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8 Easy and Must-Know Sex Positions for Beginners

This guide is all about beginner sex positions. Whether you're new to this or just looking for some clear, simple advice, I've got you covered.

Starting out can be overwhelming, but don't worry. Think of this as your basic training for better sex.

Here, you'll learn the easy-to-follow, fundamental positions to help you feel more confident and comfortable.

No complex terminology, no overwhelming details, either, with the sex positions listed here!

Just the essentials, step by step, to get you on the right track. We'll do all the hard work on this webpage, so you don't have to in the bedroom.

In this article, we'll cover:

  • Variations and explanations on how to get into each position
  • Tips for better penetration, rhythm, and techniques to enhance pleasure
  • Advice on how to guide her into a position easily and confidently 

Best Sex Positions For First Timers

Think of these sex positions as your starter kit.

They're easy to do and require little effort, flexibility, or stamina to get you started. 

I do not doubt that you'll master these positions in no time and be ready to move on to the next section below. 

Take your time. Don't rush, and did I mention focus on foreplay before sex?

Go here to learn more techniques that will get her relaxed and in the mood and take the pressure off of your shoulders.


Missionary is easy to set up, making it an ideal starting point for first-timers.

Here's how to do it.

  • The woman lies on her back and opens her legs.
  • The man kneels between her legs.
  • The man enters the woman.

Tips for better penetration & rhythm:

Start slow and talk to each other to find what feels good and get feedback.

Keep a steady pace, but don't be afraid to adjust as needed. 

Variations to spice it up:

Press down slightly on her shoulders to deepen penetration.

Change the angle of your body or adjust your depth to mix up the feeling.

A tip that many of my clients swear changed their sex life is this one: place a pillow under her buttocks to tilt her hips and change the angle of penetration.

Why this position is beginner-friendly:

  • It’s simple and easy to get right.
  • You’re face-to-face, which makes it easier to talk and see each other’s reactions.
  • The woman can pull her man closer by adjusting her legs.
  • Being face-to-face can be very sensual, meaning it's great for building upon an existing relationship.
  • The weight of the man can make the woman feel secure and comfortable.


Cowgirl is another of my favorites for beginners for a few key reasons.

Here's how to do it.

  • The penetrating partner lies flat on his back.
  • The woman sits on top of him, facing him.
  • She places her feet flat on the bed or the floor to support herself.
  • She lowers herself onto him until she kneels on top of him.
  • The penetrating partner enters from below.

Tips for better penetration & rhythm:

The woman controls the rhythm and depth in this position, which means it's easier for her to find what feels best for her.

Cowgirl easily allows her to move her hips in a thrusting or a grinding motion.

You can also give feedback and suggest changes to help her out. 

Variations to spice it up:

The man can place his hands under her buttocks or on her hips to help guide her movements.

Playing with her breasts and nipples can also make sex a lot more pleasurable for both you and her.

Why Cowgirl is great for first-timers:

  • She decides the rhythm and depth of penetration, which can make her feel more in control and comfortable.
  • This position often has a good amount of clitoral stimulation, which can help her reach orgasm.
  • The man can lean back, relax, and enjoy the view and the experience, making it less physically demanding for him.

Basic Sex Positions for Beginners

Now that you've got the basics down from our first-timers list above, it's time to level up by increasing your sexual abilities.

These positions offer more interaction and intimacy.

If you're feeling confident with the fundamentals, the following sex positions will add some new skills to your repertoire.


Lotus is a great position for many reasons.

You'll find that couples who want to deepen their connection, such as those involved in tantra, have given this one a go in the past.

Trust me, I know quite a few who have.

Don't let that discourage you. Just because you might not know what tantra is doesn't mean you can't enjoy what Lotus has to offer. 

Here’s how to get into it:

  • The man sits cross-legged on the bed or floor.
  • The woman sits on his lap, facing him.
  • She wraps her legs around his back.
  • She lowers herself onto her partner's lap.

Tips for better penetration & rhythm:

In the Lotus position, movement is more about rocking back and forth than vigorous thrusting.

This slow, grinding motion can create a very pleasurable stimulation for both partners.

Focus on maintaining a rhythm that feels good; don't be afraid to reposition your legs at any point, either.

Variations to spice it up:

Instead of sticking to the traditional Lotus, you can try positions like Oasis or Aries to mix things up.

In Oasis, the woman leans back slightly and supports herself on the man’s thighs, creating a different angle of penetration.

Aries involves the man reclining back on his hands while the woman leans forward.

Why this position is beginner-friendly:

  • There's plenty of eye contact.
  • The woman controls the depth and pace, making adjusting to her comfort level easier.
  • This position has plenty of clitoral stimulation for her pleasure. 
  • It’s a relaxed position where partners can focus more on intimacy and sensation rather than complex movements.


When you wake up on a lazy Sunday morning, the Spooning position will be your go-to move.

It's one of the best sex positions for those with limited sexual ability who want relaxed and cozy.

And did I mention that it's very intimate

This one has something both for beginners and experienced alike, making it one that you're most likely to use repeatedly for years to come.

Here’s how to get into it:

  • Both partners lie on their sides, with the man behind the woman.
  • The woman curves slightly to allow the man to enter from behind.
  • The man wraps one arm around her for stability and closeness.

Tips for better penetration & rhythm:

In spooning, the man controls the thrusting pace, which usually will be slow and rhythmic.

Spooning is for gentle movements rather than aggressive thrusting.

The closeness of the position makes it easy to maintain a consistent rhythm.

Variations to spice it up:

For a change, try the Sideways or Scissor positions.

In Sideways, both partners face each other and intertwine their legs for a different angle of penetration.

Scissor involves both partners crossing their legs in a scissor-like fashion, which changes the depth and angle of penetration.

What makes Spooning a great beginner's position:

  • It's a relaxed position where the penetrating partner does most of the work while lying down.
  • Though there's no eye contact, skin-to-skin contact will give you that deep, intimate connection that you crave.
  • Gentle back scratches or massages, which I highly recommend, can also be added easily here.


Think of Butterfly as a level-up on Missionary.

They have many things in common, but something extra about Butterfly makes it so much better.

Here’s how to get into it:

  • The woman lies on her back 
  • The penetrating partner kneels in front of her.
  • She raises her legs, resting them on his shoulders or arms.

Tips for better penetration & rhythm:

This position gives the man control over the depth and speed.

It is good to start slowly to accommodate the depth and adjust the rhythm as both partners get more comfortable.

Variations to spice it up:

Explore the Captain or Anvil positions as variations.

In the Captain, the woman raises her hips higher, and the man supports her by holding her hips or lower back.

The Anvil modifies the Butterfly by having the woman lay completely flat with her legs up, increasing the depth and angle of penetration.

What makes Butterfly a great beginner's position:

  • The woman relaxes completely while the man controls the action.
  • The position has excellent depth control, making it easier for beginners to adjust.
  • It's ideal for deep penetration without complicated maneuvers.

Easy Sex Positions to Boost Your Sexual Confidence

These sex positions are the next step for those who've gained a bit of experience and are now looking to boost their confidence in the bedroom, so you have what it takes to keep going and experimenting with new sex positions.

Doggy Style

Cowgirl and Doggy Style have the benefit of being two of the most satisfying sex positions on the planet.

There's a reason why you probably knew about it long before you lost your virginity.

Doggy style isn't just about the hard thrusts; the mixture of intimacy and raw passion makes it so thrilling.

Here's how to get started:

  • The woman gets on her hands and knees.
  • The man kneels behind her, aligning himself at her entrance.
  • He holds onto her hips or waist as he enters from behind.

Tips for better penetration & rhythm:

Doggy style gives the penetrating partner control of the angle of penetration from behind, allowing for more depth.

I recommend always starting slow and gradually increasing based on the feedback. 

Variations to spice it up:

Place your hands on her shoulders and push her down onto the mattress, or give her hair a gentle pull for an added sense of dominance and submission in the position.

Why Doggy Style Can Boost Your Confidence:

  • It emphasizes your dominance and control.
  • There's deep penetration. 
  • It promotes a positive body image, seeing your sexual prowess. 
  • The receiving partner's visual appeal and submissive posture are usually a significant turn-on.
  • The man feels assertive and confident in his movements.

Face Off

Face Off combines intimacy with control, perfect for demonstrating your strength.

Here's how to get started:

  • The penetrating partner sits on the edge of a bed or chair.
  • The woman stands in front of him.
  • She wraps her legs around him as he enters.

Tips for better penetration & rhythm:

The man can control the movements by using his full body to thrust or grind while the woman can join into the movement using her legs to push herself up and down or back and forth.

Both partners can adjust the depth and speed of thrusts.

It's a dynamic position that can vary from slow and intimate to fast and passionate.

Variations to spice it up:

Experiment with transitions like the Lapdance, where the man sits down, and the woman grinds on top facing away, or Meilleur, where she places her feet on the chair behind his back for a different angle of penetration.

Why Face Off can boost your confidence:

  • The man can showcase his strength by easily lifting his partner. 
  • It offers the chance to be assertive and control the pace and movement.
  • This position can make the woman feel dominated, boosting the confidence of both partners.

London Bridge

It's not quite a tried and true sex position like the others on this list.

Still, London Bridge is visually something to look at. In other words, it's sexy!

It's also one of the more physically engaging positions here.

Here's how to get started:

  • The woman lies on her back and raises her hips.
  • She supports herself on her shoulders.
  • The man kneels and enters her, holding her hips or waist.

Tips for better penetration & rhythm:

The elevation of the woman’s hips offers a range of sensations. Also, the man controls the depth and pace.

Variations to spice it up:

Adjusting the angle of her hips or his stance can dramatically make this position feel ten times better, providing even more ways to explore and enjoy it.

Why London Bridge can boost your confidence:

  • The position is visually striking, meaning you feel good looking at your hard work.
  • It demands a certain level of physical coordination and strength, which can feel empowering.
  • The openness and exposure of the position can make it feel more sexually adventurous and bold than others you might have tried in the past.

Andrew’s Proven Expert Tips On How To Guide Her Into A Position

The strongest connections in the bedroom blend confidence, care, consent, and technique.

Masculine presence is a key component of GREAT sex.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

Masculine presence is more important than your techniques and more important than your size below the belt. 

Mastering your masculine presence can best be described as being confident in yourself, being present in the moment, and taking charge in a way that makes your partner feel safe and desired. 

You are going to do just that by following the steps outlined below. 





Understand Your Partner’s Body Language

Becoming good at reading your partner’s body responses is especially important for those who are sexually inexperienced.

When you touch or move her, observe her reactions closely.

If she presses closer when you kiss or stroke her, that’s your cue to continue in that direction.

For instance, if guiding her hips into a new angle and she adjusts slightly, match her movement to find the best angle for both of you.

Use Your Voice

Leverage the power of your voice.

Communicate what you’ll do, ask for her feedback, and respond to her needs.

Your voice should be firm, strong, and commanding when needed.

This can help create a sense of dominance and control, which can be a turn-on for both partners.

Using words of affirmation builds trust and helps her feel more at ease.

For example, during a transition, you might say, "How does this feel?" or "I love seeing you enjoy yourself."

Make Small Adjustments

Be ready to make small, thoughtful adjustments.

Shift your weight, change your hand placement, or tweak your angle.

These small details show that you value her enjoyment as much as your own.

Move Slow & Be Patient

Take your time. Slow pacing gives you something valuable: time.

It's the time needed for necessary adjustments and ensures that both partners fully enjoy the experience.

Patience may involve holding a position longer or slowing down. 

Focus On Comfort

Being comfortable may involve adding pillows here or there, especially under the hips, tweaking the lighting, or changing locations.

This is important because comfort leads to relaxation, and relaxation leads to pleasure and, eventually, mind-blowing orgasms.

You don't have to be a certified sex therapist to learn and lock this one in your memory. 

Encourage Exploration

Ask her to try different angles, movements, or variations of a position to help you discover what feels best for both of you.

Encouraging her to adjust the tilt of her hips, move faster or slower, or touch herself in a certain way.

Ask her to touch you in different and various ways, too. 

When combined together, these techniques can build your masculine frame.

It's been a long and helpful journey here, but before you go. My wife, Isabel, has one last tip for you — a bonus, if you will.

4 Simple Techniques For Enhancing Pleasure In Any Position

In case this is your first time here, my name is Isabel. I am the female sexuality coach here at SoS and SQL. 

These 4 simple techniques, that I am about to share with you, build on everything Andrew has gone over so far and, when done correctly, lead to mind-blowing sex.

So, follow them closely! 





Technique 1: Breath

Breathing might seem automatic, but paying attention to how you breathe during sex is important because mindful breathing by taking deep belly breaths helps relax your body.

A more relaxed body is more likely to be able to feel all the sensations.

Something you can do next time is to try syncing your breathing with your partner's. 

Most importantly, remember to keep breathing. Don't hold your breath during sex. 

Technique 2: Sound

Allow yourself the freedom to express how good you feel right there in the moment.

Moaning and making sounds naturally as they come up can be incredibly liberating and a turn-on for your partner.

Encourage her to vocalize her pleasure as well; this can help you figure out what feels best for her and what she might need more or less of.

Technique 3: Movement

Instead of keeping your body rigid, try moving more fluidly.

Think about your movements as waves flowing through your entire body, not just part of it.

It allows the sexual energy to flow through your body more freely which leads to more pleasureable sensations and orgasmic potential.

This can mean rocking your hips gently, using your hands to caress and explore, or even shifting your weight slightly.

Technique 4: Vocal Expression

Communicate about what you're feeling and experiencing.

Vocalizing your thoughts and get feedback.

Whether it’s whispering how good something feels, giving directions, or even expressing love and appreciation, vocal expressions intensify sex because they work towards building a stable emotional connection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Last but not least... your hot questions! Here are a few more things that might be on your mind that you need answers to.

Am I bad in bed if I only do missionary sex?

No, preferring missionary sex does not make you bad in bed.
The most important thing is that both partners feel satisfied and connected.

Can women orgasm in missionary?

Yes, women can orgasm in Missionary. 
This position has multiple things going for it, such as substantial contact, lots of variations, and good stimulation.

What are some anal sex positions for beginners?

For beginners who want to try anal, Spooning or Doggy Style is a good start. For more anal sex positions, go here! 

What’s the best sex position?

The best sex position varies from couple to couple.
There is no one tried and true position that fits all. Different positions have different benefits.
That's why you must experiment with various positions and communicate with your partner about your likes and dislikes. 

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Currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Sexology, Andrew has personally coached over 5,000 men. His expertise is regularly sought in publications such as Men's Health, Medium, and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

These days, Andy spends most of his time coaching clients privately and also through SQL’s online Mastery Academy.

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