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Squirter Dimples – Dimples of Venus | What Are They?

Squirter dimples also known as the ‘dimples of Venus’ (Venus was the Roman God of beauty) are one of the ‘tell tale’ signs that you could have an easily orgasmic woman on your hands and it should be easy to to make her squirt.

Although this is basically just an unverified rumour at this stage, there is some evidence to back it up.

It is suggested that the dimples occur naturally on many women who have healthy body mass indices and muscle tone as well as strong sexual energy.

Tension, stress, shame and fear will all reduce the visibility of the dimples and are all emotions that will likely inhibit her squirting potential.

That isn’t to say that women who don’t have the dimples can’t squirt, it’s just they probably won’t be able to squirt as easily, or they will need more orgasmic potential massage, or to find a way to reduce the stress in their lives and eat more healthily before they unlock their full squirting orgasmic potential.

It’s totally possible for a lady to acquire squirter dimples in most cases. This may involve reducing her body fat percentage, removing toxins from her body during a detox regime, or taking up regular flowing exercise.

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Yoga and pilates are perfect, a much higher percentage of women who practice yoga and pilates have squirter dimples than the general population.

Dimples of Venus are a good sign that the woman has strong sexual energy that isn’t obstructed from flowing around the body.

For the women readers, or the men who want their partners to have them, this is how to get lower back dimples.

Take up yoga or pilates

Any kind of exercise is better than none but yoga and pilates are considered the best for cultivating squirter dimples. This is because they build core muscles, help posture and fix misalignments in the body. They are also very good for releasing stress, (which helps a lot)

Overcome emotional barriers

Negative emotions cause sexual energy to stagnate in the body. For the dimples to appear her sexual energy must be able to flow freely. She must release some of her negative emotions about sex, such as shame and fear first.

Cultivate a strong sexual energy

The best way for her to cultivate a strong sexual energy (aside from the above tactics which all help, yes girls get very horny after yoga!) is to have sex as much as possible.

For the amount of sex that I am referring to to be possible, the man must learn to have sex without ejaculating so that his sexual energy stays strong.

She can then use a technique called ‘the microcosmic orbit’ the circulate that sexual energy around the body.

To briefly explain ‘the microcosmic orbit,’ this is a technique that Taoists use to prevent sexual energy stagnating in the body. Breathing is used to push the energy around the body through the energy meridians.

There isn’t much scientific evidence to back up these claims (I can’t see a scientist getting funding to study women’s dimples of Venus) but try them out and you will be rewarded.

Luckily here at School Of Squirt we have a program that teaches guys how to make women squirt so even if you don’t have dimples if the guy knows what he is doing then you’ll still be able to experience a squirting orgasm.

Fairly low body fat is also needed for the dimples to show up. Although extremely low body fat can often hide them again. There’s a middle ground of body fat percentage where they are most visible.

Squirter Dimples Conclusion

These dimples are primarily genetic, but a healthy, fit body shows them off more easily. Some people believe they are a sign of strong sexual energy. Either way, it’s fun to look out for them and it’s a fun story to tell about why they exist.

Laura Rose Halliday

Laura Rose Halliday started The School Of Squirt back in 2012 and has been running the website and digital courses along with Jakob Wulfe since then. She is a full time sex writer, researcher and practicer.

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    1. Hi there, I’m not aware of any. of course we have our video program if you don’t want to travel anywhere. That way you can learn from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

  1. I’m getting discouraged!! LOL I have never squirted (I am a beautiful 32 year old woman w/ fertility issues which create overwhelming amounts of stress, shame and fear)) and I was NOT blessed with those lower back dimples ? I really don’t think anything will work for me but you sound like you know exactly what you’re talking about.

  2. These dimples have never been noticeable on me…It sounds ridiculous, but I’ve always wanted them! I see them in so many beautiful paintings, but I’ve never observed them on myself unfortunately.. :/ I do have a dimple in the center, haha 🙂 Just have to make do with the two dimples on my cheeks 🙂

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