Amazon Sex Position: An Illustrated Guide

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With the help of the internet, our sexual experiences are enriched year after year. The things we see in porn and the articles that we read on sexual health and happiness websites are opening our minds and encourage us to try the naughtiest fantasies we have running around in our minds.

The Amazon sex position is one of the kinks that has been popularized by the internet. Every woman who finds out about it wants to try it so much that they get wet only reading on how it’s done. Men might be a bit skeptical, but once they experience it for the first them, they won’t get enough of it.

We might say that the Amazon is a sex position that goes well with the times in which we live. The feminist movement and fight for equality can now be felt in the way we have sex. With this position, the woman can take control and feel some sort of power over her lover. You will understand why I’m saying this once I start describing how the Amazon sex position is done.

In the following article, we will take a closer look at this new sex position, which might revolutionize the sexual dynamics in a couple. Usually, it’s the men who do all the banging and pounding… Everything a woman has is cowgirl and reverse cowgirl to do some action herself.

But that’s about to change. The Amazon sex position gives her the chance to dominate her man. It’s a position in which she has the control and from which she can both please herself and bang him senseless.

Let’s see how it’s done!

How to perform the amazon sex position

The Amazon is a woman-on-top sex position. It gets the name from tribes of female Amazon warriors because it makes the girl feel powerful and in total control over her man. If you’re a lady and you want to switch things a little and dominate your lover, this is the position you need to learn. Or maybe you’re a guy reading this and you want to have your woman do you with intensity.

Either way, here’s how the Amazon sex position is done:

First of all, the man has to lie down on his back and lift his legs in the air. In this way, the man in the Amazon sex position will look a lot like the woman in the Legs-On-Shoulders position. While the man bends his knees and them closer to his chest, his penis needs to pop-out from between his thighs.

Now for the interesting part. The woman will grab his legs for stability and she will position herself over the partner to squat down on his penis. One of the partners will have to use his hand and guide the penis inside the vagina, but once it’s in, the fun can begin.


Now the girl has the power. She can either grind or jump on her partner, and both these penetration techniques will have their advantages. The grinding will help a bit with some clitoral stimulation, while the jumping will delightfully stimulate the G-spot.

The dynamics of such a position will work in the woman’s advantage. Because of the way the man is bent, he will naturally push up with his thighs, adding to the trust with which the girl will jump on his penis.

Variations of the position

Like in the case of most positions, there are more than one way of performing the Amazon. In the previous paragraph, I described the classic way, so that you can figure out how to do it correctly. But there are lots of other ways to ride a man like a true Amazon warrior. Let’s take a look at the options you have when experimenting with the girl-on-top Amazon position.

Squatting or Kneeling

In the classic way of performing the Amazon sex position, the woman has two options. She can either stand and squat over her partner or she can be on her knees.

The standing option is better for when you want to experience a more intense feeling. You can get rough when squatting because it gives you more space and the penetration can happen in a more bouncing manner.

As long as you position yourself well enough over his penis, you can let yourself fall and his shaft will powerfully penetrate you. On top of that, his body will naturally push upwards onto you, especially when your balance yourself by holding on his legs.

But make sure you’re home alone when you do the squatting Amazon. That’s because the harder you bounce on his shaft, the louder the clapping between your thighs and buttocks will be. On top of that, the hardcore banging will sure make you want to moan loudly.

On the other hand, you have a more sensual approach to the Amazon position. For this one you can just kneel on top of your partner. This won’t give you much space for rough bouncing penetration, but it will let you easily grind on him with his penis inside you.

The grinding will feel good if you have him completely inside you. That’s because your clitoris can rub against his pubic bone. I recommend the kneeling position as a break after you’ve been squatting on his penis wildly. The squatting, although intense, can get really tiring for the muscles in your legs.

Alternating between squatting and kneeling is also a nice way of helping him last longer. While riding him from a kneeling position, you decrease the intensity and will give him the chance to regroup and hold it in a bit longer for you.

The Reverse Amazon

But there’s another, a more advanced variation of this position. I’m talking about the reverse Amazon, in which the girl turns around and sits on her man.

This technique is a bit more complicated, as the girl won’t have the legs of her partners to hold on to and balance herself. But this could easily be fixed by doing it next to a wall or a piece of furniture.

The reverse Amazon will give the girl the freedom of getting it from behind, but this time she is in control. In the same time, the man will have an amazing view over her booty and back from between his legs.

For the naughtier couples, in which the guy is more open-minded, the reverse Amazon sex position is an excellent one for prostate massage. While riding him, the girl can use one hand to push a finger or two inside his booty and look for the prostate.

The reverse Amazon allows for easy finding of the prostate, as the position of the man brings it forward. But be careful! Make sure you start massaging the male G-spot when you’re almost done.

Riding his shaft and playing with his prostate can quickly induce a massive orgasm in him. Do this when you’re almost finished, so you can have earth-shattering orgasms at the same time.

Amazon on the Edge

You can also do the Amazon at the edge of the bed or couch. This is the best way of performing squatting Amazon. That’s because the girl won’t have to squat as low as she has to if both partners are in bed or on the same plan. The fact that his back is on the bed and her feet are on the floor will bring the partners on the perfect level for hardcore play.

Also, having the feet on the floor will give the girl more stability and precision in her actions. On top of that, the reverse Amazon is also easier and more stable in this position.

Anal Sex In The Amazon Position

The Amazon sex position can be ideal for anal sex, and that’s because the girl has control over how hard and how deep she will give it to herself. It’s not such a big technique difference between Amazon style for vaginal and anal sex. All you have to do is switch holes and adjust the position a little.

You can have anal sex in all variations of this position. But like in the case of all the other anal sex experiences, the usage of lubricant is highly recommended for a fun time.

The Advantages of the Amazon Sex Position

First and foremost, the main advantage is one of a psychological matter. Sex is not just a physical activity. It also has a strong mental component, especially for women.

When a woman mounts her man in the Amazon sex position, the power she will feel over him will be so intense that it will add to the build-up for a formidable orgasm. It’s also great for the men who like to be dominated by their partners.

The angle of penetration is also a great plus for which you should try the Amazon. In this position, the penis will naturally want to push forward, towards the abdomen of the man.

During penetration in the Amazon position, this natural tendency will make the penis push on the superior wall of the vagina. And guess what’s on the superior wall of the vagina?

That’s right! The G-spot. The combination between the psychological factor of feeling in a position of power and the physical factor of having the G-spot properly stimulated from the right angle will help the woman achieve a different kind of orgasm.

And there’s one more main advantage of the Amazon sex position, which will benefit both men and women. Because of the tension in his thighs and because of the way the penis bends during penetration, the sensitivity of the male genitalia will decrease. This will lead to a delayed orgasm and a prolonged sexual encounter.

This last advantage is what makes the Amazon the best woman-on-top position out of them all. With all the other positions in which the woman rides the man, the image of her body and her boobs bouncing, plus the wild penetration will make the man want to finish in short time. But in this position, she can enjoy herself for longer.

Things To Consider During Amazon

Since this is one of the more advanced and acrobatic positions, there are things you should consider when engaging in it. The most important thing is always to pay attention to how much the penis is brought forward.

In the Amazon, the penis is already in an unnatural angle. The woman should position herself upper on her thighs, rather than lower to his buttocks. Also, she should pay attention to his facial expressions and moaning. If you feel like he’s hurting, move forward a little.

Another crucial thing to take care of when having fun with this position is ejaculation. The Amazon is a position in which the man has almost no control. He won’t be able to pull out when he feels like it’s coming.

In case you’re not using a condom or any form of birth control, you should listen to him and pay attention to his reactions. If you feel like he is about to cum, but you want to make him last longer, just slow down, stop the bouncing or grinding or even dismount and give him a little break.

You should also take care of his body while bending him in this position. First of all, men aren’t as flexible as women, so having their body bent this way can easily pull a muscle in their thighs or give them muscle cramps.

Tell him it’s ok to let you know when it’s hurting. Most guys held on to their manliness and keep quiet when they’re in pain, especially since a chick is riding them in such a kinky style.

Another aspect that should be mentioned is back pain. As much as possible, try to lie him on a soft surface. Riding him on this position on a hard surface can cause bruises on his back and is not good for the spine. Also, if you do it on the floor, you should know that there’s a high risk for carpet burns on his back and on your knees if you do the kneeling Amazon.

The Importance Of Lube

Lubrication can really make a difference when experimenting with this position. Although Amazon doesn’t require too much lube, as it’s not a position in which penetration requires an out-and-in technique, being lubed up does help.

That’s because once you engage in it, it’s harder to dismount and get things slippery. So, make sure the shaft and the vagina are lubed up. It will really help with the grinding.

Also, you can play with some massage oil. The grinding of your thighs together can be a bit annoying if you’re both dry. This position will involve a lot of skin on skin contact. But if you freshly applied some moisturizer or if you add a bit of massage oil to the mix, not only that the skin on skin contact won’t be annoying, but it will be in fact pleasurable.

The skin of both men and women are powerful erogenous zones. When they touch together, you will feel a tingling sensation, which will add up to the many pleasures of the Amazon sex position.

Get creative with the Amazon position

You already spiced up things with this position, but you can make them even hotter. There are many ways through which you can get creative and improve on the Amazon position. There are sex acts you can do and toys you can use to increase the fun and intensity.

Let’s talk about how you can kink-up the position. We’ll start simple, and we’ll get kinkier.

Take Care of Her Breasts

The view of the man in this position is fantastic. He gets to see his girl face and all the sexy facial expressions she will make when she bounces on his shaft. The pleasure she feels from the angle of penetration, combined with the attitude she will have from being in a position of control, will make her look so confident and badass. And then there’s the view over her breasts, which will bounce and jiggle in mesmerizing ways.

Since the man has his hands free in this position, he should use them properly. For most of the girls, nipple stimulation during penetration really adds to the build-up for an intense and quicker orgasm. So, the man should use his hands and play with her breasts and nipples.

Here’s a pro-tip for all the men who are playing with the nipples of their ladies. What you need to do when you use your fingers to stimulate her nipples is to make sure her nipples are wet. Use a bit of saliva or lube on your fingers and then start rubbing her nipples. This little trick can really make a huge difference.

Anal Play In This Position

Amazon is also an excellent position for wearing a butt plug. The main reason for which the girl wants to wear a butt plug in this position is the fact that this toy will push from the inside of her booty onto the wall of her vagina. This, in turn, will make the vagina even tighter and will push the penis even harder on the G-spot. The pleasure of the G-spot grinding and the thrilling sensations of wearing a butt plug will really add up to intense experiences that will make you scream.

Since we’re talking about anal play, there is one thing the girl can do before she bangs her man in Amazon style. And it’s a thing that, just like this position, has been popularized by the internet in the past couple of years… I’m talking about a rim job. If you are open-minded enough to go down on your man and eat his booty like groceries, then you should definitely do it before the Amazon.

That’s because these two acts go hand in hand one after another. If you’ve performed a rimjob on him before, you know that for good tongue access around his booty, he must throw his legs in the air in the same way he does for Amazon. This will make you feel what he feels when he eats you up before getting on top of you for wild banging.

Now for the kinkier part. If your man is in touch with his sexuality and he likes a bit of prostate stimulation, he can also wear a butt plug while you engage in the Amazon. Or even better, a vibrating prostate massager.

The way his body is bent in this position really gives access to his prostate. A butt plug or a prostate massager will push on. Because of all the wild movements you will make when you jump on him, his prostate will be massaged from the inside. On the other hand, this can be really intense for him and it can make him cum a lot sooner.

Clitoral Stimulation and Amazon Sex Position

If you want to accelerate your orgasm, you can also add a vibrator to this position. There are two main ways in which the clitoris can be stimulated. The first one is more conventional, in which the girl is using one hand to rub her clitoris while she is riding.

But for more intense sensations, sex toys should be involved in the act. One sex toy that can help both partners have more fun with the Amazon position is the vibrating cock ring. The ring part of this toy will squeeze the base of the penis and not only make the erection harder, but it will also keep him going for longer. In the same time, the bullet vibrator that’s attached to this special kind of cock ring can deliver vibrations both through the penis inside the vagina, but also to the clitoris.

For the best feeling, I recommend the kneeling version of the Amazon sex position and more of a grinding technique while the shaft is in entirely. This method will bring the clitoris in contact with the vibrating bullet of the cock ring.

But if you want something more intense and powerful vibration that can make you scream, then you should include a Hitachi Magic Wand in the mix.

Since his hands are free and he has direct access to your clitoris, he can use the Magic Wand on you while you grind on his penis. More than that, the powerful vibrations of a Magic Wand will be transferred through your pelvic bones and vaginal muscles and will please his shaft while he’s inside you. Use this little secret, and you will surely have a squirting orgasm that you’ll never forget.

Try the Amazon Position with A Penis Sleeve

If you’re on the shorter side of the spectrum, this position might be a bit tricky for you. It’s not that you won’t be able to do it. In fact, you might be doing it better than a larger man, because the head of your penis will grind even more on the G-spot.

But the main annoyance that comes with it is the fact that the penis might slip out when the girl starts to bounce a bit higher. And when the things are heated up, she will want to bounce higher. But there’s a simple fix to this. A visit at the local sex shop or checking out your favorite sex toys website will bring you the solution.

I’m talking about penis sleeves, which are basically an extender for your manhood. Made from silicone, you will place such sleeve over your penis. It will give you an extra inch or three, depending on the size. On top of that, they are held in place by a silicone ring that goes around your testicles. This tight squeeze in that zone will also make you last longer.

Besides length, a penis sleeve also ads grip, which she will surely feel. You can even go kinkier and choose one with exciting textures such as striations or chills, which will add to the pleasurable sensations for her.

However, the introduction of a penis sleeve in the life of a couple is a more delicate step. This is one of the less common sex toys, and just popping one out or showing up in the bedroom wearing it can be a bit of a shock.

Communication and collaboration are key components of a healthy and fulfilling sex life. The best part is that choosing to wear such a penis extender not only will improve the sex in this position, but will also unlock many other fun positions that might be harder to perform for a man on the shorter side.

Amazon Sex Position for Femdom Fantasies

This position is already one in which the woman is in control. So, it makes it perfect for all your femdom fantasies. There are lots of kinks you can carry out in this position and it adds up to the feeling of power a woman has over her submissive man, but also it makes the man feel more dominated.

Here are some ways in which you can adapt the Amazon sex position for a femdom fantasy session.

Dirty Talk  

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the Amazon sex position in a femdom scenario is all the dirty talk that can take place. Women find it hard to perform dirty talk in the bedroom, especially the one that’s on the dominant side. And that’s because most sex positions have them in a submissive situation, from which being dominant through dirty talk doesn’t come as easy.

I already mentioned that the Amazon position gives the woman a feeling of power over her man both from a physical and from a psychological perspective. This combination puts her in a perfect mental state from which she can let out all the dirty things she wished she could say to her partner.

Depending on how intimate and kinky the bond between the two of you is, the dirty talk can go from mild name-calling to extreme storytelling that involves nasty kinks and secret fantasies you’d never tell if not in the passion of an intense femdom moment. I’m talking about kinky stories with other guys from your past or fantasies of swinging and threesomes that will make him shiver.

Amazon Sex Position and Bondage

When it comes to bondage sex, it’s usually the woman who gets to be tied up in all kinds of kinky and exciting positions from which the sex is fantastic. In femdom fantasies, when it’s time for the man to be in ropes, he mostly gets lied on his back and tied to the bed. But with the Amazon position, the girl can try her hand with some exciting male bondage positions.

The thing that can be done here with two long and thick ropes is tying each of his hand by each of his legs. What you need to do is place his forearm next to his leg, in such way that the elbow will align with the knee and the wrist will align with the ankle.

Then just grab a rope, fold it in half, put the two ends through the folded half and place his arm and leg inside the formed loop. Then pull it tight and start to wrap the entire length of his arm and leg together from the elbow and knee up to the ankle and wrist. Do the same thing with the other arm and leg and you’ve tied him up in the perfect position for some Amazonian style riding.

This is a pretty basic bondage experience. Every couple can try it with not much experience. However, you shouldn’t squeeze the rope too tight and pay attention to the color of his skin. If it turns purple, it’s time to untie him.

Also, a pair of rounded-point scissors to cut the rope in case of emergency is a basic BDSM safety measure that you should take. Talking about safety, you should always have a safe word and stop whatever you’re doing when you hear it from your partner.

Amazon Style Pegging 

This is for couples who are practicing advanced femdom. Pegging is becoming more and more popular.

Men from all over the world are starting to accept their sexuality. They finally realize that you can enjoy anal play without being gay. Not that’s something wrong with being gay, but men are so scared of enjoying the pleasures they can feel through the back door.

If your relationship is as strong and intimate that you can indulge in anal play on both sides, then you should try pegging. If you tried it already, this position would be a nice addition to your routine.

In case you don’t know what pegging is, let me bring some light into your sexuality. Pegging is the switching of roles. In this kink, the woman wears a strapon dildo, which she uses to penetrate her man’s anus.

The joys of pegging can be limitless. First of all, the penetration stimulates the nerve endings from around the anus. But the pure pleasure comes from the stimulation of the prostate. The prostate is also called the male G-spot, and some guys have reported orgasms so intense during a pegging session, that they can be compared with the orgasm a woman feels.

Pegging in the Amazon position is truly amazing. That’s because this kink has a strong female domination component to it, which is enhanced by this position. On top of that, it’s an excellent position which will allow the woman to use her hand and jerk off the penis of her lover while she is plowing him with her strap on.

The pegging orgasms can be intense, and they can happen instantly. This can lead to funny accidents in which the man gives himself a facial.  If that’s one of your kinks, go for it. But if you don’t want your man to give himself a facial, point his penis towards his chest or belly when you feel like he’s about to cum.


So, what do you say? Are you ready to take control of your guy or give up control to your lady with this new and exciting style?

I have seen lots of men commenting on the internet about this position. They all feel their fragile masculinity threatened by giving up control in such a way to their girlfriends and wives.  But if you’re a man reading this, you should know one thing. Your lady wants to be as rough to you as you are to her. You should play the submissive role every once in a while, ideally as much as she plays it.

Also, what do you think about all the kinks that can be adapted to the Amazonian style? Are you ready to accept complete sexual freedom with no limitations and insecurities?

Spicing things up in the bedroom is not just about adding a new position to the bedroom routine. You need to enter a mental state in which everything is possible, in which partners care as much for each other’s orgasms as they care for their own.

The Amazon sex position is one that works better in the advantage of the ladies. But a man who loves his woman will happily throw his legs back for her and her pleasure.  At the same time, I did include some kinks that will benefit the guys in this guide.

As for the toys mentioned in the previous paragraphs, they’re not part of a crazy advanced kink kit. All of them can be found at the local sex shop and in any online sex store.

One thing I want to stress again has to do with the bondage part. That’s more for couples who have experienced BDSM play before. If you’ve never played with ropes before, it’s better to practice on simpler positions. Tying your partner to the bed or tying their hands together will give you skill and help you understand how rope bondage works.

Don’t forget about safety measures, don’t forget about the lube and practice safe sex. As mentioned before in this guide, it’s a position that offers intense instantly orgasms, but it has no quick pull-out possibility.

This position is one that’s more suited for couples who have been together for some time, and they have experienced with different forms of play. For someone who is not as experienced in sex and doesn’t have a mind that’s opened enough, the Amazon sex position might seem a bit weird.

Ladies will love it, but some might find it odd if a guy is the one who proposes it. On the other hand, as we talked before in this guide, most guys are insecure and giving up control in this position will make them feel uncomfortable for no reason.

But learning this position and mastering it can turn you into a better lover. As a woman, you will prove that you have an active type of sexual personality. There’s nothing a man loves more in the bedroom than a woman who doesn’t just sit there but knows how to take charge and have initiative.

On the other hand, a man who knows the secret penetration angle of this position and the pro-tip of pleasing her nipples while she rides him, but who is also confident enough to throw his legs back and let a woman ride him in Amazonian style, shows that he knows more about a girl’s sexual needs and secret spots than the average man.

What’s cool about this position is that it can go from a soft and erotic way of performing it to kinky femdom fantasies. It’s a new sex trend, and I can’t wait to see where our collective sexuality will go from here.

However, I like where we are, and I hope you will experiment and enjoy this position. Now you know everything there is to know about the Amazon Sex Position. It’s time to take your partner to the bedroom and show apply what you’ve learned.

They will be thrilled to try this. I wish you many orgasms.