How to Masturbate: A Guide to Masturbation for Women & Men

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Masturbation is awesome. There’s no doubt about it.

Masturbating helps release tension, reduce stress, boost concentration, and much, much more! It’s fun, safe, and great for your health!

But not everyone knows the art of ‘getting handsy.’

That’s why in this guide, I’m going to teach you how to masturbate using simple step-by-step illustrated instructions that you can try out TONIGHT…and start seeing some amazing results!

If you’re a complete newbie, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about masturbation, and how to do it the right way! But if you’re an old hand, I’ve got plenty for you too! Having talked to hundreds of men and women and interviewed dozens of sexologists and porn stars, I know all the best-kept masturbation secrets that you won’t find anywhere else!

So if you’re ready to experience the best solo time EVER…then keep reading!

By the end of this article, you’ll know how to:

  • Turn up the heat during your solo play sessions!
  • Give yourself a mind-blowing orgasm!
  • Experience multiple orgasms!
  • And more!

At the end of this guide, I’ll be revealing two of my favorite (and little known) tips for experiencing crazy body-shaking orgasms – so stick around!

Understanding your sexual response cycle

If you want to learn the art of masturbation, you need to understand your sexual response cycle. Both men and women experience this cycle, and it has four distinct phases:

  1. Desire (libido) 
  2. Arousal (excitement)
  3. Orgasm
  4. Resolution 

The key to masturbation is learning how to guide yourself through each of these four phases and making the right moves at the right times!


Let’s briefly look at each phase, so you know what to expect!


The desire phase begins when a part of your brain called the right amygdala is triggered by stimuli from any of your five senses (sight, taste, smell, sound, or touch) or your imagination. The best way to masturbate during this phase is to use light, teasing touches – I’ll show you all my best tips and techniques in just a moment!


As you become more turned on, you’ll enter your arousal phase. Think of this as your warm-up phase; your body will start to enjoy more direct types of touches. This phase is all about lavishing your body with attention and turning up the heat! I’ll be sharing the best techniques to do just that later in this guide!


When you reach your orgasm phase, you’ll start approaching your point of no return – the point at which your orgasm can no longer be stopped. This is a fragile stage that feels kind of like climbing up a ladder; if you stop, get distracted, or change the stimulation, you’ll fall a few rungs and have to restart the process. But if you push yourself past your threshold, you’ll climax and experience that indescribable rush of euphoria pass through your body! I’ll show you how to make your orgasms 10X better – just keep reading!


After you orgasm, you’ll experience a blissful, post-orgasm sensation known as the resolution phase. The types of touches that felt amazing before will suddenly feel painfully overstimulating. Most people tend to wind down during this phase. But I’m going to show you two powerful techniques that will help you rebuild towards a second, third, or fourth orgasm!

So that’s your arousal cycle in a nutshell!

I’m now going to show you exactly how to masturbate during each of these phases so that you can give your body the type of stimulation it craves most at the right times!

Let’s go!

How to masturbate for women

If you’re female or have a vulva, this is the section for you! I’m going to teach you my most powerful and effective masturbation techniques to use during each phase of your sexual response cycle!

Phase 1: Desire-boosting techniques for women

The secret to experiencing an earth-shattering orgasm when you masturbate is learning how to send your desire levels through the roof!

There are three main ways to do this:

  • Choose a great position
  • Enhance your mood
  • Tease yourself

Choose a great position

The first step to building your desire is to get into a relaxing and comfortable position. You can masturbate in any position; there’s no ‘best’ one. But there are some great positions that you should try!

  1. Lying on your back: 73% of women prefer masturbating while lying down.
  2. Lying face down: 10 percent of women love masturbating this way!
  3. Kneeling or squatting: Roughly four percent of women get off by pressing, thrusting, and humping against soft objects like pillows.
  4. Sitting: Three percent of women prefer masturbating while sitting. Some girls can just rhythmically clench their thighs together and experience a hands-free orgasm.

Enhance your mood

The second step is to hone in on your mood and find ways of enhancing it!

  • If you’re feeling loved up, try fantasizing about your partner, a crush, or someone you’ve been pining for!
  • If you’re feeling romantic, try reading some erotic fiction or listening to an audiobook.
  • If you’re single or going through a ‘dry spell’ in your relationship, try watching erotic videos or porn that depicts the specific fantasy your craving!

Some of the best mood-enhancers are:

  • erotic fiction 
  • erotic audiobooks
  • erotic videos or porn
  • massage or self-massage
  • aromatherapy
  • binaural beats and erotic hypnosis

Tease yourself

The third way to build desire is to try teasing yourself!

Avoid directly touching the visible part of your clitoris – the little ‘nub’ at the top of your vulva that’s covered by a hood of skin. Instead, try touching around your clitoris!

Here are five techniques that you can use to build your anticipation and desire!

1. Self-massage

First, try massaging your entire body using feather-light touches – it feels incredible! Try things like:

  • Stroking your inner-thighs (but avoid touching your vulva)
  • Cupping your breasts (but avoid touching your nipples)
  • Stroking your belly
  • Caressing the backs of your arms and your neck

As you become more turned on, you can move closer to your most erogenous zones like your clit and nipples and can even give yourself a nipple orgasm – read my guide to find out how! 

2. Clenching

One of the best ways to tease yourself is simply crossing your legs and clenching your thigh muscles! You can do this while lying or sitting down, and it sends masses of pleasure to your clitoris and the surrounding erectile tissue. Some women can bring themselves to orgasm using this method alone – check out my hands-free orgasm article to find out how!

3. Hug your vulva

One of the most amazing ways to build desire is a technique I like to call the ‘Palm Hug’!

Simply place your cupped hand over your vulva and hold it still for a few moments. This gives your vulva and clitoris some amazing diffuse stimulation because it stimulates the clitoris’ internal structure.

You see, the visible part of your clitoris is like the tip of an iceberg – it’s connected to a much larger complex of nerves underneath! In particular, there are two spidery ‘legs’ called the ‘Crus clitoris’ that run down each side of your vulva just underneath the skin. The Palm Hug lets you stimulate your clit indirectly, which feels great during your desire phase!

4. Snowfall

To gently ‘wake up’ the nerve endings in your vulva, try lightly tapping all over in a completely random pattern. I call this move ‘Snowfall’ because these irregular touches create a feeling of suspense that will make you feel like it’s Christmas morning! Try it and see! Make your touches super-soft, like falling snow.

5. Find and touch your sweet spot

If you’ve ever masturbated or touched yourself before, you may have noticed that there’s a certain spot, a little above your clitoris, that feels really good when touched! If this is your first time exploring, try touching yourself lightly all over your pubic mound. Feel around for an area that feels extra tingly. This is what I call the ‘sweet spot.’ Most girls have a sweet spot an inch or two above and to the left or right of their clit, but yours may be somewhere entirely different. Try to zero in on where feels best!

Got it? Now use your fingertip to push rhythmically in this spot using a constant pulse. Try soft presses for 10 seconds, then firmer presses for 10 seconds and repeat. Next, try doing little ‘swipes’ left-to-right and right-to-left. This creates this sweet frustration – like only half-scratching an itch – and it’ll drive you wild!

BONUS TIP: Fluttering

If you’re reading this guide hoping to pick up a few new tricks, I’ve got you covered! This fifth move I wanna show you is pretty tricky – but it’s well worth the effort! I call it Fluttering. Hold your fingertip on your sweet spot – and start moving your finger very slightly – almost no distance at all – as fast as you can. With a little practice, you’ll be able to create an incredible vibrator-like feeling. It’s guaranteed to send you ga-ga with delight!

Phase 2: Arousal-building techniques for women

As you enter your arousal phase, you’ll begin to enjoy touches that are more directly focused on or around your clitoris. Your clit will likely still be too sensitive to be touched directly. The key to learning how to masturbate in this phase is to touch your clit through the clitoral hood or close by. You can give your clit and your ‘sweet spot’ extra stimulation by increasing the pressure, speed, and movement.

Here are the five best arousal-building masturbation moves to try for women!

1. The Glide Past

One of my favorite moves for building arousal is something I call the Glide past.

Take your finger and start running little ‘trails’ up and down the left or right of your clitoral hood. It feels much better once your clitoris has become wet or after you’ve applied a little lubricant. I love silicone-based lube as it lasts far longer than water-based lubes and doesn’t dry out. My new favorite lube is one called Premium by Penchant – it’s great for sensitive skin and feels amazing!

Start by running trails down each side of your clit and see which feels best. Then try running diagonal trails across your hood. It feels phenomenal! Having a good quality lube like Penchant Premium makes all the difference – it makes your fingertips feel feather-light and barely-there, creating a super-tingly sensation across your entire vulva! Try it and see!

2. Broaching

To send my arousal levels into the stratosphere, I use this neat little move called ‘Broaching.’ Place your finger to the left or right of your clitoris and then slide it towards your clit as if you’re going to touch it. Then, at the last moment, go around and continue. Pause, then go back in the opposite direction. It feels insanely good!

You can also try Broaching lower down, around your vagina too! Start on your inner thigh, move towards your vagina, move around, and then past! It feels SO good!

3. Clit swirling

By this point, you should be nicely warmed up, and your clitoris should be ready for more direct touches. My go-to technique is something I call Clit swirling. Rest your fingertip on the top of your clitoral hood and start rubbing in little circles. Most women prefer either clockwise or anti-clockwise, but some enjoy both. You’ll soon discover your favorite!

4. Clit sandwiching

At this stage, your clit will love being stimulated through the outer lips of your labia! This is called ‘Clit sandwiching.’ Put your index and middle finger either side of your clit or squeeze it through the labia. Move your fingers around in small circles to give yourself some diffuse stimulation that will make you see the stars!

5. Tapping

A little known technique that feels incredible during the arousal phase is something I call ‘Tapping.’ It’s too soon for vaginal penetration or G-spot stimulation – that will come later – but what does feel good is exploring the entrance of your vagina. If you’ve never tried this before, it’ll blow your mind, I promise! The entrance is one of the most sensitive parts of your entire vagina.

Here’s what to do: Put some lube on your fingertip, spread your labia and rest your finger on the entrance of your vaginal canal.

Relax and, after a while, you’ll feel tingly sensations run throughout your entire body! Dip your finger in and out rhythmically until you figure out where feels best – the top, bottom, or sides.

So they are my top five favorite masturbation moves for building arousal – try them all to figure out which ones make you feel like the earth is moving!

Phase 3: Orgasmic techniques for women

Now let’s look at the third phase of your arousal cycle – your orgasm phase. Some tell-tale signs that you’re moving into this phase include things like:

  • your vagina becoming wetter
  • your clitoris and labia becoming more swollen
  • your nipples becoming harder and more pronounced

Here are 5 orgasmic masturbation techniques that will help you reach your Big O!

1. Widening

The gold-standard technique for this phase is something called ‘Widening.’ It’s like Clit Swirling I showed you earlier, except now I want you to use three, or even four fingers at the same time! This gives you a nice, wide, ‘pressure pad’ to work with and helps deliver strong stimulation to your clit! You can even use both hands at the same time (pictured below).

The secret to making Widening feel orgasmic is using plenty of lube and continually taking moisture from your vagina to keep your vulva nice and moist. Make strong, circular motions over your clit using a range of pressures and speeds until the feeling escalates from “Okay” to “OMG YES!” 

You can also try Widening on your sweet spot. This gives your clit plenty of stimulation and will easily push you over the edge!

2. Refreshing

If you’re just learning how to orgasm through masturbation, you should know that too much clit stimulation can be overwhelming. It’s a bit like watching TV for too long. If you go too hard and fast, you can lose the feeling. That’s why one of the best masturbation techniques to master is something I call ‘Refreshing.’

Here’s how it works. Once you’ve been masturbating for a while, pause, and then try something that’s not too stimulating like the Palm Hug. Pause. Relax. Then, after a few moments, you can go back to something that gives you more clit stimulation. This gives you that magic ‘first-touch’ feeling all over again and helps you build up towards a powerful orgasm!

3. Consistency

When you start to feel your orgasm approaching, the best masturbation technique to use is something called ‘Consistency.’ This means consistently doing the same thing again and again until you orgasm! The secret is finding your ‘power move’ – that one technique that has the right speed, pressure, and movement to make you excited. Once you find this move, keep doing it with the exact same motion, the same pressure, and the same speed, again and again, until you climax!

I can’t tell you exactly what your move is –that’s for you to discover for yourself! If you haven’t found it yet, read on!

4. Combining

The fourth technique I want to show is called ‘Combining.’ This means giving yourself two types of stimulation at the same time! So far, I’ve shown you how to stimulate the visible part of your clitoris and the internal nerves that run each side of your vulva. But your clitoral network actually reaches up to five inches inside your body and joins the top wall of your vaginal canal. This point is known as your G-spot.

When to touch your G-spot

Touching your G-spot during your desire or arousal phase is too soon. Most women find that G-spot stimulation only feels good after masturbation (or sex) has been going on a while! When you enter your orgasm phase, your G-spot should become more pronounced. This makes it easier to find and is a sign that it’s ready to be touched! Stimulating your clit and G-spot at the same time doubles your pleasure and can lead to an amazing orgasm!

How to find your G-spot

If you’ve never heard of the G-spot before, it’s helpful to know that despite its name, the ‘G-spot is actually more like an ‘area’ than a ‘spot’ and its location varies from person to person.

  • Roughly three-quarters of women say their G-area is on the top wall of their vaginal canal or slightly to the left or right.
  • Most women report that their G-spot is between one-knuckle and one-finger deep inside their vagina.

To find your G-spot, here’s what to do. Apply some lubricant to your index finger and slip it inside your vagina. Curl your fingertip upwards towards your belly. Start from the entrance and slowly move your finger back. You should feel an area that feels slightly different from the surrounding area. This is your G-spot.

For more tips on finding your G-spot, check out my complete guide here! 

How to give yourself a G-spot orgasm

Stimulating your G-spot can lead to a powerful G-spot orgasm, sometimes called a vaginal orgasm. What you need to know is that your G-spot responds best to pressure. Most women find that hard, strong, rhythmic presses feel best, but you can also rub, tap, or stroke to G-spot!

To discover my best G-spot techniques, read my ultimate guide to fingering yourself!

Now let’s look at Combining.

While stimulating your G-spot with one hand, try bringing your other hand into play and stimulating your clitoris using one of the moves I showed you earlier, like this:

These two moves work in synergy because they give each area the exact stimulation that feels best – your clit gets friction, and your G-spot gets pressure!

You’re basically pleasuring your clitoris in two ways – and the results can be explosive!

For more tips on finding your G-spot and giving yourself a G-spot orgasm – read my full guide here!

5. Edging

As promised, I’m now going to share one of my favorite (and little known) tips for experiencing crazy body-shaking orgasms – it’s called Edging!

Edging is where you build towards an orgasm, but as you feel yourself approach your point of no return, you pause and let the feeling subside. You can stop touching yourself completely, or use a low-stimulation move like the Palm Hug.

After a short pause, you then re-start the stimulation and build back towards your threshold. You can ‘edge’ yourself once, twice or even more times during a single session. When you finally let yourself orgasm, you’ll experience a MUCH more powerful climax!

Phase 4: Resolution techniques for women

Once you pass your point of no return and orgasm – it’s like nothing else exists! Your muscles will contract as waves of pleasure shoot throughout your body. When this blissful, post-orgasm period subsides, your clit will become super-sensitive, and the types of touches that felt great before will now feel painfully overstimulating. You may want to just pause, unwind, and relax. Who’d blame you?

But what if I told you there’s one level beyond this?

It’s called ‘Rebuilding,’ and it lets you experience multiple orgasms!

Here’s how it works. Earlier in this guide, I mentioned how Squeezing is a great way to stimulate your clit indirectly; some women can masturbate this way by squeezing and clenching to experience a hands-free orgasm!

But what I didn’t tell you is that after you climax, you have a small window of opportunity to build back up towards another orgasm! This is called Rebuilding. Here’s what to do; cup your hand over your vulva (like the Palm Hug) and squeeze! If you time this just right, you can experience a second or even a third orgasm!

Fair warning, this is an advanced technique.

Most women need a moment to recover before going back to the types of touches that felt good during their desire phase. But it still feels great even if you don’t orgasm again!

If you try to Rebuild and don’t pull it off, here’s what to do. Use the Palm Hug technique to cool down, and then start with the moves that feel best during the early stages of your arousal cycle such as Snowfall and Skipping. Then work your way back through the stages.

So that’s it! My complete guide to masturbation for women – everything you need to know to experience the best orgasms while masturbating!

Give Her An Orgasm She Never Forgets. Try It Now!

How to masturbate for men

If you’re male or have a penis, this is the section for you! I’m going to teach you my most powerful and effective masturbation techniques to use during each phase of your sexual response cycle!

Phase 1: Desire-boosting techniques for men

Okay guys, if you want to improve your masturbation sessions and give yourself powerful orgasms, the secret is learning how to magnify your desire! There are three main ways to do this:

  • Spark your imagination
  • Increase muscle tension
  • Tease yourself

Spark your imagination

Most guys tend to masturbate to compensate for sex they desire but aren’t getting, so the best way to heat things up is to spark your imagination. Some of the best ways to do this are:

  • Watching porn
  • Reading or listening to erotic fiction
  • Getting a massage or trying self-massage
  • Listening to erotic hypnosis

Once you’ve lit the touchpaper of your desire, onto the next step…

Increase muscle tension

To push yourself towards orgasm, you need to ratchet up your muscle tension. The position you choose to masturbate in has a big impact. The two best positions to try are:

  1. Lying on your back: Lying on your bed lets you easily tense the muscles in your arms and legs.
  2. Standing up: Standing in the shower, bathroom, bedroom (or anywhere) is great for creating more muscle tension.

There are other positions like kneeling or sitting down, but these make it harder to ramp up muscle tension. They are good for advanced masturbation when you want to last longer.

Tease yourself

To ramp up your desire, you need to tease yourself. Here are the top five teasing moves for turbocharging your desire!

1. Testicular massage

A crazy-simple technique that I routinely use to get guys rock hard is lightly scratching their scrotum with my fingernails through their clothing! The scrotum is unbelievably sensitive; testicles actually have the same number of nerve endings as a penis! Lightly touching, fondling, stroking is guaranteed to fast-track an erection – try it and see!

2. Drumming

My second go-to teasing move is using my fingertips to lightly drum against the head and shaft of my man’s penis through his clothing. This helps ‘wake up’ the nerve endings and creates enough excitement to build a strong erection! Try this, and you’ll be hard in seconds, I promise!

3. Clawing

My third tip for getting things going is taking your dick out and reaching down from on top like a claw machine. I call this ‘Clawing’ – just use super-gentle, teasing motions with your fingers to excite the head of the penis!

4. Shaking

One of the best ways to kick-start your desire is shaking. Here’s what to do. Hold your flaccid or semi-erect penis between your finger and thumb and lightly shake it. You can also slide, shake, or slap it gently against your other hand or forearm to send incredible shock-waves pinging through your dick!

5. Stroking

The fifth teasing move I love to do is running my fingers and thumbs up and down the shaft of my man’s dick and lightly teasing his frenulum – the area just under the head of his dick. This is one of the most sensitive parts of the entire penis and stroking it feels awesome!

Phase 2: Arousal-building moves for men

Once your dick becomes fully erect, you’ll want to experiment with firmer, more direct types of touches. From this point on, speed and friction come into play, and you can intensify the feeling by applying heavier pressure and moving your hand faster. So, here are my five go-to masturbation moves to try during your arousal phase!

1. The Okay

As you become more turned on, direct contact along your shaft in a forward-and-back motion will start to feel extremely pleasurable! One of the best moves is the’ Okay,’ so-named because it resembles the hand sign of the same name!

Simply wrap your thumb and index finger around your shaft to create a ‘ring’ and then start moving up and down. Start from the middle and move up until your finger reaches your frenulum, then move back down. Experiment with a range of pressures and speeds until you find your groove!

2. The Handshake

The ‘Handshake’ is the classic up-and-down hand job movement – just like the ‘Okay’ but using your whole hand. You can use this movement, or some variation of it, right until you reach orgasm!

One of the best handjob tips I ever learned was actually from a male porn star! He showed me this unique twisting action around the head of the penis that feels wild! I’ve used it with all my boyfriends, and the response has never been anything less than ecstatic! The key is using plenty of lube so that your hand glides around the head. You can’t beat it!

3. Baser

Too much frenulum and head stimulation can be overbearing, so you’ll want to switch things up during your arousal phase. The Baser is simple; it’s just like the Handshake except you’re concentrating on the first couple of inches at the base of your penis. It’s good to go back and forth between both of these moves during this phase.

4. Scrotum rub

Testicle play isn’t just for warming up – you can use it throughout your solo time! Rubbing your scrotum (not your testicles) between your finger and thumb of your non-dominant hand is great for building arousal!

5. The Stranger

I’ve had countless guys tell me how awesome it feels to swap mid-fap to their non-dominant hand when they masturbate! You can get that ‘stranger’ feeling that really builds excitement! I also use this technique when I’m giving guys a handjob, and it works a treat – your penis gets treated to a different temperature, texture, and sensation that feels incredible!

Phase 3: Orgasmic techniques for men

Unlike women, who need consistency to orgasm, most guys like to really ramp things up as they approach orgasm. The faster, firmer, and harder, the better!

If you think of your arousal levels on a sliding scale from zero to 100 – 100 is where you orgasm. However, when you reach about 80 percent arousal, you reach your Point of No Return (PNR). If the stimulation stops before you reach this point, you can delay orgasm. If you pass this point, you’ll orgasm and ejaculate.

Here are my top five orgasmic masturbation techniques to give yourself mind-blowing orgasms!

1. The Squeezer

One of the most powerful techniques for pushing yourself past your PNR is something I call ‘The Squeezer.’ Do the ‘Handshake’ technique with your dominant hand and use your non-dominant hand to grip the base of your penis. It’s kind of like creating your own cock ring. Your hand increases blood flow and traps more blood in your penis, resulting in a bigger erection, and more powerful orgasms!

If you want to take this technique to the nth degree, you can buy a real cock ring or, better still, a vibrating cock ring! This sends sweet vibes tingling through your shaft and balls, and is guaranteed to make you blow your load like never before!

2. The Flexer

The second crazy-effective technique for masturbating is deliberately tensing your muscles. This automatically primes your body and central nervous system to orgasm! I call this move ‘The Flexer’ because that’s what you’re doing – keeping your muscles taut.

Here’s how it’s done.

  • If you’re standing up, stand on tip-toes on one side and keep your calf and quad muscles taut. You can also bend forward slightly so that your abs contract. This pushes you towards an intense orgasm.
  • If you’re lying down, you can do the same thing except you can tense both legs! You can also press your non-dominant hand onto your thigh for stability – this causes your upper body to tense up and gives you a really powerful orgasm!

By the way, if you’re looking to last longer during masturbation (or during sex) – just do the opposite! Choose positions like sitting or kneeling where you can stay very relaxed without tensing your muscles – you’ll be able to delay orgasm!

3. The Frenulum tease

Using the Handshake, the Squeezer, and the Flexer is enough to make 99 percent of guys blow their load. But there’s one little area that usually goes unloved – the frenulum! This super-sensitive area on the underside of the head can transform an ordinary masturbation session into something truly special!

One of my best tips is dabbing a little lube onto your frenulum and massaging it in. Personally, I’ve been getting great results with a water-based lube by Ride BodyWorx.

Ride is incredibly light and washes off easily. It lasts a long time without drying out, making it ideal for all types of masturbation, and especially frenulum play! Apply a little dab to your finger and massage it into your frenulum while you masturbate – it won’t fail to send you over the edge!

4. Perineum press

Believe it or not, you can orgasm through prostate stimulation alone! The most direct route is to use your finger, thumb, or a prostate massage to stimulate your prostate internally. However, you can simply reach down with your non-dominant hand and press on your perineum – the area of skin between your testicles and anus. I call this the Perineum press, and it can lead to incredibly powerful orgasms!

By the way, if you’re interested in learning how to give yourself a prostate orgasm – check out my complete guide here!

5. Edging

As promised, I’m now going to share one of my favorite (and little known) tips for experiencing crazy body-shaking orgasmsEdging! Edging works like this;

  • First, you build towards an orgasm.
  • As you feel yourself approach your point of no return, you pause and let the feeling subside.
  • After a short pause, you then re-start the stimulation and build back towards your threshold.
  • You can ‘edge’ yourself once, twice or even more times in a single session. When you finally let yourself orgasm, you’ll experience a MUCH more powerful climax!

Phase 4: Resolution techniques for men

Once you orgasm, you’ll likely find that the types of touching that felt great before now feel painfully overstimulating. This is time to bask in the sensation and let the feelings subside before rebuilding towards another orgasm.

But what if I told you there was another way?

This leads to one of the most powerful techniques in this entire guide: The Mini-ejaculation.

If you’re an old-hand at masturbation (pardon the pun!) and are looking for some new tricks, I’m going to teach you a secret masturbation technique that you won’t find anywhere else! It’s called the Mini-ejaculation, and it’s the ultimate masturbation technique to master!

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Bring yourself towards your point of no return using any of the techniques I’ve shared so far.
  • When you feel yourself passing the threshold, take your hand away and tense your pelvic floor muscles (your PC muscles). These are the muscles you clench when you’re trying to stop yourself urinating.
  • This clenching will cause you to release only around 1/3 or ½ of your ejaculate, compared with the amount you’d usually release.

Here’s the twist; if you keep stimulating yourself, you won’t lose your erection! Keep going, and you’ll keep your erection letting you last as long as you want!

So that’s it – my complete guide to masturbation for men – everything you need to know!

Final thoughts

It’s been quite a ride – hopefully, you learned a thing or two and feel ready to step your ‘me-time’ up a notch! I’ve shown you my best, wildest moves – my greatest hits – and I know you’re ready to knock it out of the park!

Through this guide, I’ve stressed that they’re no ‘right’ or ‘best’ way to masturbate – everyone’s wired slightly differently! Learning to masturbate is all about exploring your preferences and discovering what does it for you!

Some of my best moves and techniques have come from readers just like you – so if you feel like sharing your favorite technique – give me a shout via email, and I’ll do my best to get back to you quickly!