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Female Ejaculation Video Lessons

Do you want to learn the secrets of female ejaculation?

Ready to give your girlfriend the best orgasm of her life?

I know if you’ve been searching online, you’re committed to learning how to make your girlfriend squirt for the first time, and I am happy to give you access to some amazing video training lessons.

These videos are absolutely going to blow your mind, and when you use the techniques he shows you, it will blow your girl’s mind as well. One of the first things Marcus will show you is how to build arousal using these ‘triggers’

I know we write about some great tips and techniques right here, but there’s just nothing like actually being shown, step-by-step how to make it work every single time, with a real girl.

There’s a difference between knowing how to do it and actually seeing it been done, and that’s why Marcus has put so much time into creating this amazing series of video lessons.

This Video Course will show you everything you need to know to make her squirt tonight.

The video course we’ve put together for you is insane, and it’s going to teach you everything you need to know to blow your girlfriend’s mind so we’ve called it Squirting Triggers 2.0.

I show you my step-by-step technique and foolproof method live on women from foreplay all the way through to squirting 10 or more times, or until she is too tired to continue.

It works for girls who haven’t squirted before.

Although Marcus does show his techniques on ‘experienced squirters’ during the 5-hour video course he also shows you exactly what to do with a girl who has never ejaculated before.

In this 16 minute video Marcus demonstrates from start to finish how to give her her first squirting orgasm.

Although she is nervous and tense to start with his step-by-step method builds her arousal up to a point where his method is guaranteed to work.

If he can do it for this girl in front of the camera, you should have no problem if you follow the instructions to make it happen with your girlfriend.

Learn what might have stopped her in the past.

You may have tried to make your girl squirt before and failed to do so. Marcus shows you the exact reason this is so common and unexpected ways that you can overcome this.

A common challenge is the urethral sponge retracting away from the front of the vagina, which makes it much harder to find and much harder to stimulate.

There’s a simple trick that Marcus will demonstrate, live on camera as he tries to make the girl squirt and has the same problem. Without knowing this one trick, you could be on the verge of making her squirt but never quite get there.

A Brief History of Female Ejaculation

Joanna Korda, from the Department of Urology at the University Medical Centre Hamburg‐Eppendorf, conducted a comprehensive systematic literature review to look into when and where female ejaculation had been mentioned throughout history.

Squirting has been around for a long, long time. Korda’s review shows it existed 2,000 years ago. Aristotle was (probably) the first to write about it, and the Romans referred to the fluid as “liquir vitae.”

In Ancient India, the female ejaculatory fluid was known as “a amrita,” which means Nectar of The Gods. Interestingly, a fourth-century Taoist text distinguished the difference between a “slippery vagina” and “the genitals transmit fluid.” Korda concluded that this was probably referring to the differences between cervical fluid and female ejaculate.

Female ejaculation and squirting are also gaining more popularity in the modern day. The graph below shows data compiled from Pornhub insights. The search volume has increased dramatically between 2013 and 2015, and it has remained in Pornhub’s top 20 categories of videos.

Interesting facts – women are 44% more likely to search for squirting videos compared to men, and the countries most interested in squirting are Colombia, South Africa, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Slovakia(!)

Kitty May, Director of Education and Community Outreach at Other Nature, a feminist sex store in Berlin says:

“Many female-assigned people who do ejaculate experience something more like a trickle than the dramatic gush that is often depicted — in fact, they may not even notice it has happened. Just as neither squirting nor not squirting is “better,” there is no right or wrong way to ejaculate.”

Just because squirting and female ejaculation is incredibly popular, doesn’t seem to make it socially “acceptable.” UK law banned female ejaculation from UK-produced pornography because of its similarity to urinating. This was met with protest, as it implies that there is something wrong with female ejaculation, whereas male ejaculation in pornography is perfectly acceptable.

To be honest, Jakob and I agree with the protests. There is not a single thing wrong with female ejaculation, and it should be celebrated, not frowned upon(!)

What Is Female Ejaculation?

Wet hands before fingering

I’m almost 99% sure, back in a sex education class in High School, I was never taught about female ejaculation.

It was all about the men and their ejaculation…

Well, the interesting thing is, the only thing you need to ejaculate is a urethra. That’s the tube where urine is passed out.

When you’re aroused, ejaculatory fluid is expelled from your urethral opening. Just for the record, this ejaculatory fluid is different from the cervical fluid that makes your vagina wet.

That being said, there is actually a difference between “squirting” and “female ejaculation,” which we’ll touch on a little later. Most people think they’re the same thing.

Where Does The Squirting Fluid Come From? Is it Urine?

So, is female ejaculate urine, or is it something else? A study conducted by Samuel Salama and his colleagues in 2014 wanted to find out what the fluid was. A sample of 7 women was used, and all of these women reported producing large amounts of ejaculatory liquid.

The women were first asked to empty their bladders before stimulating themselves through masturbation. Once they had used the toilet, the researchers took ultrasound scans to make sure the bladders were empty. After the ladies had become aroused, another ultrasound scan was taken to see if the bladder had re-filled. Low and behold, it had. At this point, the researchers also collected the fluid in a bag. After engaging in masturbation, another ultrasound scan revealed that the bladder had emptied.

If the study ended there, this would imply that female ejaculation is urine, but the research continued…

Salama and his team then analyzed all the squirted fluid samples from the women. Two of the women saw no change in the chemical makeup of the fluid – it was just urine and their ejaculatory fluid. However, five of the seven women had small amounts of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in the fluid. This is an enzyme that is not detected in urine but is detected in female ejaculate.

PSA is often associated with male ejaculate, and it helps sperm to swim. In men, it is produced in the prostate; however, Salama noted that for women, PSA is mainly produced in the Skene’s or paraurethral glands. These are located on the front wall of the vagina.

That being said, while researchers have an understanding, there is no conclusive agreement to what female ejaculatory fluid is made up of. It has been demonstrated to contain urine, amongst other fluids.

Female Ejaculation Versus Squirting

The terms female ejaculation and squirting are often used interchangeably. Interestingly, they are not the same thing.

Research conducted by Rubio-Casillas and Jannini aimed to demonstrate that squirting and ejaculation are two different phenomena. After their studies, they were able to make a distinction between squirting – which is a diluted fluid expelled from the urinary bladder – and female ejaculation – which is a very “scanty, thick and whitish fluid” from the female prostate.

This milky, white fluid comes from the Skene’s glands, whereas the gushing/squirting “fluid comes from the bladder” (Prause, 2014). Scientists aren’t quite sure of the purpose of female ejaculation or Skene’s glands. That being said, some researchers believe that it could be there to protect against infections and antimicrobial components.

So, while there is a difference between female ejaculation and squirting, most people don’t know it.

What Does Squirting Feel Like?

What better way to know what squirting feels likes than hearing from some of the ladies that have taken Squirting Triggers with their partner? We asked a few of our customers, and here are our favorite responses:

Carol, 31, said the following:

“The first time I squirted, it came out like a fountain. I was having sex with my partner at the time, and after some hard pounding, he pulled out, and my vagina just started going crazy. It was…How do I put it…Just pumping water out…

It felt pretty damn good. To be honest, I had no idea what was going on. I used to be quite crude – I had never watched porn, nor Googled anything about sex, so this was quite the surprise.

However, after squirting, I really wanted to understand what was going on. It was just so satisfying, and I started craving it. I remember going onto Google and searching “female pee during sex” and all sorts of stuff until I learned what had happened. My partner just kept saying, “it’s normal, it’s normal, don’t worry about it.” Really, I wanted to know how I could do it again.

Actually, that’s what led me to find Laura and Jakob from School of Squirt. Luckily, I bought the course for my partner, and our sex life has never been better. When I squirt, I find it extremely pleasurable. Usually, the squirt comes just as I’m about to orgasm. On multiple occasions, my entire body started shaking uncontrollably, and I experienced some of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had.”

Jamie, 34, said:

“I’m bisexual, and currently, I’m in a relationship with another female. My ex-boyfriend was very good at making me squirt, so I knew how to relax my body and let him take control. When I ejaculate, it makes my orgasms feel a lot stronger than if it just through penetration or clitoral stimulation.

Now, my current girlfriend had no experience with squirting. I tried to stimulate her G-Spot, but it didn’t work. She actually had no problem getting me to squirt. It was this that led me to School of Squirt, where Jakob and Laura taught me more about how to get my partner to relax into the climax and various positions that helped her achieve this beautiful experience.

Now we can both squirt at the same time; we seem to feel a lot more intimate. Sure, it gets very messy, but it’s a great experience to have with each other. It seriously turns me on when I see her let go, and she seems to feel the same way. One thing that really helped her were deep breathing techniques, and it seems to help her to speed up breathing just before she’s about to come.”

Can All Women Ejaculate?

Judging by the plethora of squirting searches from the Pornhub Insights data, you may think that every woman can squirt on-demand, at any time. This has definitely put some pressure on women. According to the ISSM, they estimate 10% to 50% of women involuntarily ejaculate (i.e., without their partner really understanding how to make their lady squirt). Most women don’t know that they ejaculate, because the fluid often goes back into the bladder.

We surveyed our customer’s a few months back, and after taking Squirting Triggers, a whole 92% achieved a squirting orgasm, and 95% reported a dramatic increase in their sex life. We’re still working on improving our course to get that number even higher, but they’re some pretty good numbers.

Salama (the researcher we spoke about earlier, who did the ultrasound bladder test) believes that every woman is capable of squirting if their partner knows what they’re doing – which is good news for those of you that are still experimenting(!)

Why most men get it wrong.

Tori Black explains how most men get it all wrong when it comes to squirting and how a simple change in approach can make all the difference between giving her an amazing ejaculatory orgasm and making her completely un-aroused. This is something quite counter-intuitive and in the video, she explains exactly the right way to do it. You can’t really learn this stuff without watching the video.


We’ve covered a lot in today’s ejaculation guide – however, there are many unanswered questions. Let’s explore those now:

What does it smell like?

Female ejaculation, although being expelled from the urethra, does not smell like urine. In fact, it doesn’t smell of anything at all.

What does it taste like?

Female ejaculate is said to have a sweet taste. This is probably why the Ancient Indians referred to it as “a amrita,” which means Nectar of The God. In fact, we wrote an article about how to make her pussy taste good here.

And we’ve written a whole article on “what does pussy taste like?“.

Is there pressure on women to squirt?

Sadly, with the increase in popularity online, many women feel like squirting is something they should be able to do.

According to another article written on squirting by the BBC, Silvia Saige, who has worked in pornography for over four years, says:

“It’s increasingly being asked for, and a woman’s career can take a financial upswing if she manages to squirt. I don’t get hired for jobs specifically featuring this act because it’s not something I can guarantee will happen with my body.”

Interestingly, a lot of pornography performers actually fill their vaginas with water, using a vaginal douche. They are then able to contract their vaginal muscles to appear as though they are squirting. Pornographic acts like this certainly add to the pressure women feel to squirt.

Some women can be ashamed that they can’t ejaculate, and on the contrary, other women are afraid to actually “let go” and ejaculate in case their partners think they have urinated. The reality is that there’s nothing wrong with squirting, and there is nothing wrong with not squirting. Both are totally natural and normal.

“So effective it works even girl on girl!”

Marcus demonstrates how his secret process is guaranteed to work when he teaches a different woman to use it on his current girl during another of the live demonstrations.

The second girl has clearly never made anyone squirt before so it takes some practice and she makes some of the common mistakes but Marcus coaches her through it and she eventually makes the other girl squirt a few times. Not bad for girl on girl. If she can do it then you should be able to do it too, given you know what you’re doing.

Squirting during sex

Squirting during sex is one of the hardest things to do and requires a very precise position, technique, and timing. However, Marcus shows exactly how powerful it can be, especially for girls who may not ‘want’ to squirt.

With the technique that he teaches she might not have a chance because she won’t see it coming.

It really surprised us just how effective his technique is and how consistently is worked during the demonstration. One of the problems with the finger technique is that it’s obvious what you’re trying to do.

This can put her off. But squirting during sex is different because it will appear to her like normal sex, until she ejaculates everywhere that is.

What to do to guarantee she squirts…

Marcus will show you his technique that gives her such intense pleasure it is guaranteed to make her squirt. Because she will orgasm so hard there’s almost no stopping the flow.

In fact, he’s so confident about this technique that if you’re not 100% happy with the results simply ask for your money back, no questions asked.

Get hold of it now and learn how to immediately control your girlfriend’s orgasms

If you’re serious about treating your girlfriend or wife to an amazing squirting orgasm and want to be absolutely sure that you get it right then getting hold of Squirting Mastery is an absolute must.

Could you put a price tag on making your girl squirt for the very first time? How much would it be worth to you? I guarantee that this video series will help make it happen. If you do one thing for your partner this year, get hold of these video lessons today.

Get hold of the Squirting Mastery complete video series now before I remove the videos next week. You’ll never have to go through all the pain and heartache of your girlfriend breaking up with you because you weren’t giving her what she wanted in bed.

This is the most in-depth, well-produced, and expert guide to squirting that you will ever find. Ask yourself the question, ‘How much would I pay to give my girlfriend a squirting orgasm next time we are together?’

What’s it worth to you to know that you’re the only guy who ever has, and probably ever will give her an orgasm so intense that she squirts?

If you don’t manage to make your partner squirt the first time then Marcus will give you a 100% guaranteed full refund (no hassle and no questions) just drop him an email. He’s that confident that his techniques work (they do work very well).

Let’s face it, most men have no idea what they are doing in the bedroom and their relationship has become stale and lacks passion because of it.

A sexually unfulfilled woman is the kind of woman who will always have her eye out for another man who can satisfy her, and that’s not something she’s going to tell you until it’s too late.

Research shows that as many as 12% of children do not have the genetic father that they believe they do, this is a direct result of women cheating on their partner because they were not sexually satisfied.

Is this the kind of thing you want to have in the back of your mind throughout your relationship? Or would you rather have such a deep, powerful, and satisfying sexual relationship with your partner that even thinking about her cheating is laughable?

How To Ejaculate For Females in 5 Simple Steps

If you’re interested in learning how to ejaculate yourself, we’re going to share some of our favorite tips with you. If you want some more of our practical tips, don’t forget to check out Squirting Triggers.

Wind Down

Relaxing candles help set the mood for erotic massage

The first step in achieving female ejaculation is to wind down. Ejaculation is as much of a mental game as it is a physical one. It’s important to totally relax before beginning. We recommend some of the following:

  • Take a hot bath. Run a bath, light some candles, and relax. While in the bath, take some deep breaths. Breathe in for 8 seconds, pause for 2 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds. This will really calm you down and relax your mind.
  • Play some relaxing music. Music can be a great way to soothe you before you start the squirting process. We recommend some relaxing music, or even better, a nature soundtrack.
  • Scents. We recommend using either incense or aromatherapy to fill your room with relaxing smells.

Following some basic steps like this will put you in the best possible headspace to give you the best chance of ejaculating.


The second step is to begin a deep dive into your body. Exploring your body might not be something you’ve done up until this point, but we recommend you take as long as you need to explore different areas. Some areas may actually excite you more than you know it.

Start from the top of the body down (starting with the facial features), moving past the breasts, down to the abdomen, and then the inner thighs. We like to recommend spending at least 15 minutes exploring yourself before you start a good squirting session. When done properly, this should start to arouse you and relax you further.

The Deep Dive

By this point, you should be feeling calm and pretty turned on. In order to squirt, we recommend focussing on the clitoris and the G-Spot. However, we don’t recommend focussing on the G-Spot until you’re fully aroused.

Simply give it more time exploring your body, or begin by stimulating the clitoris. Once you are fully aroused, you can use either your fingers or a sex toy to penetrate the vagina. The G-Spot is located on the top of the vagina wall, just past the opening. It will have a different texture to the rest of the vagina.

Once you find the G-Spot, you want to continually stimulate it, massaging it in various motions until you find what works for you.


When you’ve been stimulating the G-Spot for some time, and your body is about to squirt, you will feel almost as though you’re about to pee. Don’t panic – it’s normal to feel that way. If you feel this way, don’t stop and just keep going. You can worry about the mess after – but for now, try your best to relax and enjoy what you worked hard for.

Regular Practice

If you don’t manage to squirt the first time – that’s totally okay. The good news is, the more you practice, the easier you will find it to squirt. By going through the motions alone, you’ll also have a much higher chance of squirting when engaging in sexual activities with your partner. So keep up the practice, and most importantly, have fun.

Is Your Woman Getting What She Wants Or Is She Desperately Searching For More?

Seriously, why would she even bother looking elsewhere when you’re the only guy who has ever made her squirt whilst having sex with her? What you’re about to learn in this book is something less than 0.01% of men know.

Making your girl squirt is about more than the fun of female ejaculation, and the allure of doing something taboo, it’s about giving a gift to your women.

It’s about showing how much you love and appreciate her that you’re willing to take time out of your busy day and spend money to learn how to make her squirt.

Forget about the flowers, fancy meal or sparkling necklace, the best present you give your partner is the gift of squirting.

Learn exactly what it takes to give this amazing gift to your woman, (think mind blowing, out-of-control orgasms, wriggling with pleasure as you stand over her, sexual explosions followed by sexual bliss.)

Next Step

Reading articles and getting basic knowledge of female orgasms and ejaculation is great. But it’s only the start. The best way to learn is with an expert teacher, showing you exactly what to do with video demonstrations. That’s why we created our video course which you can access online.

In this program, we teach you step by step exactly how female ejaculation works. So if you’re ready to take your sex life to the next level then this program is highly recommended.

Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday started The School Of Squirt back in 2012 and has been running the website and digital courses along with Jakob Wulfe since then. She is a full time sex writer, researcher and practicer.

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    1. Hi Marvin, please check out our training course – Squirting Triggers – you’ll find all the video tutorials you need inside here.

  2. The first time I ejaculated I actually thought I peed myself! I was having sex with my boyfriend and squirted out some pee when I orgasmed. I was dying inside but my bf was so cool about it – like “wow you squirted! You ejaculated, that’s awesome”. I think I actually squirted, not ejaculated, it was like a feeling of release.

  3. I have this amazing curved metal dildo that’s my go-to for making me cum. It gets me there every time. I lay on my back, lube it up, take a deep breathe in and it just goes right in. My G-spot is about my fingers-length inside on my top wall. The head of the dildo hits right on my spot. And then I just pump it, I like that pounding. As I keep doing it, I feel the pressure of the ejaculate building up. It gets harder to push in as everything is expanding and swelling. I need to pull it out to get the squirt out.

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