How To Make Love To A Woman

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Learning how to enjoy better, longer lovemaking sessions requires practice, patience and thoughtfulness – but the results make it all worthwhile.

With the right preparation, lovemaking can cause your body to release a flood of powerful hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins, accompanied by blissful orgasms that will help you and your partner feel more connected.

Seeing and feeling your partner’s pleasure while making love is one of the ultimate satisfactions in life.

Ask yourself, why are you not learning this stuff? Making love like a pro is undoubtedly one of the most important skills to have as a man.


In this extensive article, we’ll explain everything you need to know to make love to a woman the right way.

If you are in the early stages of a relationship, we’ll help make your encounters spectacular.

If you are in a long-term relationship, we’ll teach you how to revitalize your experiences and rediscover the fun that only pleasurable lovemaking can bring.


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If you’re expecting descriptions of sex positions, you may be disappointed. We have plenty of that type of content elsewhere on our site. In this article, we’ll be focusing on little-known things that will add a lot to your relationship as well as your lovemaking.

Does that sound fair?

If you want to know exactly how to improve your lovemaking, read on below…

1. What is Making Love?

This may sound like a trick question but seriously, what’s the difference between sex and lovemaking?

Have you ever told someone you want to make love to them?

If you have, you’ll know that it seems calmer and more positive than simply saying you want to have sex.

It usually receives a warmer, more positive response, too!

While sex can seem mischievous and carnal, lovemaking is more about intimacy and the emotion of the experience.

As a general rule, most girls can’t help but say that they like making love. Lengthy, passionate foreplay and sensual touching are the order of the day for most women.

On the other hand, guys are more likely to say they like sex, with an obvious focus on the carnal satisfaction and sensual desires that only intercourse can bring.

But how much of a difference is there between sex and lovemaking?

If you’re deeply attracted to someone and have been in the relationship for at least a few months, you’re probably making love every time you jump into bed, no matter how wild and raunchy things become.

Passionate sex between you and the woman you’re in love with will almost always constitute making love, even if the sex itself is steamy, unbridled and physical.

While sex is purely about physical pleasure, making love is about the connection you feel with your partner. The better you and your girl know each other, the better plain sex will become.

While sex might feel like making love, the emotional difference is huge. Love making involves the feeling of love, and is far more relaxed and slower paced than simple sex.

As much as this guide may help you understand lovemaking, the simple emotion of love has to be present. It’s a necessary prerequisite – if it’s missing, you’re just having sex.

Making love is like inviting another partner – love – into bed with you. It can’t be imagined, invented or manufactured.

Love is the key emotion that intensifies the pleasure of sex and transforms it into lovemaking.

If you and your woman love each other, your physical performance doesn’t matter. Long and pleasurable foreplay and sex will be beautiful, no matter what you do or don’t do.

Love makes you more aware of your woman’s needs and more in tune with her emotions.

The truth is that when love is in the air, awkwardness disappears and the sex is just perfect, no matter what happens between the sheets, or on top of them!

However, with that said, why not learn some simple steps that can drastically improve your connection together and pleasure response so you have more fun while you’re doing it.

2. How to Inject Romance Into Your Relationship

When most men think about romantic sex or lovemaking, they focus on the physical act itself; playing romantic music, keeping the lights dim, and possibly laying flowers on the bed. You know the drill.

But if there’s one thing we’d like you to take away from this guide it’s this: you can’t just make the physical side of things romantic and call sex ‘lovemaking’.

In all honesty, foreplay begins long before you and your woman make it to the bedroom. Enjoying passionate lovemaking requires injecting an element of romance into your relationship.

When you spend time with your woman, the mood needs to have a quality of magnificence. This takes time and plenty of effort to achieve. It can’t be rushed and it can’t simply be a one-time thing when the mood takes you.

Here are five simple ideas for injecting some romance into your relationship.

  • Wisk your partner away for a romantic vacation to reinvigorate your relationship and introduce an element of excitement into your lives.
  • Surprise your woman with small, romantic gifts from time to time, such as flowers or something you know she’ll appreciate.
  • Watch a romantic movie together. This is sure to make you both feel more loved up and romantic.
  • Showing your woman you love her doesn’t have to cost money. You could send sweet messages to her during the day to let her know how much she means to you.
  • A passionate gesture such as giving her a massage or cooking her dinner is sure to help sparks fly.

The bottom line is this: you know your woman better than anyone. Find a way to surprise her and increase the depth of feelings that you have for each other.

Whether you take her for a candlelight dinner or simply cook for her yourself, a thoughtful, sweet gesture will help build the romance in your relationships and set the scene for great lovemaking.

Check out this video to get more tips on how to be more romantic –


3. The Art of Pampering a Woman

Pampering is an incredibly important, but often overlooked, part of lovemaking. Yes, many of the romantic ideas mentioned above will include an element of pampering but it’s not just about spending money.

Pampering a woman means making her feel loved, appreciated and special. It takes time and consistency to see results.

For starters, tell your woman how beautiful she is in every way. Open up and be honest about what makes her special. Let her know why you love her and express yourself in every way you can.

Besides obvious options such as decadent dinners or extravagant date nights, you can pamper your girl by giving her a hot oil massage, or treating her to things you know she loves.

Pampering will help your women feel relaxed and more attuned to her emotions. Helping your woman unwind is the key to successful lovemaking and its importance can’t be overstated.

Think of pampering as laying the groundwork for lovemaking. It’s the foundations on which passionate lovemaking can be based on.

4. The Importance of Touch

Your woman must feel comfortable with your touch if she’s going to make love with you. You must master the art of touching if you expect your woman to feel the earth move when you make love.

Making love to women requires more than just words – you need to touch her appropriately and at the right times to form a powerful connection with her.

Touching is important because it releases oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the ‘love hormone’. Woman craved to be touched, and you can introduce ‘conversational touching’ by simply touching her arm, hand or elbow to emphasize a point while you talk.

This type of touching is especially important in the early stages of a relationship but is often overlooked or ignored by partners who are more familiar with each other. Focusing on touching can help rekindle lost excitement in a long-term relationship.

A woman wants to be turned on and feel comfortable in the presence of a dominant partner. Women aren’t delicate little flowers and won’t respond to weak, soft touches.

Softer, gentler touches will come later on when you are caressing her in the bedroom. To initiate lovemaking, a stronger more assertive touch is the best way to express your dominance to a woman.

Don’t be afraid to move her to get her attention. Be dominant without being domineering. Be powerful without overpowering her.

As you lean in to propose making love, you can touch your woman’s waist, a more sensual area that is likely to arouse her. Putting your hand in the small of her back as you lead her will have a powerful effect on the success of the lovemaking that follows.

5. Learn to Take Lovemaking Seriously

Many couples are in the throes of love and yet find passionate lovemaking elusive. Why?

One issue can be that the man isn’t taking lovemaking seriously.

Silly jokes and light-hearted comments can be helpful in diffusing tension. But they also take away from the seriousness of your emotions for your woman.

Using a more serious tone can help to set a far more intimate tone. Your woman will be able to feel the difference in your attitude and will understand the depths of your sincerity towards her.

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Being serious about improving your bedroom skill can translate into some seriously great lovemaking, so set the jokes and half-cracks aside and be serious about your emotional state.

6. The Value of Meditation

It’s natural for sex to become routine in any long-term relationship. The spontaneity, excitement, and impulsiveness that accompany sex in the early stages of a relationship are important stimuli.

Once they go, passionate lovemaking can prove elusive.

That’s why mediation is a great way to improve lovemaking. It helps you stop worrying about external stimulus and can help you train yourself to enjoy the moment for itself.

Besides improving engagement and reducing stress, meditation can also help you appreciate the small aspects of lovemaking such as smells, tastes, and touches that usually go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Ask your woman to mediate with you for around ten minutes every evening. This will allow her to enter a more emotional frame of mind, to relax and unwind.

Meditation, if practiced regularly, will help a woman to orgasm and even achieve a female ejaculation, something we’ll explain in more detail in a later section of this guide.

So, how do you introduce meditation into your relationship? After all, it can seem like an odd concept to couples that aren’t used to it.

While many people think of meditation as a lengthy, time-consume hobby, research shows that as little as five minutes per day can have a positive impact on your mental health and physical wellbeing.

There is a wide range of top-rated books and apps that offer simple five-minute meditation exercises for a wide range of reasons. Whether you want to de-stress, sleep better or improve your sense of mental wellbeing, meditation can help.

Try suggesting to your women to join you in trying a simple exercise. Choose one that will help her unwind and let go of her stresses and worries.

You shouldn’t just spring the idea on your partner as a prelude to sex. Instead, spend a couple of weeks trying one exercise per day.

If practiced regularly, meditation can yield worthwhile results that will help improve lovemaking.

With the right frame of mind, lovemaking can be sensational. You’ll have a far closer connection with your inner feelings and desires.

7. Exploring Taoist Breathing Techniques

Before moving on to more practical matters, we highly recommend experimenting with Taoist sexual breathing techniques.

All meditation exercises contain specific breathing techniques but Taoist techniques deserve a special mention as they relate directly to lovemaking.

Taoists use breathing techniques to help circulate what they refer to as ‘sexual energy’ around the body. These techniques are believed to help enhance sexual pleasure and enjoyment.

Mastering Taoist breathing techniques can seriously help you on your quest to make passionate love to your girl.

According to Taoist teachings, men and women should approach lovemaking with a greater awareness of their sexual energy. This approach will transform their experiences of lovemaking and improve their chances of experiencing an orgasm.

You may already be familiar with yoga and know how to use breathing to help with sports. Taoists believe that breathing has a profound impact on one’s body and on both your mental and physical health.

One simple Taoist technique you can try with your woman is called the ‘belly breath’. This breathing technique will help you and your woman to open up and connect with your personal sexual essence and the energy that you both hold within your bodies.

Place your hand on your lower belly and slowly breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Taoist teachings indicate that the gentle pressure from your hand will help both men and women to connect with their bodies. They believe that the lower area of your torso, the ‘pelvic bowl’, is a critical area for the sexual wellbeing of both men and women.

This technique is believed to greatly increase the chances of both partners achieving a powerful orgasm during lovemaking.

There are many top-rated apps and books on Taoism that offer step-by-step guidance on a variety of techniques. Try them out – you won’t be disappointed!

8. Understanding the Differences Between Male and Female Orgasms

An important aspect of successful lovemaking is understanding the differences between how men and women experience orgasms.

The male orgasm often leaves men feeling tired, detached and sleepy and is traditionally viewed as the culmination of lovemaking. While men can orgasm at least two or three times per night, many choose not to or find themselves overcome by a sensation of sleepiness post-ejaculation.

With practice, women can also experience multiple orgasms but it’s important to understand that these are profoundly different from the feelings that men experience.

A woman’s orgasms won’t leave her feeling sleepy or despondent and actually heighten her sense of awareness.

Understanding these differences between male and female orgasms is crucial to enjoying long, leisurely lovemaking sessions.

9. Learning to Control Your Male Sexual Energy

Taoists believe that a man’s semen is part of his ‘life force’ and that ejaculating unnecessarily is like discarding it thoughtlessly.

While it’s not necessary to believe this, you can appreciate the wisdom of this statement. Ejaculation leaves most men feeling satisfied but a little drained and possibly sleepy. This is the sensation that Taoist teachings are believed to have been referring to.

Taoists believe that sexual energy must be controlled. They also advocate that men learn to control their sexual energy and delay ejaculation.


As a man, your strength and mental capacity are closely connected to your sexual energy.

A number of Taoist techniques known as ‘blocking techniques’ are believed to have originated in China over five millennia ago. They were designed to prevent the loss of sperm during intercourse.

Blocking techniques call for men to withdraw from their partners during lovemaking and physically prevent sperm from leaving their bodies.

We’ll briefly outline the ‘Three-Fingers Method’ here to illustrate.

While making love, pull out from your lover’s vagina a few moments before you ejaculate. Use the index, middle and ring finger of your dominant hand to apply pressure between your testicles and anus.

Taoists believe that sufficient pressure will prevent the loss of sperm and, with practice, can result in and ejaculation-less orgasm for men.

According to Taoist teachings, if a man doesn’t ejaculate during a lovemaking session, his sexual energy remains polarized and the whole experience of lovemaking is transformed.

You can remain clear-headed, alert and responsive to your woman’s needs and desires.

With practice, you can achieve multiple ejaculation-less orgasms during a session of lovemaking. This will leave your feeling fulfilled without feeling drained.

With Taoist techniques, you can make lovemaking more about the expression of love than about climaxing.

This leaves other opportunities open and can increase the chances of your woman experiencing one, or multiple, orgasms during lovemaking.

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10. Using Lighting to Set the Mood

As we just discussed female orgasms and ejaculation, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a discussion of foreplay would be the next step. Before we explore this area, there are a few more aspects of lovemaking to consider.

Firstly, research shows that most women respond well to sultry, dim lighting. Making sure the lighting is dim can be a real turn on and can help to set the mood for lovemaking.

Use your imagination. Light some candles in your living room or bedroom to foster the right kind of atmosphere. It can be as simple as lighting a candle by your bed, or as complex as transforming your living room into an intense vista of candlelight.

11. The Hidden Benefits of Aromatherapy for Romance

The use of essential oils to prepare for lovemaking dates back to ancient Egypt. Cleopatra reportedly used rose water to seduce Mark Antony, for example. Aromatherapy was a key part of the ritual of lovemaking throughout ancient Rome. Today, the aromatherapy industry is a multi-billion dollar market covering everything from massage oils to scented candles.

The little-known science behind aromatherapy has many practical applications for lovemaking. In a 1994 study, neurologist Alan Hirsch measured the effects of over 30 different scents on the arousal levels of 31 male volunteers.

Hirsch’s team of researchers discovered a 40 percent increase in the penile blood flow of males exposed to a scent of pumpkin pie and lavender. Surprisingly, separate trials found that this combination also ranked highly with female test subjects.

There are a number of ways that you can make aromatherapy part of your lovemaking.

  • Aromatherapy candles can help you set the lighting and increase levels of sexual arousal.
  • You can add a few drops of scented oils to cushions or pillows, or in a bathtub, prior to taking a long soak.
  • Sprays or scents can be used to create soothing aromas in any room.
  • Infused massage oils are a great way to pamper your woman by giving her a back rub or foot massage while introducing the powerful effects of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is a scientifically-proven way to increase sexual arousal in both men and women and can help enhance sensual lovemaking sessions.

12. Using Foods to Enhance Your Lovemaking

Before you start wondering, no, we’re not talking about kinks involving food! Passionate lovemaking is supposed to be messy! Food can act as a great way of moving from sensual, comfortable activities into foreplay.

Many foods such as champagne and strawberries have natural aphrodisiac properties. So, if you’re looking for ways to get your woman turned on, we suggest exploring foods.

You see, foreplay doesn’t begin in the bedroom. Food is the magic ingredient that can combine all of the ideas we’ve discussed so far: feelings, emotions, scents, memories, romance, comfort and pampering.

Don’t believe us?

Try these foods for yourself and watch the sparks fly!


Surprise your woman by making a home-cooked meal of spaghetti or a pasta dish. Most of us have pleasant childhood memories involving pasta or spaghetti, usually with tomato sauce. The ultimate comfort food, cooking spaghetti in tomato sauce will flood your home with delightful aromas of tomatoes, butter, garlic and herbs.

This helps to create the perfect atmosphere of smells and aromas that make post-meal lovemaking virtually a done deal.

If you want to make dinner sexy, try a ‘Lady and the Tramp’-style spaghetti kiss and enjoy getting messy – that’s what sex is all about!

You may have heard of Nyotaimori, the art of eating sushi directly from someone else’s body. But why limit this to sushi?

Go right ahead with spaghetti and sauces – go in for the kiss – bib or not – and enjoy licking the sauce off your partner’s mouth.


If spaghetti is not your thing, sure, try sushi and explore Nyotaimori the traditional way. Bamboo leaves are typically used as a barrier, but eating sushi directly from your woman’s skin is fine provided she washes first.

You can even try a milder version of this tradition. For example, treat your girl to romantic sushi dinner and incorporate elements of Nyotaimori by licking a drop of soy sauce from her fingers or the back of her hand. She’ll love it!


Feeding grapes to your woman Cleopatra-style is bound to make her feel worthy of being worshiped. You can take a bunch of frozen grapes to the bedroom to spice up foreplay by running them over your partner’s nipples or erogenous zones.

Whipped Cream

Whipped cream’s fluffy-yet-tacky consistency makes it perfect for putting on erogenous zones. If you haven’t seen the Varsity Blues whipped cream bikini scene, it’s worth watching for inspiration!

Ice Lollies

Lollypops or ice lollies are great for demonstrating your tongue skills in an erotic way. As lollies are mostly frozen water and sugar, they are also great for introducing into foreplay.


Cherries are great for classic innuendo – challenge your woman to see who can tie the stem into a knot using just their tongue. You can also bring cherries to the bedroom to use during foreplay, either by running them over your partner’s body or squeezing them over her erogenous zones and licking off the juice.

Whichever foods you choose, you’ll find that they make a great excuse to move things to the bedroom. You’ll find that the bedroom is just a hop, skip and a jump away when passion strikes!

13. Learn Which Songs Your Woman Really Wants to Listen to During Sex

Songs can have a major impact on our overall mood. You can use music to build the mood for lovemaking, but you have to be careful.

Throwing on some slow jazz or some slow and sexy mood music is usually a safe bet, but when you’re trying to make love, there’s no accounting for taste!

The trouble with picking the right songs is that R. Kelly and Trey Songz have different styles but different people can find their songs equally sexy!

There are plenty of sexy songs out there, but are those the songs your woman really wants to listen to while she’s making love?

She may not have a curated sex playlist, but you should have an idea of the songs that she finds sexy and steamy. This will greatly help your bedroom vibes and should lead to some passionate lovemaking.

It may be that your girl’s bedroom jam hasn’t changed since she lost her virginity. If 1990’s or earlier tracks are your girl’s go-to jam, why not? Just go with it!

Take some time to find out what rocks your women’s world and you’ll be well on your way to steamy lovemaking sessions.

Discuss musical tastes with your woman and try to open up about sexual experiences and expectations. It will show your woman that you’re interested in her and committed to the relationship.

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some outstanding choices for a wild night of earth-shattering passion:

If you want to channel your inner ‘Magic-Mike’ and give your girl a show, why not try “Fuck You All The Time” by Jeremih? Stripping is optional but can be a really sexy way of injecting some passion and excitement into your relationship.

14. Make Foreplay Emotional

So far we’ve discussed the differences between the way that men and women experience orgasms. We also suggested plenty of routes into the bedroom via food, music, massage and the power of touch.

While your standard foreplay may be intense and physical, you’ll need to heighten the emotional side of things if you really want your woman to relax completely.

We suggest making foreplay all about your woman and keep things verbal as much as physical.

What does this mean?

Talk to your woman about her needs and desires. What turns on her on? What does she like? As you enter into foreplay, keep the emotional aspect of everything you do at the forefront of your mind.

15. Five Foreplay Techniques That Will Leave Your Woman Aching For More

As we’ve already alluded to, foreplay has little to do with kissing and touching.

Foreplay is really about encouraging your woman’s sensual responses and arousing her.

As we’ve already discussed, successful foreplay begins long before you make it to the bedroom.

It starts when you make romance a dominant feature of your relationship. Creating that loved up feeling through romantic dates or gestures is far more important than any specific moves or techniques you use in the bedroom.

If love, excitement and passion are in your relationship, foreplay will flow naturally, regardless of what you do or don’t do when the lights are dimmed.

So, when does foreplay begin?

Foreplay begins with romantic gestures such as dinners, trips, gifts or massages. Foreplay begins when you show your woman the depth of your feelings for her.

While kissing, touching and licking all have their place, romantic gestures will do as much, if not more, in terms of getting your woman excited and in the mood for lovemaking, while helping her become aroused.

However, as soon as one thing leads to another and you make upstairs, there are physical ‘mechanics’ that will leave your woman breathless.

Here are five little-known foreplay techniques that are guaranteed to leave your woman breathless and aching for more.

#1. Give your woman an ‘ear-gasm’

Most people’s ears and earlobes are extremely sensitive, yet these body parts are often overlooked during foreplay. Try slowly and passionately kissing your woman’s ears. Nibble on her earlobes or gently blow on the backs of her ears, while whispering sexy things.

According to Xanet Pailet, author of Living an Orgasmic Life, some women can have ‘ear-gasms’ this way and you’re sure to get your woman’s attention by lavishing attention on her ears.

Whispering sweet nothings while licking your woman’s earlobes will set you up for amazing lovemaking like nothing else. Try it and see!

#2. Massage and stimulate your woman’s scalp

As we noted earlier, having a strong, leading touch is extremely important for sensual lovemaking. An excellent way to incorporate this during foreplay is to massage and stimulate your woman’s scalp.

Try telling your woman how sexy and beautiful she is while running your hands through her hair. The sensations will drive her wild and you can lightly pull her hair at the base of her neck for added stimulation.

Everyone loves a head massage and the scalp is packed full of nerve endings that will help relax your woman and throw her into a state of ecstasy.

Lightly grabbing her hair also lets you guide and control your woman into a sitting position on a bed or wherever you decide to have sex.

Slowly removing her top and bra in this position will help her relax and feel comfortable with you.

#3. Stroke, kiss and nibble the sides of her abdomen

Most men are fairly well attuned to their women’s most powerful erogenous zones such as their nipples and breasts. Gently flicking them, stroking them or nibbling them comes as second nature to most guys!

However, according to clinical sexologist Rachael Ross, MD, Ph.D., the sides of a woman’s abdomen has a powerful nerve that helps increase sexual arousal when stimulated.

Running from the rib cage to the hip, this nerve connects directly to the clitoris and causes the pelvic-floor muscles to contract when stimulated.

Stroke, kiss and gently nibble the side of your woman’s body to turn her on and have her begging for more.

Most men find this easiest to do while their woman is in a sitting position. You can kneel down and easily fondle this powerful nerve, helping to turn your woman on.

Start by kissing and nibbling your woman’s breasts and nipples before working your way down the side of her rib cage. Kiss and nibble in a straight line down the side of your woman’s body to stimulate the nerve.

If your girl finds this ticklish, try upping the pressure and making small love bites. This will increase the stimulation and most women will find this a huge turn on.

#4. Kiss and nibble the top of her inner thigh

With your woman in a seated position, kneel down between her legs and slowly remove her clothing.

For most couples, sitting will be the most comfortable way to slip off a skirt or pair of trousers as it avoids the indignity of bending over to remove clothing in front of each other.

It also places you in the perfect position to reach one of the most powerful nerves in your woman’s entire body – the ilioinguinal nerve. According to the director of female sexual medicine at Stanford Medical Center, Dr. Leah Millheiser, this nerve is incredibly sensitive and responds well to firm kisses.

Start with a basic foot rub and then work your way up your woman’s calves with gentle kisses and nibbles.

Lick your finger and draw a line along your woman’s inner thigh from her knee to the top of her inner thigh. Follow this line of saliva with your lips and tongue, kissing and teasing until you reach the ilioinguinal nerve.

If you’re being too light, she may find this ticklish. Be firm and strong while you kiss and she’ll be in heaven.

With your head so close to her vagina, you’ll likely find that your woman starts to writhe and squirm with pleasure. Put it this way: if she isn’t grabbing your head and thrusting your mouth into her by this point, you aren’t doing it properly!

#5. Hit her clit while mixing things up

We suggest going down on your girl while she’s sitting upright. This is by far the most comfortable position for both guys and girls. It puts the woman firmly in control and makes stimulating her clitoris easy for most guys.

Stay kneeling and keep your woman’s legs parted. Use your index fingers to part her lips (her labia majora and minora, if you want the correct terms). Don’t tiptoe around; go in and find her clitoris.

Pamper her clit with licks and kisses while asking her if she likes it. This is a really great way to move into dirty talk!

A highly effective technique is to keep her labia minor parted and use your thumbs to move her prepuce (the skin that covers the clitoris) upwards. This exposes her clit and makes it far easier to stimulate.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Run your fingers down her thighs, grab her hips, massage her breast but remain focused on her clitoris.

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Which leads us to our next point.

16. Help Your Woman Achieve a Mind-Blowing Squirting Orgasm

female squirting orgasm face

While women’s ability to achieve multiple orgasms is well known, less is known about the fact that women can achieve a female ejaculation.

Yes, women can ejaculate – it’s called a squirting orgasm and every woman can and should be able to experience one.

All women have the ability to squirt – a release of fluid from the Skene’s gland – during sex. Women who often complain that they need to pee during sex may be on the verge of achieving a squirting orgasm without realizing it.

The Skene’s gland is the equivalent of the male prostate, although it doesn’t function as a prostate. This gland is responsible for secreting a female’s ejaculation fluid.

Learning where you’re woman’s Skene’s glands are and how to stimulate them can add another dimension of pleasure to your foreplay.

You’ll find your partner’s two Skene’s gland ducts on her urethral opening. They are part of the G-spot located between one and two inches inside the vagina and form part of the urethral sponge. This is sometimes referred to as the U-spot and is sexually very pleasurable for girls.

During sexual activity, the Skene’s gland fills up with blood and start to create and secrete PSA fluid, the equivalent of male semen. Stimulating this spot will be really nice for your woman and will be a big surprise the first time you do it.

You can introduce G-spot and U-spot stimulation during foreplay using your tongue or fingers to apply pressure. We recommend keeping your attention focused on her clit while addressing the U-spot. This will create a highly pleasurable sensation for most women and is sure to lead to great lovemaking.

Learning how to make a girl squirt can be challenging as well as confusing for many men. That’s why we created our course Squirting Triggers.

Inside you’ll see the exact methods and techniques proven to make girls squirt, step-by-step – all in HD videos available for you to watch anytime.

If you get it now, you can practice these techniques that we practically guarantee she’s never seen before, and probably make her squirt as well (be sure to follow the instructions on screen exactly).

17. Make Sex More About Her Feelings Than Yours

As you move from foreplay to intercourse, try to make the sex more about your women’s feelings than yours.

Women crave emotional comfort and support so a face-to-face position such as missionary position should be just the ticket.

Encourage your woman to relax and lie back while you put on a condom and penetrate her.

The secret to powerful lovemaking is to make the intercourse more about her feelings than yours. She’ll love being face-to-face with you and will relish the closeness far more than the power or angle of your thrusts as you enter her.

As a guy, you’ll likely find it easy to climax after a while, but women generally need more time. You can use the Taoist breathing techniques that we outlined earlier to give your woman more time to climax.

Focus on her pleasure by maintaining eye contact and talking to her during lovemaking. If you finish before she does, consider trying the Taoist ‘blocking’ technique to enjoy an orgasm without ejaculating. This way, you can enjoy multiple climaxes while remaining focused on leaving your woman satisfied.

For lovemaking, we don’t recommend changing position or trying anything fancy. Letting your woman know that you love her and care for her are what’s important, above all else.

18. Open Up to Her During, and After Sex

Many guys can find it challenging to open up about their feelings, particularly during sex. But this can make a huge difference to a woman. Saying something simple such as telling her how much you love her can make the world of difference.

Make sure you take the time to cuddle afterward.

Rolling over and going to sleep is a huge no-no for men, as we’ve alluded to previously.

Women need to feel loved and secure throughout lovemaking, especially afterward.

Spend time cuddling with her and making her feel special when the sex ends. This makes her feel appreciated for more than just her body.

Post-coitus is a great time to ask your woman how she feels and let her know how you feel about her.

If, despite your best efforts, your girl didn’t climax during lovemaking, don’t give up! Suggest giving her oral sex and seeing whether more time is what she needs.

A combination of going down on her and massaging her can be sensual and lead to a nice conclusion for both you and your girl.


Ultimately, the key ingredient of lovemaking is the emotion – love. Without it, you’re just having sex.

As a man, the more intimately you know your woman, you more you’ll be attuned to her needs, wants and desires.

Understanding that lovemaking is essentially an emotional act with physical expressions is at the heart of learning how to make love to a woman.

We suggest rethinking lovemaking as more than just a physical act. It takes time and dedication to master.

Every aspect of your relationship has a role to play when you make love to your woman. Take the time to listen to your woman, ask what matters to her and what she likes and doesn’t like.

This will all but guarantee successful lovemaking every time.

Now, if you have any questions or comments about lovemaking – feel free to leave it below and we’ll gladly get back to you as soon as we can.

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