Vibrating Panties: The Ultimate Guide (& Product Reviews)

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Imagine this: You’re out and about with your significant other; maybe you’re at a fancy restaurant with some friends. You’re just about to lift your fork to your mouth when you see your partner reach into their pocket and turn your vibrating panties on.

You almost drop your fork as those sweet vibrations rattle through you. You’re excited; you’re horny, and you want to moan in pleasure… but you have to hold it in.

The teasing and the anticipation of not knowing when the next jolt is going to surge through you is getting you all worked up. Just imagine how great sex is going to be later that night when you get home and can finally let all that pent-up sexual energy out with your partner.

Sounds good, right?

Well, it is. They might sound a little weird, but vibrating panties are undoubtedly one of the most exciting and erotic personal pleasure devices around, and one that every woman has to try at least once. If you’re a thrill-seeker and a fan of teasing, they’re a must-have addition to your sex toy repertoire.

In this post, we’re going to be telling you everything you need to know about vibrating panties, including what they are, why they’re so great, and how to use them. We’ll also be sharing a complete buying guide and our top panty-picks to help you to find the perfect pair for you.

Let’s get started!

What Are Vibrating Panties?

Vibrating panties are exactly what it says on the tin. They’re a pair of wearable panties that vibrate to provide stimulation to your clitoris and other internal pleasure spots and erogenous zones.

Vibrating underwear is a cross-over between sex toys and clothing. They’re typically made up of a fabric pair of panties and a removable vibrator, dildo, bullet or egg vibrator. What makes them so appealing is that, unlike most traditional sex toys, is that they can be worn discreetly.


There’s a wide range of different vibrating underwear on the market that come in all kinds of designs and styles. The vibrating mechanism can also differ depending on the product. We’ll take a look at some of the main differences you need to be aware of in the buying guide later on in this guide.

Benefits of Vibrating Underwear

There’s a lot to love about vibrating panties. Here are just a few reasons you might want to add a pair to your sex toy collection.


The main advantage of vibrating underwear is that they’re hidden out of sight. This means you can easily use them out in public without anyone being any the wiser. Just make sure your face doesn’t make it too obvious what’s going on downstairs, or you’ll be in for some awkward questions!


One of the upshots of being able to get yourself off in public is that it’s delightfully taboo. A lot of kinky women enjoy the risk and sense of danger that comes with wearing vibrating underwear. Using vibrating panties for public orgasms offers a unique thrill that you just can’t get with other sex toys.

Partner Play

Vibrating underwear is one of the best sex toys for partner play. If you choose panties that come with a remote control, you can give up control of it to your partner and put yourself completely at their mercy for a thrill like no other.

Kinkier Sex

Some vibrating panties are crotchless, which allows them to be worn during sex. The panties can stimulate your clit while your partner penetrates you and stimulates your g-spot for double the fun. This is great if you have an underwear fetish, or if you’re into blended orgasms.

Great for him too

Who said vibrating panties are just for women? Dudes can join in the fun too and use them to stimulate their penis and prostate. Some men are into wearing women’s underwear, and some women like to see their men wear them. If this sounds like you and your partner, look for a pair of vibrating underwear for men.

A Buyer’s Guide

Ok, now that we’re a little more familiar with vibrating underwear, let’s talk about how to choose one. Here’s a quick buying guide that will help you to know what factors to consider when you’re shopping around.

Vibrating Mechanism

Different vibrating panties use different mechanisms to power the vibration. Many of them feature removable vibration toys like eggs, rings, and bullets. Others have the vibration mechanism built-in.

Removable vibrators give you more flexibility as you can take it out and use it as a regular vibe whenever you like, without having to wear the panties.

Internal vs. External Stimulation

Another thing to consider is whether you’d prefer internal or external stimulation. Some vibrating panties are purely external, whereas others have attached dildos and internal vibrators to stimulate your G-spot.

It’s also possible to find vibrating underwear that features both internal and external vibrators. Some of these models have dual motors so that you can control the clit vibrator and the dildo piece independently.

Vibration settings

The very best vibrating panties will have highly adjustable vibration settings. Look for a pair that allows you to choose between different intensities and vibration patterns. That way, you’ll be able to modify the vibrations to fit your needs.

Some women have very sensitive clits and prefer lighter vibrations, whereas other women need more powerful stimulation to get off.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the vibration is rumbly or buzzy, and which of these you prefer. Look at the product reviews to see what other users say about the vibration quality and choose a product that fits what you’re looking for.


If you plan on wearing your panties in the bathtub, shower, or anywhere similar, look for a pair of waterproof pair. There are lots of waterproof vibrating panties available, but bear in mind that, in most cases, it’s just the panties that are waterproof, not the remote control.


One of the biggest advantages of vibrating panties is that you can wear them while you’re out of the house. As such, you’ll probably be using them for much longer periods than your regular sex toys—sometimes all day long. For that reason, you’ll want to choose a pair of vibrating underwear with decent battery life.

Think about rechargeability too. Some vibrating panties will be disposable battery-powered, whereas others will be fully rechargeable. Of the rechargeable models, some can be recharged via USBs, whereas others require a power outlet.

Control Mechanism & Distance

The control device/mechanism is one of the most important features to consider when you’re buying vibrating underwear. Some panties are controlled wirelessly via a Bluetooth or WiFi remote control, whereas others are controlled via an app.

App-based models are best if you plan on using your panties with your partner over long distances, as they typically have no max distance. Your partner can trigger your panty vibrations from literally anywhere on earth. However, app-controlled vibrators also tend to be more expensive.

If you choose a pair that comes with a remote control, the max distance will typically be anywhere from 10 to 50 feet. The longer the distance, the better, as it gives you more flexibility with how you use it.

That being said, if you plan on controlling your panties yourself, rather than giving the remote to your partner, the control distance doesn’t really matter as you’ll have the remote with you.

Some remote controls have only two settings: on and off. These types offer only one vibration speed. Others allow you to adjust the intensity or switch between different vibration modes. Some remotes even respond to things like voices and music.

Most vibrating panties come with wireless remotes, but there are a few that are wired. I wouldn’t recommend choosing a wired model unless you exclusively plan on using the panties in the comfort of your own home. Believe it or not, having a wire sticking out of your pants in public is a little awkward.


There are some things in life that you don’t want to share with strangers, and one of those things is the knowledge that you’re currently using a wearable sex toy. That’s why discreteness is another important factor to consider.

Think about how discrete the design of both the panties themselves and the remote are before you make a purchase. Big, bulging panties aren’t ideal if you’re wearing tight pants and trying to be discrete, nor are big, obvious remote controls. Some vibrating panties feature tiny, compact remotes that are disguised like regular handbag items, such as lipstick.


Look at the noise rating of any vibrating underwear you’re interested in too. Most vibrating panties are fairly quiet, but some will be much noisier than others. In most cases, you’ll want to choose one that’s as quiet as possible to avoid drawing too much attention to yourself if you’re using them in public.


Think about the material of the vibrator in the vibrating panties when you’re shopping around. Depending on the model, the vibrator may be made of silicone, rubber, plastic, or other material. I’d recommend choosing a body-safe silicone model if possible, as these are usually the safest, most hygienic, and most comfortable option.

If not silicone, the material should at least be non-porous, as this will make it easier to completely clean without leaving any cracks and crevices for the bacteria to hide in. Using body-safe, non-porous sex toys reduces your risk of UTIs.


It’s not all about functionality; the look of your panties is important too, especially if you plan on using them with a partner. You can choose between all sorts of designs, from laced panties to thongs and leather g-strings.

Some panties are also crotchless, which is useful if you plan on using them while having sex or using an internal sex toy.


A lot of vibrating panties are advertised as ‘one-size-fits-all.’ This might be ok in some circumstances, but the fit isn’t usually all that great. Everyone’s body is slightly different, so it’s often a better idea to choose a pair of panties that fit your specific body.


And of course, the price is another important consideration. Vibrating underwear can range from a few bucks to $100 or more. The more you pay, the more powerful, adjustable, and generally better the panties are likely to be. Decide on a budget and compare the options within your price range.

Top 5 Best Vibrating Panties

1. Ohmibod The Club Vibe 2.OH

The aptly-named Club Vibe 2.OH is my overall favorite vibrating panty product on the market right now. It’s a super-smart sex toy that features some cutting edge technology. One of the most impressive features is the ‘Club Mode,’ which, when activated, turns on sound-driven vibration.

When Club Mode is on, you can forget about the remote as the vibrator will vibrate to the beat of the music. If the music is so loud that the vibrations are too intense, you can adjust the sound sensitivity. Cool, right?

When you’re not in the club, just switch to the Wireless Remote Mode to manually adjust the intensity and vibration pattern easily by switching between 5 pre-set power settings. You can change the settings via the included discrete remote, or through your Apple Watch or Alexa.

The wearable massager itself is well-designed and made from premium ABS plastic. It’s hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Another thing I love about this product is the battery life. It boasts a powerful battery that can last up to 2 hours of use or up to 90 days in standby mode. It’s also completely USB rechargeable, which is handy if you need to recharge it on the go. Just plug it into your laptop or other USB port, and it’ll be ready to go in no time.

2. Fifty Shades Freed

If you’re a fan of the Fifty Shades franchise, you’ll love this one. The ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ vibrating panties are inspired by the movies of the same name and are a real treat for any fan.

But don’t worry, this isn’t just a novelty product. It’s one of the best vibrating underwear you can buy, with exquisite design and powerful, adjustable vibrations.

You can choose between eight vibration pulse patterns and twelve intensity levels to tailor the sensation exactly to your requirements. When you get bored of one specific pattern, just move onto the next one.

The panties themselves are made of stretch lace with ribbon ties that look great and compliment all figures. You can use the ribbon ties to adjust the tightness, so it’s great for women of all sizes. It doesn’t look too out-of-the-ordinary either. To the casual observer, it’s not a regular pair of panties, which is useful if you’re looking for something discrete.

Unlike the Ohmibod product above, the vibrator on this product is made of body-safe silicone, which I personally think feels much better than plastic. It’s soft and silky and transfers the vibrations nicely.

The Fifty Shades Freed panties are also waterproof, so feel free to use them in the bath without damaging the product and completely rechargeable. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge about, and the battery lasts a good amount of time. The panties also come with their own classy-looking storage bag that you can put the vibrator in when you’re not using it.

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3. ​Hot Date Thong

The Hot Date Thong is one of the most exotic-looking products on this list. Unlike the panties above, these panties don’t look at all ordinary. The ribbon-tie back with cerise satin and floral lace looks incredibly sexy and fits anyone from size 4-12 comfortably.

The removable vibrator has six intensity levels and ten vibration modes. It’s also very small and compact, so it’s easily concealable in your bag and will hardly cause a bulge in your panties. If you’re ever not in the mood for pleasure but still want to wear the thong out on a date because it looks so good, you can just pop the vibrator out.

The best thing about this product, though, has to be the price. It’s super affordable and represents excellent value for money, all things considered. If you’re not ready to invest in a fancy, luxury pair of vibrating panties just yet, start with this. It’ll let you test out remote control vibrating underwear without breaking the bank.

4. Esca 2 by Ohmibod

Next up, we have the Esca 2. This is another excellent product from the same brand behind the panties in our number one spot on this list, OhMiBod.

Unlike the other panties we’ve looked at so far, the Esca 2 is designed for internal stimulation. It goes underneath your panties and fits inside you to rattle that G-spot. The thicker part goes inside while, the smaller tail sits outside against your clit for external stimulation.

You can control both the external and internal stimulation for a blended orgasm. It’s compatible with the OhMiBod app, so you don’t even need to use the remote. The app is available on both iOS and Android, so you or your partner can control the vibration settings from your mobile phone super discretely and from any distance.

Because the tail sits on the outside, it’s easy to remove when you’re done. The tail also has pretty LED lights that sync up to the vibrations to provide a visual representation of what’s happening. That way, your partner can see what you’re feeling.

If you’re into blended orgasms or want something that provides internal stimulation, go for the Esca 2.

5. Wireless Venus Butterfly

The Wireless Venus Butterfly is another great affordable option for anyone on a tighter budget. These vibrating panties look super adorable but might be a little too ‘girly’ for some women. You can wear them on the outside of your panties or directly on your vagina. Wearing a pair of panties underneath will mute the vibration somewhat, which can help if you have a very sensitive clit.

The vibration is provided by a small bullet vibrator that is housed inside the soft jelly butterfly casing. To wear it, you just tighten the adjustable straps around your legs. You can control it wirelessly.

Because it’s so cheap, it’s missing a few of the more advanced features you find on more expensive models. For example, it isn’t rechargeable (it’s powered by an AAA battery) and doesn’t have a sound-driven vibration mode. It’s also not quite as powerful as other products.

That being said, it is waterproof, easy to use, and budget-friendly. Try it out if you’re looking for something more affordable.

6. Lock-n-play Remote Panty Vibe

The Lock-n-play remote panty vibe from Cal Exotic is my top recommendation if you’re looking for a vibrator that works with any pair of panties. What makes this product stand out from the rest is that it’s magnetic.

The two ‘magnetic silicone wings’ are connected by a magnetic panel that securely attaches them to any underwear. You can attach it to any pair you own that has a thin crotch section and position the vibrator perfectly on your sweet spot.

The silicone surface of the toy is made from textured silicone. The textures feel wonderful and do a great job of transmitting those vibrations to your body.

This panty vibe also boasts 12 different vibe modes for plenty of adjustability options, and a long-range wireless remote that works from up to 10 meters away, so your playmate can take control from across the room. It’s completely rechargeable, and a full battery will last you up to around 80 minutes of play.

The remote itself is very discrete looking, with a minimalist black design and a single button to cycle through the different vibration modes.

Aside from that, it’s also easy to clean and made from soft hypoallergenic silicone and ABS plastic. The only downside I can see to this product is that it’s a little on the pricey side and the motor is a little louder than I’d like.

7. Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Panty

Last but not least, we have the Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Panties from Pipedream. What stands out most about this vibrating panty product is the design. It’s a sexy g-string with an internal vibrator that works great.

It doesn’t provide any external stimulation. Instead, the bumpy nub hosts the bullet vibrator and slips inside you to rock your world from the inside. The textured bumps on the nub feel great, and the vibrations are more powerful than most.

Because it’s used internally, the noise levels are muted, so it’s more discreet than some other models. The biggest downside is that the plug is made from rubber, which is a porous material and not necessarily body-safe.

It’s fairly affordable and features ten adjustable vibration patterns. Overall, it’s a great mid-range option.

When To Use Vibrating Underwear (5 hot ideas)

The beauty of vibrating panties is that you can use them pretty much wherever and whenever you want—the possibilities are endless. In case you need a little inspiration, I’ve put together a few hot ideas that you might want to try.

At The Movies

One of my favorite ways to use vibrating panties is at the movies. Throw them on and take a trip to the cinema to watch a romantic or erotic movie, like Fifty Shades of Grey, and you won’t regret it. They add a new dimension to the whole experience and really break down the fourth wall and bring you into the movie during those steamy scenes.

If you’re more of the private type and using them in public doesn’t seem like it’s totally your thing, throw on a movie at home instead. Or even better, skip the movie and throw on some porn!

Social Settings

Another thrilling way to use your vibrating underwear is to wear them in social settings. I’m talking about things like dinner with friends, workplace events, parties, and any other occasion you can think of. They’ll really liven up your social functions.

There’s a special kind of rush that comes with knowing you’re doing something naughty, and nobody knows.

Plus, it’s fun. Your partner will enjoy watching you try to keep your body from squirming and your facial expressions under control while they’re using the controls. It’s a fun activity that can bring you closer together.

Household Chores

Cleaning, washing up, and doing laundry are boring… unless you’re wearing vibrating panties. They’re a great way to make your household chores more exciting.

At the Club

A lot of vibrating panties feature sound-driven vibration. This means they vibrate with the rhythm and the pulse of the music. One of the best places to wear this kind of vibrating underwear is in the club. As you get moving to the beat on the dancefloor, your panties will get moving too.

This lets you really ‘feel’ the music in ways you’ve never felt it before. Your whole body will be writhing in pleasure, but to everyone else, it’ll look like you’re just really into the music.

Long Distance Relationships

Another great idea is to use your vibrating underwear with your partner if you’re in a long-distance relationship. Lots of couples who date over long distances have to rely on phone and video-calling sex, as they can’t physically touch each other.

But with vibrating panties, you’ll feel like you can. Your partner can control your panties while you’re on a video call from an app to better simulate real sex.

At Work

If you’re daring enough, you can even throw your panties on at work. Try using a pair with an internal vibrator/dildo if you work in an office and rocking back and forth on your chair. The movement will apply pressure and make it feel incredible.

Just make sure to be very discrete and careful if you use it at work. I don’t know what your job is, but I don’t imagine that most employers would be happy with their employees getting themselves off in the workplace.

Date Night

As I’ve mentioned already, vibrating panties can be great for couples, so why not use it on date night? Take your significant other out to a nice meal at a fancy restaurant while wearing your vibrating panties and hand them the remote. It’ll make it a more exciting, erotic experience for both of you.

Vibrating Underwear Care & Maintenance

Before we wrap up, here are some care and maintenance tips that will help you to make the most of your vibrating panties:

  • Wash the panties after you wear them—remove the vibrator first and hand wash them or run them through a gentle washing cycle in your machine in a lingerie bag.
  • Clean the vibrator after each use—wipe down the vibrator with an appropriate cleaning solution each and every time you use it. You may be able to use soap and warm water.
  • Keep them dry—after you’ve washed your vibrator and panties, make sure you dab them or lay them flat to dry before you store them. Leaving them wet or moist can lead to dampness and mold.
  • Store them separately from other sex toys—if you’re using a pair with a silicone vibrator, be careful to keep them away from other silicone sex toys. Silicone reacts with itself, so if they touch your other silicone toys, they can become damaged.
  • Keep them away from water—if they’re not specifically waterproof, make sure you don’t use them in the bath and keep them away from water.
  • Remove the batteries when not in use—leaving the batteries in can drain them and potentially destroy the housing, so make sure you take them out.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our ultimate guide to vibrating underwear! Did we forget to cover anything? If you have any questions or comments to add, let us know in the comments.

If vibrating panties aren’t your thing, we’ve got plenty of guides to other sex toys that might be more your speed, like squirting dildos, butt plugs, and more. Check them out on our blog!

Enjoy your new toy!

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