The A-Z List of Sexual Kinks & Fetishes (Most Common & Weird Types)

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We humans have proven ourselves to be incredibly creative when it comes to sex. There are literally hundreds – if not thousands – of different kinks out there, each one more exotic than the last.

Nose sucking fetish, anyone? Yup, that’s a real thing – it’s called Nasolingus, and it’s just one of many quirky perversions that a whole bunch of people are into. If you can think of it, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s already a documented fetish.

We wanted to provide some structure to the chaos and put together something like an encyclopedia of unusual sexual tastes, so we compiled this complete A-Z list of kinks. Feel free to browse the list and see if yours is listed.

And who knows? Stick around, and maybe you’ll find some inspiration too. You might just discover a whole new world of fetishism that you didn’t even know you were into!


Age Play

Age play is a kink in which one or more sexual participants enjoy pretending to be a different age. Probably the most common example of this is when partners enjoy using terms like ‘Daddy’ in bed.

Diaper play is another example of age play, which is exactly what you think it is – a type of sexual roleplay in which the participants wear diapers.

Age play also often plays a role in Dominant/submissive relationships, says social scientist and power dynamics expert Lucio Buffalmano

Anonymous Sex

People who have a kink for anonymous sex consider anonymity a source of arousal. They get off on the idea that either they or their partner are unaware of the other’s identity.

A common example of this kink that you might have already heard of is gloryholes. Gloryholes are holes in the wall (often in restrooms) that guys stick their dicks through for oral, anal, or vaginal sex. The person on the other side can’t see their face, so they have no idea who it is they’re pleasuring, which is, of course, the whole idea.


Amazon Fetish

No, this isn’t a kink for people who enjoy online shopping a little too much. Rather, it’s the fetish of being sexually attracted to strong, forceful, or authoritative women.

A slight variation of this might be the dominatrix fetish. A dominatrix is a female dominant sexual partner (femdom) in a BDSM relationship. Think latex, whips, and paddles.

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Bathroom Control

This one is a little more ‘out-there.’ A bathroom control fetish involves having the dominant partner in a sexual relationship control when their sub can use the toilet (i.e., pee or poop).

I think it’s important to put in a word of warning here: extreme bathroom control can be dangerous. Don’t try this one at home unless you know what you’re doing and are aware of the risks.


Moving back onto more familiar turf, BDSM is a catch-all kink that covers several different related fetishes. It stands for bondage & discipline, dominance & submission, sadism & masochism.

It’s also the kink that the best-selling erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey is based around, being the fetish of the main character and seducer-extraordinaire Christian Grey.

BDSM is a broad-reaching term, but it often involves roleplaying, erotic practices like domination, physical restraints, ropes, pain, pleasure, and everything in between. For more information, check out our ultimate guide to bondage sex.

Breath Play

People who are into breath play enjoy (consensual) choking and like limiting the breath of their sexual partners. The technical term for this fetish is asphyxiophilia or hypoxyphilia.

An important word of caution: this is an extremely dangerous kink that should probably be discouraged. Make sure both you and your partner understand the associated risks if you’re thinking about trying this one.



Cuckolds are guys who enjoy watching their partners cheat on them with other men. It usually also involves elements of male submission and humiliation. For example, cuckolding scenes often involve the man being ‘forced’ to watch as his wife cheats on him in an act of degradation.


CBT stands for cock and ball torture. If that made you wince, you’re certainly not alone. This definitely isn’t a kink with mass appeal, but some guy’s and girls are into it.

It involves exactly what you’d expect. That is, inflicting pain on a man’s genitals. This might involve grabbing, biting, stamping, stretching, or using all kinds of different BDSM toys, tools, and devices to deliver pain.


Chastity is a kink that involves enjoying having access to your genitals blocked to deny yourself or your partner the ability to masturbate or have sex. It’s sometimes known as forced abstinence.

You might be thinking, ‘why on earth would anyone enjoy that?’, but there are actually plenty of people that are into it. So many, in fact, that there’s a whole category of sex toys dedicated to it, like cock cages and chastity belts.

Dommes (Dominant females in BDSM partnerships) often get a kick out of forced male chastity as it gives them a better sense of control over their consenting male sub and helps to enhance the power dynamic.

Other people enjoy chastity as a form of orgasm control and to create heightened sexual desire and anticipation.



If you have a degradation fetish, you enjoy being degraded or humiliated during sex. This is more common than you might think. A lot of women like being ‘talked down to’ by their men when they’re having sex, which is a type of degradation.

Ladies, if you’ve ever felt aroused after being called a slut, whore, or anything similar by your partner, you might be into degradation.


Any guesses for what this kink involves? Here’s a hint: ‘Draco’ is the Latin term for ‘dragon.’

That’s right; people who are into dracophilia have a fetish for dragons. And who can blame them? They are, after all, powerful, strong, masculine mythical creatures, and strength/masculinity are two traits that women are biologically hardwired to find attractive in a mate. It’s not something I can claim to fully understand myself but to each their own!

If you have a fetish for dracophilia, you might want to check out our guide to Bad Dragon dildos. Bad Dragon is a fantasy fetish company that has created a range of sex toys to cater to dracophiles and make their fantasies all the more real.


Dendrophiles are people who have a fetish for trees (‘dendro’ being a Latin term relating to trees). It’s a kink, sometimes referred to as arbophilia.

Dendrophiles take ‘tree-hugging’ to a whole new level. They aren’t just passionate about foliage; they’re physically, sexually attracted to trees. The most-committed dendrophiles even report having performed sexual acts on trees, like thrusting into a hole in the trunk or grinding on their roots, both of which are likely to get you banned from your local park.

Why are they into this? Who knows, you’d have to ask a dendrophile to find out, but it could have something to do with the phallic shape of tree trunks.

Double Penetration

A lot of women have a fetish for double penetration, which involves having both their vagina and anus penetrated at the same time. Double penetration can involve sex with multiple partners (one guy for each orifice) or just one partner using a specially-designed sex toy such as a double-penetration strap-on dildo.



Next up in our list of kinks is elastophilia – the fetish for stretchy materials. Elastophiles enjoy all kinds of stretchy, elastic-like materials, such as latex, spandex, and silicone. The way they enjoy these materials differs from person to person. It might involve wearing something stretchy, sitting on something stretchy, or inserting something stretchy inside themselves.

Electric play

Electric play is a niche kink that falls within the broader category of BDSM. Those with this fetish enjoy applying electricity to the body to create different sensations. The electricity is applied via electric play sex toys such as neon wands and violet wands.

Again, you should be aware that electric play can be dangerous, especially for people with heart issues, pacemakers, and similar medical conditions.


Exhibitionism is another common fetish in which exposing yourself or performing sexually in front of others is seen as arousing. The thrill of being seen in the buff by strangers gets some people’s pulses racing.

Exhibitionists frequently have sex at BDSM shows, parties, and other appropriate public places. If you’ve had sex outdoors or in a plane bathroom and got a kick out of it, that was probably your inner exhibitionist coming out to play.


Face Fucking

Face fucking is both a sex act and a kink. It’s kind of like an ‘extreme’ blow job in which the receiver thrusts into his partner’s mouth. It’s a staple of rough sex and Domination. Many people have a fetish for watching or participating in face fucking. If you’re interested in this kink, check out our guide on how to face fuck like a pornstar.

Fat Fetishism

A fat fetish is a sexual attraction to people that are obese/overweight. There are lots of different variations of fat fetishism, including feederism, a type of ‘force-feeding’ in which the source of arousal is watching someone eat to gain weight. Facesitting (when the person doing the sitting is overweight) is another common type of fat fetish.


Furries is a thriving subculture and kink community of people who enjoy dressing up and roleplaying as animals, fantastical beasts, or humanoid creatures.

Some furries are into this in a completely non-sexual way and just enjoy animal cosplay as part of their lifestyle. However, for others, it’s more of a sexual fetish. Furries sometimes don animalistic strap-on dildos to better bring their sexual fantasies to life.


I bet you’ve heard of this one, am I right? Fisting is a sexual act in which someone inserts their entire hand into their partner’s vagina. It’s quite an extreme sex act, and a whole fetish has sprung up around it, with some people really into fisting porn.

Aside from the psychological appeal of doing something so taboo and unusual, there’s a physical appeal to fisting too. It offers her an unparalleled feeling of fullness and stimulation.

Important warning: Fisting can be dangerous and can cause serious injury or sexual trauma. Make sure you understand the risks if you’re thinking about trying it.

Foot Fetish

This one should be familiar too. Foot fetishism involves a sexual attraction to human feet (duh). If you’ve ever watched someone peel a banana with their feet and found it hot, you might have a foot fetish.


Group sex

Group sex fetishism (the technical term for which is polyiterophilia) is when you enjoy sex with multiple partners. We’re talking gangbangs, bukkake, and threesomes. This is another super-mainstream kink and one of the first fetishes bored couples tend to experiment with.


GILF stands for ‘Granny I’d Like to Fuck.’ People with a GILF fetish are into much older women. This is different from age play (which we talked about in our list of A-kinks) as there’s no role-playing involved. People with a GILF fetish are interested in real grandmas, not in pretending to be them.



Hentai is a Japanese term that means ‘pervert.’ In the kink dictionary, however, it has a different meaning: manga pornography. People who have a fetish for hentai enjoy animated porn. This might include cartoon characters, but more typically involves Japanese manga characters.


Hybristophiles are turned on by the thought that their partner has committed a heinous crime or act, such as robbery, cheating, or even murder. It might sound kind of dark, but a lot of people find themselves aroused by the dark side of human nature. Hybristophilia is sometimes colloquially referred to as Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome, for obvious reasons.


Haemotamania is a lust for blood. People who are into this kink are aroused by blood. They might enjoy biting their partners to draw blood, licking wounds, or anything else involving blood.

This kink might also be where we get the whole vampire mythology from. Count Dracula might have just been an infamous nobleman with a serious haematomania fetish.


Some people like to roleplay magician and assistant/unwitting victims and act out erotic hypnosis scenes. The kind of consensual non-consent that roleplaying hypnosis scenes provide is something that a lot of partners find appealing.

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Impact play

Impact play is common in BDSM relationships. It involves hitting or inflicting pain on your partner, either with your hands or tools/toys. Spanking, whipping, smacking, paddling, and slapping are all different kinds of impact play. Just make sure that your partner’s on board with the idea first if you want to try this one out.


For whatever reason, some people are obsessed with the idea of being locked up. People with an imprisonment kink might enjoy being locked in a cage or roleplaying a prisoner.

Impregnation and Internal Ejaculation

If you’re really into creampies, you probably have an internal ejaculation fetish. This is similar to a semen fetish; the difference being this one is specifically about being ejaculated into (anally or vaginally) as opposed to on.

For some people, the attraction to internal ejaculation is linked to the idea of pregnancy. Some guys find the thought of making someone pregnant arousing.



This is the only common kink we could find that begins with the letter ‘J.’ JOI stands for ‘Jerk-off (or Jack-off) Instruction.’ Guys and girls with this kink enjoy being told how/when to masturbate by an audience.

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This one’s a mouthful. Katoptronophilia is the fetish for fucking in front of a mirror. Katoptronophiles enjoy being able to see their reflection or that of their partner while they’re having sex.


Keraunophilia is all about stormy weather. People with this kink find thunder and lightning particularly arousing. When the weather takes a turn, keraunophiles start feeling frisky. Ambient weather sounds are their equivalent of sexy music.


Kigurumi is similar to the furry fetish in that it involves cosplaying, often as animals. The difference is that this fetish is more specifically about wearing full-body anime suits complete with masks that cover the performer’s face. The Japanese word ‘Kigurumi’ roughly translates as ‘wearing stuffed toy.’



Boobs have long been an object of sexual desire, but people with a lactation fetish take that one step further. They’re less interested in her breasts and more interested in what comes out of them. A lactation fetishist enjoys boobs producing milk. They might engage in breastfeeding as a sexual act.


A lithophile is someone who has a special fondness for stones. This isn’t always overtly sexual, some people are just really into rocks in a non-sexual way, but it can also mean someone who has a fetish for them.



Masochism is another sub-branch of BDSM. Those into masochism enjoy experiencing pain. They’re usually the submissive partners in BDSM relationships, but not always. Masochism is the counterpart to sadism (see the ‘S’ section in this list of kinks), which is the enjoyment of inflicting pain on somebody else.


Maschalagnia is a kink that’s all about armpits. People with this fetish are aroused by armpits. They might enjoy kissing them, smelling them, licking them, or even thrusting into them, the last of which is known as ‘axillism.’

Again, it might sound weird, but there is a logic to it. Apparently, natural body odor is a powerful force in sexual attraction. We release lots of important chemicals called pheromones in our sweat that other people’s noses can pick up on and subconsciously become sexually attracted to.

This might explain why some people are attracted to armpits because, well, they tend to be rather smelly, you know?


Morphophilia is the sexual attraction to unusual bodies and body parts. People with this kink might be sexually attracted to people with medical conditions and deformations like dwarfs or amputees.


MILF stands for ‘Mother I’d Like to Fuck’ and is the less age-advanced version of GILF. People who have a kink for MILFs like older women, especially moms. It’s similar to a cougar fetish.


Do you know how you can buy used panties on sites like eBay? Or perhaps you’ve heard of those used panty vending machines they have in Japan? Well, mysophilia is the reason behind both of those oddities.

Mysophiles have a fetish for dirty items. I don’t mean dirty in the colloquial sense; I mean literally dirty. They are aroused by things that have been dirtied, particularly by bodily fluids like semen or female discharge. Think used condoms, tampons, and dirty panties.



We mentioned this one at the start of this article. Nasophilia is a fetish for sucking on somebody’s nose. This specific sex act is known as nasolingus (‘Lingus’ meaning tongue; ‘Naso’ meaning nose).


Nyctophilia involves fetishizing darkness. This doesn’t just mean turning the light off when you’re doing it; it means finding darkness itself arousing. If you find yourself turned on when the sun goes down, you might be into it.



Odaxelagnia is a fetish for biting someone or for being bitten. Unlike haematomania, this doesn’t necessarily have to involve blood. Blood isn’t the source of arousal; the act of biting is. If you really enjoy lovebites, you might be into odaxelagnia.


This is another Japanese word that describes the fetish of peeing yourself. People with an omorashi fetish are aroused by the idea of having a full bladder and peeing on themselves. It’s more popular than you might think.

Orgasm Denial

Have you ever heard of the sexual practice called edging? This is the kink counterpart to that. People with an orgasm denial kink might enjoy having their orgasms denied, ruined, or prolonged by their partner, or doing the same to their partner.



Pediophilia is a fetish for dolls and sex dolls (‘pedio’ meaning ‘doll’). It’s NOT to be confused with pedophilia. People with a pediophilia kink might enjoy having sex with inflatable sex dolls or might even find regular toy dolls arousing.


Pegging is both a sex act and a fetish. It involves a female penetrating their male partner with a strap-on. A lot of men and women are very aroused by the idea of pegging, and, as such, it has become a popular fetish.

Pet and Pony Play

Pet play is a kink in which someone acts like a cat, dog, or other pet. They might get down on all fours and eat/drink out of bowls like a pet, or have their partner ‘walk’ them on a leash. Pony play is a specific version of pet play where the participant acts like a pony.


Pubephiles have a sexual obsession with public hair. If you prefer a hairy bush to a neat Brazillian, you might just have a pubephilia fetish.



Quirofiles fetishize hands. This can be the whole hand or specific parts of the hands, like fingers, and fingernails. Some people with a quirofilia fetish enjoy watching people perform certain actions with their hands, like washing them, scrubbing dishes, or masturbating.



People with a revving fetish enjoy watching women rev a car engine. This kink is sometimes referred to as ‘pedal pumping.’ There are hundreds of videos and images on porn sites showing bare-footed women and women in high heels stepping on the gas.


Ever found a robot hot? If so, you might just have a robotism kink. People with this kink fetishize robots, cyborgs, androids, and other machine-human hybrids.


You’ve probably heard of the sex act rimming already. It’s the act of using your mouth and tongue to stimulate your partner’s anus (also known as a rim job or anilingus). Some people have a kink for giving/receiving rim jobs.



Sadism is the opposite of masochism. Sadists enjoy inflicting pain on their partners. They might use whips, electrical stimulation, paddles, or other toys to do this.

Sneezing Fetish

Fun fact: sneezing releases endorphins (hormones that make you feel good) just like orgasms do. This fact might have something to do with why so many people fetishize sneezing. Those with a sneezing fetish enjoy watching others sneeze, usually while naked.


A suspension fetish is deriving sexual pleasure and arousal from being suspended or suspending someone else from the ground. This can be achieved using suspension sex gear like ropes, harnesses, and other tools. Note that suspension can be very dangerous and you should never attempt it unless you know what you’re doing and understand the risks.



Some people have a kink for tentacles. They might enjoy watching ‘tentacle porn,’ which involves animated octopus-like monsters using their tentacles to penetrate others.

It might sound a little strange, but experts believe that the attraction to tentacles might have something to do with how it fulfills other, more-mainstream kinks, like multiple penetration and bondage.

If you’re really into tentacles, you might be able to bring your fantasies to life with tentacle-shaped dildos such as those from fantasy fetish company Bad Dragon.

Transvestic Fetishism

Transvestic fetishism is a fetish relating to the sexual interest in cross-dressing. Note that not everyone who enjoys cross-dressing has this fetish – some people are into cross-dressing for purely non-sexual reasons.



Ever heard of a golden shower? Well, urophilia is a fancy name for that. People with urophilia find the idea of peeing on others or being peed on sexually arousing. A golden shower is the sex act of letting someone urinate on you.



Vampirism is very similar to haematomania but a bit more specific. People with a kink for vampirism derive sexual attraction from pretending to be vampires. It’s kind of a cross-over between haematomania and odaxelagnia. If donning some fake fangs or dressing up like a vampire on Halloween makes you horny, you might be into vampirism.


Voyeurism is one of the most common fetishes in this whole list of kinks. People who are into voyeurism get aroused watching others have sex or being watched themselves. Voyeurs might enjoy things like dogging, webcam sex, or sex in public spaces/clubs.



Worship is a broad term that can include cock worship, breast worship, and pussy worship. People who are into cock worship enjoy lavishing praise (verbal and physical) on their partner’s penis or strap-on. People who are into breast/pussy worship enjoy the same thing for breasts and vaginas.


If you have a wedding kink, you enjoy watching or roleplaying wedding-based sex scenes. You might enjoy dressing up as a bride/groom.

Wife Swap

If you have a wife swapping fetish, you enjoy exchanging sexual partners with other married couples on a casual basis. It’s also sometimes known as swinging.



Xenophilia is a catch-all kink term for anyone that has a fetish for people of other ethnicities, cultures, or nationalities. People with xenophilia find foreign people sexually attractive. If you have a particular penchant for interracial porn, you might be a xenophile.

Note that xenophilia isn’t to be confused with xenophobia, which means the opposite. People with xenophobia hate or fear people from other countries and cultures.



People with yoga fetishes are aroused by watching people do yoga. It’s a whole sub-category of porn. I can totally understand this one. Yoga pants are hot.

Yoni Egg

A yoni egg is an egg-shaped sex toy that women insert inside their vaginas to train their pelvic floor muscles. If you find that arousing, you might have a yoni egg fetish.



Zapper is a slang term for electro-wand sex toys. They’re used to deliver electrostimulation and send a jolt of electricity through the body. They’re often used in BDSM play as a reward/punishment tool for the sub. Note that electrostimulation can be dangerous, so experiment with this at your own risk.


Zelophiles get a kick out of feeling jealous or envious. If you find watching your partner have sex with other people arousing, you might have a zelophilia fetish.


And finally, the last fetish in our list of kinks is ‘Zentai.’ Zentai is a skin-tight elastic spandex bodysuit that covers the whole body. If you get turned on by seeing someone in zentai, you probably have a zentai fetish.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – a complete encyclopedia of common fetishes.

We’ve done our best to document all the main kinks, but because there are so many out there, it’s inevitable that we missed a few. If you have a fetish you think we should add to this list of kinks, let us know.