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What Does Squirting Feel Like?

Squirting is a poorly understood topic by many people, both men and women alike. The fact remains that some women do squirt during sex. For women who have yet to experience the joys of squirting, though, one big question remains: what does squirting feel like?

This article will introduce squirting including what squirting fluid is and who can squirt. We’ll then describe how squirting feels before, during, and after. Finally, we’ll answer frequently asked questions on the topic.

An Introduction to Squirting

Squirting is often thought of as a taboo subject or a fetish. It’s only something that pornstars and “loose” women do, right? Wrong!

More than a fetish or taboo, squirting is a natural occurrence that may happen during orgasm. By definition, squirting is the flow of colorless, odorless fluid from the urethra. For some women, it’s barely a trickle and for others, it’s a tidal wave. But all the same, it’s a sign of immense sexual pleasure.

Where do squirting fluids come from?

Squirting fluids are thought to originate in the Skene glands. These are located internally on either side of the urethra. During the process of squirting, the fluids will leave the glands and travel through the bladder and out of the urethra to exit the body.

Pee or Not?

A common misconception is that squirting fluid is pee. While squirting fluids may contain trace amounts of pee courtesy of its travel through the bladder, it’s actually more similar to male ejaculate minus the semen.

In fact, squirting fluid contains prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) which is usually associated with male ejaculate. While this antigen is produced by the prostate in men, it’s believed to be produced by the Skene glands in women.

Who Can Squirt?

As with many topics surrounding female sexual pleasure, there is little in the way of reliable research. There have been studies done on the topic of squirting, but sample sizes are typically small and varied.

With that said, current research differs on just how common squirting is. The range is anywhere from 10% to 54% of women which isn’t exactly a definitive answer.

So who can squirt?

For the women in the studies mentioned, it’s likely that they’ve been able to squirt their entire sexual lives. Squirting is something that comes naturally to many women. But most any woman can learn to squirt if the right techniques are used.

Assuming no physical limitations, such as lack of skene glands or vaginal stenosis, squirting is a largely mental thing. That is, women who have had trouble squirting in the past may have had a mental block. While physical stimulation is an important element, being in the right state of mind is even moreso.

What Does Squirting Feel Like?

Just like an orgasm, squirting will feel slightly different for each woman. You could even say there are variations of squirting intensity, just like there are with orgasm. However, we can still provide a general idea of what squirting feels like before, during, and after.

What Squirting Feels Like: Before

If you’re new to squirting, the feelings before can be the most confusing. It’s at this point that many women say they have a strong urge to urinate. This can be a mental block for many, but it’s important to push past that feeling.

Continue, or allow your partner to continue, the stimulation of the g-spot despite the urge to pee. For some women, it goes away within a minute or so of continued stimulation. For other women, it lasts all the way up to the grand finale.

If you’re worried about actually peeing, then consider this:

  1. You’re unlikely to actually pee, especially if you emptied your bladder before.
  2. If you do pee, it’ll be a small amount compared to the squirting fluids.
  3. You can always place towels or sheets around you for easy clean-up.

What Squirting Feels Like: During

Once you have begun to squirt, it will feel highly pleasurable. You’ll likely no longer feel the urge to urinate, though you will feel gushing and wetness.

For women who squirt during climax, it’s a very similar experience with the build-up, explosion, and then let down. For women who squirt either before or after climax, it may have its own build-up and explosion but it can also be a continuous feeling of pleasure that simply ends with a gush.

What Squirting Feels Like: After

As for how you’ll feel after squirting, the most obvious answer is… wet!

Whether it was a gush or a trickle, there’s bound to be some fluids on and around you. If you squirted during orgasm, you’ll feel that usual “high” as you come down from climax. You may also feel exhausted and fully relaxed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Squirting

Question: Will I Squirt Every Time I Have Sex?

Answer: Some women squirt from sex while others only squirt from fingering. Some women squirt every time they climax while others only squirt on occasion. There’s really no one-size-fits-all when it comes to squirting experiences.

Question: Is It Scary When You Squirt for the First Time?

Answer: For women who don’t know what squirting is prior to doing it for the first time, it can certainly make it a scary experience. Now that you know what squirting is, though, you can relax if you ever feel a trickle or gush during fingering or sex.

Question: Does Squirting Make You Feel Emotional?

Answer: Just like with orgasm, some women feel emotional afterward while others don’t notice any strong feelings or emotions. You may run the gamut of emotions when you squirt – embarrassment, excitement, contentment, awe.


If you’ve ever wondered what squirting feels like, you’re not alone! For women who have yet to experience it, it can be both scary and exciting.

Are you ready to experience how it feels to squirt for yourself? You’ll be happy to know that you too can learn how to squirt. Whether with a partner or by yourself, you can experience a squirting orgasm.

Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday started The School Of Squirt back in 2012 and has been running the website and digital courses along with Jakob Wulfe since then. She is a full time sex writer, researcher and practicer.

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