Best Sex Positions

Looking for the best sex positions that will make a man last longer, provide deeper penetration or give a woman her best chance at an amazing orgasm?

We’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured the internet and dug through the manuals to bring you the best positions for the most common sexual goals.

These are fairly simple and won’t require you to limber up, either, so don’t worry if you’ve gotten into a rut of missionary sex.

These positions can provide just the change you need to give you the charge you want.

1. Give the Lady a Lift

Women report they are more likely to experience an orgasm if they’re on top. There are a few different reasons for this. First, of course, it allows them to grind down on their partner, stimulating her clitoris while controlling just how deep she is penetrated.

There’s also the thrill of simply taking charge which provides extra mental stimulation. And, of course, there’s the fact that it’s often different from what couples normally do which provides a level of novelty for both partners.

2. Cowgirl

The most common position of having a woman on top is, of course, the cowgirl. In this position, the woman simply rides her partner facing forward and using her knees as leverage. The view for her partner is a bonus and the woman gets to control pacing, penetration and how hard she grinds down.

3. The Asian Cowgirl

Sometimes called the Reverse Cowgirl, for this position the woman simply turns around. By going in from behind, so to speak.

She can give her partner a bit of a break from being over stimulated while still having fun. The angle this position provides also makes it easier for the G-Spot to be stimulated, making it a sure-fire hit.

4. The Beetle

The Beetle is less a position and more an approach. It’s still with the woman on top but instead of being on her knees she effectively squats so that she can quickly change the angle and position until she finds the perfect sweet spot to reach her orgasm.

Having her swivel around and try different angles quickly can be a bit overwhelming for her partner, so couples should be sure to establish some type of warning if a man feels as though he’s about to climax before both partners are ready.

Best for Her Orgasm

Having the woman on top is a definite favorite but if you want to give her an amazing orgasm, the old tried and true Doggy Style is really the way to go.

Some women may roll their eyes at its corny name, but nail the position just right and she’ll be rolling her eyes for an entirely different reason. The trick with perfecting the Doggy position is the angle in which the penis enters her from behind.

Essentially, you want to angle your penis so that it’s sitting at the front of her vagina. That’s right – the front. That’s because the G-spot is located right around there and that’s the magic button, so to speak.

Go slowly until you find just the right angle then hone in and get focused. But don’t pound away or try to get rough, instead alternate thrusts that go as deep as you can with a little grinding swivel of the hips. Encourage her to reach down and stimulate her clitoris if she wants – the moans this creates will get you both off in no time.

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Deeper Penetration Anyone?

It doesn’t matter what size a penis is – there are ways to achieve the deepest penetration possible simply by changing up your positions.

Going deeper does come with the potential for trouble, so be sure your partner knows she can speak up if things go too far. Penetrating deeper will mean you’re running the risk of hitting her cervix which is the ultimate mood killer. So once you’ve established all that, it’s time to have some fun!

5. The Turtle

This is a fun position that lets a woman just enjoy the ride, so to speak. The woman kneels down, the lays her head on the bed, arching her back and pushing her butt into the air. Her partner enters from behind and his angle coupled with the angle of her body means penetration as deep as you can possibly go. It’s a huge turn on for both partners and, once again, is gives her the ability to stimulate her clitoris if she wants.

6. The Anvil

Another favorite is the Anvil, which is a spin on the missionary position that most people know, even if they didn’t realize it. To achieve this position, get into missionary and then have her put her shins or knees on your shoulders – it’s that easy.

As you position yourself, her body will achieve an angle that gives allows for the hot and steamy deeper penetration. Since you’re facing each other, you can kiss and play with her breasts or encourage her to engage in some stimulation.

First Time Anal

Anal sex can be pretty amazing, but some people are reluctant to try it for obvious reasons. If you’re keen to get your girl to give it a go, have this position at the ready.

Spooning is the ideal way to keep her relaxed and be able to stimulate her as much as you both want in order to make trying anal much easier. As the name implies, you simply assume your normal Spooning position – same as you would for sleep – with both partners on their sides and facing the same way.

Play with her clit, nipples and vagina to keep her aroused, wet and fully relaxed then slide on in. Go slowly and use plenty of lube as needed and simply rock your way to orgasm!

Improve Your Stamina

Whether you’ve got an issue with climaxing too quickly or you just want to prolong the fun, positions that improve a man’s stamina are always a good idea.

The trick to improving staying power has to do with lessening stimulation, but without stopping the fun in its tracks. Doggy Style is a great options for this – especially since it also stimulates her G-Spot – but that’s not your only option here.

The Spooning position is also a good option and if she’s not down for anal, it’s simple to use it for rear vaginal entry as well. Having her on top as a Asian Cowgirl also reduces your stimulation while still keeping her happy.

And changing positions often is a key as well. Simply by moving around to get into these positions will give men a momentary break that prevents things from going too far, too fast.

There are so many fun positions for couples to try that these starter options will more than likely whet your whistle for more. As you each develop your favorites, be sure to make them a regular thing.

Not only will this enhance your sex life as it is, it will also make it easier for you both to suggest new and fun positions in the future.

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  1. I’m frustrated that with my wife I can’t get her to squirt everytime she has with clit simulation vaginal and analysis before but not everytime the other women I have been with that get comfortable to squirt will do it as soon as I touch them but she want and I’m trying to find it what I need to do

      • Anybody who has been lucky enough to have had a woman drench themselves and their bed knows that female ejaculate is a lot different in smell, color and texture from pee. You just have to try it and see for yourself 🙂

    • Not every chick squirts bro but pretty sure they can all have a G-Org. Get her off instead of worrying she isnt liquid!!

  2. If you want to make a girl go geazy focus on her don’t always do one thing throw her around look her in the eyes be confident and show her your the man I’m not even out of highschool yet but I’ve been with 11 different women most were older the trick is your not trying to make your self cum but her first as they say ” ladies first ” it definitely applies eat her pussy finger her same time slowly kiss her down grind on her a bit try to make the mood like your in a porno or magic mike once she is take it slow at first think of it as a work out if anything ” get your heart rate high” go hard and fast as you can use her to go harder as in thrust her your way she’s on top grab her hips u pull out keep head in lift her up then same time throw her down while you go inside she the face she makes ? She does this your golden keep eye contact talk dirty spank her make her feel like she’s being taken care of

    • Qweezy

      You are bragging a lot, but if you are that experienced, why dont you make a woman cum in intercourse with your voice ??. or in intercourse on command ??. or in intercourse through energy orgasms ???

      If you pull that off, then you may brag indeed :-).

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