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Top 18 Couch Sex Positions: An Illustrated Guide

A new study shows that we spend 1,000 hours a year or three hours a day on the couch. We should make as many of those 1,000 hours as hot as possible.

In this guide, we will go over 18 couch sex positions that will supercharge your sex life. Did we mention it serves as a sexy workout too? Score!

The Benefits of Couch Sex

Bedroom sex is so overrated, and couch sex is so underrated! In fact, there are a plethora of benefits to having sofa sex, such as:

  • There’s an added element of thrill: Think about it, while you’re Netflix and chilling in your living room, there’s most likely a large window somewhere. And by large, we mean large enough for people to see! Talk about live action!
  • 69 just got a sexy update: The slim and sleek design of your couch will act as a balance challenge. Whoever is on top will need to hold on to the bottom and vice versa. You will get closer than ever (literally!)
  • Try new positions: The couch adds an extra surface to prop yourself or your partner in new sexy positions that will amplify your orgasm!
  • New textures and sensations: The couch itself is one sexy little number, with new tools and surfaces for orgasmic pleasure that will make you melt! Think about getting sweaty and sticking to the leather couch; this doesn’t happen in the bedroom.
  • Explore standing sex positions while on your couch: Cleaning the top shelves never seemed so sexy until now! The bed can make it challenging to get in certain angles and positions. For example, if you stand on the couch, you can give standing back door penetration an update by adding one leg kneeling on the cushions while you stand with the other. This brings a whole new O game to the table!
  • Doggy Style sex got a makeover: Let’s be honest, doggy style sex on a bed can be a tad difficult because you are both at different heights. Kick clumsiness to the curb by trying doggy style on the couch. Experts say that the couch adds an extra surface for support and leaves a little extra space between you and your lover, allowing the receiver to rub herself while getting pounded from behind.
  • Fight ab muscle fatigue in cowgirl position: Cowgirl can be strenuous to your core while on the bed. Doing cowgirl on a couch allows you to rest your arms on an armrest, which takes the strain off your tummy muscles!

Couch Sex Position Variations

The fun you have all been waiting for! Next, we will cover 18 different couch positions and why you will love them!

1. Orgasm Dip

Add a little spice to your lovemaking routines with this hot move!

Why You’ll Love It: You’ll get the same deep intercourse that you would in doggy style with an extra dash of intimacy!


  1. Lay down on your right side.
  2. Your partner will straddle your right leg.
  3. Bring your left leg around your partner’s left side.

2. The Tight Flower

Want to feel as beautiful as a lotus flower? This sex move will amp up the intimacy between your partner and you while providing a new move to play with on your couch.

Why You Will Love It: This convenient move is available to do on any couch, loveseat, or sectional sofa. As we mentioned, this move is great for deepening intimate connections with your partner since you can look at them in their eyes and watch their facial expressions. This move is also ideal for targeting the G spot and clitoris. Add a triple threat by nibbling your partner’s ear, neck, or shoulder, or all three!


  1. Your partner will sit in an Indian style or cross-legged on the couch.
  2. Slowly sit on your partner’s lap.
  3. Wrap your legs around their back.

3. The Hair Straightener

Ladies, you don’t need a flat iron for your hair with this move!

Why You Will Love It: In this move, by keeping your legs together, you are providing tighter bliss for both you and your partner!


  1. Begin lying face down on the couch.
  2. Straighten your legs.
  3. Your partner will come behind you and provide some seriously awesome backdoor penetration.

4. Sitting Wheelbarrow

This move will make the wheels in both you and your partner’s head spin!

Why You Will Love It: Say yes to this move! You’ll experience deeper penetration, and because of using the height of your sofa, it’s ideal for targeting that G-Spot!


  1. Move your coffee table over.
  2. Have your partner sit at the edge of the couch.
  3. Position yourself so that your behind is resting in their lap.
  4. Adjust yourself, so you are face down with both palms pressed firmly to the floor.
  5. Fold your knees on each side of your partner’s thigh/hip.
  6. To get the deepest penetration, have your partner hold on to your thighs.

5. The G-Spot Wizard

Add some magic to your couch with this sex move!

Why You Will Love It: Keeping your legs over your partner’s shoulders will allow your vagina to remain tight. Not only does this add a whole new forest of pleasure, but it also allows your partner to find your G-Spot with ease!


  1. Lay on the couch on your back.
  2. Your partner will kneel in front of you.
  3. Rest your legs on each shoulder.

6. Lazy in Love (and In Control)

Ladies! Take back your power by being the one holding the reins in this position. You get to be on top!

Why You Will Love This Move: You can control how deep, fast, or slow you go!


  1. Have your partner sit on the couch with their legs out straight.
  2. Cross one of their legs over the straight leg.
  3. Sit down slowly on your partner’s lap and lower yourself slowly onto their penis.

7. Champagne Celebration

You’ll definitely want to raise your glass with this hot couch move!

Why You Need to Try This Move: You don’t have to sacrifice your Netflix Bingathon! Or, pop in a sexy porn video and try the move!


  1. Your partner will sit on the edge of the couch, upright.
  2. You will then lower yourself onto your partner’s lap with your ass and back towards him.

8. The Cowgirl’s Assistant

This is the kind of help every cowgirl wants!

Why You Need to Try This Move: Are your legs killing you after an intense CrossFit session? Feet killing you after a long day? You will love this move because it doesn’t take as much work from you as cowgirl does! It also allows you to play with shallow and deep intercourse! Did we mention it’s ideal for compact couches too?!


  1. Your partner will lie down on the couch with their legs bent.
  2. Straddle your partner, so your knees are bent and resting against your partner’s sides.
  3. As your partner thrusts into you, he can support your hips and legs.

9. Calorie Churner

If you aren’t flexible, this may not be the ideal move for you. However, if you want to add in an extra level of difficulty to your sex couch game, this move is one you have got to try!

Why You Will Love This Move: Your body will thank you for super sexy erotic action and extra-deep penetration like never before!


  1. Lie down on the couch on your back and bend your legs over your head so that your feet are accentuating your ears.
  2. Your partner will stand over you or place his knees on the couch
  3. Your partner will move up and down with his pelvis while standing over you.

10. Leaping Amphibian

Hop into mind-blowing orgasms with this move.

You Need This Couch Sex Move Because: It’s not as rough on your wrists and arms as doggy style and still allows your partner to provide you with pussy tingling deep penetration. An added bonus to this move is that you can use to hands to stimulate your clitoris as well.


  1. Lie face down with your head and arms resting on the armchair of the couch.
  2. Your partner will kneel behind you and bring your hips to his cock.
  3. Play around with this position to experiment with different angles and penetration depths.

11. Rodeo Boy

Saddle up rodeo boy; it’s going to be a wild ride!

Why You Should Try This Move: This move allows you to give up the work and let your man take control. As an added bonus, their hands are free to explore your neck, ears, breasts, or whichever area of your skin sends you into a wild frenzy of desire!


  1. Lie on your back on the couch with knees bent.
  2. You will support your partner’s buttocks and hips as he sits down on your lap.

12. Rodeo Girl

Your favorite wild move from the bedroom got a makeover! Giddy up!

Why You Will Love This Move: It’s super sexy, and your guy will love it because you have to use his thighs for support as your hands explore his chest and upper torso. He also gets a jaw-dropping view of you as you move up and down on his lap.


  1. Your partner will lie face down on his back with his knees bent.
  2. Straddle your partner facing him.

13. The Reverse Spoon

Don’t sacrifice your holiday movie marathon! This move allows you to watch your holiday movies and still get your groove on!

Why You Need to Explore With This Move: Not only will you become stimulated in all of the right and sexy places, you will also get a chance to get really intimate with your partner!


  1. You both will lay down so that you are facing each other.
  2. To spice up this position, try intertwining your legs together, shift your hips around, and find what feels good.

14. Missionary

This classic move just got an update! Give this move some flair by getting spicy with missionary on the couch!

Why You Will Love This Move: Get close and snuggly with your partner in this classic position. It’s also great for beginners exploring the world of couch sex. Did we also mention your partner’s pelvis will bring you ear-shattering orgasms from rubbing against your clit!


  1. Lay down on your back.
  2. Your partner will lay on top of you.
  3. Try different rhythms and angles to see what feels good.

15. Doggy Style

This original position gets a twist!

You’ll Love It Because: It’s ideal for compact or narrow couches! It also allows your partner to wander their hands and stroke sensitive areas such as your clit, inner thighs, and nipples!


  1. Get down on all fours on the couch.
  2. Your partner will kneel behind you.

16. Grinding Into the Couch

Why You’ll Love It: Is your partner away on vacation, and your toy isn’t doing the trick? This move is ideal! It also gives you a way to explore on a solo level, so when your honey does come home, you can show him what angles and depths feel good to you!


  1. Grind your pelvis into the couch.
  2. Start off slowly by circling your clit in small movements to ignite stimulation.
  3. Continue with steady pressure until you reach orgasm.

17. The Scooping Spoon

While this move may not be ice cream, you’ll probably still melt like one!

Why You’ll Love It: You’ll never think of spooning the same again with this move!


  1. Both partners lay on their sides facing the same direction
  2. Bend your legs up slightly
  3. Your partner will raise his hips to enter you.

18. Backward Rodeo Girl

Why You’ll Love It: You get to have all the fun in this position! Change up the rhythm and depth to see what sends your partner over the edge! Lean back, and you will change up the angle as well!


  1. Your partner will lie on his back on the couch.
  2. You will straddle his lap facing his feet

How To Take Couch Sex To The Next Level

A key aspect of any sex routine is never to let it get dull. Couch sex routines also need to be switched up from time to time to keep the spark ignited!

The methods below can help to keep your couch sex sessions fresh and exciting. You may never go back to bedroom sex again!


Roleplaying is a fun and creative way to add some flare to your couch sex routines and rituals. Roleplaying is pretending to be something or someone else for fun and entertainment.

Did we also mention that it turns up the heat? You can create thousands of scenarios, but we will give you some inspiration to help spark your ideas.

The French Maid

You’re hired at an exclusive mansion to clean for the sexy and single homeowner. Uh oh! Upon checking your work, he finds a spot you missed with your feather duster! He takes you into his office, and on his couch, he provides you some sexy punishment! Should have double-checked your cleaning work, or perhaps you wanted him to catch you misbehaving!

Suggested Props: Feather duster and french maid adult costume.

The Furniture Salesman

Guys! Your turn to roleplay! You’re a salesman for a fancy furniture store! A very interested and sexy client comes in looking to buy a new piece of furniture.

Unfortunately, the sofa she wants to buy it outside her budget. You let her know that if she can ‘help’ you, then you can give her a discount. She reluctantly agrees, and then you proceed to penetrate her on the very couch she wants to buy.

Suggested Props: Any business suit will do, or wear nothing but your birthday suit and a tie!

Snowed In With the Librarian

Uh oh, you were studying for an important college exam, and a big snowstorm is about to hit. You’re locked in with the librarian. What shall you do? May we recommend asking for “extra help”? Is that a book in your pocket, or are you just happy to see the librarian? If you really want to set the mood, do this on a night when your town is really expecting a snow blizzard. Turn off all the lights and use only candles.

Suggested Props: Old books, glasses, smokey eye make up to amplify the sexy librarian look, and candles.

Cops and Robbers

Remember this classic game from childhood? Well, it just got an erotic makeover! You or your partner will dress as a robber, or just wear your birthday suit, and you will pretend as if you are robbing your partner. Unfortunately for you, your partner is a cop, and you’re being booked! Time to serve your sexy time for doing the crime!

Suggested Props: All black lingerie or boxers, a mask that covers your face that is preferably black. You can even add a small bag that has naughty toys in it!

Trouble With The Boss

Your performance is suffering at work, and your partner(ahem boss), pulls you into the office to shall we say reprimand you.

Props: business clothes( or lingerie), a couch, and a desk or small table to use as a desk.

Toys and Other Fun Accessories

In this section, we will go over a couple of examples of toys, and other accessories that can add some extra oooh” to your couch sex escapades.


Dildos can really add some hair raising pleasure to your couch positions. You can use them on the butt, vagina, clit, and even nipples. The better quality dildos are often made from silicone, which is recommended to prevent burns or other injuries from materials used in cheaper dildos. Experiment with placing them in different female erogenous zones and see what really drives your partner wild!

Cock Rings

Cock rings provide pleasure to both parties. Good cock rings will provide a tight yet comfortable fit so that you are not uncomfortable wearing it. Some even have a wireless remote control so that you add a little edge play (orgasm denial) if you feel like punishing your victim, whoops, I mean partner.


Cuffs come in all different materials, colors, and sizes. You can attach some together so that your partner is restrained by both their hands and feet. Some even allow you to restrain your partner’s thighs apart so that you can have direct access to some of their most sensitive parts, and they can’t do anything to stop you.


Feathers can be incredibly erotic and sensual. Especially coupled with a couch. You can use a restraint system to keep their legs open while you brush the tip of the feather against the clit, vagina, G-spot, penis, balls, or anus. They cannot do anything to stop you and are powerless under your control. Ruthless dictators during roleplay will love this option!


Bring the element of surprise to a sexy couch near you with blindfolds! They are cheap, versatile, and add an extra spark of pleasure. Your partner can’t see you; they can only hear your footsteps and feel your touch. It’s also great for interrogation play!

Massage Oil Candles

Relaxing candles help set the mood for erotic massage

Curious about candle wax play? Massage oil candles allow safe exploration with candle wax play. They also can be used as a massage oil. Happy ending, anyone? Pour a little drizzle over your partner’s nipples, stomach, or hip region and watch them squirm in pleasure!

Couch Sex Furniture

Sure, that Ikea modern couch may do the trick for a while as you explore couch sex and different positions. However, do you really want to invite family and friends knowing that your living room couch is “well used”? Of course not! In this section, we’ll cover what a sex couch is, and the important qualities you should look for in one before you invest.

What Is a Sex Couch?

Sex couches are simple devices that are used to hold the weight of you and your partner during foreplay or sexual events. Sex couches come in different shapes, sizes, and fabrics. Some are as soft as a cloud, while others are as hard as your partner’s erection. Every sex couch has one thing in common, which is that they all provide a higher level of safety during couch sex.

The Benefits of Sex Couches

  • Easy to use in a spur of the moment sexcapade
  • Allows new ways to play
  • More options for positions and angles that are safer
  • Prevent injuries
  • Easy to mix in sex pillows (special pillows that are made for extra support and holding areas that may be sore on the body during sex such as the lower back or hips)

The Cons of Having a Sex Couch:

  • You will need to finance it or use a credit card as the cheapest models cost a minimum of $1,000 or more, and you don’t want to pick a sex couch just because it’s cheap.
  • You will need to research cleaning procedures as some of the sex couch models may require certain cleaning techniques, especially if you have used lube on your sex couch furniture.
  • If you don’t want friends or family knowing that you’re a little kinky, don’t get one.

10 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Sex Couch

  1. Do you have room for it?
  2. What kind of positions do you want to explore?
  3. What kinds of lubes do you plan to use, if any?
  4. Are you or your partner allergic to certain fabrics?
  5. What material should you look for?
  6. Do you want it in a certain color?
  7. Are sex toys going to be used on this sex couch?
  8. How much do you weigh?
  9. How much does your partner weigh?
  10. How much do you both combined weight?

The Best Sex Couch to Consider

Liberator Esse 2 Black Label Chaise

Luxury sex couches do not get any grander than this! Choose from ten different colors! You will also love that there are four unique cuff accessory kits settings you can choose from as well!

This couch is modern and glam and is softer than lotioned skin! It’s made of thick and sturdy foam while being surrounded in simulated lambskin! It’s topped off by a headrest with an extra 5 inches added on for support! You’ll be able to do all sorts of fun sex moves! Hello, gymnastics!

Here are some other reasons why you will love this sex couch:

  • It complements any figure no matter what size!
  • It is insanely flexible and can take on the shape to literally any position.
  • Kama Sutra insporation angles!
  • It lifts off the floor in order to support BDSM cuffs and other restraints.
  • No irritating materials to make your skin itchy, and it’s safe!
  • Prevents against stains, and germs!
  • The liner prevents moisture from seeping in!

The Best Sex Couch For Beginners

The Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair

While this isn’t quite a sofa or couch, you can for sure use this with a couch! This practical chair allows you to get into BDSM and couch positions and angles that may be otherwise difficult in other circumstances. It even has a slit where your ass sits for some hot and steamy ass play.

Other Reasons You Will Love This Chair

  • Four thick layers of elastic for top-notch support.
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle.
  • Great for all body types!
  • Includes 12 BDSM clips underneath the chair
  • It’s cost-effective. Sex couches cost around at least $1500 while you can spend a little less than a franklin on this chair!


Couch sex doesn’t have to suck! Unless you’re into that sorta thing! Whether you are just looking for new angles and positions to explore with your partner, or just looking to add a little spice to your holiday Netflix binge with your sweetie, there is a move that everyone will enjoy.

Add a whip and blindfold for a little extra twist, or perhaps roleplay as a sexy librarian who’s snowed in with her sexy accomplice. Don’t forget if you’re budget permits so and you want to add a little extra flair to your couch sex game, make sure you check out a sex couch suitable for you and your partner!

Secret for A Great A Sex Life?

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Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday started The School Of Squirt back in 2012 and has been running the website and digital courses along with Jakob Wulfe since then. She is a full time sex writer, researcher and practicer.

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  1. A nice list of positions here, with great illustrations. Can’t wait to try these out with my partner on the couch in between watching my favorite shows. Especially as it looks like I’m going to be spending a lot of time at home now! haha

  2. I love lying on my back with my head hanging off the front and letting my boyfriend deepthroat me. It’s my fav position as my neck is straight so it’s easier to get his cock into my throat. I usually end up gagging (which turns him on!) and drooling all over my face and carpet. Whatever makes him happy, right?

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