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40 Steamy Sex Games for Couples to Play Tonight

Do you want to turn your sex life up a notch and re-ignite the passion in your relationship?

If so, a sex game could be just what you need!

According to this research paper, couples who regularly indulge in novel activities such as sex games enjoy higher levels of sexual satisfaction than those who don’t. They can help couples have more fun, explore their fantasies, and be more adventurous in the bedroom!

If you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, I’ve hand-picked 40 of the best sex games for couples that you can play with your S.O. tonight! As I’ve personally tried all the games myself, I promise that you’ll have fun!

Every single game on my list will help you:

  • strengthen your relationship,
  • build trust,
  • increase passion,
  • deepen intimacy
  • and more!

To make sure that I included something for everyone, the first 20 games are completely free and require little more than your imagination! The next 20 games may require you to buy a little something or make a specific purchase. So, whether you’re looking to splash the cash or bang on a budget, simply take your pick and have at it!

But before you do anything, make sure you talk with your partner about consent. Games are only fun if you’re both okay with them. Before you start to play, choose a safe word that you and your partner can use to stop any games that feel a little TOO outside of what’s okay for you. Once you do that, these games will feel SO much more fun!

The first twenty in our list are completely free to play! At most, you may need a few common household items or things that you probably already have lying around your home!

1. Drive ‘n Dare

There’s nothing hotter than doing something a little bit kinky in public or outdoors! So if you’re looking to get frisky al fresco, Drive ‘n Dare is one of the best games to try! To play, simply dress in some skimpy clothing – like a little black dress for her and t-shirt and pair of flimsy shorts for him – and go out for a drive somewhere. Take turns to suggest places along the way to stop and then dare the other person to get out of the car and do something naughty!

Try low-key dares like dashing into a convenience store to buy something, or running through a wooded area, if you live rurally. On your way back home, put your hand on your partner’s crotch to give them an idea of what you want to do together later!

2. Dirty ‘Would you rather’ Questions

This adult twist on a classic game can help bring you and your partner closer together by exploring your most intimate desires in a fun and playful way. The questions can range from simple to super dirty, depending on how kinky you feel! Your partner’s answers will give you plenty of ideas for ways that you can spice up your sexy time later on!

Simply take turns asking each other “Would you rather…” questions and offer up two sexy alternatives or hypothetical situations, one of which your partner must choose. This game can start off feeling awkward but it usually only takes a question or two before you start feeling comfortable. You can make the questions as tame or as outlandish as you want!

Some good warm-up questions to ask include, “Would you rather have sex in bed or in the kitchen?”, and “Would you rather have oral sex or anal sex?” Some of the more outlandish options include, “Would you rather sleep with my brother or your brother?”, and “Would you rather kiss my boss or have me kiss my boss?”.

3. Strip Questions

Have you ever wondered how much your partner really knows about you sexually? If so, this sexy game is bound to answer that burning question! To play Strip questions, simply ask your partner a series of sexy questions. For every question they get wrong, they have to take off one piece of clothing!

The more difficult you make the questions, the faster they’ll be naked, so think of some challenging ones, like: “Where was the sexiest place we’ve ever made love?”, “What’s my favorite oral sex position?”, and “When was the last time you made me orgasm?”. To make the game even wilder, have your partner down a shot and take off one piece of clothing for every wrong question!


4. Adult Truth or Dare

This twist on the classic Truth or Dare game is perfect for getting ready for foreplay! Simply take turns asking your partner whether they want to answer a question truthfully or take a dare. This is a great game for trying to understand your partner better on a sexual level.

Some good questions to ask include, “What’s the sexiest scene you’ve ever watched in a movie?”, or “Tell me your wildest sexual fantasy”. If they opt to do a dare instead, make the dares easy – such as “I dare you to give me your sexiest striptease right now”.

5. Dirty Game

Think that smartphones and sex don’t mix? Well, that depends on what you do with them! Dirty Game is a free adults-only Truth or Dare app that can be tailored to suit every level of desire. Whether you are on a first date and want to choose the ‘Icebreaker’ mode or in a relationship and want to go straight to ‘Foreplay’ or ‘Sex’, this app won’t disappoint! Simply choose your level and start having fun!

The Dirty Game is perfect for coming up with naughty Truth or Dare questions and dares and can help you become more comfortable talking dirty with your partner. When you’re ready to take things further, the app also covers everything from touching to penetrative sex, making it ideal for foreplay, sex and more!

6. Drink or Dare

If Truth or Dare is too tame for your liking, try playing this version with very little truth involved! Take turns to dare each other to do something and have them choose to either do the dare, or take a drink! You can make the dares as sexy or wild as you like but try to keep them brief.

Examples of tame dares would include, “Talk dirty to me for three minutes”, or “Tell me your favorite sex position”, while wilder dares would be things like, “Show me how you like to pleasure yourself”. This game is great for learning more about each other and exploring your boundaries, so feel free to use the Dirty Game app for more kinky dare suggestions!

7. Monkey See, Monkey Do

If you are your partner are comfortable watching porn together, why not make a game out of it? To play this game, have your partner choose some porn that really turns them on. Start watching it together and ask them to pick out the best, hottest, steamiest scenes they can find. The rule is simple; you have to try to act out what you see!

If you’ve ever watched porn and wanted to try it in real life, this fun sex game could be your chance! Sometimes, positions that look hot don’t translate well into the bedroom, while other times trying what you see can change the way you have sex…forever! You’ll never know unless you try!

8. Put It In My Mouth

To really ramp up your levels of desire, nothing beats the age-old combination of sex and food! To play this game, simply get naked, blindfold your partner and have them feed you some delicious food with a spoon. You don’t need a blindfold – any necktie or scarf will do – and the food can be anything you want, like ice cream, yogurt or even a sumptuous dessert!

As your partner is blindfolded, the spoon will end up in many different places and there’s one simple rule: anything they spill on you, they have to lick off! Don’t worry, you’re allowed to guide their tongue into just the right spots! This is a great game for building trust and you’ll love the sensations of having your other half lick your body! Where things go from there, I’ll leave up to you…

9. Fantasy Bowl

To play this sexy game, simply write down your top five fantasies on separate pieces of paper, fold them, and put them in a bowl. Have your partner do the same. Mix the pieces of paper, then take turns to pick one out. Read the fantasy out loud and then talk about it.

The Fantasy Bowl game is a non-threatening way to bring up fantasies that you may otherwise feel too shy to explore. If you want the talk to lead to action, the fantasies you share can always inspire your sack time later on!

10. Raunchy Role Play

Role-play is a great way to act out your fantasies while injecting an element of novelty and excitement into your relationship. A great way to initiate role-play is to watch your favorite show together and casually wonder aloud, “What if those two characters hooked up?” This can lead to some fun fondling where you and your partner pretend you are the characters and act out the sex scene you wish they’d have.

11. Not So Fast

This fun sex game is perfect for bridging the gap between getting naked and starting foreplay. Lie naked in bed, have your partner stand in the doorway and ask them questions about yourself. They can take one step forward for each correct answer and must take one step back for every wrong answer.

If you can’t wait to have your partner on top of you, make the questions simple, such as “What’s my favorite position?”.To slow things down, ask more challenging questions like, “When you go down on me, which do I prefer; your tongue or your fingers?”. This game is fantastic for building intimacy and spiking passion levels; by the time your partner reaches you, you won’t be able to keep your hands off each other!

12. Naked Getting to Know You

This game is perfect for building tension before you start foreplay. Lie together on the bed and take turns hovering your hands over your partner’s body, while trying not to touch them! If you go really close, your partner should be able to feel the heat from your skin. The rule is simple; whoever accidentally makes contact has to kiss their partner. Keep score – one point per kiss!

13. XXX Marks the Spot

The rule of this simple pre-foreplay game is simple: keep one particular spot of your body in mind and have your partner kiss every part of your body until they find it! This game is incredible for exploring little-known erogenous zones such as the nape of your neck and your inner thighs. These pleasure centers often get left out during foreplay and sex, so this game will help you let your partner find them for themselves and let you know EXACTLY which areas you want them to touch!

14. The Mirror Game

Another great game for showing your partner how and where you like to be touched is the Mirror Game. Simply sit or lie down while facing each other on the bed. Begin to touch different areas of your partner’s body. The rule is simple; they have to simultaneously touch the same area of your body in exactly the same way.

If your partner is really good at mirroring your actions, the Mirror Game feels super-hot, especially if you start introducing kissing and licking. After a while, you can swap roles and have your partner show you where they like to be touched. This game is guaranteed to help you get to know each other better and improve your foreplay and lovemaking!

15. Name That Letter

If you want to spice up foreplay and oral sex, Name that letter is a fun way of exploring your partner’s body. Have your partner lie down on the bed, blindfold them (use a necktie or scarf) and choose your favorite spot on their body such as their breasts, their tummy or their genitals. Gently start to trace a letter on their skin, keeping your movements light and teasing. If they can name the letter you are tracing, they get one point. When they reach ten correct answers, they get to orgasm, and then you can swap places!

To make this game even hotter, try holding an ice cube in your mouth while to trace the letters. Wait until it has melted down a bit (freezer-burn isn’t cool!) and then use the coolness of your tongue and lips to ramp up your partner’s desire! You can also switch things up by sipping a warm drink and creating a wonderful contrast of temperatures on your partners’ skin. They’ll love it!

16. Oral Master

If you’re finding that your foreplay routine gets stuck in a rut, playing the Oral Master game is bound to help! The rules are simple; set the timer on your phone for four minutes and see who can initiate the most oral sex positions with their partner before the time runs out! Keep score and then swap roles to find out who is the master of oral sex!

This is a great opportunity to broaden your oral sex horizons. If your knowledge of oral sex positions is limited to the kneeling blowjob position, check out the free iKamasutra app or read my complete guide to 50 greatest sex positions every couple should try!

17. Seven Minutes in Heaven

Have you ever experienced the excitement of trying to squeeze in a quickie before someone comes home and discovers you? This game will help you recapture the thrill of having limited time to get it on. Grab a kitchen timer (or use the timer on your phone) and set it to seven minutes. Then hop in the closet (or other suitable space) and see if you can bang out a quickie before the time runs out! This fun game can be thrilling and helps to build trust and intimacy between you and your partner!

18. The Orgasm Race

The Orgasm race is all about mutual masturbation and is one of the sexiest games you can play for drawing you and your partner closer together! As most people masturbate alone, doing so in front of someone else heightens the sense of vulnerability and increases levels of intimacy. Mutual masturbation also lets you show your partner exactly what you like and how you like it!

To have an orgasm race, simply lie next to each other in bed and begin pleasuring one another. Whoever climaxes first is the winner and has to continue pleasuring their partner until they orgasm too. The winner can even request a sexy treat like oral sex the next time!

19. The House Party

If the Orgasm Race is all about who can cum first, the House Party turns the concept on its head. The rule is simple: no one orgasms until you’ve banged in every room of the house! Simply try to screw in every room before one or both of you climaxes!

Alternatively, the House Party makes a great foreplay game, too. Just choose your favorite oral sex position such as the Classic Sixty Nine position and try to do it in every room before one of you cums. If you want tips on how to orgasm together, check out my Ultimate Guide to the 69 Position!

20. The Position Challenge

If you’re looking for a sex game that helps you make sex last longer, the Position Challenge is perfect! The objective is simple: see how many different sex positions you can fit into a sex session before one, or both of you, cums! This game gets better the more often you play, as you try to top your previous record.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, try a free app like the Dirty Game (see above) or the free ‘lite’ version of the iKamasutra app that teaches you every sex position you could possibly want to know! You can also check out my guide to the best sex positions every couple should try! Who knows, you may even discover your new favorite position!

The following 20 sex games may require you to make a specific purchase or buy a little something to make them work. If you’re the creative type, you may also be able to improvise!

21. Play Talk, Flirt or Dare

If you’re on a first date, or in the early stages of a relationship where you’re just getting to know each other, Talk, Flirt, Dare is one of the best sex games you can play! This cheeky game features questions that are all about having fun and are more playful than outright sexual, making them ideal for building trust in your relationship!

22. Talk Dirty Playing Cards

Talking dirty is one of the best ways to turn your partner on and make them wet, but the trouble is, not everyone knows where to start! This fun and flirty game comes with a whole deck of cards, each with a unique sexy phrase and instructions for you to explore with your other half!

To play, simply take turns drawing a card and trying it out. If you ever wanted to up your dirty-talk game, this is the game for you!

23. Strip Scrabble

If you never knew Scrabble could be sexy, that’s because you’ve never played Strip Scrabble before! You need a regular Scrabble set and the rules are similar except you can ONLY spell out dirty words! The tantalizing twist is that every time your partner scores a point, you have to remove an item of clothing. And vice versa, because you know, fair is fair!

24. Nookii

If you’re looking to explore your lover’s body in completely new ways, the best-selling adults-only game Nookii will rock your world! The game features playing cards that come in three different intensity levels ranging from ‘Mmm’ cards that are the gentlest, to ‘Ooh’ cards for role-play scenarios, to ‘Aah’ cards for full-on action! Simply choose a card and roll the dice to see how many minutes you have to complete the intimate action within!

Having a time limit really helps ramp up your passion levels and the included silky scarf can be used to blindfold or restrain each other during some of the activities! Overall, Nookii is an amazing game for couples who want to spice up their relationship and discover new ways to really heat things up between the sheets!

25. Come Hither Cards

To play Come Hither Cards you just need a regular set of playing cards. Before you begin, assign a particular action to each suit. For example, Diamonds = stroking, Hearts = kissing, Clubs = manual stimulation, and Spades = oral. The number on each card represents the number of seconds that the action has to last for.

To play, have your partner draw a card and read aloud the suit and the number, then tell them where you want them to do the action! For instance, if they draw a 5 of Hearts, and you want them to touch your breasts, say, “Kiss my breasts for five seconds”. Then enjoy!


As you get to choose the actions and the location, you can make this game as scintillating as you want! If stroking, kissing, manual stimulation and oral is too tame, you can transform the game into a 50 Shades of Grey-style bondage bonanza with slapping, whipping, choking and whatever else takes your fantasy!

26. Ultimate Roll Bedroom Dice

If cards aren’t your thing, one of the best ways of getting down and dirty is with some sexy dice! Sexy dice usually come in pairs – one dice has a picture of different body areas on each of its six faces while the other dice has six sexy actions. Pick up a pair of sexy dice from a sex shop or shop online and start rolling to find out what to do and where!

If you’re feeling creative and you have two empty square boxes handy, you can make your own. Simply write or draw the six actions and six body parts on Post-it notes and stick them to the sides of the boxes, then get rollin’!

If you’re looking for some of the best sex dice on the market, I personally recommend the Ultimate Roll Bedroom Dice set. This sizzling set contains four dice; one for foreplay, one for props, one for oral sex positions and one for sex positions. This gives you a wide range of possibilities as you can roll the dice individually, in pairs, or all together if you’re feeling up for it!

27. Pleasure Machine

Don’t believe that smartphones and foreplay can mix? Try the Pleasure Machine app – it’s like a virtual slot machine for your sexy time! The first wheel features a range of body parts, from your head to your toes, while the second wheel has a list of sexy actions such as ‘kiss’, ‘massage’, and ‘stimulate’. The third wheel gives you a timer, although feel free to ignore this if you’re having fun! Just press the spin button and wait for the three wheels to stop spinning, then do whatever they say!

The Pleasure Machine has a range of setting from Romantic and Playful right up to Wild and Flexible, so there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone. If the built-in options are too vanilla and you want to get super-freaky, you can also customize your own wheel and be as debauched as you wish!

28. Choose Your Pleasure Card Game

If you prefer taking a card-based approach to your carnal capers, the Choose Your Pleasure card game features a full 52-card deck packed with ‘his’ and ‘hers’ sexy challenge ideas that are sure to help you get your freak on!

The game offers a wide range of sexy scenarios such as tying up your partner during foreplay or using a vibrator on them during sex and includes a dice to let you randomize the prompts, so you’ll never get bored!

29. Foreplay in a Row

If you want to break out of a sexual rut and are in need of some inspiration, look no further than this naughty twist on the classic Connect Four game. Each game piece features a kinky suggestion and all you need to do is play until one of you connects four in a row. This gives you a unique ‘winning line’ of four naughty things to do together in the bedroom! The winner gets the right to act out their line before you reset the game and have a rematch!

30. The Wheel of Love

Ever wished your nighttime routine was more stimulating and mysterious? Well, look no further than this easy-to-play novelty game that you and your partner are sure to love! Simply press the switch and the turntable rotates randomly onto a kinky option for you to indulge in!

Each option is something you have to perform on your partner, so it really keeps them in suspense as they wonder what erotic consequence they are going to suffer next. To make things even kinkier, you can tie your partner up so that they feel powerless to resist!

31. Strip Pong

To play this steamy version of the classic party game, clear your dining table and set up six plastic cups at each end in a triangular formation. Fill each cup with some beer or spirits (depending on how wild you want to make it!) and take turns trying to throw a ping-pong ball into one of your partner’s cups. When one of you scores, the other person has to down the drink in the cup that the ball landed in and remove one item of clothing. The first person to land all six balls gets to request a special favor!

32. Red Hot Retail Therapy

Visit a sex store, lingerie store, or just shop online – and let your partner pick out one thing they’d love to see you wear. When it arrives, have fun watching their draw drop as you walk out in their fantasy get-up!

33. Toy Time Tease

While Red Hot Retail Therapy is all about fulfilling your partner’s wildest fantasies, Toy Time Tease lets you turn the tables and surprise them with the toy(s) of your dreams! Simply visit a sex store or shop online for a sex toy (or a number of sex toys) that you’ve always wanted to try. It could be a new vibrator, a clit vibrator, something kinkier like a whip or butt plug, or a whole collection of items. Try to buy without your partner knowing and then tell them about this new game you want to play…

Have your partner lie on the bed and blindfold them. Let them know that you have a special surprise and they have to guess what it is. Tell them that they have three guesses and if they get it right, you’ll bring them to orgasm in a way of their choosing! Gently tease them with the toy and ask them to guess what it is! If you bought more than one item, have your partner try to guess one before moving to the next object. This is a super-sensual way of exploring new things and broadening your sexual horizons together!

Remember: set a safe word so that your partner can let you know to stop at any time!

BUY NOW: Share The Love Set from BABELAND.

34. Tear It Up

If you’ve ever fantasized about having wild, bodice-ripping sex, but then had a change of heart when it comes to ripping up your own clothes, this is the game for you! Buy some super-cheap clothes online and then let your partner know that they are free to destroy them.

You can either go crazy and unleash your carnal lust in a wild rip-fest, or incorporate the ripping into any other points-based game on this list such as Strip Scrabble or Strip Questions. It’s your call. If rough sex is your jam, you’re going to love playing Tear It Up!

35. Hot Knots Beginner’s Bondage Game

If you’ve ever wanted to explore bondage play but aren’t sure where to begin, Lovehoney’s Hot Knots game will go down a storm! This game comes with a pair of safe, easy-to-use restraints, a satin blindfold and a whole deck of cards with various kinky ideas that will give you a seemingly infinite array of options!

To play, simply blindfold your partner and tie them up using the included restraints, then start working your way through the deck of cards. With a whole deck of ideas to work your way through, you’ll get a deeper sense of what makes your partner tick and learn exactly what tickles their fancy!

Remember: When trying any type of bondage play, always set a safe word and leave a one-finger gap between your partner’s skin and the restraint when you tie them up.

36. Do As I Say

If you want freer reign when exploring your BDSM fantasies, this is just the game for you! Transform your living room or bedroom into a get-up dungeon by blindfolding your partner and tying their arms to a chair with some kinky arm restraints. Instruct them to do or say the sexiest things you can imagine, such as “Talk dirty to me for one minute!”, or “Lick and tease my nipple”. Use a feather duster or tickler to tickle them like crazy if they disobey or don’t live up to your expectations!

37. The Great Escape

If you’ve ever fantasized about being all tied up (or tying your partner up) the Great Escape will rock your world! Using a special bed restraint kit, tie your partner to the bed while they play-resist. The sight of seeing your other half trying to escape will make super turned on, especially if you pleasure yourself, or them, while they are struggling. You can swap roles if you want!

Bed restraint kits use super-safe soft fabric cuffs that attach with Velcro so they won’t cut off circulation. This kinky game can make you really horny and get ready for some seriously wild sex!

38. Weekend in Bed Lovers Bondage Kit

The Weekend in Bed Lovers Bondage Kit from Adam and Eve is one of the best bondage game kits I’ve ever tried! It contains everything you need to tickle, tease, titillate and spank your partner to ecstasy and beyond! The kit comes with a smooth leather paddle, a titillating feather tickler, a velvety blindfold, a flogger, a massage candle and two sets of adult game cards.

One set of cards features thirty fill-in-the-blank sex activities that will give you plenty of options for pleasuring your partner. The other set is the ‘sex play’ deck and gives you a whole range of ideas for ways you can use the items in the kit! These ideas are super-hot and include things like “covering your partner’s mouth with the paddle” and “using your mouth to tickle their nipples while you tickle their earlobes”.

If you’re ready to spice things up and send your sex life to the stratosphere, this is the perfect game set for you!

39. Domin8

If you’re ready to unleash your innermost desire for control, submission, dominance, and fantasy, Domin8 won’t disappoint! This handy game contains 36 Dominoes and 24 sexy role-play scenarios cards that will let you thrill, tease and excite your partner to climax again and again! The game also has two Domin8 You and one Domin8 Me cards so that you can constantly enjoy switching up roles and explore the dominant and submissive side of BDSM play.

This super-kinky game involves some restraint play and is guaranteed to leave you both breathless for more! It’s perfect for couples who are already familiar with restraint play and are looking for ways to use their equipment in new and exciting ways!

40. Sexy advent calendar

In case you hadn’t heard, sex toy advent calendars are a thing and they’re awesome! The most sought-after calendars, such as Bijoux Indiscrets’ 12 Days of Sexy Gift Set Calendar, sell out early every year, so don’t wait until the holiday season to order yours!

Depending on which set you buy, sexy advent calendars have between 12 and 24 days’ worth of lube, lingerie, and sex toys to explore! This will give you something new and exciting to try each and every day until you open the final door!

The only problem you’ll have is deciding who gets to open each door! I recommend playing a skill-based game like Strip Pong to settle the matter; the winner gets to open the calendar AND decide what to do with the toy!

As advent calendars contain a selection of items, they usually represent phenomenal value for money and are a great way to expand your sexual horizons in ways you can’t imagine! By the time you reach the end of the calendar, you’ll have been on a complete sexual voyage of learning and self-discovery!


Whether you’re looking to get to know your partner better, improve your foreplay, or strengthen your relationship, hopefully my list of forty sex games for couples will come in handy!

Sex games are the perfect way to form a deeper bond with your other half, ignite that sexy spark and gain confidence!

Have fun!

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