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How To Face Fuck – Best Positions and Techniques

If you’ve ever watched porn, you’ve probably already witnessed the classic face fuck in action. This aggressive, degrading, uber-dominant act is a staple of kinky sex and something that I think every couple deserves to try out at least once.

If you’re interested in experimenting with this vigorous oral technique, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to be teaching you how to face fuck like a pornstar and blow your partner’s mind. We’ll also be sharing our favorite face sex positions.

By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be a bonafide face fuck expert.

Now, let’s get started

What is Face Fucking?

Face fucking is exactly what it sounds like: the act of fucking someone’s face.

It’s just like a regular blowjob except that the receiver is in control of the action, rather than the giver. In a regular blowjob, the giver uses her mouth to suck his dick. A face fuck, on the other hand, has the guy doing most of the work by thrusting in and out of his partner’s mouth.

The basic idea is that the person giving head opens their mouth and stays still while the receiver ‘fucks’ their mouth in the same way you’d fuck a vagina.

Note that I said mouth, not throat. There’s a difference between ‘face fucking’ and ‘throat fucking,’ and it’s important to distinguish between the two.

Face Fucking Vs Throat Fucking

Throat fucking is when he goes real deep, right down to the balls, so that his shaft is in her throat. It’s way more aggressive and usually involves gagging, deepthroating, and sometimes even puking.

Face fucking doesn’t necessarily need to involve any of that.  It’s somewhere in between a regular blowjob and full-blown throat fucking. You don’t need to go deep (unless you want to), and most of the action happens in the mouth, not the throat. As such, it’s more suitable for beginners and those into light domination.

That being said, most people think of throat fucking and face fucking as the same thing. With that in mind, I’ll be covering both in this article. I’ll be teaching you how to tailor your face sex technique to your own preferences and boundaries.

How To Face Fuck Like a Pro (15 Tips For Success)

Alright, now that we’re all familiar with the basics, let’s talk about how to master your technique. Here are 15 expert tips for both him and her.

Know Your Boundaries (& Your Partners)

Rule number one of face fucking is to know your boundaries. It requires her to give up a lot of control and hand the reigns over to him. The receiver has the power, while the giver is in a submissive, compromised position.

This is, of course, part of the appeal, but giving up too much control isn’t something that everybody is comfortable with. You need to really trust your partner and make sure that they fully understand your boundaries before you experiment with face sex.

Communication is key here. You want to be upfront with your partner about what you want them to do, and what you don’t want them to do, beforehand. Keep the guesswork out of it.

For example, girls, if you don’t want him to go too deep and make you gag, make that clear from the get-go. If you don’t, and he’s watched a lot of porn, he might assume that’s part of the deal.

Similarly, guys, use your initiative. If you think something you want to try might be out of her comfort zone, ask her first. If in doubt, always ask.

It’s All About Power Roles

The appeal of face and throat fucking is all about power roles. The whole point of it is that it’s super dominant for him, and super submissive for her. That psychological appeal is an important part of the pleasure, so make sure you build on that.

For example, if she’s really into playing the submissive role and you’re both comfortable with more extreme domination and rough sex, you can ramp things up by incorporating some hair pulling or light choking.

If you’re not down with that kind of domination, scale it back by giving her more control and keep the hair pulling and head-grabbing out of. Let her start slowly and feel comfortable before you take the reigns.

Set a Non-Verbal Safeword

As I said, face fucking puts her in a compromised position, so establish some kind of signal before you start that she can use to tell you to stop if she gets uncomfortable.

A safeword won’t work here – it’s kind of hard to talk when you have a cock thrusting in and out of your mouth/throat. It needs to be non-verbal. For example, she could pat your legs twice when she’s had enough.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is what separates the pornstars from the amateurs. It’s an important part of eroticism, especially for oral sex. While he’s fucking your face, meet his gaze. Trust me; it’s incredibly hot.

Men and women love eye contact, that much is for sure. Nobody’s exactly sure why but it could have something to do with our biology. Eye contact has been linked to oxytocin production and shown to boost trust and intimacy.

Use Your Hand

Girls, if you want to keep your throat out of it, consider using your hand instead. While he’s fucking your face, wrap your hand around the base of his shaft. The benefits of this are twofold:

  1. Firstly, it creates the illusion that he’s going really deep because the whole of his shaft is covered by either your hand or mouth. He has more to fuck, so to speak.
  2. Secondly, it gives you back some control. Your hand acts as a buffer that’ll stop him from being able to go too deep, which gives you an added sense of security. This can help you to feel more relaxed, so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Use Your Tongue

Ladies, this is an advanced technique that’ll drive him wild. While he’s fucking your face, stick your tongue out. His shaft will rub against it as he thrusts in and out to mix up the sensations and make it even better for him. If he’s fucking your throat, you can even use it to lick his balls while he’s really deep.

Another way to use your tongue is to lift the back of it up to ‘close off’ your throat. It provides a barrier that’ll stop him from going too deep while making him feel like he’s bottoming out. It’s a win-win.

Conquer Your Gag Reflex

What do pornstars and sword swallowers have in common? They’ve both conquered their gag reflex. This is essential if you want to take his cock deep and experiment with throat fucking. It takes time to master it, and it’s all about practice, so the best way to learn is to ease yourself into it.

Start with mouth-only fucking, and then, when you’re ready, see how deep you can take it before you feel like you need to gag. As soon as you feel like you’re going to gag, stop and go back to shallow facefucking.

He’ll enjoy the surprise, and it gives you a bit of practice without having to commit to taking it all the way in. As you get more experienced and comfortable with it, you can start to take it deeper for longer.

Your form is important too: it helps you to not gag if your throat is aligned correctly, which comes down to choosing the right position. That brings us nicely on to tip number 7.

Choose the Right Position

There are lots of great positions for face sex that we’ll be sharing later on in this article. The best position for you will depend on how much control you want to have/give to your partner.

Some positions are more submissive for her than others. If she’s not comfortable with too much domination, a position like the ‘Her-On-Top Face Fuck’ might be best as there’s nothing behind her head to stop her from pulling away, which gives her more control.

Practically speaking, a position that aligns her mouth with her throat, like the ‘Lie Back Throat Fuck’ position, is best for throat fucking as it minimizes your gag reflex.

Wetter is Better

A sloppy face fuck is the best kind of face fuck. Let the saliva flow and really drool on his penis – it’ll make it a lot better for both of you.

If you’re throat fucking, saliva might not be enough, so you might want to use lube. A well-lubricated cock will slide down her throat much easier and less painfully. Just make sure you choose an edible lube that’s safe for oral use. An added advantage of this is that edible lubes come in all kinds of interesting flavors, which helps if you plan on swallowing his load.

Work Up to It

Face or throat fucking isn’t the kind of thing you jump straight into – you need to work your way up to it. This is especially important if you’re a complete beginner as you might already be feeling nervous about trying something new.

To ease into it, start with some foreplay and move onto a regular blowjob first, then move on when the time feels right.

Get the Angle Right

Guys, the angle of your cock is important too, especially when you’re fucking her throat. The last thing you want is to start jabbing her in the roof of her mouth while you’re thrusting, so think about the angle you’re entering at.

This will depend a lot on the shape of your penis. If you have a very straight shaft, you’ll be fine in most positions but, if your penis curves upward or downward, you need to be more selective about your sex positions.

If it’s curved upwards, the ‘Lie Back Throat Fuck’ position will work well as the curve will match the curve of her mouth and throat. If it’s curved downward, the ‘Standing Face Fuck’ position might work well as you can angle it downwards to go down her throat.

To Puke, Or Not To Puke

That is the big question. Some people love the idea of puking while throat fucking, others hate it. If you want to try it, the important thing is that you both have to be on board with the idea.

As you fuck her throat, it can trigger her gag reflex and cause her to wretch and throw up a little in her mouth. This can be painful for her and, if you’re not into it, gross for you. To avoid puking, avoid going too deep too fast. If you’re both into the idea, take it slowly and try not to do it too often to avoid hurting your throat.

Take Frequent Breaks

She should be breathing out of her nose while you’re facefucking but, if you’re going deep, it can still make it difficult for her to breathe. As such, it’s vital that you take frequent breaks to let her catch her breath every few seconds.

Non-stop facefucking can be really uncomfortable, unpleasant, and painful. It can also lead her to gag and puke, which is why breaks are so important. She can tell him when she needs a break by pushing back on him with her hands as a signal for him to stop.

While you hit the pause button on the throat action, she can keep him stimulated by switching to a handjob.

Think About the Finish

One of the best things about the face or throat fuck is that it puts you in a prime position for a kinky finish, so why not use it as an opportunity to try something new.

If she likes to swallow, he can cum down her throat. An upshot of this is that it bypasses all the taste buds in her mouth, which is useful if she doesn’t like the taste. Alternatively, he might want to pull out to finish with a facial or cum on her breasts.

Incorporate some BDSM Toys

If you really want to turn up the heat, you can incorporate some BDSM toys. BDSM and bondage gear like leather straps, handcuffs, restraints, and whips can take things to the next level. They’re the perfect accompaniments to an aggressive sex act like face and throat fucking.

For example, you could handcuff your partner’s hands together (with her consent) while you fuck her face to further the illusion that you’re the one in complete control. This can help with those all-important power dynamics and make her feel even more submissive. Just remember to follow those three important BDSM guidelines: safe, sane, and consensual.

Best Face Fuck Sex Positions

Now that you know how to give/receive the ultimate face or throat fuck let’s look at some of the best positions to do them in. You can experiment with the positions below to mix things up and add some variety to your face sex sessions.

1. Classic Face Fuck

Technique: She lies down with her back to the bed. Make sure you put some pillows under her head to raise it slightly. He climbs on top and straddles her chest so that his knees are just below her armpits, and his penis is in front of her face. He then grabs her head and thrusts into her mouth. Go as deep as you both prefer.

Why it’s great: This is the original face fuck position and what most people imagine when they think of the act. It’s often seen in porn and is one of the most popular positions for facefucking for good reason.

It’s a comfortable position for both partners and lets him get up close and personal, which makes it perfect for deeper face and throat fucking. Straddling her sandwiches her between his body and the bed, which puts her in a very submissive position. He can also easily grab ahold of the back of her head or hair for added leverage if you want to take things up a notch.

2. Kneeling Face Fuck

Technique: She lies down on her front and lifts her upper body off the bed, while he kneels in front so that her head is just above his penis. He can rock back and forth on his knees or gyrate his hips to thrust into her mouth. Alternatively, he can grab her head and push it down on his cock to fuck her face. He can use his free hands to explore her body.

Why it’s great: This is another easy, simple face sex position that’s perfect for beginners. It’s still a very submissive position for her, but this time, her head isn’t sandwiched between him and the bed, so she has more control over her movement. He also gets a much better view of the action this time as he can glance down at her butt while he’s fucking her face.

He can also reach around and use his fingers to get her off at the same time or even incorporate some spanking if you really want to kick up the heat.

The only downside of this position is it can be challenging for her to raise her upper body for long periods and cause neck strain. As such, if you try this one out, I’d recommend only trying it for a few minutes before moving on to something more comfortable for her.

3. Standing Face Fuck

Technique: She lies on the bed on her front so that her head is at the edge, then lifts her chest and head up, resting on her elbows. He stands in front so that his groin is at the same height as her head. He grabs her shoulders or head for leverage and thrusts into her mouth.

Tip: If she finds it puts too much strain on her neck, try it on the edge of a couch instead for added support. You can also experiment with using higher surfaces to get a better angle where she doesn’t have to raise her body as much.

Why it’s great: This is the standing variation of the position above. As you can see, it’s very similar. The main advantage is that it gives you a better angle for entry than the above position.

It’s also a more natural thrusting position for him that provides much greater mobility. As he’s standing, he can use the whole range of motion of his hips. Again, he gets a great rearview and can use his hands to explore her body if the mood takes him.

4. Kneeling BJ Position

Technique: This one’s easy. She kneels down on the floor in front of him. He stands up, so his penis is level with her mouth and fucks her face. Optionally, he can pull her hair or grab her head to make it kinkier.

Note: The kneeling Blowjob position is not to be confused with the kneeling Face Fuck position, in which the man kneels. This time, the giver is the one kneeling.

Why it’s great: This isn’t technically a facefuck position. It’s actually a staple blowjob position that you’ll probably already be very familiar with. However, it can easily be used for facefucking too, just by giving him control of the action.

Because it’s such a common blowjob position, it’s a great transitionary position for those new to facefucking. It’s not as extreme or intimidating as some of the more obvious facefuck positions and will help both of you to feel more comfortable and natural the first time around.

5. Boss Chair Position

Technique: He sits back on a comfortable chair or couch with his feet on the floor, and his legs spread apart. She kneels in front of him between his feet and bends over at the waist to take his penis in her mouth. He grabs her head and pushes it up and down on his cock. He can also lift his butt up and down to thrust into her mouth.

Why it’s great: The Boss Chair is another awesome position designed for traditional blow jobs, but which we can easily repurpose for a face or throat fuck. True to the name, it’s a position that’ll really make him feel like the boss.

What makes this position special is that, unlike most other face sex positions, he’s not doing any thrusting. He’s still in control as he’s controlling the movement of her head, but he doesn’t have to do in the work. In a way, it’s even more dominant and extra kinky.

It’s the perfect position for lazy guys and for ladies that want to feel an added sense of security and control. Because she’s on top, she can use her hands to push off his legs and pull your head away if you want to stop, which puts her in a less vulnerable position.

6. Lie Back Throat Fuck Position

Note: This is an advanced position. It’s more extreme than many of the other positions we’ve looked at and isn’t as suitable for beginners. I’d recommend only trying this when you’re comfortable with face fucking and ready to take it to the next level.

Technique: She lies down on her back on a bed or a couch with no armrests. She should be positioned so that her body is on the bed, but her head is dangling over the side, and her knees are bent. He stands up next to her so that his penis is level with her mouth. He grabs ahold of her waist for leverage and thrusts his penis into her mouth.

Why it’s great: Now we’re really getting to the good stuff. The lie back throat fuck position is probably the best position for deep penetration. It creates the perfect angle for entry as her neck is aligned with her mouth, just like a sword swallower. This makes it much easier for her to take your cock deep into her throat without triggering her gag reflex.

Another great thing about this position is that he gets a full view of the front of her body. This isn’t just good for him; it’s good for her too. His hands will already be grabbing hold of her waist to help him thrust, which puts them in the perfect position to slide across and explore her body. He can grab her breasts, play with her nipples, stimulate her clit, or whatever else takes your fancy.

7. Throat Fuck 69 Position

Technique: Start by getting into a standard 69 position. He lies down on his back on a bed, and she lies on top, facing the other direction. Your heads should be roughly level with each other’s groin. He then grabs her head and forcing it down onto his penis and back up again to ‘fuck her face.’ At the same time, he can perform cunnilingus and use his mouth to stimulate her.

Note: If there’s a big height difference between you and your partner, it can be tricky to get into the right spot. This position is best for partners of a similar height.

Why it’s great: The throat fuck 69 is an extreme variation of the standard 69 we all know and love – the only difference is he’s in complete control. The main advantage of the 69 is, of course, that both of you get to give and receive at the same time. It’s super erotic and kinky, but the forced movement of her head takes it one step further and makes it even more extreme.

8. Cunnilingus Face Fuck

Technique: He lies down on the bed on his back. She climbs on top and straddles him so that her crotch is directly in front of his face. She can grab his hair or his head and pull his face in and grind against it, while he sticks his tongue out to stimulate her.

Why it’s great: Who said only men could fuck someone’s face? The cunnilingus face fuck flips the script and puts her in control. She’s the boss in this situation, so it’s a neat way to switch up the power dynamics in the bedroom for a change. It’s perfect for dominatrixes and men that prefer to be in the submissive role.

9. Sideways Face Fuck

Technique: She lies down flat on her side on a bed while he stands up next to her. He thrusts gently into her mouth. Optionally, he can reach down and finger her or rub her clit at the same time.

Why it’s great: The sideways face fuck might not seem like the most natural position, but it does have it’s advantages. The main benefit is that it gives her much more control. She can stay still while he thrusts into her mouth, but she’s also easily able to pull her head away if she chooses to, which makes it less intimidating for her.

On the flip side, it’s not a great position for deep penetration due to the angle, so it’s not suitable for throat fucking – only shallow mouth fucking. I’d recommend this one for partners interested in light domination but who aren’t comfortable with anything too extreme.

10. Her-On-Top Face Fuck

Technique: He lies down on a bed or couch. She kneels/crouches down at the bottom end of the bed/couch and positions herself so that she’s on top, then takes his penis into her mouth. He thrusts up off the bed and into her mouth.

Why it’s great: This is another position that gives her much more control. As she’s on top, she can pull away if she chooses to and also has more control over the depth of penetration. It’s a good position for ladies that don’t want to feel too ‘trapped’ but still want to experiment with face sex.

Final Thoughts

Ok, that about covers it. Hopefully, you now know all there is to know about face fucking like a pornstar.

We’ve covered the theory; now it’s time to put it into practice. It’s time to put your new knowledge to the test and tell your partner you want to try something new tonight. Just remember: it’s all about communication. Make sure you understand your boundaries, establish a safeword, and then go wild!

Have fun!

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Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday started The School Of Squirt back in 2012 and has been running the website and digital courses along with Jakob Wulfe since then. She is a full time sex writer, researcher and practicer.

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  1. I love having my face fucked and my boyfriend does too. This article has given us some new positions to try – thanks!

  2. My last boyfriend introduced me to face fucking, he got really into a porn series called couch gaggers and invited me to the dark side hehehe. Our go-to position was the lie back on the couch, I found it really weird at first being upside down but it actually made it easier to take his cock. The drool tho omg! after a while I start getting all this thick drool from the back of my throat, which he finds totally hot and makes him cum masses.

  3. I let my boyfriend fuck my mouth in the ‘lie back’ position and it was pretty intense! It felt really uncomfortable at first being upside down but then it made me feel light headed. He leaned forward and rubbed my clit until I cam and that felt really incredible.

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