SCHOOL OF SQUIRT: Watch the ‘Trigger Finger’ technique that almost Guarantees she SQUIRTS with pleasure. Explosive orgasm tips and techniques REVEALED below.

You’re about to learn exactly how to make any girl, or your wife or girlfriend squirt for the first time. After that you might want to check out some of the advanced instructional  material on the subject, such as multiple orgasms and stacked orgasms.

Squirting shouldn’t be something that’s confined to the halls of seedy adult film sets, it should be just another part of an amazing and fulfilling sex life. Men get to ejaculate, so why shouldn’t every women?

School of Squirt is run by two ‘sex explorers’ Laura and Axel. Together they make a great team when it comes to squirt training for both men and women.

At School of Squirt we talk about more than just your usual ‘sex tips’ that you might find in a magazine. You’ll be learning from two experts, a guy and a girl, who have been studying and teaching squirting to couples for over 2 years.

Female ejaculation is about more than just a finger technique, it’s about physiological and psychological triggers, it’s about foreplay, emotion and trust. You’ll find all that and more right here. Below we’ve laid out the three main lessons that any man should learn if he plans to take his partner to the heights of orgasmic pleasure with a gushing orgasm.

At School of Squirt we also feature the best orgasm training videos in the business. You’ll watch and learn from the best and most experienced guy in the world where he’ll show you his secret clitoris and g-spot stimulation techniques, guaranteed to give her an explosive, dripping wet orgasm that will open her heart and blow her mind.

Whether she is your wife, girlfriend or just the girl you’re dating these videos are the fastest way to learn what it takes to make her gush all over the bedroom sheets.

For Men


Lesson 1 – Technique


Lesson 2 – Physiology


Lesson 3 – Psychology


For Women

If you’re a lady who has come to learn how to ejaculate for yourself, then you’re in the right place. We’ll show you exactly what it takes to have amazing, out-of-control, dripping wet orgasms, with or without a partner.

You won’t want to miss this. Having a gushing orgasm is like taking a standard orgasm and adding another layer of pleasure on top of it, it’s something all women should experience. Below are the three main lessons that will teach you exactly how to be able to ejaculate easily and as part of a great sex life.


Lesson 1 – How to squirt


Lesson 2 – Physiology


Lesson 3 – Psychology









For women, the gushing orgasm is the most powerful, explosive orgasm they can achieve, and that’s why we focus on helping you learn through instructional videos that teach the exact emotional and physical arousal techniques needed to get her turned on and squirting buckets.


You’re going to absolutely love the our secret tips and trainings. So whether it’s the girl you’re dating, a long term relationship, or just fun for a night we’re glad you’re here at School Of Squirt.

Why gushing orgasms?

The mainstream may consider female ejaculation no more than a fad or a gimmick but only those lucky women who have experienced it can give testimony that a squirting orgasm is one of the most powerful and intense orgasms she’s capable of experiencing.sos-sidebar

Most women say it’s a feeling of complete release, and relaxation, much like the male ejaculation but without the purpose of reproduction. In fact I’d go as far as to say that any women who hasn’t experienced it is truly missing out on her full sexual potential.

I mean, if you’re a guy reading this then imagine having an orgasm without ejaculating, unless you’re a tantric master then it doesn’t sound that appealing. Well the same is true for women, ejaculation is the ultimate release and can add another dimension to the female orgasm.

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