Testicle Massage Tips: The 5-Step Guide + 6 Techniques You Must Try

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Testicle Massage Tips: The 5-Step Guide + 6 Techniques You Must Try

If I said “genital massage for men,” what immediately comes to mind?

No doubt your answer is “the penis.”

But testicle massage, sometimes referred to as scrotum massage, is something that will give your man immense pleasure.

It’s also something that can give you–his partner–increased satisfaction. Not only because you’re giving him pleasure, but also because the “side effects” of such a massage include a harder and longer lasting erection.

In this post, I’ll introduce testicle massage and its benefits. I’ll then share with you a step-by-step guide to giving your man a testicle massage as well as techniques you can utilize.

You’ll soon be a pro, and your partner will be a happy, happy man.

What is a Testicle Massage?

Testicle massage is the massage of the scrotum and testicles for the purpose of producing pleasure.

Additionally, according to Taoist tradition, testicle massage and “testicle breathing” is a way to remove stagnant sexual energy from the testicles.

Why Give a Testicle Massage?

There are many benefits, sexual and otherwise, to giving your partner a testicle massage on the regular. They are:

  • Better circulation. Massage and stimulation of the scrotum is a surefire way to increase blood flow to the area.
  • Increased sperm. With increased circulation comes healthier sperm! Sperm are produced in the scrotum, and improved circulation can ensure that sperm is being produced at its optimal level.
  • Stronger erections. With increased blood flow, you’ll also have stronger (and sometimes, longer laster) erections. The reduction in sensitivity from regular touch may also help you to last longer.

Testicle massages are also just plain fun to receive! So if you want your man to feel special, or just enjoy himself, then why not try a testicle massage?

How to Give a Testicle Massage: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re new to testicle massage, don’t worry. This step-by-step guide is all you need to give your partner the best testicle massage they’ve ever received.

Step 1: Warm Up

We typically use “warm-up” as a figure of speech, but we mean it literally in this case.

This first step is something that your partner can do alone, or you can do together.

The goal is to soften the scrotal skin and get the blood flowing to the scrotum. This will ensure the most effective–and pleasurable–experience.

So what are some ways your partner can warm up his scrotum before you begin?

  1. Take a hot shower. Kick it up a notch by taking turns sudsing each other up. And don’t forget to pay special attention to the penis and balls.
  2. Sit in a sauna. Book a session together in a co-ed sauna, or send your man to the gym or spa just before your session.
  3. Soak the testicles in warm water. If you’re looking for a quicker turnaround, you can set up a bowl of warm water and have your partner hover just above it. He can then dunk his testicles in and hold for 5 minutes. Not the most comfortable, but it’s effective!
  4. Apply a warm compress to the scrotum. For a quick and convenient method, simply apply a warm washcloth or compress to the scrotum. Do be sure to test the temperature against the inside of your wrist–an area sensitive to temperature–before applying to the scrotum, though. A burn will certainly put a damper on things.

Step 2: Get the Lube

Once your partner has properly warmed up and dried off, it’s time to prep the area. This involves the use of a lubricant or massage oil.

Squeeze the oil into your hand and then use your palms to rub it together and warm it up. Next, apply the oil first to the shaft of the penis and then slowly make your way down and apply it to the balls. You can add more lube as needed throughout the massage.

Which oil should you use? Most any will work for this situation, whether that’s water-based, oil-based, or a combination.

Step 3: Start With the Penis

The last thing you want to do is go immediately to the scrotum. It’s a very sensitive area and a strong and immediate touch can be a turnoff.

I recommend you start with the penis in the way that you usually would. Squeeze, rub, and generally tease the penis until your partner is fully erect.

Once he’s erect, slowly move towards the scrotum. If your partner indicates that his scrotum is still sensitive, you can backtrack and slowly move back to the scrotum.

Step 4: Move to the Scrotum

Start with a light touch. Use your fingertips to gently, but confidently, rub the top of the scrotum. Once your partner is comfortable, run your fingertips from the top of the scrotum to the bottom. It’s now that you can fully cup the scrotum, taking both testicles in your hand and gently rolling them.

flaccid penis

Step 5: Separate the Testicles

While you can treat the scrotum as one, remember that it’s made up of two testicles. For the ultimate pleasure, you’ll want to give each testicle equal attention.

First, massage the area in between the testicles. You can do this with a soft squeeze, a gentle rub, or a very slight tug.

Now move your attention to just one testicle. If you’re not sure what to do, rolling it in your palm is a good starter technique. After a couple of minutes, move on to the other testicle.

As you get comfortable with testicle massage, you’ll be ready to try more advanced techniques.

Techniques to Try

When performing the above massage, there are numerous techniques you can use. Give these a try the next time you want to give your man some special attention.


This basic technique is the one you’re most likely to use.

You can rub with your fingertips or the palm of your hand.

All you have to do is rub your hand over your partner’s scrotum. You can do it from top to base. You can also use the rubbing technique on the perineum.


This sounds painful, but it can actually send shocks of pleasure through your partner’s body.

The ‘scratch’ is simply the use of your fingernails to graze the skin of the scrotum. Without applying any pressure, drag your fingernails across the surface. You can do so in one smooth movement using your index, middle, and ring fingers together, or by alternating the scratching finger as you drag across.


This is a technique you may not have thought to use before, but it’s one that many men love.

To perform ball tapping, hold the penis upright. You’ll notice the top of the scrotal skin will become taut. Then, put your middle and index fingers together and gently tap them against the scrotum.

The percussive nature of this technique can cause small jolts of pleasure. Just be sure to tap softly and only increase the pressure if your partner requests it.


This is a slightly more advanced technique that should be performed while you’re partner is standing or laying down.

To perform this technique, wrap your index finger and thumb into the shape of an “O” around the top of your partner’s scrotum. Then gently pull down or away from his body. You can pull in any direction you wish, and you can even tug each testicle separately and away from each other.

This technique requires more consideration and control than the other techniques as pulling too hard can cause pain and even physical damage to the testicles.


A gentle squeeze can be the perfect way to send a jolt of pleasure down your partner’s spine.

It’s best performed with your partner sitting on the edge of a chair so his scrotum dangles, or as he’s standing. Grab the scrotum from the bottom and hold it in the palm of your hand. Gently lift up and squeeze.

You can squeeze both testicles at once, or focus on one and then the other.

Remember to start with the gentlest of squeezes and increase your grip slowly to your partner’s liking.


While you don’t have to include oral in testicle massage, it’s certainly a nice touch.

There’s nothing wrong with licking or sucking the scrotum, but nibbling can bring him a whole new world of pleasure.

With very little pressure, nibble the skin of your partner’s scrotum. You can do so in between kisses and licks for that extra jolt.

Of course, many men may be wary of teeth anywhere near their scrotum. So be sure to get explicit consent from your partner, just as you would with any other technique we suggest.


If you’re looking to add a greater depth of pleasure to your sexual exploits with your partner, consider giving a testicle massage a try.

By learning just a few simple techniques, you can amplify his pleasure–and yours.

Do you have questions about testicle massage? Are you looking for more testicle massage tips? Leave a comment below.

Laura Rose Halliday

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