Anal Sex Toys: Ultimate Guide to Using Them

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The possibilities of spicing up your sex life, whether you’re single, seeing someone, or married are endless. In this guide, we will go over the ins and outs of pleasuring your backdoor using anal sex toys.

Read on to see how to bring spine buzzing, toe-curling orgasms to your lovely derriere!

What Are Anal Sex Toys?

Anal sex toys are any toy that aims at pleasing those fine backdoor areas. They come in many shapes and sizes, materials, and each can send orgasmic waves of pleasure through your whole body. You don’t have to worry about them going in too far like with regular dildos, as toys for anal play have a flared end which stops that!

The Benefits of Anal Toys for Women

While using anal toys can be extremely pleasurable for both men and women, the experience does vary slightly between the sexes due to differences in anatomy and other factors. Taking that into consideration, here are some of the most significant benefits of using anal sex toys for women:

  • Pregnancy is almost impossible: To get pregnant, a woman needs a man’s sperm to travel up her vagina. Any form of anal play, including using anal toys, allows women to enjoy a form of sex without the risk of pregnancy, as long as sperm does not enter the vagina.
  • Mind sizzling orgasms: If you want to experience skin tingling orgasms, anal sex toys are your way to go. The anus is full of sensitive nerve endings, which feel amazing when stimulated the right way. A women’s rectum and vagina share the same living room, so to speak, with the back of the clitoris extending down to the anus.
  • Prepare yourself for anal sex: If the thought of trying anal sex for the first time scares you, anal sex toys can help you ease into it gently. You can use anal toys to train and prepare your sphincter muscles for anal sex, allowing for easier insertion.
  • A new way to play: Whether it’s for solo masturbation or sex with a partner, anal sex toys provide a new fun way to play and explore your sexuality!
  • Deepen the intimacy between your partner and you: Anal sex toys allow a deeper bond to be created between you and your partner. When engaging in anal play, you both must work together with care and effort to make it a pain-free and enjoyable experience. This helps build trust between you both.

The Benefits of Anal Toys For Men

Don’t worry, fellas; anal toys can provide great benefits for you as well. For example, did you know a man’s prostate gland is similar to a woman’s G-Spot? This gland, which looks like a walnut and is located in the anus near the base of the penis, can provide immense pleasure. Here are the top benefits of using anal toys for men:

  • Reduce the risk of prostate cancer: A study by Harvard shows that prostate massage increases blood flow to the prostate, lowering the risk of cancer by 22%.
  • Ease hemorrhoids and anal fissures: Using anal toys for prostate massage can reduce the pain and symptoms of anal fissures and hemorrhoids.
  • Powerful orgasms: Through prostate stimulation using anal sex toys, men can experience multiple orgasms, longer-lasting orgasms, and strong ejaculations.
  • Flush prostate fluid: If the fluid in the prostate builds up and becomes stagnant, it can cause swelling and eventually could even require surgery. A prostate orgasm flushes out this fluid, removing these risks.
  • Reduce stress and tension: During sex and orgasms, your body produces dopamine and endorphins that make you feel good and release tension.

Common Myths Regarding Anal Toys

There are numerous myths and stigmas attached to anal sex and using anal toys, which hold many people back from wanting to try them. However, most of these rumors and unfounded and misleading, so today we are going to tell you what’s true and what isn’t.

Anal Toys Are Painful

Myth! As long you lube your toy up well, you should not experience any pain besides some mild discomfort. As with any new sex toy exploration, go in SLOWLY, as being too rough could lead to an injury. Take it nice and slow!

Anal Sex Toys Only Feel Good For Guys

Not at all true! Whether you are male or female, your anus is full of blood vessels and sensitive nerve endings, which can provide pleasure when stimulated correctly and treated with the utmost care. This means ladies; you will enjoy it too!

Anal Toys Are Filthy, Yuck!

Well, yes, you will need to clean your toys, and while it is possible to get poop particles on your toy, there is actually a very slim chance that you will touch poop. This is because your small intestine holds most of the poop, and a finger or toy cannot reach that far. If you are still concerned, you can always use an enema (more on these to come), or just do your business before you play!

Your Pucker Hole Will Open Wide and Stay That Way!

Your behind is not like your vagina!  Therefore, no, you will not become “overstretched” in your backyard. Your rectal sphincter muscles are firmly toned, and because they are elastic, they will not become over-stretched. Make sure any anal toy you play with has a retrieval device such as a string to remove it because it can become stuck due to your muscles being so tight.

Most Straight Guys Will Say Hell No to Butthole Play

This may be partially true. Straight men may be hesitant at first. Make sure you have an open conversation about this subject with your honey. Don’t be afraid to show him a fabulous article on ass play with toys and the benefits it brings. It may help to open his mind and make him agree to play!

You Don’t Need a Condom

If you are playing alone, ladies or fellas, this may hold true. However, if you are using toys with a partner, you need to make sure you change condoms if you are going from anal toy play to vaginal toy play. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! This not only helps to prevent pregnancy and STDs but also bacterial infections and E-Coli.

Types Of Toys

Whether you are just opening the door to your backyard of hidden pleasures or walking through your anal garden of wonder, owning an anal toy is a must in the bedroom. No matter how experienced, tight, big, kinky, or whatever you are, there is an anal toy out there right for everyone!

Anal Beads

The name is pretty obvious as to what these kinky beads are and do. But if you want more specifics, we have you covered! Anal beads are a set of silicone or ABS plastic beads that are attached to a string or a silicone molded base.

They are smallest at the end you insert first and get progressively larger with each bead after. You start with the smallest bead and gradually work your way up. When choosing an anal bead toy, it is best to choose one with a retrieval string or a T shaped handle that you can grasp to avoid them getting lodged in your booty!

You can try vibrating anal beads as well, which adds a new dimension of pleasure to the experience!

Butt Plugs( Non-Vibrating, Vibrating, and Weighted)

Butt plugs are just like soul mates- there’s one for every butt! Here are three common types of butt plug:

  • Vibrating Butt Plugs: Vibrating butt plugs have a flared end, which acts as a handle for easy removal. Vibrating butt plugs are a great choice for those of you new to booty play! Vibrating butt plugs help to relax your super tight sphincter muscles as well as the G-Spot for women and P-Spot for men. You can also turn the vibrations off if they’re too intense for those of you just starting out with anal play.
  • Non-Vibrating Butt Plugs: These are shaped exactly like vibrating butt plugs, the only difference being that they do not vibrate. Non-vibrating butt plugs require manual operation, which gives you the freedom to go as slow and gentle as you need until you are ready to get more naughty with your derriere!
  • Weighted Butt-Plugs: These are shaped similarly to vibrating and non-vibrating butt plugs, but they include a set of weights inside! These torpedo molded bad boys add a little extra spice to anal play. The purpose of having weights in this booty toy is to give you a sense of feeling full.

Prostate-Specific Anal Toys

Guys, there are toys available that are specifically designed for P-spot stimulation, allowing you to have explosive orgasms, and they even help to prevent prostate cancer! The P-spot is located about an inch inside a man’s anus, on the front wall, and feels bulbous and spongy.

Lower down in this article; we list some of the best anal toys out there for prostate stimulation. When you are using a prostate massager and comfortable with the sensations, you will want to tilt the device upwards in the direction of the belly button to hit the P-spot. With time, patience, and a little effort, you will be able to experience some intense orgasms and pleasurable full-body stimulation.

Inflatable Butt Plugs

Inflatable butt plugs have a hand pump attached, which is used to inflate the plug once it has been inserted. When the plug is first inserted, it is quite small, but with each pump, it gets progressively bigger, making it great for anal training. Just remember to take it slow and ease yourself in gently to avoid hurting yourself or putting yourself off.

Inflatable butt plugs are a great toy to stretch all of your tight anal muscles, while also providing a degree of safety so that you can experiment with filling and expanding your booty hole!

Top Recommended Toys For Guys

Are you confused as to which type or brand of toy you should try? Worry not! Below I have listed 9 of the best anal toys available for guys:

Satisfyer Booty Call Silicone Plugs

Level of Experience: Beginner

You Will Love it Because: It’s made from medical-grade silicone, which is one of the best materials for sex toys. It is used manually, which means you can go nice and slow and really listen to your body and explore what brings pleasure to that booty.

Adam and Eve 3 Point Prostate Massager

Level Of Experience: Intermediate to Advanced

Why You Will Love It: This prostate massage toy will add more intensity through vibration, enabling deeper orgasms during your prostate play! Some doctors also recommend it because it is ergonomically designed for men. It also comes with ten different vibration settings, which means you are bound to find one that is perfect for you!

Doc Johnson OptiMALE P-Massager

Level Of Experience: Beginner to Intermediate

Why You’ll Love It: This toy is both easy to use and won’t break the bank! So if you are searching for thrills on a modest budget, this may be the toy for you!  It is lightweight, thin, and includes both internal and external notches that will produce maximum pleasure for your rear!

b-Vibe Snug Plugs

Level Of Experience: Beginner

If you’re new to anal stimulation and don’t want the intense vibrations that other toys provide, this is a great choice! Its gentle shape and ridges hit the prostate just right during playtime! It comes in five different sizes so you can choose a size that best fits your bum, and then when you are ready, you can upgrade to a larger size.

LELO Hugo Remote Controlled Prostate Massager

Experience Level: Beginner and Intermediate

This is the rock star of prostate toys! It has high tech features yet still effective and simple enough for beginners to explore their anal regions. This device is currently one of the world’s most powerful vibrating prostate massagers on the market. It is also remote-controlled, so you can add some spice by letting your partner control the device.

Best Anal Toys For Women

Don’t fret, ladies, we didn’t forget about your gorgeous booties! Check out these top-notch toys for women that will make your booty bounce with joy!

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Dildo

Level of Experience: Beginner or Intermediate

The Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Anal Dildo is a top-notch choice that many experts swear by! It is six inches long and designed especially for first time anal. It also has a textured shaft that brings pleasure without compromising on ease of use or experience.

If you want to try hands-free anal play, you will be happy to know that it includes a suction cup that can be stuck to any flat surface It also includes a flared base, so it does not get accidentally stuck where the sun doesn’t shine!

Love Honey’s Beginner Beads

Level Of Experience: Beginner

This set of anal beads starts out very small, so you can be extra careful when introducing your rear to anal play. You can also get some intense stimulation from the toy by pulling it all out just as you’re about to orgasm; trust me, you will love that way it feels!

Anal Explorer Kit By Adam and Eve

Level of Experience: Beginner to Advanced

This anal sex toy kit comes equipped with a bullet vibrating and a multi-speed vibrating anal probe.  The kit is amazing for anyone who wants to start exploring anal play or those who want to add a little more spice to their back door sessions. You can play around with each toy and see what works best for your butt!

Petite Sensation Bubbles By Babeland

This toy mimics the function of anal beads while adding an extra kick! It creates a popping sensation as you remove or insert it into your booty. This toy is also waterproof and has seven different vibration settings, with each individual bubble vibrating.

Best Anal Toys for Couples

Are you ready to take your relationship and sex life to the next level together? Great, because these anal toys are perfect for couples! You may find it pleasing to know that even if you struggle with vaginal orgasms, there’s a good chance you could still have an anal orgasm! Stay tuned as there is more to come on this subject later in the article. But first, let’s take a look at the best couple’s anal sex toys.

Aneros SGX Prostate Stimulator

Who it’s for: Beginner Couples

The Aneros SGX Prostate Stimulator provides immense pleasure for both parties! Its ribbed stem allows for stimulation of the perineum (the sensitive area between a guy’s anus and scrotum or a woman’s area between the anus and vulva).

This Aneros device can also target a guys P-Spot for mind-blowing pleasure. Since it is a bit on the smaller side compared to many other anal toys, it is a great addition to the bedroom for those just starting out.

Lovense Hush

Who it’s for: Beginner to Advanced Couples

This butt plug is small and slim, making it a less intimidating choice for couples who want to explore their backdoor pleasures together. This butt plug is charged easily by USB, which removes the hassle of using batteries.

What’s unique about this naughty little toy is that it includes 5,000 different options for vibration patterns, and couples can create loops on their phones, which are then sent to the toy. This creates the opportunity for some long-distance play, with one partner using the device while the other controls its vibrations remotely.

Lesige Vibrating Prostate Massager

Who it’s for: Beginner to advanced couples

If you want a vibrator capable of fully pleasing you both, you will love this option! This anal sex toy comes with two vibrating motors and ten different speed variations. Since it is shaped like an “L,” it makes it easy to insert.

The curvy side is excellent for giving your guys P-Spot some pleasurable tickling, while another side can also provide clitoral stimulation for women that use it!  Did we mention it’s as quiet as a sexy whisper? So if you like to listen to some music during a good session, this vibrator will not drown out the sound.

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Utimi Glass Anal Plug

Who it’s for: Intermediate couples

This seahorse looking toy is perfectly designed for couples. It’s a triple pleaser as it aims to hit P-spots, G-Spots, and your booties! The curves are made to stimulate those sensitive nerve endings inside the vaginal and anal walls!

As this toy is made of glass, it opens up the opportunity for some temperature play, such as putting this toy in the fridge before using it for an extra chilly surprise!  It is also easy to insert due to its smoothness and also very easy to clean.

Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit

Who’s it for: Advanced couples

If you and your partner are more experienced, strap ons can bring endless new options for anal toy play. This kit includes two dildos, a vibrator, as well as adjustable straps. It has everything you need to advance your backdoor booty game!

Choosing the Right Material For Anal Toys

Anal sex toys come in many different materials. But how do you figure out which is the best suited for maximum anal pleasure? In this section, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks so that picking is as easy as possible.

Cheap Soft Materials

Beware of cheaper toys, as they’re often made of PVC, rubber, latex, or jelly. While these materials can often feel real, flexible, and bendable, take heed as they may not be entirely safe for your body.

The chemical makeup of these toys are not well-suited for your body and could even cause painful chemical burns from the toxins that have been known to leak from these toys!

Cheap Materials Are Also Full Of Pores!

The materials used for cheap anal sex toys are often porous, which means they will likely harbor bacteria. Even with surgical scrubbing and extreme cleaning routines, the bacterial growth within these pores can cause sickness, rashes, and even MRSA or E-coli exposure. Nasty!

Silicone Toys – The Guardian Angel of Anal Sex Toys!

Soft, and able to contort to nearly any position, silicone is a top choice when it comes to materials for anal sex toys! Just be sure to look out for the term ‘medical-grade,’ which means the silicone has been tested and is safe to be used inside the body.

Here’s a quick rundown of why silicone is the most recommended material for sex toys:

  • Cleaner & Safer Than Most Toys: Silicone is one of the safest forms of rubber that you can insert into your booty, and it is also easy to clean! Silicone, when it is medical grade and made properly, has such microscopic pores that it is impossible for bacteria to seep into them.
  • It’s Hypoallergenic: Silicone sex toys are great for everyone, even those with allergies! This is because silicone does not contain harmful chemicals like phthalates that other materials such as latex or PVC may contain.
  • Almost As Real As Flesh: Silicone has a skin-like texture, which provides a realistic feel. Since it is just like human flesh, you can even experiment with temperature play. Add your silicone anal toy to a warm bath for a luxurious experience that will rock your booty!
  • Vibrations transmit exceptionally: This skin-like material can transmit powerful vibrations exceptionally well!  Need we say more?
  • Silicone Lasts a Long Time: You will, by far, get your money’s worth out of silicone. Silicone is the material of choice for many implants, such as those used for breast enlargement, which are designed to last more than ten years!

ABS Plastic Toys

ABS Plastic is popular with higher-end luxury sex toy brands.  This material is non-porous, which makes cleaning simple, and it also feels smooth as it slides into your back door. Keep in mind, though; it doesn’t transfer vibrations as well as silicone does so, it can be a little more intense. Some people like it, some people don’t.

Glass Toys

Glass dildos and other sex toys are sturdy, beautiful, and can be a great partner for temperature play.  Keep in mind that you need to be careful not to go too hot or too cold as it could damage the glass and cause it to break. No one wants to go to the ER with a glass sex toy injury! Yikes!

Metal Sex Toys

Just like glass toys, these are fairly simple to clean and can be used for temperature play, while also providing weight which can introduce you to a fuller feeling.

Lubing Up For Booty Time!

Always lube your toy and your bum before you play! Contrary to belief, your anal glands do not secrete enough lubrication even once you’ve orgasmed.

Best Lubrication For Silicone Anal Toys

Water-based lubes are usually best! They are free of harsh chemicals, so it won’t burn your ass when applying or entering. It is also not recommended that you use silicone lubes with silicone sex toys, as in some cases, it can damage the toy.  Use a water-based lube, especially when using a silicone toy.

Best Lubrication for Anal Fingering

If your rear end is just being introduced to anal sex toys and anal, hold off for a moment. It is best to start with a finger, and a lubricant that is almond or coconut-based if possible, if not, water-based is also fine. This will warm up your booty and help prepare it for anal toy penetration.

Go in slowly with an index or middle finger, and then when you feel comfortable with this, you can move onto trying an anal sex toy. Make sure your nails are trimmed, so you do not damage any of the sensitive nerve endings inside.

Best Lubricant For Glass or Metal Sex Toys

Silicone lube is your best bet for glass or metal toys. It also lasts longer because the skin can not absorb it, meaning the anal play can continue as long as you need uninterrupted.

Keeping Everything Squeaky Clean Before and After Play!

Cleanliness is extremely important, especially when exploring the booty region! It helps to prevent fecal matter from touching the toys and also helps keep your booty clean after play.

Best Methods for Cleaning Anal Sex Toys

When playtime is over, and your butt is feeling fantastic, now it’s time to get cleaned up!  If all you have on hand at the time is antibacterial soap and a warm washcloth, this should be sufficient.

If you really want to have an elite, clean sex toy, then we highly recommend a specific anal sex toy cleaner. You can check with the brand of your toy to see if they have one available or just look around on amazon. Be sure to read the details and product descriptions, as some sex toy cleaners can damage certain materials if it’s not compatible.

Best Method For Cleaning Your Booty Before and After Anal Sex

For an exceptional behind before and after butt play, use an enema. Enemas are anal douches that you fill up with, on average, 2 cups of water. You squirt warm water from your shower or a container into the enema. You then squirt the warm water into your bum, sit tight on the potty, and let nature go to work.

Remember, clean your booty hole at least 1-2 hours before play and right after you finish playing for the best results!

Anal Orgasms: What You Need to Know

Anal Orgasms? That’s right! Have you ever experienced one? Anal orgasms are intense, and for many women who can’t achieve vaginal orgasms, they will typically have a better time achieving an anal orgasm. Imagine an orgasm that begins deep within you and flows like water down your entire body. Delightful!

The Benefits of Anal Orgasms

Here’s a quick rundown of the main benefits of anal orgasms:
  • Reduced risk of prostate cancer in men
  • Help provide more powerful G-Spot and Vaginal orgasms for women
  • Create a deeper intimate bond with you and your partner
  • Create a deeper sense of trust and communication
  • Have more variety and options available during sex
  • No risk of pregnancy

Preparing For Anal Sex Toy Play

Before engaging in anal sex toy play, here are a few things you will want to do beforehand to get yourself warmed up:

Take a Hot Bubble Bath

The more relaxed you are, the better your experience with anal sex toys will be. While in the warm bath, gently insert one finger into your anus. Relax and melt into a gentle anal massage. This will also help you loosen up for anal toy playtime!

Get in the Right Mood

Text your partner sexy and dirty messages until they get home from work or as you’re getting ready for the booty show! It will help rev your engines and get you pumped up for the action.

Use Your Fingers to Get Your Booty Warmed Up for an Anal Sex Toy

You can also get your behind ready for a good toy session through anal masturbation. Here are a few fingering techniques to get the party started:

1. Come Here

  1. Apply lube to your finger.
  2. Insert your finger into your bum.
  3. Curl your finger into a come hither motion.
  4. Increase depth and speed until you find an enjoyable rhythm. Continue until you reach orgasm.

2. Doorbell

  1. Lube up your finger.
  2. Insert your finger into your bum.
  3. Gently slide your finger in and out, trying different speeds and angles until you find one you love.
  4. Continue until you reach an orgasm.

3. The Wheels On The Bum Go Round & Round

  1. Add lube to your finger.
  2. Instead of inserting your finger, lightly run it around the rim of your butthole.
  3. Apply different speeds and pressures to see what provides the most pleasure.

How to Combine Anal Sex Toys with Sex Positions

This is the section you all have been waiting for! We will go over five different scenarios and positions that you can use your anal sex toy in. These should be enough to get you started, but keep in mind that you can use anal toys in almost any position, so don’t be scared to try!

1. The Naughty Catholic School Girl

Scenario: You were at Church and you are caught wearing a skirt that is too short! The priest will now give you a private punishment for your unruly behavior! All you need for this is a partner and to be topless with nothing on except a plaid mini skirt.

  1. Lay down on the bed face down.
  2. Your guy will lay on top of you as positioned in the illustration above.
  3. Lube up an anal toy of your choice.
  4. Allow your guy to trace the tip of the toy around your anus.
  5. When it’s time, look your partner in the eye and say, “alleluia.” Allow him to insert the toy in your bum and enjoy the mind-blowing pleasure

2. Personal Trainer

Scenario: You aren’t happy with your gym routine, so you ask your partner who, in the role play, is your personal trainer that helps you come up with a better routine. Luckily, he has one that will give you a fabulous ass workout!  For this position, you will need a sofa.

  1. Stand on the edge of the sofa
  2. Squat down so that your butt is hanging off the edge.
  3. Your guy will come behind you with the anal sex toy of your choice.
  4. For each squat you perform correctly to his liking, he will reward with some booty action from the toy.
  5. When he feels you have done an adequate amount of squats, he will then reward you with anal toy play leading to a rewarding orgasm!

3. Giddy Up!

Scenario: You are a horse at your partner’s farm, which has run away from home. You are in big trouble, and we mean big!

  1. You can wear horse ears and a tail to add a little role play to the mix.
  2. Get on your hands and knees.
  3. Spread your hands and knees to ensure they are shoulder and hip-width apart.
  4. Have your partner lube up your anal toy.
  5. Your honey will get to brush, tease, tickle, and pleasure your bum to his liking until he feels you have received fair punishment. Then he will reward you with orgasm from your toy.

4. Love Me As You Do

Scenario: This one is good for those of you in relationships who want to deepen your intimacy and connection with each other. This position requires a strap-on anal toy.

  1. Have your partner wear the strap on and make sure it is well lubed before insertion.
  2. Have your partner lay down on the bed on his back.
  3. You will then lay down on your partner with your bum over the strap on.
  4. From this position, he can explore your breasts and vagina and combine them with anal play to bring a glass shattering orgasm to the bedroom.

5. Goddess Worship Position

Scenario: You are a goddess and come to be your partner’s savior. This position works great if he has a foot fetish as it gives him ample opportunities to worship your feet while also stimulating your vagina and butt. Triple pleasure!

  1. Your man will start by laying on his back on the bed. The anal sex toy will be lubed up and held in his left hand.
  2. You lay down so that your feet are by his head, and your head is on the opposite side of the bed.
  3. He will then play with your feet while inserting a finger into your vagina or playing with your clit.
  4. While doing that, he will then place the toy between his hips.
  5. He gently thrusts the toy in and then out of your anus until you have found a rhythm that drives you wild.


The bottom line (hehe!), is that anal sex toys are a great addition to your bedroom. They also open you up to a whole new world of booty play, giving you more options when it comes to your sex life! Just remember always to use lube when playing with anal toys, clean them before and after use, and communicate well with your partner.

If you have questions or opinions regarding anal toys, please do drop a comment in the box below. We also have plenty more guides relating to anal sex and other types of sex toys, so be sure to check them out too.

Stay safe, and enjoy!

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