How to Make a Woman Cream

How to Make a Woman Cream

A messy dripping ice cream cone

Is there a sexier sight to behold than a woman in the throes of ecstasy? Her eyes rolled back, her fingers grabbing the sheets, her pussy quivering and creamy!

It is this last point that many people often wonder about; how to make a woman cream. We have all seen pornstars who look like they’ve been creampied as soon as they start fucking. But what exactly are those sexy white love juices? And is every lady able to produce them?

In this comprehensive guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to make a girl cream. These tips are certain to crank up the creaminess and leave your lady soaking wet and satisfied.

But first…

What Exactly is the “Cream”?

This is an interesting question because it may seem like only some women are able to cream. In fact, this is a misunderstanding about how the female body works.

You see, women are very complex, particularly when it comes to their naughty bits. Most men ejaculate once during sex with perhaps a little pre-cum first. Pussies, however, go through various stages of lubrication, ejaculation, and squirting.

Generally speaking, “creaming” is part of the first stage: lubrication. It is important to note when exploring creaming that different women produce different levels of lubrication. Some women get soaking wet in an instant while others may need a little lube to help smooth things along.

As well as the amount of natural lubrication produced, the consistency can also vary. This is perfectly normal and is just one of the many unique things to discover about your lady. Some women produce thin natural lubricant while other girls get nice and gooey. It is these ladies who tend to get the creamiest, but this is only part of the story…

The Menstrual Cycle

As we all know, the female body goes through a monthly cycle with various changes during that time. The big one is, of course, menstruation, but the cycle also affects vaginal lubrication too.

For many women, there are certain points during the month when their pussy gets noticeably creamier. This varies from woman to woman, but for many, it is about halfway between ovulation and her period. Experiment with your lady, see if there are any changes, and this will set you up for the next stage…

Getting Your Lady Super Wet

Of course, you are never going to be able to make your lady cream if you can’t get her wet in the first place. As we explained before, some women get wetter than others, but it is still every partner’s responsibility to maximize the moistness.

Here are some pro tips for opening the floodgates:

Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay

It can’t be emphasized enough how crucial foreplay is in the buildup to intercourse. This means exploring your lady’s body, understanding her erogenous zones, and indulging in them. This is the time to let her know how much you desire her and to get her nice and slippery wet. Remember, anticipation can be a powerful tool. Take it slow, tease her, and build up the excitement. The more you make her wait, the more intense her arousal will be.

Communication is Key

Talk to your lady, ask her what she likes and what feels good. Women usually know their own bodies better than their partners, so this will give you some invaluable pointers. If she finds it hard to verbalize her desires, get her to masturbate in front of you. This will show you exactly how she gets herself wet so you can do the same.

Give Her a Sensual Massage

A sensual, erotic massage can relax your lady and help set the mood. Use some fragrant massage oil and take your time to explore her body. Don’t rush! Start with her shoulders, neck, and back. Pay attention to her feet and the sensitive skin inside her thighs.

Once she is writhing and begging to be touched more intimately, zone in on the honey pots. This can be an exciting way to get to know her pleasure buttons and see what makes her tick.

There’s also a massage you can use to help make her squirt, but that’s a story for another day.

Eat Her Pussy

Many women find oral stimulation more pleasurable than penetration. The trick is always to take your time, start gently, and pay attention to her reactions. This is one of the most intimate forms of foreplay and can be a surefire way to get her wet. Especially if you use lots of saliva!

Stay Hydrated

Quite simply, hydration affects the body’s ability to produce lubrication. If your lady is dehydrated, her body won’t have any spare water to send to her lady parts. Drinking plenty of water has a number of health benefits, but without a doubt, a wet pussy is the most fun!

Introduce Toys

Sex toys can be a great way to give your woman a wet dream! Vibrators target all the powerful nerve endings in the clit, while a dildo can enable you to fuck her hard at the same time. As we are about to explain, deep penetration is often the key to making a lady cream, so lube her up, grab a big toy, and go to town!

Go Deep, Deep, Deep!

Think back to the porn you have seen where the lady’s pussy is veritably dripping. You will find that most of the time when they are truly creaming, they are getting pounded hard by a big cock or a big toy. There are various potential reasons for this:

  1. The pussy may naturally self-lubricate more when there is something bigger inside.
  1. When a woman is deeply penetrated, it can stimulate the G-spot, and the anterior fornix erogenous zone (also known as the A-spot). This is located deep in the front wall of the vagina and stimulation can lead to intense lubrication.
  1. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, deep penetration allows the cervix to be stimulated by the end of the cock or toy. This is crucial, as many schools of thought believe this is the essence of creaminess. You see, the cervix releases fluids when stimulated or touched. These mix with the vaginal lubrication, resulting in a deliciously creamy texture.

Positions like doggy style or missionary with a pillow under her hips can enable deeper penetration and stimulate her pleasure spots simultaneously.  Others, like the cowgirl, allow her to control the depth and angle. As always, it’s all about experimentation.

Thrust Away

It isn’t just about the water in the sea, it’s also about the motion in the ocean. Think of it a little like churning butter. The more vigorously you thrust, the more that cream is going to be whipped up. Getting a little air into there can also help to froth your lady up and make her ultra-creamy.

Try pulling your cock or toy out all the way and thrusting it back in deeply. Keep the rhythm going, keep thrusting and thrusting, and then add your own creampie to the mix!

Final Thoughts

Making a woman cream is not just about the right technique; it’s also about connection, communication, and passion. Be attentive to her needs, her likes and dislikes, and make the entire experience about her pleasure.

Remember, every woman is different, and what works for one might not work for another. The key is to be attentive, communicate, and experiment together to discover what makes her tick. With patience, understanding, and the right approach, you can help her reach heightened states of ecstasy. And if she creams herself in the process, all the better!

Laura Rose Halliday

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