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Hey, we're Laura and Axel and we're the ones who are having a blast running School Of Squirt. Below here you'll find some of our kinky and useful articles so feel free to browse through our blog.

School Of Squirt is dedicated to helping you give the woman you love the best orgasms of her life. What's the best feeling in world? Seeing your girlfriend or wife smiling back at you with after an amazing orgasm. You can find out more about our journey and why we started School Of Squirt on our about page

Isn't It About Time To Give The Woman You Love Exactly What She Wants? - Introducing Our Video Training Course

If you're looking for more advanced, in depth female orgasm training then we have a course that you'll definitely want to check out. Inside the course are videos, diagrams, ebooks and tutorials that will help you become better in bed. If you want to learn how to make a girl squirt then you need to check it out.

This training is not for public viewing. It's our best material with secret tricks, techniques and methods in high definition that you won't find anywhere else.​

What You'll Learn Inside:​

  • The exact method to give a woman the first spraying orgasm of her life in less than 6 minutes.
  • The top 3 most effective finger techniques that cause her to have an orgasm.
  • The difference between squirting and female ejaculation.
  • How to give her a full-body female squirting orgasm.
  • How to use your tongue to make her ejaculate everywhere
  • The best 7 positions to make the woman you love squirt unexpectedly during sex
  • Heart-centered orgasms. Our unique method for giving her 'heart-opening' orgasms.
  • The '2-hands' technique for ultra quick and easy orgasms.
  • The secret Tantric massage method that increases chances of her squirting by 50%
  • The weird lesson a Professor of Biology taught Laura and why knowing it makes it much easier to give the woman you love an orgasm.
  • The tell-tale signs that she is ready to squirt - (So you know when to remove your fingers!!)
  • 6 mistakes that almost every guy makes that cause 'weak-female-orgasms.'

The 3 Pillars Of Making Women Squirt


Most men tend to underestimate the importance of her emotions when it comes to making her squirt.

She must be in the right mood to be able to orgasm. Luckily there are specific techniques that you can use to change her emotions making it much easier for her to squirt.​

Learn how to change her emotions and you'll be the only guy who can make her squirt over and over again.​


The right technique is one of the easiest things to get right. Inside our course you'll find 15 specific techniques you can use. Starting at beginner level and finishing at advanced.

In our course you'll climb through the different levels, understanding ​why each one works. Eventually you'll reach a mastery level when you can effectively use all 15 techniques to give her squirting orgasms.

Timing & Feedback

No woman is the same, so although we teach you the very best technique, you need to adapt it to each women to get the best results.

To make her squirt easily you'll need to make sure you read her feedback and make sure your timing is correct.

We'll show you specific examples where timing is critical to making her ejaculate and a simple method that guarantees your timing is perfect.

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