Frequently Asked Questions About Squirting

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We’re Laura and Jakob and we’ve run School Of Squirt for 6 years. We get a lot of questions about squirting!!

I know, it’s a complicated subject…

Here are the most common questions we get asked about squirting.

How can I squirt more?

Learning how to squirt more is a process that you can get better at over time. Many women find that kegels make their orgasms more powerful, so they inevitably ejaculate more liquid.

The orgasmic massage that we teach can also help you squirt more liquid. Having a willing and knowledgable partner can help considerably too.

It is also a good idea to stay very hydrated is you plan on squirting. Although it may sound trivial, female ejaculation and squirting causes the loss of fluid and you will be able to squirt more easily and more liquid when you are fully hydrated.

It’s also a good idea to go to the toilet before trying to squirt so that you don’t confuse the feeling of needing to pee, with needing to squirt.

What is female ejaculate, where does it come from & what is it made from?

The liquid that she ejaculates is not pee. One woman tested this out by eating lots of asparagus one evening. Later that night she squirted and smelled the fluid, knowing that if it was connected or made from pee it would smell strongly of asparagus, and it didn’t.

She later went to the toilet and found her pee smelling strongly of asparagus. Instead it comes from the Skene’s gland also known as the female prostate.

The Skene’s gland is located close to the G-spot and surrounded by the urethra. During sexual stimulation the glands fill up with fluid and are released when she gushes.


Female ejaculate is made from prostatic fluid and also contains water, glucose, creatine and very small amounts of urea. It could be described as very watered down male ejaculate without the sperm in it.

How to practice squirting?

Squirting is like anything else in that you can get better (and have more control) over it, the more you practice.

Exercising your vaginal muscles with kegels will help you have more control.

A willing and helpful partner will also make practice more enjoyable. You can practice ‘pushing out’ as you feel yourself about to squirt.

You should feel confident that you are about to squirt, and not pee, but lay down any towels so that whatever happens, everything will be fine.

If you want to learn more about how to make yourself squirt we have our article here.

Will she squirt?

Practically every girl can squirt, she just needs a partner who knows what they are doing to help them. Obviously some women find it more difficult, and some women can’t help but squirt.

Most women find it difficult to squirt, but a guy who knows exactly what to do can give her one of the most powerful and pleasurable orgasms of her life by learning the right technique.

What to do when she is squirting?

Whilst she is experiencing a squirting orgasm it is a good idea to maintain your rhythm so that she continues to cycle through her orgasm – This will make it longer and more powerful.

Don’t freak out or look surprised or confused, just be there for her while she enjoys the pleasure that you’ve given her.

Make her feel comfortable and relaxed so that she can have another orgasm again, straight after. Some women like to feel pressure during an orgasm.

They want to feel your strength, and the feeling of ‘being wanted’. Hold her closely, lovingly and strongly whilst she enjoys her squirting orgasm.

Why does she think she has to pee?

Often novice squirters will confuse the urge to ejaculate with the urge to pee. They think they need to pee but really they are just ready to squirt.

Luckily it is very hard for a woman to pee when she is highly aroused, however she will be trying so hard not to pee that it will be preventing her from squirting.

If you girl says she needs to pee it means that she doesn’t feel comfortable enough to let go. At this point you need to comfort her and tell her if she pees then it’s alright but that it’s just her body getting ready to squirt.

Give Her An Orgasm She Never Forgets. Try It Now!

Until the woman has more practice with squirting she won’t be able to distinguish the difference between the pressure on her bladder (needing to pee) and pressure from her skene’s gland (wanting to ejaculate) and will perceive them as the same thing.

The only way for her to tell the difference is to let go and try it for herself. Eventually she will be able to tell the difference between needing a pee and needing to gush.

How many times can she squirt?

Women can squirt multiple times in one session depending on a few different factors. Firstly and most importantly is how strong her vaginal muscles are.

If she has squirted before and does kegal exercises then this will greatly increase the number of time she can squirt before she gets tired. Sometimes yoga girls, or girls who ride horses are more likely to be able to have multiple releases because they naturally exercise those muscles anyway.

Secondly, she should be fully hydrated to be able to cum multiple times. The female ejaculate can discard large amounts of fluid from the body and she can get dehydrated quickly. Make sure she drinks plenty of water with added hydrating ions before a long session.

With practice, kegel exercises, adequate hydration and a man equipped with a good understanding of her body it wouldn’t be uncommon for her to ejaculate more than 5 times.

Can she get better with practice?

Definitely. The quantity (of liquid), intensity, frequency and ease of her squirts can all hugely increase with practice. Her sexual stamina, as well as your intimacy and knowledge of her body and how she responds to you stimulating her will all help.

Can all women squirt?

All women have the capacity to squirt because they all have the anatomy that allows squirting. The only difference between woman who can and can’t is the strength of the muscles in that area of the body and the psychological aspects of female ejaculation.

The main reason most women don’t ejaculate is that they think they need to pee so they hold it back and refrain from squirting.

With a little coaching from a well informed man and the vast majority of woman will gush after a few sessions. Sometimes women are already squirting but they just think they are getting really wet.

With practice they can increase the volume and power of their ejaculations.Women who can squirt easily often have squirter dimples on their lower backs.

Can I make different girls squirt harder, faster and more easily with practice?

Yes you can, however there is only so far that technique can take you, when it concerns different girls. Once you understand the fundamentals of how women are turned on physically and you have mastered the right techniques then it essentially comes down to how you can make her feel emotionally.

Being able to read the subtle feedback that she gives you (non verbally) will be the main difference that increases your ‘success rate’ as well as how hard and fast she comes.

If she perceives you as non-judgmental, free from outcome and enjoying the experience with her whatever happens it will be much easier to make her come. Learn about the right way to finger a girl.

Does squirting mean orgasm?

Generally when a woman releases her pussy juice she is having an orgasm at the same time, although or rare occasions and a small minority of women they can squirt without orgasming.

This usually comes down to an emotional block that is stopping it from happening and can be worked out over time if you are emotionally available for her.

Can we have intercourse after?

After she has released is a great time to have intercourse. She will be fully aroused and more likely to orgasm during intercourse, or squirt during intercourse than if she hadn’t already squirted.

How can I make her squirt during intercourse?

This is an interesting topic and one that it can take some practice to Master, but is well worth the time. Go and look at the full article about ‘how you can make your girl squirt during sex’ to get the in depth guide.

Are squirting orgasms a good idea for loving relationships?

Female ejaculation used to have negative connotations in terms of loving relationships. They somehow seemed unnatural or like something you would see in a movie.

Squirting use to seem unlady like or unromantic and therefore some people had reservations about trying it in a loving relationship.

Luckily the taboo is slowly being lifted as couples come to realize that a healthy, interesting sex life is so important for a great relationship.

Of course there is nothing unnatural or wrong about female ejaculation and squirting orgasms can and should be used to build a solid loving relationship. It also helps the man tune into the subtle variations of feminine energy which can help grow the relationship.

What is squirt stacking?

Squirt stacking has been described on the home page and is an advanced technique. Essentially the man helps the woman ‘stand close to the edge of arousal’ without going off it.

He brings her up to the point where she might climax, then reduces his stimulation back down, almost teasing her.

He can do this many times, bringing her up to the edge and then back down. When he finally brings her up again and ‘over the edge’ into the squirting orgasm it can be many times more powerful than the simple normal squirt and potentially the most pleasurable thing she has ever felt.

The woman can then potentially have multiple stacked squirting orgams.

Is squirting healthy?

Squirting done in the right situation between a caring couple can be both physically and emotionally healthy for both people. Physically the orgasm reduces stress and increases secretion of vital hormones. Some woman have said, ‘an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away,’ since squirting orgasms can boost immune function.

Emotionally, female ejaculation can help bond the couple and create intimacy. Occasionally squirting can bring up emotional challenges that have been repressed from childhood so it can present an opportunity to work through them and overcome them.

For men this means she won’t be emotionally open to squirting unless she feels she can trust you can handle and stick with her if any emotional scars come up. If she feels you will run away or be scared off then she will be less likely to let go.

It is very easy for a woman to consciously decide not to squirt if she thinks you will judge her, by simple holding back like she is holding back a pee.

So although it may appear to you like she wants to this may not be the case and either consciously or unconsciously one of the reasons she might not squirt.

What is OP massage?

OP massage stands for ‘orgasmic potential massage.’ It is a very advanced technique that uses specialist massage techniques to release the full potential of the woman to have multiple, full body, squirting orgasms quickly and easily.

What are squirter dimples?

Squirter dimples are dimples found on the lower back of some women. They indicate a higher likelihood of being able to quickly and easily release their female ejaculate.