Sex Chair: The Ultimate Guide

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Are you curious about sex chairs and what they can do for your love life? In this ultimate guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about these AMAZING sexual aids!

If you’re bewildered by the vast array of sex chairs on the market, let us be your guide. We’ll explain everything you’ve ever wondered about sex chairs, including what they are, how to use them, and everything in between!

Whether you’re looking to blast out of a sexual rut, break a ‘dry spell’, or simply enhance your relationship, a sex chair could be just the ticket. We’ll share some LITTLE-KNOWN tips and techniques that will help make your lovemaking last LONGER and result in more powerful orgasms for you and your partner!

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The BEST sex positions to try on any sex chair
  • The SECRET sex chair techniques that can make any woman SQUIRT with pleasure!
  • The 5 THINGS to consider when buying a sex chair
  • And more!

So if you’re looking for a bliss-based guide to the top-rated sex chairs on the market right now, we PROMISE you won’t be left feeling disappointed!

You’ll be able to put what we teach into practice right away – and see some INCREDIBLE results!

What are sex chairs?

This guide covers almost EVERY TYPE of sex chair – and boy, are there a lot! A sex chair is any chair that aids in a sexual experience, such as erotic massage, masturbation, mutual masturbation, oral sex, and intercourse.

Sex chairs can be store-bought, custom ordered, or even home-made. There is a MASSIVE range of choice on offer, from cheap sex stools and fun inflatable chairs to bespoke love loungers that cost thousands of dollars – this guide will cover them all!

If you’re looking to turn up the KINK in your relationship, we’ll also discuss fetish chairs such as thrones and ‘queening’ chairs that will help you inject some PASSION in your sex life!


Why sex chairs?

Chair sex has been a thing since time immemorial. Wall murals discovered on brothel walls at the ancient Roman city of Pompeii prove that having sex on chairs is nothing new!

Why? Quite simply, chairs give UNBEATABLE support for a wide range of sexual positions, resulting in much more powerful sexual experiences.

Some of the earliest known sex chairs were designed as positional aids for women who were expecting. They helped to make sex more comfortable and practical and soon caught on.

But chairs that have been specifically designed for having sex on are much more recent development.

The TOP 5 benefits of sex chairs are:

  1. Longer sex
  2. Less effort
  3. Extra support
  4. More pleasure and stronger orgasms
  5. New positions

1. Longer sex

Did you know that the right sex chair can help your lovemaking last FAR longer than usual? By fully or partially supporting some of your weight at just the right angles, sex chairs will make you feel like you have superpowers! If you’re a guy who suffers from premature ejaculation or simply can’t last long enough to make your woman climax, then sex chairs are definitely worth a look!

2. Less effort

Although popular woman-on-top positions like the Cowgirl feel amazing, many women find them quite tough, especially on their knees and hips. Sex chairs can help make Cowgirl-type positions far more comfortable for her by supporting her body in all the right places. This results in a far better, and longer, experience for you both!

3. Extra support

Sex chairs provide extra support during sex, making them IDEAL for pregnant women or anyone recovering from an injury who needs to reduce weight on their knees or hips. Sex chairs are also great for people who don’t want their disability to get between them and some seriously great sex!

4. More pleasure and stronger orgasms

One of the TOP reasons to try a sex chair is the chance to get more pleasure and experience stronger orgasms. Yes, you can do most of the positions in this guide on a regular chair or stool, but sex chairs are purpose-designed to MAXIMIZE pleasure!

On a sex chair, you can go WILD and let rip in your pursuit of passion! If you’re a woman, we’ll teach you how to use sex chairs to go harder and longer with minimal effort and MAXIMUM enjoyment, helping you experience the SQUIRTING orgasm of your life! If you’re a guy, we’ll show you the exact techniques you need to make your woman SQUIRT with pleasure and ejaculate everywhere during sex!

5. New positions

Sex chairs let you try new sexual positions that simply aren’t possible without a chair! This guide will teach you the BEST sex positions to try including the Karma Sutra’s Milk and Water Embrace and the lesser-known but equally awesome Zodiac!

Don’t worry, we’ll show you EXACTLY how to do these positions and you’ll learn everything you need to know to try them out right away!

Just keep reading…

Types of sex chairs explained

No matter your needs, preferences or budget, there IS a sex chair out there just waiting to be discovered! In this section, we’ll introduce you to the FOUR main types of sex chairs that you can buy right now.

The four main types of sex chairs are:

  1. Sex stools
  2. Inflatable chairs
  3. Sex loungers
  4. Bespoke sex chairs

Ready to learn more?

Then let’s begin!

1. Sex stools

If you want to get bogged down in semantics then yes, stools aren’t chairs as they have no arms or back. However, sex stools are so unbelievably BRILLIANT for seated sex that we simply couldn’t leave them out of our guide!

Sex stools are a cheap, fun, and PERFECT way to try out some erotic seated sex positions! Sex stools typically feature metal frames with two panels, or straps, stretched across the top. While definitely NOT your typical household stool, sex stools can easily be left out in your bedroom without looking too out of place!


Some of the TOP benefits of sex stools are:

  • Weightlessness

Unlike other sex chairs, sex stools actually take weight OFF a woman’s hips and knees when she’s on top! This quasi-weightlessness lets sex last longer and helps drive passion and relaxation. Sex positions such as Cowgirl that are typically too exhausting to be orgasmic suddenly become back-achingly good and can even lead to a SQUIRTING orgasm!

  • Extra pleasure

The elastic straps that make up the seat portion of the sex stool actually have a SECRET surprise: extra compression! When your woman sits on top and sinks down, she’ll feel the straps push inwards! This makes her feel tighter than ever and increases the sensations and pleasure for both of you!

  • Budget-friendly yet durable

Sex stools are VERY affordable yet will last for YEARS!

  • Discreet and convenient

Unlike other sex chairs, sex stools can be collapsed and stored in under a minute, making them IDEAL for some discreet, spontaneous action!

  • Great for foreplay

Sex stools are one of the BEST types of sex chairs for giving and receiving cunnilingus and analingus. If you’re curious about kinking things up in the bedroom, you can also use a sex stool for fetish practices like face-sitting, queening, and other exciting things!


The main disadvantages of sex stools are:

  • Lack of customization

If you’re shopping for a sex stool for the first time, you won’t be sure how much support, or ‘bounce’, you need. You may have to buy different straps with more or less support, depending on your requirements.

  • Longevity

While some couples will buy sex stools as a novelty, others will want them to last. Bargain-basement priced sex stools will often come with cheap straps made from cotton and polyester. They won’t give you as much elasticity and bounce and won’t last as long. If you want durability and better support, expect to pay more for sex stools with straps made from TPU, a material containing soft silicone and hard plastic.

2. Inflatable sex chairs

If you’ve tried sex stools and are looking to expand your repertoire, inflatable sex chairs are worth a look! Coming in at quite reasonable price points, inflatable chairs are IDEAL for some pocket-book-friendly sex chair action.

To kick things off, you’ve got your classic inflatable armchair made from PVC. These budget-priced sex aids feature a supportive back and armrests that help you coordinate the rhythm of your love with ease!

PVC chairs feature a soft, built-in headrest that lets you comfortably explore a variety of body postures and positions until you find the PERFECT one! Chairs with built-in wrist and ankle restraints let you tease and deny your partner until they are absolutely begging for it!

Some chairs even have a built-in seat holder for your favorite dildo, vibrator or butt plug. This lets you explore a number of interesting experiences during mutual masturbation or intercourse such as double penetration and more!

Moving up in price, you can also find chaise longue-style inflatable chairs, sometimes referred to as ‘love loungers’.

While inflatable loungers let you try out a number of woman-on-top positions in comfort, be aware that these aren’t as supportive or as durable as the sex loungers we’ll be discussing later on!


The main advantages of inflatable sex chairs are:

  • Budget-friendly

Inflatable sex chairs are fantastic novelty items that offer a low-hassle way of exploring the joy of seated sex without making a serious investment.

  • Easy clean

Made from wipe-clean PVC, you don’t have to worry about messy spillages when using an inflatable sex chair!

  • Storage friendly

You can simply clean, deflate and roll up the chair when it’s not in use.


The main disadvantages of inflatable sex chairs are:

  • Limited lifespan

Yes, you can repair small punctures (hey, they WILL happen!). But once the chair’s SEAMS start to fail, you’ll likely be looking at buying a new chair. Realistically, you simply can’t expect an inflatable chair to last too long.

  • Limited sex positions

While inflatable chairs LOOK durable, they don’t offer the same level of support as real, solid-framed furniture. Inflatables are fine for a little novel fun but don’t expect to go through the Karma Sutra on one of these things!

3. Sex loungers

Sex loungers are the kinky version of a timeless classic; the chaise longue. Loungers are essentially sofas with or without a backrest at one end making them great for stretching out on and trying some horizontal gymnastics in comfort and style!

To the average person, some sex loungers may look as innocuous as a stylish lounge sofa. Some sex loungers are even marketed as ‘yoga’ sofas. But to anyone with even a moderately kinky mind, sex loungers are just an orgasm waiting to happen!

In terms of price, expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars for an entry-level sex lounger. At this level, you can expect a solid wooden frame, plenty of padding and an easy-to-clean faux leather exterior. At higher price points, superior quality and craftsmanship are self-evident. Popular models such as the Tantra chair (pictured below) just ooze class and style.

While you can expect to pay a couple of thousand dollars for one of these high-end loungers, when you consider their durability and longevity, they represent a great investment that’s sure to give you YEARS of fuss-free fun!

If you’re looking for the BEST sexual experiences possible, then ergonomic sex loungers like the Liberator Esse II will GUARANTEE you the deepest positions, the strongest stimulation, and the most intense orgasms!

The trade-off with these models is that they do look suspiciously like sex furniture which could be a consideration if you want to keep one in your living room!


The main advantages of sex loungers are:

  • Maximum pleasure

Sex loungers mean more direct G-spot and P-spot stimulation and mind-blowing orgasms! Inflatable loungers simply can’t match the support of a solid framed lounger.

  • Aesthetic and functional

Sex loungers let you try a wide array of sex positions while looking absolutely FAB in your home!

  • Investment

You can expect a wooden-framed sex lounger to last for years, making them a great investment for your sex life.


The main disadvantages of inflatable sex chairs are:

  • Practicality

Sex loungers are pieces of static furniture. That’s great if you have a dedicated room or dungeon, but you may think twice about keeping one of the more obvious sex loungers like the Esse IIon display in your home!

  • Price

Top sex loungers cost thousands of dollars so you want to be fairly sure you’ll use it before you make the purchase.

4. Bespoke sex chairs

Bespoke sex chairs are as easy on the eye as they are great for sex! They not only look PHENOMENAL but they enhance sex positions and are durable enough to try out the WILDEST sex moves imaginable! While bespoke sex chairs come in all different shapes and sizes, they all have ONE THING in common; they are designed for sex first and as furniture second.

The downside is that as they aren’t mass-produced in great volume, these arty sex chairs don’t come cheap… Most bespoke chairs are made in VERY LIMITED production runs or are custom made to order, depending on your requirements. But if you’re looking to have the most TOE-CURLING orgasms possible, these chairs WILL redefine your entire concept of having a sexual experience.

One of the best-selling and most distinctive bespoke sex chairs on the market is the Adela, made by Andres Amaya. With its unique horned ‘handlebars’ and footrests, it’s the ULTIMATE sex chair for woman-on-top ‘riding’ positions such as the Cowgirl. Amaya has an entire collection of unique furniture for a variety of oral and penetrative sex positions that you should check out!

If you’re looking to inject some serious KINK into your life, then a made-to-order bespoke examination chair could be just what you’re looking for! Designed for bondage enthusiasts and dominatrix dungeons, examination chairs come with footrests and can accommodate a wide variety of sexual positions and kinks include oral and penetrative intercourse.

Websites such as Etsy are great places to find one-off, made-to-order creations such as this queening chair. If you’re into role-playing, domination and other BDSM activities, this open bottomed chair will satisfy your wildest fantasies!

Whether you are kitting out your own personal dungeon, or just looking to inject some SPARKS into your bedtime routine, these funky, kinky chairs may be just what you need!


The main advantages of bespoke sex chairs are:

  • Custom-made

At this price-point, the furniture is usually made precisely to your specifications. Everything from the dimensions to the color schemes is completely customizable.

  • Purpose-built

Bespoke furniture is designed for specific activities; nothing else compares.


The main disadvantages of bespoke sex chairs are:

  • Practicality

While some bespoke sex chairs can pass for arty furniture, most are not suitable for open display in your home.

  • After-sales service

Although sex chairs are designed to withstand hot and heavy action, damage such as rips and tears WILL happen. Ordering repairs or replacement parts can get quite pricey.

The top 8 sex chair sex positions to try right now!

We’ve shown you the four main types of sex chairs, but what exactly do you do with them? To answer that very question, we’ve created a list of EIGHT outstanding chair sex positions that you can try right now! We’ll explain which type of chair is best for each position, but feel free to experiment and switch things up.

If you don’t own a sex chair yet, you CAN do most of these positions on any regular chair, recliner or sofa. Follow our advice and you’ll be virtually GUARANTEED of experiencing a pleasure overload!

The top 8 BEST sex chair sex positions are:

  1. The Cowgirl
  2. The Elephant
  3. The Concubine
  4. The Zodiac
  5. Japan
  6. The Rocking Chair
  7. Deep Impact
  8. Milk and Water Embrace

Let’s begin!

1. The Cowgirl (Best for sex stools!)

The Cowgirl is by far the BEST seated sex position that you should include in your sex chair repertoire. It works great on ANY sex chair, but it’s especially amazing on a sex stool!

Why? Well, because it offers strong clitoris-body contact, the Cowgirl is meant to be one of the EASIEST positions for women to orgasm in. Yet many women hate it and think that Cowgirl is one of the WORST sex positions because of how tiring it is!

The solution? Try it on a sex stool! With practice, this gold-standard position can help any woman power towards one or multiple SQUIRTING orgasms!

Here’s how it’s done!

Also known as: The Woman on Top and the Rider.


You lie down on a bed (or on the floor) and position the sex stool over your hips. She straddles your chest with her feet near your armpits and squats down onto the stool. She can support some of her weight by putting her hands on the stool frame or on your chest (some sex stools even have handlebars!). She lowers herself onto the straps and down onto your erect penis.


  • As the straps will take some of the weight off her knees and hips, this position becomes ridiculously comfortable! This means that the action will last FAR LONGER, she’ll be more relaxed and you’ll both have an incredible time!
  • A SECRET BENEFIT of sex stools is that the straps will squeeze her vulva and vagina, making the sensations INSANELY tight and pleasurable!
  • The Cowgirl gives incredible clitoral and G-spot stimulation as she bobs up and down on your penis.
  • She’ll get amazing P-spot (posterior fornix) stimulation that can lead to a mind-blowing SQUIRTING orgasm!


  • The SECRET to making sex stool Cowgirl FANTASTIC lies with the strap material. Go too cheap and the straps won’t give enough bounce or offer enough support.

Likewise, if you order firmer straps and your woman is quite petite, she may not be able to bounce down far enough for pleasure! If possible, order a sex stool with a number of straps so you can experiment to find the PERFECT one!

2. The Elephant (Best for sex stools!)

Remember we said how sex chairs offer a range of NEW positions? Well, the Elephant is one of the most amazing positions that most couples NEVER TRY! Why?

It’s quite difficult to do! With a sex stool, you can get ALL of the benefits of this orgasmic position and NONE of the backache!

Also known as: The Carousel.


She sits on the sex stool and you kneel in front of her. Sit back onto your heels and slide your knees underneath her derriere. She wraps her feet around your waist and supports herself by either wrapping her arms around your shoulders or leaning back onto the frame of the sex stool. After you penetrate her with your penis, you can wrap your hands around her and start thrusting into her.


The Seated Elephant, also known as the Torch calls for her to lift her legs up and place them on your shoulders. This variation offers even DEEPER stimulation for you both and is perfect for couples who love hard thrusting!

(NOTE: Need to redraw this with sex stool)


  • The Elephant is one of the BEST positions to make your woman squirt during sex. She’ll get crazy-hot A spot stimulation that will rock her world!
  • Using a sex stool makes the Elephant VERY EASY! You’ll enjoy amazing eye contact while fondling and exploring each other’s bodies!
  • She’ll go GAGA for the intense P spot stimulation in this position. Be warned: this could make her ejaculate everywhere!


  • Even with a sex seat, some couples may find this move physically demanding. If you need more support, place a cushion or pillow on top of the sex stool.

3. The Concubine (Best for sex stools)

Also known as: The Wheelbarrow.


She kneels next to the side of the sex stool and lies down over the straps so that they support her body weight. You spread her knees apart and kneel between her legs. As you gently ease your erect penis inside her, she wraps her legs around your buttocks. Hold her hips as you thrust deeply into her and she reaches forward with one hand to support herself.


  • The sex stool offers her unbeatable support and makes an otherwise uncomfortable position (Doggy style) FAR EASIER on her joints.
  • This position offers VERY intense G-spot and P-spot stimulation that she’ll LOVE!
  • You’ll get off on the deep, rear-entry action where you get to control the depth and pace of the penetration without having to support her body weight.


  • If the sex stool straps are uncomfortable, try placing a pillow or cushion on top to give her just the right level of support and comfort.

4. The Zodiac (Best for inflatable sex chairs!)

If you’re ready to experience the other-worldly bliss of making love in the arms of your partner, the Zodiac WON’T disappoint! This position is best for inflatable sex chairs but would also work on any sex lounger or bespoke chair.


You sit in the chair with your knees slightly bent and your back resting on the chair’s back. She stands on the chair with her feet either side of your hips, using your shoulders for added stability. She wraps her hands around your shoulders and lowers herself onto your erect shaft. You wrap your hands around her lower back to offer support and stability. As you enter her, the chair’s bounce will help her control the depth and pace of penetration quite comfortably, with minimal effort.


  • The Zodiac is much easier on an inflatable sex chair that offers a good bounce, helping to take the pressure off her knees and hips.
  • As a facing position, this position offers incredible clitoral stimulation that she’ll ADORE!


  • Some women lack the hip flexibility to ride down too low. A simple fix is placing a cushion or pillow under your butt, helping to reduce the distance.

5. Japan (Best for inflatable sex chairs!)

Japan is an elegant position that her G-spot will absolutely love! You owe it to each other to master this exquisite position…


Begin by sitting on the chair in a relaxed position; your head and arms should be nicely supported and your legs should be spread wide with your feet on the floor. Your woman stands between your knees facing away from you and reaches back to put her hands on your knees. She lowers herself down until your erect penis enters her vagina. She lifts one of her legs and drapes it over the chair’s arm and rotates her upper body so that she can wrap her arm around your shoulders.


  • This loving position is UNBEATABLE for strong G-spot stimulation!
  • While technically a rear-entry position, Japan lets you gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes and caress each other’s body with your hands.


  • Japan isn’t ideal for couples who love deep thrusting, but the spring of the grinding can be altered depending on how much the chair is inflated.

6. The Rocking Chair (Best for sex loungers!)

This erotic position is incredible if you want to experience SUPER DEEP penetration on a sex lounger! If you don’t have one, it works almost as well on an inflatable sex chair or even a standard dining chair!


You recline on a sex lounger with your legs either side. She straddles you and lowers herself down onto your erect shaft. Holding your forearms, she relaxes onto you and leans back onto the sex lounger. She brings her legs up and rests her calves on your shoulders as you thrust and grind into her.


  • This relaxing position makes the BEST possible use of a sex lounger’s unique curvature.
  • Expect WILD G-spot and P-spot stimulation when you try out The Rocking Chair!
  • The depth of the penetration with this position is nothing short of MIND-BLOWING! It can lead to incredibly powerful climaxes for BOTH partners.


  • You’ll need to experiment with positioning yourself at exactly the right spot on the sex lounger to make this position work. Even minor adjustments can have quite a big impact on the angle of penetration, so take your time to experiment!

7. Deep Impact (Best for sex loungers!)

If you’re looking to get the most out of sex lounger in terms of tantric sex positions and lovemaking, this G-spot-heavy position is WELL WORTH the effort!

(Note: Redraw this on sex lounger like this:


She lies back into the ‘dip’ on the sex lounger and brings her knees up to her chest. You straddle the lounger and sit on the raised area. Guide her feet until they touch your chest and then lower yourself into her until you penetrate her vagina. Hold her outer thighs or hips for support as you make love.


  • Deep Impact offers stratospheric levels of G-spot stimulation will make her SQUIRT!
  • This position is a super-easy to get right and will make her whole body tremble with pleasure.
  • As one of the most RELAXING seated sex positions, this can give her a ‘heart-opening’ orgasm that will make her sexually addicted to you!


  • You may need to play around with the position until you find your groove!

8. Milk and Water Embrace (Best for bespoke sex chairs!)

To round off our list is one of most adventurous seated sex positions you can possibly try – the ‘Milk and Water Embrace’ from the Karma Sutra! While a bespoke sex chair will help you get the MOST of out this erotic position, you can do it on any chair with no arms – even sex stool or a dining chair!


You sit on the chair with your legs spread and your feet on the floor. Your partner stands between your legs while facing away. She lowers herself down onto your erect shaft and uses her hands on your knees to control the depth and pace of penetration.


  • You can EASILY reach round to stimulate her clitoris.
  • She’ll love being in control of the depth and pace of the penetration!
  • This is one of the best Karma Sutra moves to master if you want to deepen the emotional bond between you and your partner.


  • None: this really is one of the most orgasmic seated sex moves EVER!

Buyer’s guide: What to consider when choosing a sex chair

We’ve shown you the ropes and taught you everything you need to know to start having EARTH-SHATTERINGLY great sex on a sex chair TONIGHT! The techniques in this guide can make your woman SEXUALLY INFATUATED with you … but only IF you have a sex chair!

So, what should you consider before making a purchase? Here’s our rundown of the FIVE main considerations you need to think about before you make one of the BEST investments of your adult life and buy a sex chair!

  1. Allergy precautions
  2. Durability and after-sale service
  3. Ease of cleaning
  4. Cost of extras
  5. Warranties and returns

1. Allergy precautions

The last thing you want to do is give yourself or your woman a nasty rash because you didn’t check allergies! If you or your girl are allergic to any particular materials such as silicone, PVC or leather, be sure to check that BEFORE you make a purchase.

2. Durability and aftersales service

Buying cheap doesn’t always make good financial sense, especially with something like a sex chair that will see plenty of wear and tear. If you’ve got your heart set on a sex stool, it doesn’t make sense to go for one with cheap cotton and polyester straps; they won’t give you the support (or enjoyment!) that you need and will likely wear out and break LONG before the stool’s frame gives up the ghost! Go for premium straps that offer enough BOUNCE to make your nighttime rides all that much better!

Likewise, if you’re in the market for a sex lounger, buying a budget faux leather model seems like you’re getting a steal. But a few months down the line when the material starts wearing through or the seams start breaking, the chances are you’ll think again! Go for the best quality you can afford and look for premium materials such as steel or solid wood frames, real leather and silicone for good durability.

After-sales service is an important factor to consider. On items with perishable parts, such as the fabric straps on sex stools, you want to know whether to get replacements when the time comes!

3. Ease of cleaning

You can fairly expect your sex seat to get MESSY during use! So factor this into your decision-making process. Look for color-fast materials that will survive an aggressive scrub without fading or discoloring and save yourself a ton of hassle down the road!

4. The cost of extras

When shopping for a sex seat, be aware that many items are photographed with pricey optional extras. This is especially true when you’re looking at fetish-style seats. In some cases, the price of hand and leg restraints can be EQUAL to the price of the entire CHAIR! Always be aware of what the price includes so you can compare different sex chairs more accurately.

5. Warranties and returns

This isn’t so much of an issue if you are buying a cheap sex stool or inflatable sex chair, but if you’re weighing up a sizable purchase, it makes sense to read the fine print.

With sex chairs, be aware that different parts may be covered by different warranties. For example, the wooden or steel frame of the sex chair may have a lifetime warranty whereas the padding and covering may have only 12 months. Look at a company’s return policy and see where you stand if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.


Hopefully, this ultimate guide has given you EVERYTHING you need to start exploring lovemaking on a sex chair! We’ve shown you the BEST types of sex chairs on the market and given you the ULTIMATE sex positions that will help you and your partner experience orgasm after orgasm until you both pass out from sensory overload!

We’re confident that buying a sex chair will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make and help you have some of the most wonderful sex of your entire life.

Now that you’ve learned our methods, we wish you a confident, powerful and successful time ahead – have fun!