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The Greatest Sex Swing Positions Every Couple Should Try

Be honest:

Day-to-day sex gets old pretty fast, doesn’t it?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and start going through the same positions night after night, leaving you feeling, well…bored.

One of the most common reasons for this is that the hottest, most exciting sex positions are actually pretty tough to pull off.

Think about it:

The Cowgirl position – often touted as one of the greatest sex positions for women – is so exhausting and awkward that it often feels more torturous than tantric! And adventurous sex positions you’ve seen in porn like the Superman position are so demanding that they often leave you feeling breathless for all the wrong reasons!

That’s where sex swings come in. They let you try new sex positions, act out your wildest fantasies and inject bucketfuls of excitement and passion into your sex life! Sex swings give you more orgasms with less work and make hitherto impossible sex positions a real option instead of just a fantasy!

Suspension sex is massive fun and is one of the best ways to spice up your nighttime routine, letting you last longer and go harder than ever before! What’s more, if you’ve ever fancied indulging in a little light bondage, sex swings are a great way to dip your toes in the water and get started!

In this post, I’ll be showing you the greatest sex swing positions that every couple should try! I’ll teach you EXACTLY how to master each position, and show you workarounds for any hiccups you might experience along the way. By the end of this guide, you’ll know everything you need in order to master these incredible positions TONIGHT…and see some amazing results!

So whether you’re looking to improve your sex life, blast out of a sexual dry patch or kink things up in the bedroom, keep reading…

After reading this guide, your sex life will NEVER be the same again!

What is a sex swing?

Just so that we all start off from the same page, a sex swing is any device that combines a harness with some form of suspension. The receiving partner sits or lays on the harness, and from there, it’s up to your imagination!

While there are countless different types of sex swings on the market, there are four main types that you should know:

  1. Door sex swings
  2. Hanging sex swings
  3. Sex slings
  4. Sex swing frames

Let’s look at each of these four types in more detail below!

1. Door sex swings

As their name suggests, door sex swings are designed to be slung over the top of a sturdy door. Most door sex swings have a padded ‘seat’ for the receiving partner to sit on. However, some models have leg, wrist or foot straps that may wrap around their legs, back, or butt; perfect for a little BDSM fun!

Let’s look at some of the main advantages and disadvantages of door sex swings;


  • Low cost – Door sex swings are the most economical type of sex swings. They require no permanent installation such as mounts or hooks; you simply drape one end over the top of a solid door, close the door to lock it in place and have at it!
  • Ease of use – You can set up a door sex swing and be away in a few moments! They are equally easy to remove and store when not in use. They work on ANY solid door, meaning that you can even take the swing away with your on vacation, as hotel doors usually work a charm!


  • Limited positions – The main drawback of door sex swings is that they don’t let you swing! They give the receiving partner a limited sense of being ‘weightless’ but they lack the swinging and 360-degree options of full hanging sex swings. This greatly limits the number of sex positions you can explore!
  • Lack of comfort – Most door sex swings aren’t that comfortable to sit on. You can always add a cushion or pillow, but they lack the support of full sex swing harnesses.

2. Hanging sex swings

To experience the full suspension experience, you need a hanging sex swing! These come with either a one-point hook (the swing is suspended from a single hook) or a two-point hook (the swing is suspended from two hooks). Hanging sex swings give you the full caboodle; the receiving partner can swing, rotate and fully relax in complete comfort. The main difference between one-point and two-point swings is that the former can rotate laterally through 360 degrees.

So what are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of hanging sex swings?


  • Full suspension – If you want the full experience of being weightless, hanging sex swings have no substitute. They’re the real deal!
  • Comfort – Hanging sex swings are more comfortable that door sex swings as they have generous padding and full harnesses. However, comfort levels can vary widely between different models. If you’re heavier, you’ll want to look for swings with wider, padded straps and a proper seat. Two-point hook swings are generally wider and more comfortable than single-point hook swings.
  • Customization – Hanging sex swing harness offer a number of adjustments, meaning you can create the perfect fit for your body!


  • Installation – Hanging sex swings require a solid mounting point such as a hook screwed into a durable wooden beam, brick, or concrete. If you don’t feel like getting your drill out (or are renting and don’t have permission to made modifications to your property) you may have to get creative! One option is to hang the sex swing from a freestanding pullup bar or a punching bag frame if you have one. Alternatively, you can buy a sex swing frame.
  • High cost – Hanging sex swings come in at a higher price point that door swings, especially if you buy a frame.

3. Sex slings

Sex slings differ from swings in that they have four hooks, instead of . They are MUCH more comfortable and supportive than sex swings, extending the amount of time you can use them. Many of the swing positions in this guide will work almost as well in slings, or can be adapted to suit!

So what are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of sex slings?


  • Comfort – With four mounting points, sex slings are much more substantial and comfortable that sex swings. Many models have a built-in headrest (something that sex swings generally do not).
  • Durability – Slings are far more durable than sex swings and can support heavier weights. This makes them ideal for plus-sized people or those with wider hips who find sex swings too narrow or uncomfortable.


  • Limited positions – Unlike sex swings, sex slings don’t let the submissive partner rotate or alter their posture much. This limits the number of positions or variations you can try.
  • High cost – Besides the cost and difficulty of mounting four anchor points, you may also need to buy rope or chains separately. If you don’t want to hang your sex sling on the ceiling, you may like to try an expensive four-point freestanding frame. This requirement will make a sex sling significantly more expensive to install and use than a sex swing.

4. Sex swing stands

If you don’t want to (or can’t) drill holes in your ceiling but still want to try sex swings, you’ll need a sex swing stand. Most sex swing stands come with their own swing and harness, but many are designed to support a wide range of one-point and two-point sex swings.

Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of sex swing stands:


  • Strength – High-quality sex swing stands can support as much, if not more, than other options such as overhead mounted hooks.
  • Options – Sex swing stands often come with a variety of hand points for either couple to hold, helping aid balance during difficult-to-master positions!


  • High price – Expect a decent sex swing stand to set you back a couple of hundred dollars. This is several times the price you’d pay for a sex swing.
  • Inconvenient – Sex swing stands can be disassembled and stored, but this isn’t really practical. They are mostly suitable for couples with enough space to keep them permanently erected.

Benefits of a sex swing

Some of the incredible benefits you can expect with a sex sling include:

Extra excitement!

Day-to-day sex soon loses its luster after a while. Sex swings are the perfect way to spice things up in the bedroom overnight… and blast out of a sexual rut!

New positions

Have you ever read about a kinky sex position and been put off trying because it looked too difficult? Most of us simply aren’t fit or athletic enough to pull off some of the kinkiest positions! Sex swings change all that by making challenging sex positions an absolute breeze! You’ll have more fun, last longer and can go as hard or be as lazy as you like!

More fun!

Suspension sex is tons of fun, you’ll get super-excited about all the new possibilities that a good sex swing will open up. We are, after all, talking about two of the most fun things imaginable; sex and swings. What’s not to love?

New ways of touching your partner

When you have sex on a sex swing there is only one thing touching you – your partner!  It feels like you are floating in space and all you feel is your partner inside of you or touching your body. This lets you and your partner touch each other in new and exciting ways!

Increased sensation and pleasure

The ‘weightless’ feeling of being suspending in a sex swing works like sensory deprivation and increases the intensity of the sensations and pleasure that you experience!

Kinky play!

Despite what 50 Shades of Grey may have led you to believe, BDSM isn’t for everyone. The idea of being restrained or dominated can seem a little TOO out there! But a sex swing lets you explore BDSM in a fun, non-threatening way. Whoever is riding the swing fully submits to their partner. The harness itself ‘hugs’ the receiving partner and feels a little like being restrained (don’t worry – you aren’t!). If you’re up for it, you can also use your own cuffs and attach them to parts of the swing for added fun!

The top 3 Door Sex Swing positions

If you’re new to sex swings, you’ll likely gravitate towards a door sex swing as they’re cheap, cheerful and easy to set up and use! However, door sex swings don’t offer a wide array of sex positions so here are the top 3 positions that you should know.

1. The Virgo

Have your woman sit in the door sex swing and spread her legs wide! Kneel between her legs with one hand on her butt and the other on her thigh. Start eating her pussy with your wildest cunnilingus moves (get tips here!) until she’s BEGGING to cum!

Want to explore some ‘punishment’ or ‘domination’ moves? Simply have your woman raise her hands above her head and hold them there. Some door sex swings come with wrist restraints for this very purpose! Forbid her to lower her hands until she begs you to let her climax!

The Virgo makes cunnilingus an absolute breeze and gives you full access to your woman’s entire vulva as she sits there and squirms on the sex swing!

Even if your woman is rebellious or daring, she’ll melt in your mouth when you restrain her in this position! If you want to tease her with a clit vibrator or G-spot vibrator, expect fireworks to REALLY fly!

2, The Seesaw

Have your woman sit in the door sex swing, stand facing her and drive her legs apart. Thrust into her with the most piquant part of your body and nuzzle into her neck while you start making love.

Which man hasn’t ever dreamed of making love to their woman while standing up? The trouble is that unaided, not many of us are strong enough to pull it off! A door sex swing is all you need to make your dreams come true and experience the passion of embracing your partner while standing.

A sex swing lets your woman completely relax and enjoy the experience while you thrust into her! This MULTIPLIES the chances of her climaxes through the strong G-spot stimulation that this position offers!

3. The Flying Dutchman

Have your woman stand with her back to the door and the seat of the sex swing resting across her lower abdomen. Slide yourself behind her and support her as she lowers herself onto the seat strap (use a pillow or small cushion if this causes discomfort). By holding on the hand straps, she should be able to ‘walk’ her legs up the door and get into a horizontal position. Hold her thighs and start to penetrate her as you begin to make love.

As the legend goes, the Flying Dutchman was a doomed pirate vessel destined to sail the oceans until the end of time. Once you experience the pure pleasure of this position, you’ll feel as though you can bask in your orgasm for just as long!

Ever wanted to fulfill your secret pornstar fantasy? Ordinarily, few guys are strong or fit enough to nail this move, but with a sex swing, they’ll be no stopping you!

The Flying Dutchman offers super-deep penetration and is guaranteed to hit her G-spot like NEVER before!

Oral sex: The ultimate swing positions you should master

If you’re looking to hone your cunnilingus or blowjob technique, NOTHING beats the ease and effectiveness of a decent hanging sex swing! In this section, I’ll show you the best positions for oral sex that will make your partner cum like never before! Whether you want to make your partner squirm with delight, or even SQUIRT with pleasure, these positions are all you need!

1. The Bullfighter

Have your woman sit on a hanging sex swing, grab the handgrips, lie back and hold on for a wild ride! After placing her feet in the stirrups and spreading her legs, kneel between her legs and crack out your wildest cunnilingus moves (need tips?) until she’s writhing in ecstasy!

She can throw her body back into a horizontal position and place her hands on the floor for support. This gives you even easier access to her clit and vagina!

Due to the flat position of her body, the Bullfighter gives you easy access to your woman’s entire vulva! This gives you a great chance to stimulate her G-spot with your fingers while caressing her clit with your tongue. If you want to make her ejaculate, check out my ULTIMATE fingering techniques here!

Trying the Bullfighter without a sex swing usually proves too exhausting to be exhilarating! A sex swing lets your lady relax and ENJOY herself, greatly enhancing the experience and sending her pleasure levels through the roof! If you want to make your woman squirt in your face, THIS could be your best shot!

2. The Pisces

Have your woman relax onto a hanging sex swing and place her feet in the stirrups. Get down on your knees with her head near her crotch and support her thighs while she lowers herself backwards. She can rest her upper back or her head on the floor (use a pillow or cushion for added comfort). The Pisces lets you practice your hottest, deepest tonging moves and eat your woman’s pussy until she’s ready to explode!

Try to pull off the Pisces on a bed puts an enormous strain on your woman’s neck and leaves you huffing and puffing, but not in a good way! A hanging sex swing takes almost ALL the effort out of this orgasmic move by support most of her body weight! This leaves her free to concentrate on your tongue’s orgasmic movements while you really go to town on her clit!

With the support of the sex swing, you can eat your woman out HARDER and LONGER than ever (or like never before)! She may even ejaculate in your face; consider it a mutual reward for giving her such exquisite pleasure!

3. The Hucklebuck

Adjust the straps of your sex swing until your woman can sit a foot or so off the floor. Lie on your back, place your head on a cushion or pillow for comfort, and position your head so that your partner’s vulva is hovering just over your face. Start eating her out and satisfying her completely with your mouth and tongue while she swings, rotates and squirms over you!

Trying the Hucklebuck without a sex swing requires your woman to squat down in a fetal position – definitely more ‘Ouch!’ than ‘Oohhh!’ Using a sex swing takes a little trial and error to set up correctly, but, once you’ve nailed the perfect position, the sex swing will make this nothing short of orgasmic for her!

Besides getting to bask in the erotic vista of your face between her legs, your woman with love how exposed her vulva is and how incredible your lips and tongue feel on her clit, labia, and vagina.

The Hucklebuck puts the man firmly in the driving seat. Not only must you satisfy your woman orally, you can also fondle and stimulate yourself at the same time!

4. The special breakfast

Have your woman sit on the swing and drive her legs apart. Sit on the floor between her legs and clasp her outer thighs with your hands. Kiss, nibble and lick her inner thighs until you reach her vulva. Use your best cunnilingus techniques to stimulate and excite her until she cums!

Having her pussy eaten out while she’s in a sitting position feels DIVINE! Trying this without a sex swing results in a sore neck, but the swing raises her pelvis to just the right height. Just what you need for a long and leisurely experience!

Looking down as you eat her out is hugely erotic! She can position your head, just as she pleases so that your mouth and tongue are working their magic in ALL the right places!

5. The magic carpet

Have your woman sit in a hanging sex swing and lean back until her body is horizontal. Straddle her head while facing her lower body and bend over until you can eat her out. She can support her weight on her hands and reach up to give you a blowjob.

The magic carpet is an extremely sexy version of the sixty-nine position that is sure to leave you both breathless with pleasure!

Using a single-point sex swing lets you experiment with lateral movements and opens up a world of sexual pleasure.

6. The Whisper

For guys who simply want to lie back and enjoy themselves, the Whisper is sure to leave them feeling satisfied! Simply lie back in the harness of a hanging sex swing so that you are in a half-sitting position. Stretch your legs out straight and drive them apart. Have your woman kneel between your legs and start gently and sweetly caressing your penis with her mouth. Feel free to take her by the hair or adjust her head until she finds the perfect spot!

The Whisper is an extremely comfortable blowjob position for her. A single-point hanging sex swing will let her easily rotate your body for a wide range of sensations and positions!

To really spice things up, this position gives her easy access to your testicles, perineum, and butt, giving her a wide range of options to explore! She may want to take one of your testicles in your mouth, massage your perineum or even explore your anus with her finger!

The greatest missionary swing positions to try

If missionary sex is your jam, sex swings will redefine the experience forever! Missionary sex on a sex swing lets you take control and effortlessly move your woman in ways you never thought possible! If you have a single-point sex swing, you can even experiment with 360-degree movements!

1. The Caliper

Have your woman sit on a hanging sex swing, hold onto the straps and lean backwards. (This is even more comfortable in a sex sling!). Stand between her legs and hold her outer thighs as you move your bodies closer together. When you’re ready, penetrate her and begin making love.

You’ve probably seen the Caliper position in sex guides or in porn and wanted to try it but been put off by how TOUGH it is! A hanging sex swing makes this position easy as it supports your woman’s weight, letting you thrust as hard and fast as you like. The penetration is super-deep, meaning more pleasure for her, and the swinging action makes it even hotter!

The angle of your woman’s body will put her G-spot in the perfect position to be pleasured by your cock, making this one of the best positions to try if you want to give your woman a G-spot orgasm!

2. The Temptation

Have your woman lie on the seat of a hanging sex swing (instead of sitting on it) so that her body is horizontal (you may want to consider buying a headrest for added support and comfort!). Nuzzle your crotch into hers and bring her legs up so that they are resting on your shoulders (or on your chest if she lacks flexibility). Grab the swing straps to bring her closer until you can penetrate her with your erect shaft and begin making love.

The Temptation is a delicate and beautiful position that most couples try on a sturdy table. The problem? Unless you put down plenty of padding, this position usually proves to be too uncomfortable to last for long! A hanging sex swing changes all that and lets you go harder and longer until your woman is completely satisfied.

The delightful swinging action that a hanging sex swing offers is guaranteed to help your cock work its magic on your woman’s G-spot. Try a variety a shallow and deep thrusts and experiment with thrusting hard into your woman so that she swings away from you slightly before slamming back onto your shaft – she’s LOVE it!

3. The Recharge

Have your woman lie back on the hanging sex swing with her feet in the stirrups for support. Spread her legs and stand so that your groins are inches away. Tilt your body slightly forward and hold the tops of your woman’s thighs. Drive your erect shaft into her and use the swing of the seat to thrust into her nice and hard.

The Recharge is another position that’s much easier to master on a sex swing than a bed! It’s ideal for quickie sex as it helps your penis hit your woman’s G-spot and clit is all the right ways!

This position takes all the effort out of thrusting, letting you focus your attention on your woman’s erogenous zones such as her inner thighs and her breasts. You can also incorporate a clit vibrator to send her pleasure levels through the stratosphere!

The ultimate Cowgirl swing positions you should know

The Cowgirl is often touted as one of the greatest sex positions for women and offers numerous advantages such as enhanced G-spot stimulation, greater control, and more intimacy and pleasure! However, the Cowgirl is physically demanding and not everyone is fit enough to keep it going for long enough! Sex swings revolutionize the standard Cowgirl position, making it easier, more comfortable and more pleasurable than ever!

Here’s my roundup of the ULTIMATE cowgirl swing positions that you should know.

1. The Tug of war

For this position, you sit on the hanging sex swing seat with your legs shoulder-width apart and your feet on the floor. Have your woman straddle your thighs and lower herself onto your erect cock while holding the sex swing straps for support.

Trying to pull off the Tug of War position on a bed requires skill, strength, balance and LOTS of coordination! A hanging sex swing takes almost all of the effort out of this move and transforms an otherwise gimmicky move into an erotic game that you’ll BOTH win! The leaning back position forces her clit into the base of your shaft and feels absolutely exquisite!

As your woman is leaning backwards, your penis will rub her G-spot in just the right way – she’ll be a puddle in no time!

2. Pokemon

Sit on the hanging sex swing and lean backwards into a horizontal position with your hands and feet touching the floor. Have your woman straddle your thighs and lower herself onto your shaft. She holds the sex swing straps for support as she rides you!

Trying to master the Pokemon position on an exercise ball is no joke! A hanging sex swing offers comparable amounts of ‘bounce’ and sway without you having to worry about giving yourself a hernia! Best of all, your shaft is perfectly positioned to pleasure your woman’s G-spot in EXACTLY the right way!

Doing the Pokemon position on a sex swing solves the No.1 complaint that most women have about Cowgirl – it’s murder on their knees! As she can hold onto the sex swing straps, the sex swing takes most of the effort out of this move, helping her last longer until she’s completely satisfied!

3. The Chair

Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you and your hands backward to act as support. Adjust the straps of the sex swing so that your partner’s butt hovers just above your crotch when she sits down. As she sits, she can hold onto the straps for support and place her feet in the stirrups. As you penetrate your woman and start making love, you can use the swinging and twisting motion of the sex swing to incorporate some wild moves that are sure to satisfy her inner cravings!

The Chair is a delicate, light, and incredibly intense position that’s usually performed on a bed. With your woman sitting on your lap, you’re forced to have her grind into your lap, which may leave her wanting more! Trying the Chair on a hanging sex swing makes thrusts up and down and back and forth an absolute breeze, leaving her squirming with pleasure!

Trying the Chair on a sex swing lets you be as lazy or as energetic as you like! If you feel like chilling, simply let your woman swing back onto your shaft while you stay still. If you want to take a more active role, you can vigorously thrust upwards into her using your hips to give her the pounding of her life! The choice is yours!

4. The Crab

Lie on your back on the floor with a pillow or cushion under your head. Adjust the sex swing straps so that your woman’s crotch hovers just above your groin when she sits on the swing’s seat. She straddles your torso and lowers herself down into the sex swing while holding onto the straps for support. You guide her onto your cock and she starts riding you.

The Crab is all about bouncing and grinding in ways that would NEVER be possible without a sex swing! The sex swing’s harness and straps take almost all of your woman’s weight off her hips and knees, letting her bounce up and down on your cock for DAYS! Trust me: once you try Cowgirl with a sex swing, you’ll NEVER want to go back!

Your woman will love the Crab on a sex swing as she gets all the support she needs while keeping control over the depth and pace of penetration! She can go soft and slow or deep and hard until she EXPLODES with pleasure!

The best doggy style swing positions to try tonight!

If nothing gets your pulse racing like doggy style, you’ll be pleased to know that trying doggy on a sex swing is nothing short of spectacular! Not only will a swing let you go harder and longer than you’ve ever fantasized about, but it will add these crazy twisting, spinning and rocking motions that are sure to set your soul on FIRE!

Here are the best doggy style swing positions that you NEED in your life right now!

1. The Superman

Have your woman lie face down on the sex swing’s harness with the seat over her lower abdomen and the back support over her chest (add a pillow or cushions to make this more comfortable if you need to). Stand behind her, between her legs and hold her hips to support her as she puts her feet through the foot straps. Penetrate her with your erect shaft and use the swinging motion of the seat to go as deep and hard as you like!

You’ve probably seen pornstars pull off the Superman without breaking a sweat, but for most of us mere mortals, this position is more of a fantasy than a feasible sex position! A hanging sex swing takes ALL of your woman’s weight off your hands (literally) letting you act out your wildest fantasies just like you’ve always dreamed! It won’t disappoint, believe me.

If you’ve ever wondered just how hard, deep and pleasurable doggy style could possibly be, the Superman will blow your mind! Be sure to use plenty of lube so that the swinging action lets your penis glide over your woman’s G-spot again and again until she squirts on your cock with pleasure!

2. The Skydiver

Have your woman lie face down on the sex swing’s harness with the seat over her lower abdomen and her hands supported by the back strand. Stand between her legs and hold her hips as you penetrate her with your penis. She can spread her hands and legs out as if skydiving while you make love!

The Sky Diver will give your woman the mind-blowing sensation of being ‘weightless’ as you pound her with your cock! Every thrust will make her jerk forward before swinging back onto your shaft, a move that’s sure to make her clit tingle with appreciation!

If you want to experiment with a little light bondage, you can ‘restrain’ your woman’s wrists and ankles using silk scarves wrapped around the straps of the sex swing. This lets her ‘play resist’ as you have your way with her – something that’s SURE to turn you on as much as it does her!


Sex swings are one of the best sex aids you could ever own, so if you’re looking to supercharge your sex life, what are you waiting for? I’m confident that you’ll be able to EASILY master any position on this list in mere minutes, and see some FANTASTIC results!

With a little practice, you’ll be able to double or even TRIPLE your sexual repertoire and fulfill your woman’s inner-most needs! So, whether you buy a door sex swing, a hanging swing or even a sex sling, the sex swing positions on this are guaranteed to transform your sex life beyond your wildest dreams!

For the beginners guide to sex swings, click this link.

Happy swinging!

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