Sex Furniture: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you looking to explore new, orgasmic sex positions with the best sex furniture? Find out how in our sextastic guide!

Whether you want to spice up your sex life, try new sexual positions or simply want to get around an injury or disability, sex furniture is the way to go.

In this complete guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about sex furniture, including what it is, what it does and how it works. If you’re thinking about buying some sex furniture of your own, we’ll show you a range of outstanding options at various price points that will suit any budget, no matter what your preferences.

So, if you’re looking to spice up your bedroom routine, relax and allow us to give you the complete low-down on the best sex furniture you can buy right now!

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In this post, we’ll be discussing the following things:

1. What is sex furniture?

Sex furniture is an incredibly broad term used to refer to any piece of furniture that aids a sexual experience. It covers everything from inflatable pillows, cushions, and mattresses to things like wedges, chairs, swings, balls, sofas, loungers, and more.

At one end of the spectrum, some sex furniture items, such as cushions and balls, may resemble things that you’d find at home. They may be furry, cute, fluffy, or even inflatable and can come in every color under the sun. Some of these items can double up as regular furniture (sex wedges can make great pillows when you’re in a bind!).

At the other extreme, some items of sex furniture, such as specialized bondage furniture, wouldn’t look out of place in a dungeon! Things such as crosses, benches, cages, and boxes fall into this category. We’ll be discussing all of these things and more in the following guide!

Of course, sex furniture doesn’t have to be store-bought or custom-ordered. You can also re-purpose or modify regular furniture to make it into your own, unique DIY sex furniture! Throughout this guide, we’ll be giving you plenty of advice and tips about how to do just that!


2. Why use sex furniture at all?

Sex furniture, whether store-bought, custom-ordered, or homemade, offers a number of fantastic benefits for you and your partner(s).

Sex furniture can:

  • Enhance excitement and pleasure.
  • Make certain positions easier.
  • Help you overcome handicaps and/or injuries.

Let’s look into these areas in more detail!

Enhances excitement and pleasure

The most common reason for buying sex furniture is to spice up a stale bedroom routine and inject a little spice to an otherwise stale sex life. You see, nothing screams “Kinky!” quite like unboxing a brand new wedge, sex lounger, or bondage sex chair and telling your partner to have at it. Sex toys are fun, kinky, and let you explore your naughty, adventurous side, making sex all the more exciting! But there’s more…

The real benefit of sex furniture comes from all the great sex it lets you have. With the right piece of furniture, you’ll be able to live out your fantasies, hit the perfect angles, and go at it harder, faster, and longer than you’ve ever dreamed was possible!

Making certain positions easier

Let’s face it; we all wish we could do the Kama Sutra from cover to cover, but in reality, most of us just aren’t up for it! Thankfully, the right sex furniture opens up a world of new sexual possibilities and makes the impossible possible.

Don’t believe us? Here are some tasters: On the face of it, a sex wedge is just a fancy pillow, right? If you’re a guy, you’ll know that consistently hitting your lover’s G spot is no mean feat, right?

Well, what if we told you that putting a sex wedge under your butt during reverse Cowgirl (her on top) makes G spot stimulation ridiculously easy? Impressive, right?

Just wait until you try putting the wedge under her butt while you go down on her…no sore neck, guaranteed! (Thank us later!) And that’s just sex wedges; we haven’t even gotten into the seriously fun stuff yet! You see, sex furniture helps you make great sex positions easier, helping you both feel fulfilled. It can also help fix height differences, another thing that can heighten comfort.

Overcoming handicaps and/or injuries

Couples with injuries (such as back pain, bad knees, or hip or neck pain) will absolutely love sex furniture such as chairs, pillows, and wedges, as will those with disabilities or other mobility issues.


By offering the right level of support in just the right places, sex furniture lets people relax and unwind, even if they haven’t had pain-free sex in years! Things like sex wedges and chairs that help support your body weight can take the pressure off sensitive knees and backs.

The result?

Mind-blowing orgasms that leave you fulfilled and satisfied! When it comes to having seriously good sex, there’s nothing quite like being supported from every angle and just going to town on each other!

3. What types of furniture is there?

By this point, you’re probably wondering what types of sex furniture are out there… In this section, we’ll share a complete overview of your options. Where possible, these items have been arranged in order of price from low to high, although there are some items that can be deceptively expensive!

The main types of sex furniture are:

  • Sex Wedge Pillows
  • Sex cushions
  • Sex gliders
  • Sex Beds
  • Sex chairs
  • Sex swings and slings

Sex Wedge Pillows

You’ve probably seen sex pillows on sale and thought; “They’re just frickin’ pillows, aren’t they?” Well, if you’ve yet to take the plunge and buy one, get ready to open a Pandora’s box of pleasure, comfort, improved angles, and new, enhanced positions! Listen. Sex wedge pillows come in an astonishing range of shapes, sizes, materials and at a multitude of price points.

At the cheaper end, you’ve got your inflatable wedges. These can be fun for trying out new missionary variations, or raising your partner’s derriere and giving great oral without getting a sore neck.

Moving up the price chain, you can use a cheap medical wedge as an okay alternative. But shelling out for a specialized wedge, like a Liberator, is when the sparks can really begin to fly!

Unlike inflatables or cheap wedges, top-end wedges are made from special high-density foam that won’t ‘give in’ when you lie on them. This seemingly insignificant detail opens up a world of orgasmic possibilities. You can experiment with new positions, hit just the ‘right’ angles and pound your lover to ecstasy in a way that no inflatable or cheap foam wedge can match. Some top wedges even have built-in restraint points if you want to break out the handcuffs and unleash your inner dominatrix!

Overall, sex wedge pillows give you;

  • Perfect angles
  • Incredible intimacy
  • Maximum pleasure
  • (and they’re also pretty good for sitting or lying on, too!)

Some sex wedges fold up and double as stools or, at a push, Ottomans, when not in use.

Sex cushions

As with sex wedges, sex cushions are a versatile type of sex toy that comes at a wide range of different price points. For some of you out there, distinguishing between pillows and cushions is probably playing with semantics, but hear us out: pillows help you in a number of ways. At the cheap end, inflatable bolster-shaped pillows are amazing for doggy-style sex.


Straddling one of these blow-up marvels can take the stress and strain out of the position, and when you relax, that’s when the magic happens! By the way, sex cushions are also perfect for those who have knee or hip problems, too!

Plusher sex cushions such as a Lovers Cushion from Deluxe Comfort are incredible for missionary sex. They give the perfect tailbone and hip support, helping you hit your lover’s G spot every time!

Sex gliders

After cushions, you’ve got sex gliders, otherwise known as Monkey Rockers. These little beauties are awesome for solo play, but also add tons of variety to mutual masturbation and sex sessions as well!

At the low end, you’ll find inflatable sex gliders with their own built-in attachments. These are great fun for solo or mutual masturbation sessions, but they can also be used in during sex.

Moving up in price, gliders like the Liberator BonBon is sturdy enough to support your weight and can hold your favorite sex toy securely. Gliders are awesome for solo play, and this plush wonder opens up a variety of great positions that you can enjoy together during intercourse.

Don’t believe us?

Try asking your woman to straddle the BonBon and pleasure herself using her favorite vibrator while she performs oral sex on you. You’ll both love it!

Sex Beds

When most people think of sex furniture, ‘beds’ are probably the first thing they think of. But in reality, few people have the space or money to go all out and invest in a purpose-built sex bed.

The most straight forward approach is to adapt and modify your existing bed, transforming it into the sex bed you’ve always dreamed of. But whether you’re into doggy, missionary, oral, or even a niche activity like water play, let’s be honest: things are probably going to get messy!

That’s why mattress covers are a great investment. These sturdy rubber or PVC sheets are available for a variety of bed sizes and will keep your pride and joy stain-free while you go to town on each other.

No matter which sex furniture you buy, a sex mattress is a great investment!

All you need to transform your regular bed into one worthy of a BDSM porn shoot is an inexpensive bed bondage kit. These fabric marvels come with under-bed straps and cuffs that you can use to strap your lover into position, just where you like them. When combined with a sex wedge pillow or sex cushion, your bed will have some of the features and functionality of a sex bed, but for a fraction of the price.

For those who prefer to buy an actual bed, the most economical option is to buy an inflatable mattress.

To take things one step further, you could also buy a mattress specifically designed for in-car use. You’ll sometimes see these advertised as ‘Car beds’ or ‘Car sex beds’ (leaving little to the imagination!) But they’ll also work well in your bedroom or any other room of your house.

Some sex wedges and sex loungers are so large that they practically double as beds, helping to make your choice for you. Overall, an inflatable sex lounger is a happy medium between using your own bed and buying a specialized sex bed (we’ll discuss that option in more detail below!).


A lounger opens up a variety of positions, like pounding missionary, grinding doggy style and a range of awesome oral sex positions! They are perfect for the bedroom, or anywhere else you’d like to use them.

Sex chairs

Of all the categories, the sex chair category is undoubtedly the biggest! Sex chairs range from simple inflatable seats to bespoke, custom-designed marvels that wouldn’t look out of place in the dungeon of a professional dominatrix!

In the sex chair category you’ve got:

  • Inflatable chairs
  • Sex stools
  • Sex thrones
  • Sex loungers

Let’s look into each of these in a bit more detail!

Inflatable chairs

Inflatable chairs come in all shapes and sizes to suit every desire and budget. Budget models straddle the line between sex wedges cushions and seats, almost like mini loungers. Although inflatable models lack the support of more expensive foam options, they can let you explore a variety of fun, sex positions in comfort.

Inflatable chairs offer:

  • Unbeatable positions, especially for missionary sex.
  • Ease of access, making oral sex easier to perform.
  • Maximum pleasure, by helping you get the perfect angles!

If you want to experiment with restraining your partner, an inflatable sex sofa chair is a great way to introduce some light bondage without seeming too threatening. Some models come with Velcro restraint cuffs for your lover’s wrists and ankles, helping to open up a new world of fun! Whether you want to tease, spank or go down on your partner, an inflatable sofa won’t fail to add a little excitement into your routine.

Sex stools

If you’re looking for enhanced comfort and toe-curlingly-good sex without anything deflating on you, you may like to check out a more durable, steel-framed sex stools instead! You see, as fun as inflatable sex furniture can be, it does have its drawbacks.

You’ll often find hard seams on the edges of inflatable items (ouch!) and some of these seams can be painful when you’re in the throes of passion. Plus, these seams aren’t always tough enough to withstand being regularly inflated and deflated, so the item may not last as long as you’d planned on!

That’s where sex stools come in. They’re a staple feature in BDSM porn for a reason – they are extremely versatile and durable! Metal-framed sex stools can be assembled or dissembled in minutes and support a wide range of body types without any chance of getting a puncture! If you’re wondering what you can do with a sex stool, it’s more a question of what can’t you do!

For any of you Symbian fans out there, ride-on vibrators and stools go together like peanut butter and jelly. The stool supports your body weight while you lower yourself onto your favorite ride-on pleasure box. This makes it easy to adjust the depth and intensity of the sensation without using too much hip or knee strength.

While stools are great for solo sex sessions, they’re also unbeatable when it comes to oral and penetrative sex, too! If your partner sits or lies on a stool, you’ll find it makes giving and receiving oral sex much easier.

You can easily get into the perfect position, for maximum pleasure, and no one gets a sore neck! Sex stools also help you perform a range of other sex positions including doggy style. If you or your partner straddles the stool and bends forward, you’ll be in a great doggy position while most of the weight is taken off your joints.

If BDSM is more your scene, you can use the stool as a type of Queening chair, with your partner lying below and performing cunnilingus or analingus. Stools are also wonderful if you’re into niche activities like golden or brown showers!

In short, whether you’re looking for some solo fun, or wanting to give the perfect head without getting a sort neck, sex stools are your ticket to a good time! They are sturdier than inflatable stools yet can be stowed away almost as easily.

Sex thrones

Sex thrones are ideal if you’re looking for the perfect chair in which to give or receive head. These solid masterpieces not only function well as sex furniture, but they also look good enough to be permanent fixtures in your home as well! Sex thrones come in a range of styles and materials to suit any taste or budget. Some include built-in or detachable sex toys like vibrators that add to the pleasure.

Chairs with high backs are perfect for BDSM and role play, giving a wide range of options for bedroom fun. You can use the different parts of the chair to restrain your lover and tease them while you eat them out. Other options include standing near or behind the chair and receiving oral sex while you stimulate your partner to ecstasy.

In summary, sex thrones offer a one-way ticket to sexual nirvana and we’ll explore some bondage options in the following section below.

Sex loungers

Sex loungers blur the line between cushions, wedges, sofas, and beds by offering a wide range of sitting and lying positions. Do you remember all those fabulous benefits of sex wedges we described earlier?

You know, like incredible G-spot stimulation for her, and the perfect oral sex position for him? Well, loungers offer all those benefits and more, combined into a standalone product that can take your sex life to the next level!

The most economically priced sex loungers are, of course, inflatable but they still offer great fun for couples who want to have oral sex without getting cramped necks, or those who want to experiment with new missionary and doggy-style variations.

For couples looking for the ultimate in support, comfort, and positioning, options such as the Luvbed from won’t disappoint. This fixed sex lounger combines and bed and stool to let you and your partner find the perfect positions for a wide range of nocturnal activities. Sex loungers like the Luvbed are perfect for giving and receiving amazing oral sex and trying out new sex positions that will help any couple reach new sexual highs.

Sex swings and slings

One of the most commonly overlooked types of sex furniture is the humble sex sling! Slings are great for those on a budget as they let you suspend your lover in a variety of positions that would usually only be possible with the help of expensive furniture like chairs or loungers.

Entry-level slings can be suspended from a sturdy door (check the hinges and frame first!) or attached to a pullup bar that has been installed between the doorway. These slings make face-to-face standing positions an absolute dream! With your partner’s weight fully supported, you can experiment with a range of rocking and swinging motions that will make you both explode with pleasure.

For slightly more money, you can buy a freestanding sex swing frame, especially for supporting your lover.

Not only will these frames support more weight than a doorway, but they’ll add two more secure points. This lets you experiment with a bed-like swing harness and enables your lover to lie flat – something that’s far more comfortable!

Bed swings are far more comfortable for the partner being suspended as they help spread their weight across a larger area. Bed swings are also great for people with mobility or disability issues who want to experiment with a range of motions and movements that may otherwise be off-limits.

Bondage sex furniture

Our guide now takes a turn to the dark side as we explore a range of furniture that would suit any discerning BDSM enthusiast… Some of these items are similar to those found above, while others are more suited to a dungeon than a bedroom!

While there is a seemingly infinite range of bondage sex furniture out there, the main types include:

  • Bondage boards
  • Bondage tables
  • Sex boxes
  • Sex chairs
  • Bondage frames
  • Crosses
  • Cages
  • Bondage beds

Bondage boards

If you’re looking to get kinky on the cheap, sex furniture doesn’t come cheaper than a bondage board! Most boards can be handily folded up for easy storage and have a variety of restraint points, perfect for securing your lover in a wide range of sexy positions.

Bondage tables

Moving up in the kink-stakes, you’ll find bondage tables. These unique tables can restrain someone and take them through a wide range of motion, including inversion, making them perfect for a wide range of BDSM activities.

Sex boxes

Sex boxes can be used for various activities such as queening, smothering, or experimenting with various sexual positions. They are also great for restraining your lover during intercourse, in a variety of positions. Smaller versions of queening chairs, also known as ‘smother boxes’, can provide a more discreet solution for those looking to fulfill their queening fantasies without buying a chair.

Sex chairs

Want to experience bondage on a budget? If so, an inflatable sex chair could be just what you need. We mentioned this inflatable chair with straps in our earlier section as its popular with couples who want to explore their fantasies and is less intimidating than a leather-bound chair. However, this blow-up chair is also perfect for bondage enthusiasts who want to experiment with restraint without getting too serious.

In this category, you’ve also got some deluxe offerings like this inflatable love lounger. With plenty of restraint points and mounting options for your favorite toys, this bondage lounger lets you explore a wide range of sexual positions with ease.

While, in theory, inflatable items can be deflated and stored, don’t expect these products to last too long if you plan on inflating and deflating them too often. For a more permanent solution, true BDSM aficionados opt for durable, upholstered chairs. Upholstered chairs let you relax into the perfect position for some bondage fun and have plenty of restraint points to let you experiment with your favorite cuffs and chains.

You’ll also find purpose-built queening chairs that are designed especially for face smoothing and giving or receiving oral sex. Queening chairs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and a vast number of materials. Given the importance of hygiene, you’ll want to invest in a chair that’s easy to clean and disinfect after use, while providing comfort and stability during sex.

Bondage frames

Bondage frames come in a range of shapes and sizes and are a highly economical type of sex furniture. We’ll briefly look at a few of the most popular options. This doggy-style sex frame holds your partner’s wrists and ankles, securing them in a doggy-style position, and can be easily collapsed for easy storage. Fully adjustable to suit a variety of heights, some frames come with optional mounting points for sex toys and neck cuffs.

If you’ve always wanted to experiment with hogtying, this hogtie trainer could be more down your alley, comfortably holding your lover in a hogtied position. Lastly, this frame offers a budget alternative to investing in a full-sized bondage cross.

At a far higher price point, full-blown spanking benches are a much more durable option.These leather upholstered benches let you spank, slap and fuck your partner to ecstasy.


While most people are happy with a bed restraint kit or bondage frame, you can always go the full nine yards and buy a bondage cross. Although most crosses are permanent, you can also find models that fold up for discreet storage when not in use.


No self-respecting dungeon master would consider their dungeon to be complete without its own cage. As cages are permanent, you’ll often find that high-end bondage beds come with their own under-bed cages, too. This saves space while adding functionality to your investment.

Bondage beds

If you’re looking for a full-on steel or wrought iron bondage bed frame, the sky’s the limit in terms of price. Expect a full set up with plenty of restrain points to set you back several thousand dollars.

4. What materials are used to make furniture for sex?

An important factor when choosing the right sex furniture is knowing which materials a particular item is made from. This can help you decide whether the item is value for money and can give you a rough idea about how easy it is to clean. The materials that an item is made from can also give you some idea about how comfortable it might be to use.

Here is a rundown of some of the most common materials used to make sex toys.

Inflatable sex furniture

Inflatable furniture is typically made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), but may include other materials such as silicone, nylon, or various types of rubber. While this has the advantage of being able to be deflated when not in use, you have to watch out for hard seams that can cause pain and discomfort during use.

Some inflatable furniture, such as mattresses, may be covered with a non-removable man-made material. This improves comfort and increases grip but makes the item far more difficult to clean. To get around this, you may want to use a sex mattress (described above) to avoid sweat and bodily fluids from ruining the material during use.

Foam sex furniture

Foam-filled furniture such as sex wedges or chairs will typically be made from dense foam covered with a PVC, fabric, or leather outer cover. Cheaper items may have non-removable covers, making them more difficult to clean and sanitize.

Higher-end models may be manufactured from memory foam, or foam containing silicone or latex. They typically have detachable covers made from natural or man-made fabrics, make cleaning the furniture far simpler. When choosing foam sex furniture, look for items with removable covers as this makes cleaning much easier.

Metal framed sex furniture

Sex furniture with metal frames, such as sex swing frames, bondage frames, or bondage boards are typically made from stainless steel. Higher-end items such as sex chairs will typically be steel that has been powder-coated for added durability. Sex bed frames are either steel or wrought iron, for added strength.

In terms of attachments, many metal-framed sex furniture items come with things like ankle and wrist cuffs. The chains or attachments will usually be steel while the cuffs themselves could be fabric, leather, imitation leather or even metal.

Upholstered sex furniture

Upholstered sex furniture such as beds, loungers or boxes typically have wooden or metal frames and are covered with real or imitation leather. Pricier models may include removable fabric covers for ease of cleaning, but most upholstered items are fixed and easy to sanitize through regular cleaning.

Overall, upholstered sex furniture often comes at the highest price point, but gives great comfort and durability, while being easy to clean.

5. Things to consider when choosing sex furniture

After looking at the materials used to make sex furniture, it should be clear that two apparently similar items could be vastly different in terms of how easy they are to use and clean. In this section, we’ll discuss the practicalities of choosing sex furniture.

Here are some of the things you need to consider:

  1. Allergies
  2. Ease of cleaning
  3. Seams
  4. Durability
  5. Extras
  6. Returns and warranties

Let’s dive into these areas in more detail!

  1. Allergies If you are allergic to specific materials such as latex or silicone, you’ll need to factor this into your decision when choosing the right furniture.
  2. Ease of cleaning Metal or upholstered leather items will be the easiest to clean while cheaper items without removable covers may cause you some difficulty. Always be aware that some materials such as fabrics are porous and therefore much more difficult, if not impossible, to fully clean and sterilize. This is especially important if you plan on using the furniture with more than one partner.
  3. Seams With most sex furniture, there’s no ‘try-before-you-buy’ so be aware that most inflatable items will have hard seams. Although blow up chairs and loungers are cheap and cheerful, remember that hard seams can be painful during rough intercourse.
  4. Durability Always read the size and weight limitations before you pay for sex furniture. Many inflatable items will have a maximum load weight. Before making a purchase, you always want to consider how durable the item will be. You can’t expect fabric of PVC items to last as long as upholstered furniture, so you need to consider how much use you expect to get out of it. One important consideration when choosing inflatable sex furniture is the number of times it can be inflated and deflated. Items with regular seams may not last that long before they get a leak. Looking for items with tough, reinforced seams that will stand up to regular use can prove more economical in the long run.
  5. Extras Be aware that photos of sex furniture often include items that aren’t included in the price. For example, a sex rocker may be shown with an expensive dildo that is sold separately. Always check beforehand. This is a big issue when it comes to higher-end items like spanking benches and beds. Such items may be pictured with optional add-ons that add several hundred dollars to the product’s base price.
  6. Returns and warranties Always read the small print and be aware that different parts of a particular item of sex furniture may have different warranties. For example, the upholstered leather parts of a sex chair may be warrantied for less than the steel frame.

How to store sex furniture

Whether you have your own dungeon or are looking for something you can collapse or deflate and tuck away when not in use, there are some basic rules about storing sex furniture that you need to follow. For example, when you’ve finished using an item, you’ll need to thoroughly clean and disinfect it. This stops the spread of germs and bacteria and prevents the furniture from going moldy or decaying.

You also need to think about how to prevent the item from becoming dusty or dirty between sessions. You may want to buy a dust cover or use a case to keep the furniture clean until its next outing.

Here are some tips about storing sex furniture:

Tip 1. Look for items that offer extra storage space

When shopping for sex furniture, you may want to invest in items that offer extra storage space. For instance, sex bed frames may feature an under-bed cage that you can use to store other items in when not in use. Likewise, a sex box or smother box could provide the perfect place to store a range of sex toys when you aren’t using them.

Tip 2. Look for items that combine functions

Unless you need to hide the furniture, some items may have more than one use. A sex bed with a set of drawers or a cage underneath is a good example, as this will take up less space than separate items. Sex wedge pillows and other items can easily double up as cushions for your bed, or even as stools for you to sit on. There are plenty of sex furniture items out there that can act as regular furniture when not in use.

Tip 3. Choose collapsible items if space is at a premium

If you have limited space, your best bet is to choose collapsible items such as sex swing frames or bondage frames, instead of larger fixed items like chairs and loungers. If you hunt around, you’ll likely find a collapsible version of an item you’re looking for, whether it’s a folding bondage table, a cross or a sex stool that dismantled into separate pieces.


This guide has shown the incredibly varied range of sex furniture you can choose from right now. From sex wedges to swings, chairs, and beds, we’ve covered it all.

Whether you wanted to know what was available or simply get more of an understanding about how it works, hopefully, this guide has answered all your questions. Whatever your preferences and budget, the perfect sex furniture is out there just waiting to be discovered!

Good luck!