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Lesbian Sex Positions: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for the hottest, steamiest sex positions that will make your girlfriend cum?

In this ultimate guide, I’ll show you the most incredible lesbian sex positions you could ever ask for and teach you a range of SECRET tips and techniques that will help you make these positions orgasmic!

Best of all, you’ll be able to put what you learn into practice TONIGHT…and see some mind-blowing results!

All of the positions in this bliss-based guide are PERFECT for women who want to have sex with other women. But they aren’t only for lesbians. Whether you identify as queer, bisexual, pansexual, or even straight, every single position in this guide can help you experience sexual pleasure like never before!

You see, the idea that ‘real’ sex has to be penetrative or even involve a penis is a myth. Sex between two people with vulvas is a beautiful thing and your options are most certainly not limited to oral sex, scissoring, and strap-ons!

Every sex position in this guide is fun, hot, and will help you build intimacy, explore mutual pleasure and climax more powerfully than ever before! By only including positions that I’ve personally tried, I can guarantee that every position on this list will be worth the effort.

Sound fair? Then let’s get started!

The best lesbian oral sex positions

If you’re looking to get your girlfriend wet, make her orgasm, and even make her squirt, there’s no better way than with oral sex. Whether using your mouth on her vulva, clitoris and vagina (cunnilingus) or licking and tonguing her ass (anilingus), oral sex positions are guaranteed to get her dripping wet and make her cum!

However, the following positions aren’t only great for oral sex! When you try them out with your girlfriend, feel free to switch things by fingering her clitoris, stimulating her G-spot or going to town on her clit with a vibrator. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also experiment with anal fingering, too!

Now, you may be tired of constantly hearing that you could be having better sex or having better orgasms but when it comes to oral sex it really is a case of different strokes for different folks. There’s no one single oral sex position that ticks every girl’s box, every time.

Some folks love oral sex positions that allow for simultaneous pleasure, such as the classic 69 position, while others find it too distracting to be pleasured while their partner is pleasuring them!

That’s why I put selected five quite diverse oral sex positions – there’s something for everyone! Through trial and experimentation, you can find the perfect position that hits your girlfriend’s sweet spot and gets her there again and again!

1. The Goddess

If you want to make your girlfriend orgasm like never before, lie flat on your back and have her place one of her knees either side of your shoulders. Encourage her to gently lower herself down until her clitoris is hovering over your mouth.

As both of your hands remain free in this position, you can fondle her breasts while you start to eat her out. You can also finger her vagina or ass and stimulate her with a sex toy such as a clit vibrator or butt plug. She’ll love it!


  • In the Goddess position, your partner can control the pressure of the cunnilingus (find out if women enjoy it) by raising her body up or pressing down on your mouth as she pleases.
  • Orgasms in this position feel super intense and are guaranteed to make your girl weak in the knees!
  • As the ‘giving’ partner, this position is extremely comfortable, making it ideal if your girlfriend tends to take a while to cum. If you want to give your girlfriend maximum pleasure for minimal effort, consider the Goddess your go-to position!


  • While in the Goddess position, you may find your neck cramping up if you are straining too far upwards to eat your girlfriend out. Try using a pillow or small cushion for added support.
  • Everyone is different, so the angle of your mouth in this position may not hit your girlfriend’s exact spot! If this is the case, have her crouch on her feet instead. She can even try turning around so that she’s facing your head. Experiment until you find her perfect groove and then keep going until she climaxes!

2. The Lean In

If you want to give your girlfriend the best orgasm of her life, have her lie on her back and spread her legs wide apart. Lie on your front between her legs and start kissing and nibbling her inner thighs.

This area is one of her body’s hottest erogenous zones because the tops of her inner thighs contain her ilioinguinal nerve, one of the most powerful nerves in her entire body! Kiss and stroke her until she’s writhing in ecstasy and then begin stimulating her clitoris until she orgasms. For added stimulation, you can also penetrate her vagina and finger her G-spot, if you want.


  • The Lean In is one of the easiest positions for both giving and receiving pleasure! If your girlfriend usually takes a while to get there, she’ll love lying back, getting comfortable and lapping up the attention!
  • If you’re someone who tends to get distracted if your partner pleasures you while you are pleasuring them, this position is perfect for you. Let your girlfriend be the center of attention and focus on giving her the best orgasm imaginable. When she cums, you can swap over and she can return the favor!


  • If this doesn’t let you hit your partner’s sweet spot straight away, try putting pillows under her hips or back to change the angle of her body until it feels just right!
  • If your partner needs more than just clitoral stimulation to cum, try using a vibrator on her clitoris while you lick her vagina and watch her thrash about with excitement!

3. The Lazy Girl

If you’re ready to make your girlfriend explode with pleasure, have her sit on a chair and spread her legs wide open. Kneel on the floor and place her feet on top of your thighs.

Start by gently rubbing her feet and then begin kissing and nibbling your way up her calves and thighs. To make her squirm with delight, kiss, lick, and stroke her clitoris until she climaxes!


  • She’ll find the view of you eating her out a huge turn on!
  • If you want to give your girlfriend an especially intense orgasm, this position is awesome for fingering her G-spot. Put some water-based lube on your finger and enter her vagina, then start stroking in a ‘come hither’ motion while continuing to kiss and lick her clit; she’ll climax in no time!


  • As the giving partner, this position can be tough on your knees, especially if your partner tends to take her time to orgasm. Try kneeling on a cushion or pillow so that you can last long enough!
  • Depending on your height and the height of the chair, you may find that your neck cramps up while pleasuring your partner in this position. If this is the case, switch to a taller chair or try placing a cushion or pillow under your girlfriend’s butt to move her hips to a more comfortable height.

4. The One Up

If your girlfriend’s vulva is especially sensitive down one side, then the One Up will rock her world! Have her lie on her back on the edge of the bed or on the sofa. You kneel on the floor and raise one of her legs up in the air. She then holds her leg in position by clasping her hands together under her thigh.

You support her other leg on your shoulder and start to eat her out. She’ll be able to add some movement and guide your tongue and mouth into the perfect spot!


  • This position is unbeatable for cunnilingus because it tilts your partner’s hips and puts her clitoris into just the right position!
  • Most women are especially sensitive down one side of their vulva. If your partner already knows, she can go right to the best side – if not, just switch sides – you’ll soon find out which side feels best for her!


  • If your partner lacks the flexibility and/or strength to hold one of her legs up in this position, she can always rest both of her legs on your shoulders or back. It’s not quite as good for clitoral stimulation but it’ll do!
  • Just like the Lazy Girl, this position can be tough on your knees. To make sure you last the distance, use a nice soft pillow or cushion!

5. The Classic 69

If the art of giving and receiving is your jam, have your partner lie down on her back and carefully place one knee on each side of her head, facing their feet. Bend forward and support your upper-body weight on your elbows. Begin gently licking, kissing and sucking her clitoris while she returns the favor.


  • The classic 69 is an oldie but a goodie – it’s extremely comfortable for both partners and almost impossible to get wrong!
  • As the upper partner, you can control the intensity of the stimulation on your clitoris by either lifting up or pressing down with your pelvis onto your partner’s mouth. If your girlfriend wants more control, just swap positions so she can be on top!
  • As some people find it hard to climax while simultaneously giving and receiving pleasure this position is perfect for leisurely foreplay.


  • As I mentioned, many folks find simultaneously giving and receiving pleasure is too overwhelming and distracting for them to climax. If you just want a hard and fast orgasm, this isn’t the position for you.
  • If your partner is straining her neck to reach up and stimulate you, try placing a pillow or small cushion under her head, or use a special cushion called a sex wedge. You can also swap positions and turns to be on top.

These five lesbian oral sex positions are my personal favorites and are guaranteed to make your girlfriend cum like never before!

Remember: don’t limit yourself to only cunnilingus and anilingus! There are dozens of ways to incorporate fingering and sex toys such as vibrators, strap-ons, and butt plugs into these positions to make them really sizzle!

If you want to give your partner the shaking orgasm of her life, be sure to check out my complete guide where I share my top fingering and cunnilingus tips that you can use for maximum pleasure!

The best lesbian strap-on sex positions

While any of the lesbian oral sex positions that I shared with you in the previous section can incorporate the use of a strap-on, all of the sex moves in this section necessitate the use of a strap-on.

Not all women enjoy strap-ons. I get it. That’s why I’ve provided tips for ways that you can make these positions feel just as enjoyable without a strap-on! So, whether you use a vibrator, a dildo or even just grind into each other with no sex toy at all, these sex positions will send your pleasure levels to the stratosphere!

1. The Elevator

If your girlfriend is into strap-ons, the Elevator is guaranteed to blow her mind! Have her wear her favorite toy and stand with her feet shoulder-width apart. You kneel in front of her, look her straight in the eyes and start fellating the strap-on in the hottest ways you can think of!

Smile as you run your tongue the length of the shaft and savor the look of lust in your girlfriend’s eyes as you swirl your tongue around the head before taking as much of the length into your mouth as possible. Stroking the shaft will send quivers of pleasure throughout her vulva and make her think of all the dirty things she wants to do to you next!

No strap-on?
If you aren’t into toys, the Elevator is just as hot if you simply kneel between your partner’s legs and eat her out! She still gets the erotic vista of watching you go down on her and you can always stimulate her vagina and G-spot with your fingers while you’re at it!


  • Your partner’s view of you fellating her strap-on will be hugely erotic!
  • This position gives your fingers easy access to her vagina making it perfect for working in some G-spot stimulation.
  • If you love squirting, the Elevator is the ideal position for using a squirting strap-on dildo. Your partner can drench your face in fake cum when you bring her to orgasm!


  • If you find kneeling for a long time quite painful, try squatting down instead.
  • This position may not give your girlfriend the stimulation she needs to cum. In this case, try using a vibrating strap-on to stimulate her clitoris while you suck and stroke the shaft. Better yet, a strapless strap-on (held in place internally by a bulb) will make your every hand and mouth movement directly target her G-spot!

2. The C.A.T.

To give your girlfriend the climax of her life, wear your favorite strap-on and have her lie down on her back. Kneel between her legs and move on top of her in the standard missionary position.

However, instead of being chest to chest, put your chest farther up and to one side, over her left or right shoulder. Have her bend one of her legs at a 45-degree angle; this will push the base of your strap-on’s shaft into direct contact with her clitoris.

Often referred to as ‘grinding the corn’, the C.A.T., or ‘Coital Alignment Technique’, calls for you to move vertically up and down instead of thrusting in and out. Vertical movements such as grinding and rubbing will create friction against both of your vulvas and put a substantial amount of pressure on your clitorises, ultimately bringing both of you to orgasm!

No strap-on?
If strap-ons aren’t your thing, you can try a toy-free version of the C.A.T. by simply grinding into your partner. While on top, reach down with your thumb and start stimulating your girlfriend’s clitoris. The pressure from your own body will heighten the sensations, making it feel orgasmic!


  • If you want to make your girl cum buckets, the C.A.T. is perfect! A study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy reported that 73 percent of women could orgasm with this technique!
  • The C.A.T.’s pièce de résistance is that if both you and your partner have vulvas, you’ll receive equal stimulation. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the joy of a simultaneous climax, the C.A.T. is unmatched!


  • The up-and-down movement isn’t for everyone. If your partner experiences any discomfort, try placing a pillow at the bottom of their tailbone to help them find a more comfortable angle.
  • The C.A.T. can be tricky to master. If you struggle to nail the movement, try moving in alternate directions; one of you moves downwards while the other moves up. You’ll be ‘grinding the corn’ like pros in no time!

3. The Cowgirl

If your girlfriend is ready for the ride of her life, lay on your back and have her straddle your body by placing her knees either side of your tummy. She can place her hands on your chest for stability and you can hold her thighs to help guide her into position.

Reach around to hold the strap-on in place while she lowers herself down onto its shaft. Once it’s inside her, she can start thrusting up and down onto the strap-on at the pace of her choosing!

No strap-on?
You can try a shaft-free version of the Cowgirl by having your partner simply straddle you and grind into you. You can either reach down and finger her clitoris, or use her favorite vibrator on her clit to send her pleasure levels through the roof!


  • If your partner has a vulva, she’ll love being able to take charge of the depth and pace of the penetration in this position.
  • The Cowgirl combines the intimacy of face-to-face intercourse with the depth and intensity that you usually only get from a rear-entry position. What’s not to love?
  • This position lets you easily alternate between a rocking motion and shallower thrusting motion. A rocking motion will stimulate her clitoris more while shallower thrusts will stimulate the frontal part of her vagina and excite her G-spot! Try switching between these motions until she drenches the bedsheets with her juice!


  • If your partner finds this position physically challenging, she can remain static and let you thrust up into her. This reduces the strain on her thighs, hips, and knees.
  • Bobbing up and down isn’t for everyone. If you find the Cowgirl too tiring, try using a sex stool. These small metal-framed stools have two elasticated straps on top for the top partner to sit on. This reduces the strain on their hips and knees, helping make the position last MUCH longer and leading to stronger, more intense orgasms! Buy one and see!

4. The Iron Chef

If seated sex if your girl’s jam, she’ll love the Iron Chef! Despite its culinary-themed name, you can try this position in any room and on virtually any surface that’s strong enough to support your girlfriend’s weight – whether that means a sturdy table, a bedside cabinet, a kitchen countertop or even on a bathroom sink!

With you wearing the strap-on, here’s what to do. Have your girlfriend sit on a convenient surface and raise her legs. Stand in front of her and enter her with the strap-on. She can wrap her legs around you to pull your shaft deeper inside her while you make love. This facing position is perfect for kissing and fondling each other as you have sex.

No strap-on?
If you don’t have or don’t like using a strap-on, the Iron Chef position is incredible for fingering too! While facing your partner, simply reach down and start fondling her clitoris. Better still, lube up your fingers and start stimulating her G-spot! For my hottest masturbation tips, be sure to read my Ultimate Guide here!


  • Standing is far less tiring than horizontal positions such as missionary as you don’t have to support your weight on your elbows and knees. This lets you go harder, last longer and enjoy the sensations more until your partner is completely satisfied!
  • Entering your partner while she’s seated will tighten her vagina and help her climax very quickly. The downward pressure will ensure that her G-spot gets plenty of stimulation!


  • You don’t have to do the Iron Chef in the kitchen, but if you do, be aware of your surroundings! Watch out for potentially dangerous appliances and sharp edges or corners on your countertop or cabinets.
  • Depending on your height, finding a surface of a suitable height may be a challenge. If you need to stand on your tiptoes to reach your partner’s vulva, you’ll quickly become too tired to thrust. Try to find a surface that lets you stand firmly on your feet.

5: The Legs Up

Think that lesbian sex is limited to scissoring? Think again! This erotic position is super-simple to master, yet maximizes pleasure for both of you! To do the Legs Up while wearing a strap-on, simply sit on the bed with your legs forward and spread shoulder-width apart.

Have your partner sit between your knees while facing you. Both of you put your arms back to support yourselves and then shimmy your hips closer together. As she moves her hips up and onto the shaft of your strap-on, her pelvis will be between your spread legs. From here, she lifts her legs onto your shoulders and starts rocking back and forth as you start having sex.

No strap-on?
If you don’t like toys, the Legs Up isn’t the ideal position for grinding into each other although it can be good for mutual fingering. If you’re not into strap-ons, I recommend trying the Classic Scissor position Have your partner lie on their side and then straddle one of their legs so that your clits rub together. Sooo good!


  • The Legs Up is an incredibly simple position to master, yet it offers maximum pleasure. You can both expect to climax quickly in this position!
  • If your girlfriend loves deep penetration, this is the move for her! It gives the depth that you typically only get from a rear-entry position, yet offers and intimacy and eye-contact of a facing position. The best of both worlds!


  • Not all folk will be flexible enough for this position. If your girl falls into this category, she can leave her legs down instead of putting them on your shoulder. This is known as the Spider position. It’s easier and almost as good!
  • Mastering the Legs Up takes practice. If you’re struggling to get a good angle to thrust at, try placing a pillow (or two) under your partner’s butt. This will raise her hips to a more comfortable height and let you thrust more easily into her.

6. The Lap dance

If you want to treat your partner to a slow and sultry climax, try the Lap Dance! While wearing a strap-on, sit on a stool or on the corner of the bed and have your partner stand in front of you. Hold their hips to guide them as they slowly lower themselves onto the shaft of your strap-on.

Once the head of the strap-on penetrates them and they start to relax onto you, you can nuzzle into their neck with tender kisses and licks. Try fondling her breasts with one hand and reaching down to stimulate her clit with the other – it’s toe-curlingly good!


  • Being able to look down and see your girlfriend riding on your strap-on is a sight to savor – it’s insanely hot, trust me!
  • This position makes it easy to reach around and finger her clit, while your strap-on works its magic on her G-spot!
  • The Lap dance is even better if you have a vibrating strap-on. This provides mind-blowing clitoral and G-spot stimulation, which, when combined with direct clit fingering can easily result in explosive orgasms! It may even make her squirt with pleasure!


  • The Lap Dance is pretty simple to master but if your girlfriend lacks the strength to support her own weight, or if she tires easily, I have a solution! Simply put a pillow or bolster pillow across your knees before she sits on your strap-on. This gives her a little bit of extra support that can help her get the right ‘bounce’ as she starts riding your shaft.
  • The up-and-down movement of the Lap Dance isn’t for everyone. Your girlfriend may prefer simply grinding or gyrating onto the strap-on while you support her.

These six lesbian strap-on sex positions are my personal favorites and I’m confident that they’ll make you and your girlfriend cum over and over again! Whether you use a realistic strap-on, a vibrating one, or even a squirting dildo, the results are guaranteed to be mind-blowing!

The best lesbian sex positions for butt play

If you and your partner are interested in exploring butt play, this is the perfect section for you! Now, I realize that backdoor action isn’t for everyone. If you’ve heard horror stories that anal play is messy and  painful then you could be forgiven for wondering, “Why anyone would want to try it?”

Well, despite what you may have heard, anal play can be highly pleasurable! This 2009 study found that 94 percent of women who reported trying anal were able to climax as a result! If this sounds surprising, the SECRET lies in a little-known part of every woman’s anatomy – her A-spot!

The A-spot, or Anterior Fornix Erogenous zone, is a special area at the back of the vaginal canal, near the cervix, and marks the spot where the vagina wall meets the internal structure of the clitoris. As the wall between the anal canal and vagina is so thin, the A-spot receives strong stimulation through anal play and this can lead to back-arching orgasms again and again!

If you want to experience A-spot stimulation for yourself, or give your partner the joy of an A-spot orgasm, I’ve got you! Here are my three favorite lesbian positions for butt play and everything you need to know to make them work!

However, they aren’t only great for anal play; they are also great for fingering your girlfriend to orgasm, stimulating her G-spot with a strap-on, or making her climax with a vibrator!

But before you venture to the dark side, I recommend checking out my comprehensive guide to preparing for anal sex. If you follow my advice, I guarantee that you’ll find butt play safe, enjoyable, and orgasmic!

1. The Downward Dog

If you want to show your girlfriend just how incredible butt play can feel, have her kneel on all fours and lower her head until her pelvis is tilted up. Kneel behind her and start licking her clit and vulva before moving onto anilingus.

Start to finger her butthole with your index finger (use plenty of lube and go slowly!) and gently start fingering her vagina with your thumb. Try slowly ‘pinching’ your finger and thumb together and you’ll really blow her mind with the sensations!


  • The Downward Dog gives you easy access to your girlfriend’s ass and makes stimulating her A-spot an absolute breeze!
  • To make her explode with delight, keep licking her clit (or using a vibrator) while fingering her – she’ll cum buckets!
  • If you want to take things beyond fingering, this position is ideal for trying out an anal toy such as a wand, a butt plug, or even some anal beads.
  • To give your girlfriend a pleasure overload that she won’t forget in a hurry, try combining some of these techniques to double or even TRIPLE the pleasure. My personal favorite is having a G-spot vibrator inside me while my girlfriend toys my ass with a nice, knobbly butt plug. Nothing makes me soak the bed faster!


  • There are a number of precautions you need take before you try anal fingering such as trimming your nails and using plenty of lube. I covered them all in my complete guide to anal fingering – check it out!
  • A doggie-style position like the Downward Dog can make your girlfriend feel quite vulnerable, especially if she isn’t used to butt play. To address this, you can set an agreed-upon safe word – a word that she can use to signal that she wants anal play to come to an end. Using a safe word helps build trust and ensure that anal play is fun and enjoyable at all times.

2. The Spoon

The Spoon is my overall favorite sex position for both giving and receiving anal sex – here’s what to do. Have your girlfriend lie on her side with her uppermost leg bent at the knee.

While wearing a strap-on, lie behind her and rest her leg on yours. Kiss the back of her neck and use a lubed up finger to explore her clit and anus. After some light anal fingering to help your girlfriend relax, you can penetrate her with your strap-on. Whilst inside her, you can continue fingering her clit until she cums.


  • The Spoon is one of the gentlest, loving, and most relaxing sex positions you can try. If you aren’t up for butt play, you can also try vaginal penetration or just plain old fingering!
  • If you do decide to go the full nine yards, the Spoon is one of the most rewarding sex positions you can possibly try! While your fingers stimulate the head of your partner’s clitoris, the strap-on will be hitting her A-spot. This double-whammy will make her cum buckets!


  • You always need to warm up properly before trying any type of penetrative butt play. Check out my comprehensive guide to preparing for anal sex to find out how!
  • Your girlfriend may struggle to find a comfortable angle where her hips are tilted just right to accommodate your strap-on. She can try supporting her upper leg with a pillow or bolster pillow to make things easier.

3. The Steamy Strap-on

Showers are the perfect place to try butt play – they are warm, steamy and totally HOT! To send your girlfriend the A-spot heaven, here’s what to do. While wearing a strap-on, have her face the wall in the shower and hold her hands against the wall.

Spread her legs until they are roughly shoulder-width apart and start fingering her anus. Apply plenty of lube up your strap-on and enter her from behind. To help her become comfortable to the sensations, reach around and start fingering her clit with one hand while fondling her breast with the other.


  • Shower sex is the ideal time to try butt play as the steam will make it easier for your girlfriend to relax and unwind!
  • A standing position makes it easier to give your partner strong A-spot stimulation, especially is your use a strap-on that’s specially designed to hit this sensitive part of her anatomy.
  • As the dominant partner, you can finger your girlfriend’s clit whilst inside her. This dual stimulation of both A-spot and clitoral stimulation is guaranteed to make her orgasm FAST!


  • Unlike the Iron Chef, this standing sex position is dependent on both you and your partner being roughly similar heights. If your girlfriend is quite petite, you may have to adopt a wider stance with your legs to accommodate for the height difference.
  • The steam of the shower may make it necessary to re-apply lubricant more often.


If you wanted to learn the best lesbian positions, then hopefully my ultimate guide has answered all your questions. From oral sex to fingering, anilingus, strap-on sex, and butt play, I’ve covered everything you could possibly want to know!

Having personally tried all of the positions in this list, I can guarantee that you and your partner will have fun exploring these unbeatable moves…tonight!

By following my range of tips and suggestions, I’m confident that you’ll be able to adapt the positions in this guide until you find a range of positions that make both you and your partner orgasm again and again!

Have fun!

Next Step for Lesbians?

Im sure you loved some of these amazing positions.

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