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How to Eat Ass: The Comprehensive Guide for All

Anilingus, eating ass, tossing the salad, rimming, munching the peach… whatever you call it, it’s a sexual activity that many people enjoy and many more people are wanting to try.

For obvious reasons, though, it’s not an activity that people often feel comfortable bringing up to their partner for the first time. After all, it can seem dirty or even too kinky to broach. But in recent years, booty eating has enjoyed a boost in popularity. Its mentions in popular culture and as an internet meme have made many people ask, “How do I eat ass?”

Lucky for you, I’ve been on both the giving and receiving end (excuse the pun). So I have the latest and greatest tips, whether you’re ready to give or receive. If you want to learn how to eat ass like a pro, and do so in a safe, then keep reading.

How to Keep It Clean and Safe

Before we get into the fun positions, tips, and techniques, let’s be sure we’ve covered our bases. That means knowing exactly how to keep it clean and safe.

Get Tested

If you’re regularly engaging in non-monogamous hookups, it’s important to get tested regularly. Preferably, after each partner.

Ass eating, like any other sexual activity, carries the risk of transmitting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). There are only two ways to reduce those risks, especially when having sex with multiple partners — whether at the same or different times: regular STD testing, and protection.

Ideally, you should get STD tested after each unprotected sexual encounter with a new partner.

You should also get tested regularly even if you’re having protected sex because protection isn’t 100%. At a minimum, every three to six months is a good guideline.

Use Protection

Even with a clean bill of health, you and your partner should use protection if you’re not in a monogamous partnership. That’s because certain STDs, like herpes and HIV, can take time to appear on a health screening.

And according to the CDC, there are certain STDs that are more likely to be transmitted during anilingus and rimming, such as herpes, HPV, oral gonorrhea, and Hepatitis A.

Dental dams and specialty condoms (e.g. finger, tongue) can reduce the risk of contracting an STD but they aren’t 100% effective. If you or your partner suspects an infection, or if there are visible signs of one (e.g. blisters, abrasions, open wounds) then hold off until it clears up.

How Should My Partner Prepare for Getting Their Ass Eaten

While you’ll be doing the bulk of the work later, there are a few things your partner should do beforehand to prepare. These will make it more enjoyable for both of you.

Clean It Up

You don’t have to use an enema to completely clean out the rectum unless that’s your or your partner’s preference. However, you should pay special attention to the rim and outside of the anus to ensure it’s clean.

So before he or she goes down on you, use a washcloth with a bit of soap and water to clean the rim and inside of the cheeks. You can also use this time to clean the taint and frontal genitals.

If you don’t have enough time for a shower or a soapy washcloth, wet wipes will also get you there.

Give It a Trim

There’s nothing worse when eating ass than getting thick, curly hairs in your mouth and teeth. If you’re not open to waxing the area completely clean, then at least give it a good trim.

The shorter the hairs, the less likely they are to get in the way. They may still cause a bit of an issue, so for a truly problem-free experience waxing is the way to go.

Avoid Gassy Foods

We’ve all been there during sexy times. We ate food that made us bloated or gassy, and now we’re clenching our cheeks to hold it in. That’s, unfortunately, not an option during anilingus. So if you know your partner is going to be eating ass ahead of time, do them and yourself a favor and avoid gassy or bloating foods.

The 5 Best Positions to Eat Ass

There are plenty of ways to eat ass, but some oral sex positions are more conducive to it than others. The below five positions give you some of the best access so you can really go to town on your partner’s ass hole.

1. The Doggy Face Fuck

Not all anilingus positions need to be from the same angle. Give this position a try if you’re looking for a bottom-up approach to your ass-eating technique.


Lie down on your back and have your partner kneel down with their knees on each side of your head. Your partner will rock forward so their weight is on their hands and knees, resembling the traditional Doggy Style position. From this angle, you can get to work on the taint and anus.


  • If your partner likes to be in control, they’ll love thrusting back and forward into your mouth in this position. Just ask them to start slowly!
  • If you like your partner taking charge, you can just remain still and let them go to work.


  • This position puts you in a vulnerable position. Be sure to communicate with your partner if you become uncomfortable.
  • You may need to communicate more regularly with your partner if their thrusting and grinding become too intense.

2. The Face Sitter

If you’re looking to take the guesswork out of eating ass, this is the position to try!


You lie down on your back and your partner straddles you. You spread their cheeks and eat their ass. They control the pressure and direction by rising up or lowering themselves.


  • This position gives your partner complete control over the pressure you apply to their ass and taint.
  • The ‘Face Sitter’ is extremely comfortable for you and takes the guesswork out of hitting the perfect spot.
  • Your partner can easily rub their nipples, or play with their clit or dick.


  • If you like being the dominant partner, you may feel constrained by the position.
  • Breathing can be tricky in this position, make sure you come up for air!

3. The Switch-Up

If you like to be dominated, this position where the partner towers over you is one to consider adding to the rotation.


Your partner stands up with their feet shoulder-width apart. You kneel behind them so your mouth is at the same height as their ass. You spread their cheeks and go to town on their asshole. For additional access, your can have your partner lean over a nearby table or bed. They can also help you by opening the cheeks so you can use your hands to explore other areas.


  • Your partner can reach behind them and use their hands to direct and guide you into the perfect spot.
  • Your partner can hold their cheeks apart to give you greater access.


  • If you’re roughly the same height, this position is amazing. If your partner is significantly shorter than you, things can become challenging. You may have to lean back against a sofa, bed, or wall to compensate for the height difference.

4. The Sideways Sixty-Nine

Are you looking for a bit of reciprocity? This position allows you to eat ass while also being pleasured by your partner.


Get into the standard 69 position. Then roll over together onto one side (right or left, it doesn’t matter). Your partner keeps their legs parted as you go down on them and they give you a blowjob or lick your clit.


  • Some couples find this position more relaxing than the ‘Sixty Nine’ position.
  • You’ll enjoy having your upper hand free to explore your partner’s body.
  • It’s easier to take turns in this position. This makes it easier for one or both of you to orgasm.


  • This position gives less clitoral access than the ‘Sixty Nine’ or the ‘Inverted Sixty Nine’ positions.
  • You may find that your lowermost arm becomes uncomfortable after lying on it for a while. You can always change to another side or move to a different position.

5. The Crouching Tiger

This position is a fun way to mix it up, as your partner can simultaneously give you head or just enjoy the experience.


You sit with your legs spread apart naturally. Your partner straddles your thighs. They then bend over to give you access to their taint and ass. Your partner can bend forward completely to touch the floor, or they can use a low table or chair for support.


  • This is a very comfortable position for the giver.
  • As blood rushes to your partner’s head, the stimulation you provide will be hugely pleasurable for them.


  • If your partner hasn’t tried this before, they may be disorientated by the blood rushing to their head.
  • If your partner is much taller than you, you may strain your neck reaching upwards.

The Best Techniques for Eating Ass

There’s a lot more to eating ass than the uninitiated may know. Yes, it involves the spreading of cheeks and copious amounts of licking. But that’s not your only option, and it’s probably not the best if you want to give your partner a truly unforgettable time.

So when eating ass, whether for the first time or the fiftieth time, consider the tips below to up your game.

Use Your Tongue

This one seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised!

The tongue should really be the star of the show when it comes to eating ass. This is particularly important for the rimming part of the task.

Circles with the tip of the tongue and long, flat licks are two ways to get it going. You can also use the tongue to quickly dart in and out of the hole or tease it. You really want to target the folds of the anus — these have a bounty of nerve endings that only become more sensitive during arousal.

All of this to say, you don’t have to use only the tongue when eating ass. You can use other things, like the nose and chin, or even your fingers and sex toys. But the tongue should play a significant role from taint to hole.

Include the Taint

The taint is the area between the anus and testicles in men and between the anus and vagina in women. It’s an extremely sensitive area that can add another dimension of pleasure to anilingus.

If you or your partner are new to ass eating, then starting with the taint can be a way to ease in. Even if you’re not new, though, the taint should always be included in your technique.

The best way to use the taint is to slowly lick from taint to asshole in multiple smooth movements. You can lick it flat like you should an ice cream cone, or use a pointed tongue for more direct stimulation.

Once your partner gets going, don’t think the taint should be ignored!

You can continue to include it in your ass-eating activities, even if just with a finger or sex toy.

If your partner is male, you can even target the prostate via the taint. As you’re going to town on their ass, use two fingertips to find a slightly firmer area of the taint than the surrounding tissue. Push firmly and hold. This will stimulate the prostate which can help bring your partner to a throbbing prostate orgasm.

Use Flavored Lubricant

Lubricant is important for any acts involving the anus. After all, the anus doesn’t produce its own lubrication. But if you want to kick things up a notch and make them more enjoyable for you, then give flavored lube a try.

Lube comes in many different flavors, including fruits (e.g. strawberry, watermelon, cherry) and aromatics (e.g. vanilla). Using a flavor you enjoy can give you that extra edge to make it even more enjoyable for your partner.

Keep It Going

It can be difficult when eating ass to know exactly which of your techniques is making the most impact on your partner. When you find a particular movement or technique that they enjoy, though, you want to keep it going.

A common mistake when eating ass is to switch it up so much that you and your partner can’t get into a rhythm. As soon as they start to enjoy one thing, you move on to the next.

I give you permission to stick with one movement for an extended length of time, assuming your partner is still enjoying it.

If your partner doesn’t feel comfortable enough to communicate directly, you can choose a position that puts them in control. This way, when something you’re doing stops working, they can wiggle or grind their ass to increase pressure, speed, or even position of your tongue.


The majority of people won’t climax from anilingus alone. To bring your partner to a shaking orgasm, be sure to multitask while you’re eating ass.

What does that look like?

Use one hand to hold your partner’s ass cheek and use the other to give them a handjob or massage their clit. You can also use a finger to penetrate them anally whenever your tongue is taking a break or you’re working on another area like the taint. Just be sure if you use a finger in the ass NOT to then use it for the vagina or clit.

If you want full use of both hands during this exploration, get into a position where your partner can hold both of their cheeks. Doggy position, like many standing sex positions, is a good choice for this. Then you can use both hands to more fully explore their body.

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Ass Eating

If you want to be the absolute best you can be at eating ass, then follow these do’s and don’t’s.

Do: Clean Up Your Scruff

If you’re a male or male-presenting individual, you may already know that facial hair or scruff can be a love-it-or-hate-it type of thing when going down on your partner.

While a full-grown beard or mustache can be ticklish for your partner at first, most will quickly become accustomed to the feeling. Scruff, however, is short and stubbly. It’s itchy and irritating, especially to areas as sensitive as the taint and anus.

So if you’ve left your facial hair to get a bit scruffier than usual, do your partner a favor and clean it up before eating ass.

Do: Ask for Feedback

Feedback is an important part of any sexual experience. It helps you to improve so both you and your partner can enjoy the time more thoroughly.

Feedback when eating ass is even more important. Anilingus puts you in an awkward position. You can’t see your partner’s face or much of their body language. So before you go down, ask your partner to give you feedback clearly.

The easiest way to give feedback during anilingus is verbal. Ask your partner to moan or otherwise vocalize when you’re doing something they enjoy. If they can reach you, you can also ask them to place their hand on your head and give little nudges or squeezes when you’ve hit the spot.

Of course, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback after the session too. This will help you improve the next time you eat ass.

Do: Remember the Mouthwash

It’s anilingus. So, sometimes, shit happens. As long as you’re prepared for it ahead of time, you and your partner can continue to have a good time in spite of the occasional appearance.

The best way to deal with it is to keep mouthwash on hand. Don’t make a big deal about it. Just swish a small bit of mouthwash and get back to it. Your partner will appreciate your discretion, and the cooling effect of the mint may add an additional layer of pleasure.

Do: Take a Breather

It’s easy to get lost in the booty, especially if your partner is vocalizing and otherwise expressing their pleasure. If you want to keep going at any rate, though, then you need to take regular breaks to catch your breath.

That doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.

As you come up for a breath, you can use your finger or a toy to stimulate the anus. You can also change your focus to other areas, like the taint or testicles if it’s a man or vagina or clit if it’s a woman.

You can also use this time to ask your partner how it feels and if there’s anything they want you to do differently.

Don’t: Use Your Teeth

When we say “eating ass,” we use the term loosely. Please, please do not use your teeth, even to take a little nibble, at any point in the process.

Your tongue and lips should be the only parts of your mouth you’re using as you eat ass. If you’re worried about your teeth getting in the way, do some tongue and lip exercises prior to loosen them up.

For example, force a big grin and then relax. Or force a big grin and then push your tongue in and out of your mouth in a flicking motion.

These will get your mouth muscles ready for the task ahead.

Don’t: Pull Any Surprises

The anus is a very sensitive area. Anal play of any kind requires a certain level of trust between you and your partner. Don’t break that trust by pulling any surprises.

This means you should both be on the same page as to what’s going to happen during the ass eating session. Will you lick the rim? Will you insert the tongue into the anus? Will you insert a finger every now and again? Will an anal sex toy make an appearance at all?

Address these and other questions ahead of time so your partner knows what to expect.

Don’t: Always Expect Climax

Not everyone orgasms from ass eating alone.

This doesn’t mean you should forgo ass eating altogether.

Anilingus can be a quick and dirty type of foreplay. It can also be used in conjunction with other things, like a handjob or prostate milking.

Ass eating can also be a great way to prepare your partner for other ass-related activities, such as anal beads or pegging.


Eating ass is a fun way to explore new sexual pleasures with your partner. So take note of the tips above, and then dig right in.

You don’t have to be a pro to start. In fact, with every new partner, you may feel a bit like a beginner. That’s because eating ass is a new experience with every partner as you learn their cues, their likes and dislikes, and their quirks.

As long as you hunker down and commit to pleasuring your partner, you and them will enjoy the experience.

Laura Rose Halliday

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