What is the Best Lube For Squirting?

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So what’s the best lube for giving girls mind blowing orgasms and making them squirt? Well there are obviously quite a few to choose from.

Often guys will just go for spit because they didn’t plan in advance what to use, but spit dries up quickly and you will run out of it eventually so we don’t recommend it unless it’s your only option.

The other options are water based, silicon based and oil based lubricants.

Make no mistake though, lubrication is very important.

Making her ejaculate can take time, her arousal will build over time as you continue to stimulate her but it’s always a race, as her own internal lubrication will dry over time.

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If this happens, instead of enjoying the feeling of you stimulating her, the friction will simply become more and more uncomfortable.

The answer? Get a good lube, place it on your bed-side table and get ready to send your girl to heaven.

Water based lubes are smooth, slick and aren’t sticky like some oil based lubes. They are also completely condom compatible, unlike oil based lubes that can destroy condoms over time.

Water based lubes also absorb easily into the skin. So they’ll leave your skin nice and smooth, but then you will have to reapply now and again to keep it friction free exactly because they do absorb into the skin.


Some water based lubes contain glycerine which can promote infections, so it’s best to make sure your girl always cleans up after.

Silicon based lubes are similar to their watery cousins, but they last much longer, although they feel more sticky. Some couples find them too greasy, whilst others appreciate that you almost never have to reapply because they simply don’t dry out.

Wet Platinum is the most well known silicon based lube.

Oil based lubes such as Vaseline and baby oil last much longer but are not recommended because they corrode condoms and are also conducive to vaginal infections when they aren’t washed away properly.

We recommend that you avoid them for squirting techniques and also intercourse, and use them only for non vaginal massage.

A good alternative lube if you have no other options is grape seed oil. It’s completely natural, long lasting, healthy for the woman and it’s also cheap and easily available.

It does need to be reapplied fairly often though. Grape seed oil is ideal for the orgasmic potential massage, but isn’t recommended during intercourse. The only downside is sometimes women can find it weird and aren’t sure about using it.

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Nooky Lube

My favourite lubricant of all time is called Nooky Lube. It a water based, natural lube that feels absolutely sensational to touch.

For some reason when I have a bottle of this on my bed-side table, girls always want to pick it up and start playing with it.

And well… as you can imagine everything goes very ‘smoothly’ from there.

I would highly recommend getting a bottle of this stuff from Amazon if you’re serious about making girls squirt or if you enjoy making love for a long time.