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What Percentage of Women Like Oral Sex?

According to one study, 91% of women enjoy receiving oral sex, while only 28% enjoy giving it. The 91% figure is not a surprise, of course. After all, there are few things in life better than having your pussy eaten! But the low number of ladies who like to return the favor presents an exciting challenge. Oral sex is one of the great joys of life, and, for many women, is the best way to reach orgasm. But oral sex also has many other benefits that often go overlooked.

For one thing, oral sex can be the ultimate cock-stiffening, pussy-dampening foreplay. It can get juices flowing and get both partners ready for a steamy sex session. For another, oral sex is an incredible way to connect with your partner, create intimacy, and show them that their pleasure is your priority.

In this comprehensive guide to oral sex, we will explore everything you need to know about going downtown. We will look at why oral sex feels so good, different oral options, and provide expert tips for giving your partner a mind-blowing experience.

The Different Types of Oral Sex

To begin our exploration, let’s break down the three primary forms of oral sex:


Also known fondly as “eating pussy”, cunnilingus is the act of orally stimulating a woman’s genitals.

A man fingering the anus while eating out his female partner

This can involve:

  • The clitoris (often a focus due to its high concentration of nerve endings)
  • The inner and outer labia (the minora and the majora to give them their fancy Latin names)
  • The vaginal opening itself

Cunnilingus techniques can include tongue motions, breath play, kissing, sucking, and gentle nibbling.


Next up, we have fellatio, more commonly known as a blowjob. This is primarily oral stimulation of the penis, including the head and shaft. However, it can also incorporate the testicles and perineum for a blowjob bonanza. Techniques include:

  • Different suction levels
  • Using the hands to complement the mouth’s work
  • Exploring different tongue techniques
  • Deepthroating, where the penis goes all the way down


Last up is analingus also known as rimming or ass eating, which is the oral stimulation of the anus. The great thing about analingus is that it can be enjoyed by anyone who has an asshole which is everyone! Analingus requires a lot of trust and understanding due to the sensitive nature of the area. Analingus techniques include:

  • Licking
  • Kissing
  • Finger insertion
  • Tongue fucking

Why is Oral Sex so Pleasurable?

Beyond the obvious benefits of having your naughty bits licked, sucked, and nibbled, oral pleasure stems from a complex mix of factors. Understanding these is crucial for providing the lady in your life with an unforgettable oral sex experience:

Biological Factors

From a biological standpoint, the vagina, clitoris, and anus are hotspots of nerve endings. These are keenly responsive to the nuanced touches, strokes, and pressures of oral sex. It creates intense sensations that ripple through the body, and are hard to achieve with penetration alone.

Chemical factors

On a chemical level, the act of oral sex triggers a release of chemicals in the brain. These include:

  • Dopamine – the “feel-good hormone”
  • Oxytocin – the “love hormone”

These chemicals drive the brain’s pleasure and reward systems. Their release not only enhances the physical pleasure of oral sex but also fosters a deep connection between partners.

Emotional Factors

On the emotional front, oral sex offers a unique space of vulnerability and trust. Both the acts of giving and receiving create an intimate emotional bond. Oral sex enables you to communicate with your partner without words and understand and respond to their desires and signals.

Sexual Factors

Oral enables you to explore your partner’s body and hone in on their pleasure points. This is because the tongue, lips, and accompanying fingers are far more dexterous tools than the humble penis. When eating your lady’s pussy, this means you can provide more focused stimulation. The clitoris, in particular, gets far more attention during oral sex than during penetration. As the most sensitive part of a woman’s anatomy, this can lead to dreamy sensations and powerful orgasms.

Oral sex also enables you to vary the technique to stimulate multiple pleasure points at once. You can use a vibe on her clit, fingers in her pussy, and your tongue on her ass to ensure no erotic stone is left unturned.

Different Oral Sex Opportunities

Oral sex is a key component in every healthy sexual relationship and can be used both as enticing foreplay and as the main event itself.

Oral Sex as Foreplay

As foreplay, oral sex acts as a beautiful prologue, setting a pulsating rhythm for the acts to follow. It creates a space where arousal and anticipation can build gradually, getting your lady ready for what’s to come. Incorporating oral sex into foreplay allows for slow exploration, teasing, and pre-penetration orgasms. These can all elevate the sexual experiences that follow. Oral sex is also a great way to get everything nice and wet (and save money on lube!)

Oral Sex as the Main Event

Contrary to popular belief, oral sex doesn’t always have to be a precursor to something else. It can also be the main event, itself, offering a focused and intensive session of pleasure. Oral sex as a standalone act allows you to:

  • Immerse yourself fully in your partner’s pleasure
  • Hone your love-making skills
  • Attune yourself perfectly to the rhythms of your lady’s body

It’s about taking the time to truly understand what makes your partner tick. This can lead to a fulfilling, intimate experience, that leaves her satisfied and eager to return the favor.

Can Women Squirt During Oral Sex?

Squirting is the…squirting… of fluid from the urethra during female orgasm. While squirting has long been misunderstood, it is an incredibly erotic experience. Squirting is triggered in the Skene’s glands (sometimes called the female prostate). 14% of women squirted the last time they had oral sex, but with the right techniques, we can drive that number up.

Oral sex allows for focused and intense stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot. These regions are integral to facilitating squirting. Through rhythmic and consistent stimulation with the tongue, fingers, or sex toy, oral sex is one of the best ways to make your lady squirt.

Top Squirting Tips

If you want to make your lady gush like a geyser, here are some top squirting tips:

Make her relaxed and comfortable

This is important because a tense body or an over-active mind can hinder squirting.

Stimulate the G-spot

Use your fingers to provide firm, rhythmic stimulation to the G-spot while licking and sucking the clitoris.

All women have a g-spot, so in theory they should all be able to squirt. Psychological and emotional issues are typically what stops her ejaculating, not the physical side of things.

Communicate with your partner

Encourage her to let go and communicate about the sensations she is experiencing.

Be patient

Understand that squirting does not happen for everyone and it can take time and effort.

How to Make Oral Sex More Pleasurable for the Giver

The best oral sex is as much about the comfort and enjoyment of the giver as it is about the pleasure of the receiver. With only 28% of women enjoying the act of giving, here are some ways to improve the experience for the lady in your life:

Stay Clean

Maintaining good hygiene is the most important thing when it comes to improving oral sex for the giver. This means making sure you are clean downstairs, and a bit of grooming and sculpting (if that’s what your lady likes).

Maintain Open Communication

Open channels of communication create a better understanding of boundaries and preferences. As the giver, explain your comfort levels and have your partner provide feedback to create a more fulfilling experience.

Find a Comfortable Position

While the classic porno blowjob position can be a lot of fun, kneeling on the floor is not the most comfortable. Instead, lying down on the bed will:

  • Let your partner get comfortable
  • Help to reduce neck and back strain
  • Allow for a prolonged fellatio session

Try a 69

Perhaps the best way to ensure the giver has a good time during oral sex is to eat her pussy while she is working her magic. The 69 position is perfect for both straight and lesbian couples and can bring new levels of pleasure and intimacy to your oral sexcapades.

How to Make Oral Sex More Pleasurable for the Receiver

It is also important to recognize any barriers to your lady’s pleasure when she is the one receiving oral sex. This will help to make her comfortable and allow her to lose herself in the pussy-eating pleasure. As you can see from this survey by Bad Girls Bible, there are a number of turn-offs to be aware of:

A chart showing reasons why oral sex was unenjoyable for the female partner

Here are our top three tips for making oral sex more enjoyable for the receiver:

1. Understand Her Body

There are a number of physical factors that can impact your lady’s libido. For example, her natural hormonal cycle can affect her sexual responsiveness at different times of the month. This is common around her period when most women don’t feel comfortable with their partner going down on them.

2. Make Her Feel Comfortable

Stress and anxiety can also be major barriers to oral sex enjoyment so try to help her relax by setting the mood. You can take a bath together first which can alleviate any worries she has about her hygiene. If your lady has any body image issues, make sure you tell her how beautiful her pussy is and how good it tastes to help her feel at ease.

3. Be Patient

The female orgasm is often more complex than its male counterpart. Different women climax in different ways so learning what your lady enjoys will help take her to cunnilingus heaven. Giving oral sex requires selflessness and a desire to explore your partner’s turn-ons and see how she responds. Most importantly, if you are doing something that she enjoys, don’t suddenly change up techniques or alter speed or rhythm.  This is a surefire way to make her lose her orgasm.

How Can You Improve Your Oral Sex Abilities?

Mastering the art of oral sex requires patience, understanding, and a willingness to learn and adapt. Here are some tips that can supercharge your skill set:


  • Exploration: Understanding the female genitalia and its sensitive zones is the first step. Begin with gentle kisses around the thighs before moving to more sensitive areas. Use different techniques such as flicking, swirling, and flat tongue strokes to stimulate the clitoris and labia. Remember to always watch for your lady’s reactions to see what she is enjoying.
  • Respond to Feedback: Whether verbal or non-verbal, pay close attention to your partner’s responses to guide you. If she keeps squirming a certain way, that likely means you need to adjust your tongue in that direction. If in doubt, the best course of action is always to ask!
  • Rhythm and Consistency: As noted above, finding a rhythm and sticking to it is crucial in the build-up to orgasm.


  • Varied Techniques: Use a combination of your lips, tongue, and hands to provide a varied experience. Suction, edging, and testicle stimulation, can all be incredibly pleasurable. Deepthroating can also be amazing but only if you are both into it.
  • Eye Contact: Maintaining eye contact can increase the intimacy and intensity of the blowjob experience.
  • The Cum Shot: This comes down to personal preference, but there are a huge number of options when it comes to the cum shot. Some women like to take a cum shot in their mouth and play with it before swallowing (real pornstar stuff!) Others like to go full facial, and others finish a blowjob by jerking their man off. Whatever works for you!


  • Hygiene: Prioritizing hygiene is a non-negotiable aspect of analingus. Ensuring both you and your partner are clean and comfortable before butt fun will help with any self-consciousness.
  • Gentle Initiation: Start with gentle strokes and kisses around the anus, building intensity. Make sure to communicate to ensure your partner is comfortable.

How to Talk to Your Female Partner About Oral Sex

If your lady is not a huge fan of oral sex, talking to her about her worries or insecurities can help make her feel more comfortable. Here are tips on how to navigate this delicate discussion:

Choose a Comfortable Setting

Opt for a relaxed and comfortable setting where you can both talk openly without any pressure.

Be Open and Receptive

Approach the conversation with an open mind and be receptive to your partner’s feelings. She may have genuine body image issues or may not feel comfortable enough yet in your relationship to let go so be mindful and understanding.

Use Positive Language

Use positive language to express your desires without making your partner feel pressured. Avoid negative or accusatory language like “I always go down on you so why don’t you ever do the same for me?”

Mutual Exploration

Encourage a spirit of mutual exploration where both can share desires and boundaries. This means that just because you like porn where the guy cums on the lady’s face, that doesn’t mean your partner feels comfortable doing the same.

Final Thoughts

Oral sex can be intimate, erotic, and just feel fucking great, and for women in particular, it is often the best route to orgasm. However, every woman is unique and that means getting to know your partner is crucial for great oral sex. Communication, patience, and a lot of exploration can all take your oral sex from five-minute foreplay to pussy eating ecstasy. Enjoy!

Laura Rose Halliday

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