Why Do Guys Like Squirting?

Why Do Guys Like Squirting?

This article will answer one simple question, “Why do guys like squirting?”

I’ve been running School of Squirt for over 7 years now, and in that time we’ve helped over 13,400 men become better in bed, and give their partners squirting orgasms.

In that time we’ve seen the popularity of squirting go from fringe to mainstream.

So why all the attention?

Clarifying that Squirting is NOT Pee

Even as little as 5 years ago, many people thought that squirting was basically just a form of incontinence and that the squirting fluid was pee.

It’s now very clear that this isn’t true. The squirting fluid comes from the Skene’s gland, not from the urethra. It also doesn’t smell or taste like pee.

To highlight this point, eating asparagus, for example, can make the pee smell. But if a woman eats asparagus and then squirts, the squirting fluid won’t smell like asparagus.

This distinction, between squirting and peeing has led squirting to become more accepted in the mainstream, and something that more couples want to try out.

We have a more in-depth article about what is squirting here.

Squirting Has Become More Popular in Adult Entertainment

The rise in popularity of squirting at home is both a cause and an effect of its increased exposure in the adult entertainment world.

As humans, we tend to want to mimic what we see on screen, and squirting is no exception. We see an adult entertainer doing it, and it looks fun and enjoyable, so we want to try it too. After all, the actress seemed like she was having a great time.

Note: most squirting in adult videos is fake, over the top, and completely realistic. Of course, some is real, but from a production standpoint it’s just easier to fake it so it often happens that way.

It’s Very Visual

For a guy, sometimes it’s hard to know if you’ve given your woman an orgasm or not. It’s easy for her to fake it to save the guy’s ego.

So although squirting can be faked in adult videos, it can’t be faked in real life with a partner.

(In videos the squirting is faked by first inserting fluid into the vagina which she then pushes out.)

For this reason, squirting is an ‘honest signal’ that the woman can’t fake which shows she is highly aroused.

Now squirting doesn’t always mean that she’s orgasming at the same time, but the 2 do often go together.

In the same way that many women like to see their man ejaculate, men often like to see their girlfriend or wife ejaculate.

(There’s still debate about whether female ejaculation and squirting mean the same thing.)

It’s Very Wet

Although the squirting fluid is not the same fluid that lubricates the vagina in preparation for sex, it does imply a level of wetness that shows arousal and can be a turn-on for men. It can also act as a form of lubrication which can help improve intercourse.

It’s Enjoyable for Her

A lot of women simply love squirting. It can feel like a huge release, much like when a man ejaculates. Of course, there are differences, but the similarities are there.

Releasing this fluid is enjoyable, fun, and novel for her. It can be exciting and it can make it easier for her to orgasm and have multiple orgasms.

After all, the hold grail of orgasms is the “multiple, full-body squirting orgasm.”

For guys (or girls) reading this who want to learn more about making your girlfriend or wife squirt go here for the full article.

If you want to make yourself squirt we also have an article for that.

It Makes Him Feel Like a Man

Making your girlfriend or wife squirt can really make you feel like a man, and a man with sexual prowess too. For better or worse, for men, making her squirt is like a badge of honor.

Men can get a level of satisfaction and ego gratification around giving her a squirting orgasm. Which is fair enough. It’s definitely a win-win arrangement in my opinion.

Because orgasms and squirting are usually linked, the guy feels like he’s doing a good job. Giving her an orgasm can increase the chances of her getting pregnant which proves evolutionary benefits.

And everyone knows that keeping your partner sexually satisfied in the relationship is an important part of keeping the relationship together.

Every guy wants to think that he’s the guy who could give his partner the best orgasm of her life. (If he’s a student of School of Squirt then that’s almost definitely going to be true.)


Men like squirting because it’s a visual form of being able to provide sexual satisfaction for the partner. It’s also an intimate and vulnerable position for her to be in, which can bring the relationship closer together.

Squirting is also somewhat risqué, due to its association with peeing, though we now know this is incorrect, but this risqueness can bring some spice, and excitement into the bedroom.

For a woman, squirting involves “letting go” and being vulnerable by not holding back. If she squirts, it shows she has a level of trust in her man and an openness and vulnerability that can be a huge turn-on.

Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday started The School Of Squirt back in 2012 and has been running the website and digital courses along with Jakob Wulfe since then. She is a full time sex writer, researcher and practicer.

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  1. This article is true – I love making my girlfriend squirt. Mostly just because it makes her happy. She needs my help to do it and Im happy to lend a hand so to speak.

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