Rough Sex | Everything You Need to Know

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Ever wanted to embrace your wild side and act out your pent-up sexual fantasies? Our ultimate illustrated guide will show you EXACTLY how to have rough sex like a pro and leave both of you completely sexually satisfied.

Who hasn’t ever fantasized about having rough, intense sex? Forceful thrusts. Stinging slaps. Hot, dirty talk. Unbridled passion. Is there any wonder that rough sex is one of the most popular sexual fantasies?

If you’re curious about how to stimulate your partner to ecstasy and make them scream your name with pleasure, this guide is for you. Our ultimate illustrated guide to rough sex is guaranteed to help you tantalize your partner and give them absolute fulfillment.

We’ll show you how to master the roughest, sexiest moves and combine them with the kinkiest sex toys imaginable. If store-bought sex toys are too vanilla for you, we’ll even show you how to get down and dirty with a variety of common household objects.

We’ll give you the best tips and techniques for powering your partner towards unforgettable orgasms, again and again. Our guide will help you slap, spank and tease your partner to earth-shattering climaxes with ease.

If you’re looking into rough sex and want to kink up your sex life, read on!

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In this guide, we’ll be discussing things like:

If you’re curious about how to have rough sex, you’ll find this guide is fairly long and detailed. If there’s any specific info you’re looking for, feel free to click any of the above links and skip ahead at any time.


Given the nature of this guide, we must hit y’all with a quick disclaimer before we begin:

This guide is strictly for information and entertainment purposes only. does not endorse any of the practices discussed herein. All opinions expressed are those of the writer and have not been written or reviewed by a physician or healthcare professional. Always abide by the laws of your country.

Sound fair? Then let’s begin!

What is rough sex?

Dirty, nasty talk that gets you wet. Rough, hard spanking that turns you on. Hard, tantalizing grabbing that excites you to your core. Forceful thrusts that leave you breathless. Juddering climaxes that make you tremble with pleasure. Rough sex covers all of this and more!

From pulling and ripping clothes, to spanking and restraint, rough sex is all about an unadulterated expression of pure lust and desire between two (or more!) consenting partners. With rough sex, you can take turns being rough, aggressive and assertive towards each other, or do so simultaneously. It’s your call.

Rough sex shouldn’t be confused with other sexual practices such as Bondage and Sadomasochism (BDSM). Although some of the hallmarks of rough sex – such as restraint and spanking – are shared with BDSM, that’s where the similarities end.

In BDSM, arousal is based on a power exchange between a dominant and submissive partner. In rough sex, arousal is based on the desires of both partners. Although one person may take a more dominant role during rough sex, power is shared roughly equally.

Why do people like rough sex?

Just in case Fifty Shades of Grey’s popularity wasn’t enough of a clue, rough sex is an incredibly common fantasy. According to dating site OkCupid, over 75 percent of men and 62 percent of women find the idea of rough sex appealing. Findings from a University of North Texas study drew similar conclusions.

Why? There are thought to be three main reasons for the popularity of rough sex:

1. Intimacy

As a consensual sexual activity, rough sex is incredibly intimate. On common misconception is that the power lies in the hands of the person being rough.

In fact, the person receiving the roughness holds the real power during rough sex. They can stop at any point and their willingness to engage in rough sex requires high levels of trust. They need to be able to trust that their partner will stop if they need them to. This trust deepens the level of intimacy between partners.

2. Gratification

Rough sex is all about urgency and immediacy. Ripping off your partner’s clothes and pinning them to the bed is incredibly erotic precisely because it taps into the part of your brain that responds to immediate gratification.

3. Fear

As humans, we crave being scared. From roller coaster rides to scary movies, we love to dice with fear. Rough sex appeals that spark in all of us that loves the feeling that things are getting out of hand. The secret to rough sex is that it must be consensual and there must be clear rules and boundaries.

Safety tips

While some of the activities we’ll be discussing in this guide are relatively safe, others can be extremely dangerous. They are to be attempted only at the readers’ own risk and with the consent of all partners involved. If you’re thinking about taking a walk on the wild side with your partner, here are some mandatory safety tips.

1. Communicate

The appeal of rough sex comes from a mixture of pleasure, pain, fear, and intimacy. Before starting out, you need to discuss your desires and limitations with your partner to ensure there aren’t any unpleasant surprises when you get to the bedroom. Communication is the cornerstone of good rough sex sessions.

2. Set a safe word

Being scared and feeling powerless or even degraded can be fun and a huge turn on, but you need to set limits. Make sure you choose an unambiguous word that signals it’s time to stop. Always respect it. It’s also a good idea to come up with a safe gesture as well, just in case verbal communication isn’t an option.

3. Test before you try

In this guide, we’ll be discussing a whole range of sex toys and common household items that can help you rev up your sex life. But be warned: things aren’t always as safe as they seem. Certain materials like ropes, cords or cables can cause physical trauma, which is a huge no-no.

Before trying anything out new with your partner, always test it on yourself first, to explore any unforeseen consequences. Check for sharp edges, abrasive materials, and other dangers before you introduce new toys or items in the bedroom.

4. Watch out for friction

Whether you’re going for deep, hard thrusting or getting buzzy with a new sex toy, lube is absolutely essential. Be aware that water-based lube, while safe for use with sex toys, can dry out and get sticky quicker than oil or silicone-based lubricants.

If you’re planning on a session of deep, hard thrusting, a lack of lube can cause physical trauma, so be careful. Choose a specially formulated lube that helps you maintain maximum glide for the longest time.

5. Start slow

If you’ve read or watched 50 Shades Darker, spreading your lover’s legs wide apart with a spreader bar may be top of your to-do list. But going in for the kill right away may ruin the moment.

Always start slowly with a little teasing, caressing and playing to properly warm your partner up. That oversized vibrator and under-mattress restraint set can wait a little while! Start to slowly build your partner’s arousal levels first. The more extreme accessories that we’ll be discussing in this guide such as ball gags and floggers are good surprises to have up your sleeve for later.

Dom or sub?

As we discussed earlier, rough sex isn’t BDSM, but there are some similarities. In BDSM, the arousal comes from having an imbalance of power; one person is dominant (a ‘dom’) and the other person is submissive (a ‘sub’).

With rough sex, both partners can be equally assertive and can be rough to each other simultaneously. But they’ll also be times when one partner adopts a more dominant position and the other is more submissive. This mirrors the ‘dom’ and ‘sub’ roles that are common in BDSM.

Rough sex is the perfect time to explore the balance of power between you and your partner. You can pick roles and experiment with being in control and being submissive, or you can switch up roles as you please. For example, a rough sex session may start out with the guy being quite dominant; he may rip her clothes, spread her legs forcefully and thrust into her with deep, penetrative strokes.

However, that same session could evolve into the woman becoming more dominant: she could delight in restraining and teasing her man, riding on top and taking control of the sex. For a good rough sex session, it’s important to communicate beforehand and establish the roles you plan to take.

Tips for the dom

The number one rule of taking the dominant role during rough sex is to take it seriously. Take completely control and dish out punishment and pleasure as you see fit. If your sub doesn’t follow directions, punish them with a spank or slap. If they start to enjoy things too much, stop and make them beg to be pleasured again.

Always respect the safe word or gesture and be aware of your partner’s limitations. Anything involving handling your partner’s neck or restraining their wrists or ankles can be extremely risky. The golden rule for being a dom is this: if you don’t know what you’re doing; don’t do it!

Tips for the sub

If you feel comfortable taking a submissive role during rough sex, remember that the real power still lies with you. You’re consenting to submit and can withdraw your consent at any point using the agreed upon safe word or gesture.

There’s nothing sexier or more intimate than completely surrendering to your partner and letting them have their way with your body. It’s a sign that you trust them completely and feel totally comfortable with them. Relax into the role and take it seriously, always following your dom’s commands.

Pulling and ripping clothes

Nothing signals unconstrained sexual desire quite like pulling and ripping off your lover’s clothes. No words need to be spoken: ripping sends the message that you need them and you need them now! Ripping is primal, urgent and passionate. It’s as if your arousal levels are so wild that they’re beyond your control.

Pulling and ripping clothes is a great way to begin experimenting with rough sex. We’ll explore a few tips for both genders for you to follow:. Remember: Always discuss your plans first to avoid damaging expensive or irreplaceable clothing!

For him:

Demonstrate the depth of your passion for your lover by roughly pulling up her skirt and ripping her panties as a prelude to foreplay. Buying some inexpensive underwear or lingerie for the occasion is a small price to pay for revving your sexual experience through the roof. Physiologically, she’ll love the sensation of having you rip your way into her.

You’ll be able to assert a level of dominance that will make her wet with pleasure and leave her tingling with anticipation.

For her:

Roughly ripping off your guy’s clothing will be a massive turn on and is possibly the fastest known way to make a guy hard. Always discuss your plans first to avoid ruining an expensive suit or shirt and possibly buy a cheap shirt just for the occasion.

If you’re just starting out, you can try roughly pulling off his necktie and ripping his shirt open. He’ll love it!

Hand restriction

You’ve ripped and stripped your partner and they’re wet with anticipation, now what? One of the best ways to turn the passion up to 11 is to experiment with hand restriction.

Pinning your partner’s hands to the bed puts them on the back foot and leaves you firmly in the driving seat. You’ll make your partner tingle with fear and leave them wondering what you have in store for them.

For him:

For a gentle foray into rough sex, try holding your lover’s wrists together above her head. This is a safe option that you can explore in a variety of positions.

With her seated, pinning her wrists together with one of your hands will give her a taste of helplessness while you caress her breasts and erogenous zones with your lips and your other hand. You can also try this move in the missionary position by pinning her hands on the bed above her head.

To take hand restriction to the next level, try some soft, adjustable fabric cuffs that attach with Velcro. These are easy to put on and remove, helping to add extra excitement to rough sex without the risk of injury.

For her:

Remember that necktie you ripped off him earlier? Why not put it to good use and spontaneously tie his wrists together? He’ll find this a real turn on and it will help him relax into a more submissive role. If using a necktie seems too tame, try some fabric cuffs instead for added impact.

Safety tip: If you’re just starting out with rough sex, always tie or cuff your partner’s hands in front of their body. Leave enough room to slip one finger inside the loop or cuff to avoid accidentally cutting off blood circulation.

Handling your lover’s neck

Warning: Anything to do with handling your lover’s neck is extremely risky and should be approached with extreme caution and care. This is one of the riskiest aspects of rough sex. You should always gain consent and thoroughly discuss this activity with your partner first. If you feel unsure, please skip this section.

Touching your lover’s neck is a delicate art. It signifies intimacy and domination but shouldn’t be attempted without a proper awareness of the risks. Placing your hands on your loved one’s neck and calling is ‘choking’ is really a misnomer: your goal isn’t to actually choke them! The trick is creating the sensation of choking without actually obstructing their trachea. Never do anything that could actually block or restrict your partner’s airway.

Here are some tips for handling your lover’s neck like a pro.

For him:

Holding your partner’s neck can be crazy hot for both of you. You’ll revel in taking control and she’ll get a kick out of feeling degraded as you have your way with her.

Grabbing her neck is a powerful, assertive move that is sure to send her arousal levels off the chart. To start out, try placing your hands on the sides of her neck. Never put pressure on her windpipe, the trachea, or the middle of her neck. As you do this, whisper sweet nothings into her ear (or talk dirty, it’s your call!).

If you’re unsure how hard to place your hands, err on the side of caution. Even if she’s moaning with pleasure and telling you “Harder”, try adding just five percent more pressure, not fifty percent more!

For her:

Lighting ‘choking’ your man is a good follow up move after you’ve restricted his hands. Grabbing or holding his neck is a sign of dominance and lets him know that you’re firmly in control.

If you’re new to this, start by touching the sides of his neck, avoiding his windpipe. Apply gentle pressure to give him the feeling of being choked without actually putting him in danger.

He’ll love it if you talk dirty to him and tell him exactly what you’ve got in store. Or leave him guessing; he’ll love that too!


When it comes to rough sex, spanking is your win-win move: you simply can’t go wrong. Spanking is kinky, steamy, rough and stimulating, all at once.

Using your hands or even a paddle to slap your partner’s butt is a sure-fire way to increase their levels of sexual arousal. The stimulation will increase blood flow, helping to enhance their sexual pleasure as you drive them towards orgasm.

Spanking also sets in motion a chain of events that can transform your sex session from plain vanilla to sextastic. You may start out playing rough with your partner’s butt and soon find yourself on the receiving end if they decide to turn the tables.

Here are some spanking tips for both partners that will help you master the art of the rough touch. (Warning: Spanking is fairly safe but you should always discuss your desires and limits before you begin, especially if you want to gravitate from hand spanking to paddles or floggers. Always respect the agreed upon safe word or gesture throughout to ensure a safe experience for both partners.)

For him:

To introduce spanking to your lovemaking, foreplay is the logical place to start. She’ll love it if you lightly spank her butt as you roughly pull or rip off her clothes.

Spanking works well in a variety of positions from missionary to doggy style. Take things slowly and gently at first, then build up the force and pressure of your spanks according to her tolerance for pain.

To takes things to the next level, you may like to introduce a leather paddle. This will increase the sting and burn while giving an extremely arousing ‘whipping’ sound. As with hand spanking, begin with light spanks and gauge her reaction before escalating things.

For her:

Spanking tops most men’s rough sex wishlist and is sure to drive your guy wild! You can introduce spanking during foreplay after roughly pulling off his clothes. Spanking his butt is a good signal that you want to take a more dominant role during the session and are in the mood to try something a little different.

A good alternative to hand spanking is to use a leather paddle or even a flogger.

If you don’t have one to hand, try improvising. Your guy’s necktie will make a great impromptu flogger that is sure to send his arousal levels through the ceiling. Start out gently with a few spanks to his shoulders, upper back, and butt to see how he takes it. You can move to harder lashes later if he can tolerate the pain.

Deep Thrusting

For many couples, hard, fast, and deep thrusting is the epitome of rough sex. For her, deep thrusting delivers fabulous clit stimulation while hitting her G-spot, offering the chance for a magnificent orgasm (or several!). For him, deep thrusting lets him immerse as much of his shaft as possible in his lover’s vagina, maximizing his stimulation and pleasure.

Safety tips: As with every rough sex activity, always discuss your desires, fantasies, and limitations beforehand. Set a safe word and gesture in case the thrusting gets too much for either partner. Be sure to use a suitable lube that enhances pleasure while minimizing friction.

For him

If you’re keen to experiment with deep thrusting, begin with a non-threatening position such as missionary. Start slowly and gradually increase the depth of your thrusts. You can add an element of excitement by pinning your lover’s hands to the bed or caressing her neck.

As you gain confidence, you can try a rougher move such as doggy style that allows for the deepest possible penetration. Stay attuned to your partner’s reactions and always abide by the safe word or gesture if the thrusting gets uncomfortably hard or deep for her.

For her

Deep thrusting is perfect if you like taking a more dominant, assertive role during rough sex. Rip off your guy’s clothes, tie his hands above his head, and start riding him in the Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl position. This is great for you as you can control the depth and pace of the thrusting while enjoying maximum clit and G-spot stimulation. Be sure to use plenty of lube and always respect the safe word or gesture if the thrusting gets too rough for him.

Happy vibrations

Rough sex and vibrating sex toys go together like jelly and peanut butter. Toys with adjustable speed settings are perfect for foreplay and intercourse as they let you deliver powerful ‘shocks’ can tingle and excite your partner. These shocks can release a potent combination of endorphins and adrenaline that greatly enhances rough sex for both partners.

(Warning: Always gain consent before using a sex toy with your partner and discuss expectations and limits beforehand. While sex toys can drive you and your partner towards mind-numbing orgasms, they can also cause physical trauma if used incorrectly.)

Be aware that erogenous zones can be hypersensitive after a climax so always set and abide by a safe word and gesture at all times. Here are our tips for getting buzzy during your rough sex sessions!

Bullet vibrator

A long, slim bullet vibrator makes hot and heavy rough sex even hotter. He can use the tip of a bullet vibrator to probe and tease her clit to ecstasy while she can turn the tables and stroke his shaft until he starts begging to come. The powerful vibrations can send both partners to mind-blowing climaxes.

Vibrating cock ring

Standard cock rings are already pretty awesome: they help him stay erect and last longer while thrusting deeply during rough sex sessions. But vibrating cock rings – now we’re talking!

These little buzzing wonders are simply incredible for both partners during rough sex. The vibrations not only increase his pleasure but they transmit lustful vibrations to her clitoris and G-spot as he thrusts. After trying one of these little bionic bullets you’ll find them hard to live without!

Butt Play

To really turn up the kink, you can’t go wrong with a little butt play. Anal adventure is the perfect way to take rough sex to the next level and butt plugs are the way to go.

Sadly, many guys who identify as straight are averse to any form of butt play. This is a shame as anal play can be one of the best ways to experiment with your naughty, playful nature. If you’re willing to open up a completely new world of pleasure, here are our tips jazzing up rough sex with a spot of butt play.

Hygiene tips: While it’s advisable to use an anal douche before any type of butt play, small anal toys like wands, butt plugs, and prostate massagers can be great for spur-of-the-moment rough sex sessions without having to worry about any messy surprises!

For him

Butt plugs can be great for men, helping to add a little spice to any rough sex session. Be sure to use plenty of water-based lube and go slowly at first. As a guy, you can try inserting the plug yourself while she spanks you, or you can ask her to take over and thrust it in and out. You’ll love it if she spanks your butt at the same time!

If you feel comfortable leaving the butt plug in during intercourse, you’ll be rewarded with one of the sweetest orgasms ever. You’ll feel your muscles constrict around the plug, making your climax far more powerful.

For an even more intense experience, you can try a vibrating butt plug or even a prostate massager. This type of anal toy is specially designed to hit your prostate and can lead to a beautiful, hands-free orgasm that will leave you trembling with pleasure.

For her

If you’re open to anal play, butt plugs can feel fantastic. Whether you insert it yourself or let him take over, you’ll love the intense stimulation a good butt plug offers, especially if you use a vibrating model!

Your man may love it if you use a butt plug on him, too! Discuss it with him beforehand to find out if he’s open to it.

Try telling him to kneel on all fours and insert it as you spank his butt. Use plenty of lube and be careful of the plug drying out during use.

Tip: If you’re unsure about butt play, you may like to try some special desensitizing anal lube. This can help you ease into using anal toys, helping you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Oversized thrusting

Once you are comfortable with deep, thrusting penis-in-vagina penetration and getting buzzy with toys, the next logical step is to try experimenting with oversized thrusting. This is when you use oversized sex toys to enjoy that exciting ‘fully stuffed’ feeling. You can experiment with a wide range of dildos, vibrators, and even large butt plugs to make the most of your rough sex sessions.

Warning: If you’re interested in oversized thrusting, bear in mind that the gentlest, safest toys are those made from silicone and TPR as they have the least chance of causing painful friction.

Water-based lube is a must as it won’t damage the toys’ material but remember that it can dry out easily. Continually apply more lube throughout your rough sex session to minimize the chances of having a painful encounter.

Here are our tips for some oversized thrusting fun.

For him:

If your lover is open to trying large-sized sex toys, try experimenting with positions that let her spread her legs wide and stay fully relaxed.

Begin with shallow penetration and slow thrusts combined with other types of rough play such as hand restriction or spanking. Gradually increase your depth and tempo as she inches closer and closer to climax.

For her:

While the average penis has a girth of 4.59 inches, there are many dildos and vibrators on the market that will stretch your vagina much wider and deliver overwhelming physical pleasure. Rough sex is a great opportunity to experiment with oversized sex toys and enjoy intensive clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

A good way to introduce larger sex toys is to roughly strip your partner and tie him up. Give him a striptease and drive him wild as you show him exactly how you like using the sex toy. If you feel comfortable, offer to untie him only if he promises to do exactly as you like!


Want to know what’s rougher than pinning your partner to the bed and having your way with them? Trying adding a blindfold to the mix and prepare to start seeing sparks really fly. You see, when it comes to getting the most out of rough sex, blindfolds may just be the sexiest thing you can do.

Why? Well, shutting down one sense has the psychological effect of magnifying the others. Once blindfolded, your lover will be attentive to every syllable of your dirty talk.

They’ll feel every spine-tingling scratch, spank and smack with much more intensity. Even a simple kiss, stroke or nibble will feel electric when they can’t see it coming!

Blindfolds get to the heart of what makes rough sex great: trust, intimacy, fear, and surprise. It takes high levels of trust to allow your partner to blindfold you. This gives you a taste of danger while helping increase levels of intimacy. With each new action coming as a surprise, your anticipation levels will send your arousal levels skyrocketing.

If you don’t have a blindfold, there are plenty of ways to improvise. Neckties, scarves, and even soft belts can double up as effective blindfolds. If anything, improvising with common household items like curtain drapes only adds to the excitement, making the rough sex seem more spontaneous.


Spanking your partner during rough sex is kinky – but not so kinky that you couldn’t tell your friends. While floggers aren’t exactly the gateway to hard-core BDSM action, they aren’t standard fare in every couple’s dresser drawer either!

So, if you’re looking to sex up your rough sex sessions without getting too crazy, a flogger could be just what you need. Floggers look like tasseled whips and are a kinky alternative to hand spanking and paddles. They may look like vicious ‘cat o’ nine tails’ whips from Pirates of the Caribbean but their bark is fiercer than their bite.

A beginner’s flogger is made from lightweight faux leather that doesn’t sting much more than hand spanking. Of course, real leather floggers that pack a meaner punch are available but you don’t need to trouble yourself with them if you’re just starting out!

Tips for getting started with a beginner’s flogger

Faux leather beginner’s floggers are great for experimenting with lashing and sensory play. Start out slowly by running the floggers’ tails across your partner’s body, stroking their nipples and erogenous zones and creating pulses of delight.

When you’re ready to start lashing your lover, try spinning the flogger in a circular motion. Slowly move towards your partner until just the tips make contact with their skin. This light flicking will send them wild with pleasure without causing too much discomfort.

When you and your partner feel comfortable enough to experiment with more direct, purposeful lashing, try to keep the strokes tempting without seeming harsh. One popular technique is to deliver a couple of light strokes and then one heavier lash, before repeating this cycle.

Ball Gags

You’re comfortable with rough sex and want to take the roughness to a whole new level? If you’re looking to go really hard and heavy, try a ball gag. This type of gag – with leather straps, a buckle, and latex – may look a little intimidating, but we’ll show you a few tips and tricks that will make gagging your lover safe and sexy!

Beginner’s ball gags

When you’re just starting out, you’ll want to choose a hollow ball gag. Unlike standard solid latex ball gags, hollow ball gags have plenty of breathing holes so that you don’t accidentally restrict your partner’s airway.

Most gags come with a strap and buckle that you can adjust around your partners’ head. Always leave a finger’s space between the straps and your partner’s head to avoid pulling the gag too tightly.

Safety tips: As with any form of choking or handling your lover’s neck, approach ball gags with extreme care. It’s wise to set a safe gesture as well as a safe word so that your partner can signal for you to stop if things get too rough.

Bondage Rope

Rope not only makes rough sex unbeatably hot, but it also looks incredibly kinky too, especially if you hone your knotting skills. Rope offers a wide range of possibilities; the only limit is your imagination. With a little practice, you can tie your partner’s hands together, tie them to the bed, to the door, or anywhere else that takes your fancy.

Safety tips: Rope is one of the riskier rough sex activities in this guide. Always leave at least a finger’s space between the rope and your lovers’ wrists or ankles to avoid cutting off their blood supply. Never wrap or tie a rope around your lover’s neck.

Tips for getting started with bondage rope

If you want to experiment with bondage rope, we recommend that you tie a bow (as if tying a shoelace) as opposed to a knot. This lets you release the rope quickly if anything goes wrong. Always tie your partner’s hands in front of their body.

No bondage rope? No problem! You can explore the use of scarves, lightweight belts, and other common household objects to restrain your lover.

Just make sure to test them first. There may be abrasive materials or rough surfaces that can cause friction burns.

Bondage Kits

To wrap things up, we thought we’d delve into a selection of the hottest ‘bondage kits’ on the market. These kits combine everything you need for a mind-blowing rough sex session all in one convenient package. Bondage kits are the perfect way to make your rough sex plans sizzle, so here is our guide to three of the best options on the market today.

1. Beginner’s fabric bondage kit

Take charge in the bedroom with a beginner’s bondage kit made from soft, non-intimidating fabric. Most kits feature a pair of wrist cuffs, a pair of ankle cuffs and a blindfold, giving you a wide range of kinky options.

Fabric cuffs let you dominate your lover without hurting them or causing injury and are a much safer alternative to bondage rope. You can use the cuffs during foreplay to tie your lover’s wrists together, or you can use the wrist and ankle cuffs to immobilize them on a bed.

Fabric cuffs are super easy to use and set up, making them perfect for a spontaneous rough sex session. The Velcro gives the cuffs some movement so you don’t need to worry about cutting off your partner’s blood supply.

2. Sex harness kit

Sex harness kits feature a soft, padded neck harness linked to two wrist cuffs and two leg cuffs. With your lover lying face down, you can use this amazing restraint to tie their hands and ankles in a range of intense positions. Not only will your lovers’ arms and legs stay in place for as long as you choose, but you can also experiment with a wide range of sexual positions and push each other to your limits!

3. Couples bondage kits

There are plenty of couples bondage kits on the market that are perfect for rough sex. These kits commonly feature fabric wrist cuffs, a blindfold, a flogger, a cock ring and a butt plug, all in one handy package. Bondage kits are perfect for beginners who want to try rough sex as they let you explore a wide range of fantasies and plenty of thrills along the way.


A world of pleasure, pain, and excitement awaits… so why not discuss rough sex with your lover and get started today? Our guide promises you the adventure of your life and some of the best orgasms you’ve ever experienced. Whether you want to experiment with deep thrusting, role play or just a little light bondage, you and your partner are sure to be delighted.