to make your girl cum with ease. You must be able to sense the verbal and non-verbal cues that she’s almost ready to come.

If you’re a beginner or intermediate, trying to ‘edge’ your woman can result in nothing more than frustration for her! You’re honestly better off maintaining a super-steady pace and pressure throughout until she comes. If you try to ‘edge’ her and fluff it, you’ll ruin her orgasm AND her mood!

But if you’re at the point where reliably make your girl climax, then edging can be the one thing that turns an orgasm from ordinary to SHAKING!

Here’s how to edge your girl during cunnilingus!

  • While eating out your woman’s pussy, look or listen for cues that she’s ready to come.
  • Reduce or completely stop eating her out and wait until her feelings subside.
  • When she’s cooled off, restart the stimulation and repeat until she’s ready to come.

You can also try the super-slow method by slowing down so that her final approach to orgasm takes longer than usual. This can be HYPER-PLEASURABLE for your woman and can result in the orgasm that you’re aiming for!

The Best Sex Position to Give Her an Intense Orgasm

Giving your woman an intense orgasm through intercourse is no mean feat. Research shows that the majority of women can’t come through penetrative intercourse alone.

However… While no sex position can GUARANTEE that your woman experiences an orgasm, there is ONE position that WILL stack the odds in your favor!

This position will turn you into a sex god between the sheets and greatly increase your woman’s chances of experiencing an intense orgasm! The position is called the Coital Alignment Technique, or C.A.T. for short, and, overall, it’s the BEST sex position for making your woman SHAKE as she cums!

The Coital Alignment Technique (C.A.T)

Don’t let the name fool you; the Coital Alignment Technique is one of the GREATEST sex positions for giving your woman an orgasm. A study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that 73 percent of women surveyed managed to orgasm using this technique!

Here’s how it’s done:


Start in missionary position, with your woman on her back and you on top, between her legs. Instead of being chest-to-chest, move your body upwards so that your pelvis is higher than during regular missionary and your chest is over her right or left shoulder. Ask her to bend her legs upwards at a 45-degree angle. This pushes the base of your shaft into contact with her clitoris. Instead of thrusting in and out, focus on grinding against her pelvis.


  • The C.A.T. is simple to perform and almost GUARANTEES great results!
  • You can use a pillow or sex cushion under her hips to make the angle even more accessible.
  • You can use some lube to make the sensation EXTRA SLIPPERY!


  • Some men need the sensation of thrusting in and out to orgasm. If the C.A.T leaves you needing more stimulation, you can try a vibrating cock ring. This will send powerful buzzes through your groin for some unique sensations!
  • If your woman needs more intense contact, she can use her hands to spread her labia apart. This makes the base of your shaft rub directly against her clitoris for added pleasure.


We don’t expect you to try ALL the ideas in this guide, but we strongly encourage you to follow the sequence that we laid out.

You need to remove your woman’s barriers to unlock her sex drive before making her horny and starting to stimulate her.

When it comes to giving your woman an orgasm, she needs to be properly relaxed and in the right frame of mind to get the most out of the fingering, cunnilingus and intercourse techniques that we’ve outlined in this guide.

So, follow our basic strategy and you’ll be giving your woman mind-blowing orgasms again and again with ease!

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Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday started The School Of Squirt back in 2012 and has been running the website and digital courses along with Jakob Wulfe since then. She is a full time sex writer, researcher and practicer.

Disclosure: Our content is reader-supported. This means if you click on some of our links, then we may earn a commission. We only recommend products that we believe will add value to our readers.

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  1. I tried some of these moves out on my girl and the one that worked best was licking her clit while fingering her g spot. I used two fingers and gave it a ton of pressure. She was really happy

  2. I didn’t see this on your list but the one way I’ve found to get unbelievably strong orgasms is having rough sex. something about being pounced on just gets me soaking wet and ready to cum in minutes.

  3. So basically to comfort you guys with small dicks. YOU DONT EVEN NEED IT TO GET YOUR GIRL BEGGING TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU. Be confident and use them manly hands to get your girl addicted to you. Let our tongues do it’s thing as well. Goodluck.

  4. Hey Laura,

    Thnx for the list. Most was already known here, so I wonder the next thing. Sex is nicest when experienced together. But what about us guys with non-pornstar like equipment? I mean, We all would like to have a straight 12 inch long, 3 inch thick machine attached to pound with, but most of us are not. Many men have small or bend penises, or just only need 20 seconds to finish (or both). The techniques above work great, but it feels… lonely to work an hour to have your woman experience the greatest pleasures and then in the next phase being finished within the minute, knowing that what you did in that minute made here feel very little.

    Any tips would be welcomed.

    1. Hey John, thanks for your thoughtful comment.
      Firstly there are many techniques you can deploy with mouth and hands to give your woman the pleasure she craves. I suggest you master these techniques. After that, make sure you learn about ejaculation control as this will help you last longer easily. After that you should be able to last 15 minutes and you’ll already be in the top 5% of guys. Don’t worry too much about the size. It’ not too important for giving amazing orgasms to your partner.

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