I think you’ll agree, giving any girl her first ever squirting orgasm isn’t easy:

And that’s why we’ve come up with this epic guide.

You’re about to learn exactly how to make any girl, or your wife or girlfriend squirt for the first time.

female-ejaculation-guideSquirting shouldn’t be something that’s confined to the halls of seedy adult film sets, it should be just another part of an amazing and fulfilling sex life. Men get to ejaculate, so why shouldn’t every women?

Female ejaculation is about more than just a finger technique, it’s about physiological and psychological triggers, it’s about foreplay, emotion and trust. You’ll find all that and more right here. Below we’ve laid out the three main lessons that any man should learn if he plans to take his partner to the heights of orgasmic pleasure with a gushing orgasm.

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If you’re a lady who has come to learn how to ejaculate for yourself, then you’re in the right place. We’ll show you exactly what it takes to have amazing, out-of-control, dripping wet orgasms, with or without a partner.

You won’t want to miss this. Having a gushing orgasm is like taking a standard orgasm and adding another layer of pleasure on top of it, it’s something all women should experience. Below are the three main lessons that will teach you exactly how to be able to ejaculate easily and as part of a great sex life.


Lesson 1 – How to squirt


Lesson 2 – Physiology


Lesson 3 – Psychology









For women, the gushing orgasm is the most powerful, explosive orgasm they can achieve, and that’s why we focus on helping you learn through instructional videos that teach the exact emotional and physical arousal techniques needed to get her turned on and gushing buckets.

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You’re going to absolutely love the our secret tips and trainings. So whether it’s the girl you’re dating, a long term relationship, or just fun for a night we’re glad you’re here.

Why gushing orgasms?

The mainstream may consider female ejaculation no more than a fad or a gimmick but only those lucky women who have experienced it can give testimony that an ejaculating orgasm is one of the most powerful and intense orgasms she’s capable of experiencing.sos-sidebar

Most women say it’s a feeling of complete release, and relaxation, much like the male ejaculation but without the purpose of reproduction. In fact I’d go as far as to say that any women who hasn’t experienced it is truly missing out on her full sexual potential.

I mean, if you’re a guy reading this then imagine having an orgasm without ejaculating, unless you’re a tantric master then it doesn’t sound that appealing. Well the same is true for women, ejaculation is the ultimate release and can add another dimension to the female orgasm.


Good preparation will drastically increase the chances of helping your girl gush. Of course, the preparation is not absolutely necessary but if you want to stack the odds in your favour (if you have a new girl, or a regular partner who has never squirted before) then these preparatory steps are recommended.

kegels-and-better-orgasmsMake sure you trim your fingernails and preferably file them down nice and short and smooth. Make sure you actually go and do this because otherwise it can be really uncomfortable for your partner.

Ideally you’ll also want to make sure the location has a nice ambient temperature where you can both comfortably be naked. If it’s too hot, that’s fine, but being too cold can be annoying and slow down the warmup. Ideally have a few spare towels on hand, especially if it’s your own bed and you don’t want crusty bed sheets

Get a decent lube. Yes you can always spit on your hand if you don’t have any but sometimes it can take a while for her to cum and you might run out of spit. A proper lube works much better and is more enjoyable for her.

The lube will help avoid friction burns that will turn her off and also help transition heat evenly to her skin which will engorge her clit and g-spot and turn her on. With a good lube you can increase the speed and intensity of the motions that will help her reach climax without worrying about causing her any pain or irritation.

Get her warmed up & turned on

Most men underestimate the importance of warming up both for having great sex and helping a woman squirt. Men can get horny and turned on much quicker than women. We might see a flash of boobies for 3 seconds and start getting an erection. Women however are like water, it can take much longer to warm them up, but they stay warm for longer.

There are both emotional and physiological reasons why it’s so important to take warm her up properly before attempting to make her gush.

The emotional aspect of this is that the woman must feel comfortable, relaxed and totally at ease with you and with her self in a sexual situation before she will be open to letting go and squirting in front of you. For a partner you have not had sex with before the emotional side of female ejacuation will be your biggest challenge, simply because most women are shy about gushing in front of a new man.

The warmup and preparation are all about showing her that she can trust you and you won’t freak out if she pees on the bed or something unexpected happens. Once she feels she can trust you emotionally then you can move on to warming her up physically.

For men with regular partners the emotional aspect of the warmup will be less important because  she already trusts you and is familiar with you.

Women must be turned on to be able to ejaculate.

The Skene’s gland is where the female ejaculate comes from when she squirts. Under normal everyday conditions the gland is empty, and un-inflated. When the woman becomes aroused the gland actually begins to balloon and fill with the fluid she will hopefully gush buckets out later on. The gland fills slowly over time as she gets more and more turned on.

Often when women are really turned on they will complain they need to pee, in fact they are mistaking the pressure in the Skene’s gland for that in the bladder.

Over time they will come to perceive a difference between the two. It’s a good idea to remind her to go to the toilet before you get her turned on so she will be more relaxed and more confident that the feeling isn’t a full bladder. Understanding how the Skene’s gland fills up over time will show you clearly how important turning her on and getting her horny is to having success later on. This all about working hard now so when it comes to the moment she is ready to blow.

So how do you get her turned on?

Foreplay and turning a woman on comes down to 3 things: touching, teasing and escalation. Touch her lightly and softly, avoid the errogenous zones to start with and then move on to them when she becomes more turned on. Tease her by making your touch unpredictable and vary between soft and hard touches.

Use pauses and expectation to build tension and anticipation. Your aim with teasing it to get her consciousness focused on her body and the touch and sensation coming from her body, instead of up in her head where she will be thinking logically.

The combination of teasing and escalation is award winning. You can’t just touch and tease, that would get boring and frustrating after a while. You have to start by avoiding the erogenous zones and slowly build up to include them. Turning a woman on is like the economy, the overall trend is always going up (escalation) but there are highs and lows along the way (teasing). So, to turn a woman on, touch, tease and escalate.

So how can you tell if a woman is turned on enough and ready to ejaculate her lovely female juices. Of course there are physical indicators such as a wet pussy, warm body and flushed face these are all excellent indicators that she is ready to go. There are even more subtle yet accurate indicators however that show she is ready. If you look at her eyes you will be able to tell (after some practice) if she is ‘in the moment’ or in the thinking, logical part of her brain.

If she looks like she is thinking and stuck in her head, instead of her body, then you may have more work to do. Ideally she will be fully immersed in the sensory experience of her body, she will be in the moment without and ‘little voices’ talking in her head. If she looks like that then good job: you’re ready to go. A good ball park figure for a new partner who hasn’t squirted before would be a 30 minute warm up until she is ready for you to apply the method.

During the preparation & arousal building phase it will help if you know how to eat her Pussy.

What is the best technique?

Throughout the squirting technique it is useful to establish a relationship where she feels open to giving you feedback, and isn’t afraid to say ‘harder’ or ‘softer.’ Women are very individual about what turns them on and makes them gush that using the feedback she gives is the only way to ‘guarantee’ she busts every time.

After some practice you will become good at reading non verbal feedback, even with different women, as a result she will wonder how you know exactly what to do and when and your ‘squirt rate’ will increase.

“Sometimes it can be a good idea to tell her what you’re about to do to her. If you’re about to slide a finger into her vagina then you can let her know, this can help reduce her nervous anticipation.”

However, I would only use this technique with girls that you think might be slightly uncomfortable. With women who you have already established a sexual relationship with or are clearly relaxed and enjoying the process, it can be a good idea to build anticipation and surprise.

Throughout the entire process use plenty of lube, and remember to replace it throughout the session. You should never feel dry skin rubbing on dry skin. Make sure the lube is at body temperature before it comes in contact with her erogenous zones.

Stimulate her clit

The first thing you’ll want to do after the warm up is to stimulate her clit. The clit is delicate. Especially to start with you don’t want too apply much pressure. Lightly stroke it with your pointer finger or suck on it. You can build speed and pressure as she gets more aroused. Light rhythmic and quick strokes are best for the clit, but build up the speed gradually. Be responsive to her feedback at this point, if she looks in any discomfort, decrease the pressure and speed, and then build from there.

Stimulate her g-spot

At first you may want to use just one finger slowly inserted inside her with your palm facing the roof. Make sure the finger is well lubed and the lube is body temperature. A cold hand will sharply reduce her arousal, and you will have to build her arousal back up again.

There are 3 basic motions that can be used to stimulate her g-spot with your finger(s). The 1st motion (and most important one) is the come hither motion. The fingers are curled upwards and moved in and out towards your palm. The 2nd motion is the windscreen wiper motion.

The curled fingers are moved from side to side across the g-spot, essentially wiping her g-spot. The tips of your fingers will be pointing towards her left hip then her right hip. The 3rd motion the barrel roll inside her. Use the tips of your fingers to make a circular motion inside the vagina. Use the 3 motions with either one or two fingers to stimulate her g-spot.

Double stimulation

Double stimulation means stimulating the clitoris with one hand and the g-spot with the other hand. This can bring about more powerful and pleasurable orgasms, and help her reach orgasm more quickly. Many women who have had the double stimulation orgasm purport that is their favourite kind of orgasm.

When you have a rhythm that she enjoys, keep with that rhythm. Speed-up as she gets more turned on, when you feel her g spot start swelling up it will put more pressure on your fingers, this is the sign she is really turned on and almost ready to start ejaculating, maintain the rhythm or increase the speed and pressure slightly, with the come hither motion hooking round the g-spot. You can also use a vibrator on her clit if you find it hard to make different motions with both hands. It’s often faster to learn the subtleties of this technique through videos though.

It’s very important at this point to remember no to be goal oriented. If she feels in the slightest that you will be disappointed with yourself or with her if she doesn’t cum it will make it much harder for her to do it. Sometimes you can even tell her ‘don’t come now,’ with a smile. This completely removes any psychological pressure to ejaculate but also has the hidden command of ‘squirt now,’ however you must have the relationship where she knows you’re just being cheeky and not serious.

As you continue with the g-spot stimulation you will want to transition into a stronger up and down motion, with your fingers curled upwards (palm towards the roof.) As she gets ready to squirt the pressure on your fingers inside her vagina will increase as the skene’s gland fills and the PC muscles contract. The pressure is an indicator that she is about to squirt and if you remove your fingers now she may do so.

Timing is very important

Remove your fingers quickly when you feel the pressure and continue to rub her clit with the other hand. At this point she should be squirting. If she doesn’t doesn’t, that’s ok, just go back to the g-spot stimulation techniques and build from there. Some men remove their fingers too early so not enough pressure has built up.

The longer you hold them in the longer and harder she will squirt. If she still doesn’t come after a few tries then don’t be disappointed and put pressure on her, this won’t help. You can transition into intercourse and come back to the technique later, or wait until next time. In the mean time it would be a good idea to learn more about the advanced techniques and the exercises for better female ejaculation.

A common mistake that I believe many guys make is that their timing is out of sync with the woman, and they are disconnected from her. Connection with the woman you are hoping to release her ejaculate is hugely important for a number of reasons but the main one that I want to discuss in this article is timing when to remove your fingers from her vagina.

It’s especially important to get the timing right because if you remove your fingers too early, her squirting orgasm will either be non-existent or it will be much weaker than what it could be, resulting is lacklustre ejaculatory volume and decreased pleasure for her.

On the other hand if you hold your fingers in her vagina you may prevent her from being able to squirt altogether because your fingers will be blocking the vaginal opening and prohibiting the orgasm.

So how do you know when to remove your fingers?

Sorry, but the answer is not a simple one. The best way to get your timing right is to practice making your partner squirt as many times as possible (or with as many different partners as possible.) Over time you’ll build up reference experiences that will help you be a better judge of when to remove your fingers. There are some indicators that the woman will give you that it’s useful to be aware of however.

The biggest tell-tale sign that she is ready is a building pressure coming from the walls of her vagina and g-spot. It varies for different women but sometimes it can feel like her vagina is literally pushing your hand out. Often she will explicitly tell you to remove your fingers as the pressure/pleasure becomes overwhelming.


It’s also common that her body begins to wriggle and writhe during an orgasm that you won’t be able to keep your hand in contact with her pussy. As you begin to know your partner better, you can hold your fingers inside her for longer allowing the pressure and volume of female ejaculate to increase.

When you do remove your fingers (or penis) from her vagina, remove it quickly and with some pressure towards the roof of her pussy (against her g-spot) brushing it as you retract your hand. This, combined with the vacuum that the removal of your fingers creates, often triggers her to cum immediately.

It’s a good idea to keep your hand close to her vaginal opening while she releases because as her orgasm tapers off she will at her most orgasmic, so just a few more quick ‘come hither’ motions can trigger another squirting orgasm.

Creating a vacuum when the fingers are removed is also a technique that we use to make the woman ejaculate her pussy juice during sex because as the penis removed quickly and then a finger (your or hers) or a vibrator rubs the clit she will often cum hard and wet.

One way to increase the intensity of her ejaculations is to briskly rub her vaginal opening with your two fingers as they are removed from her vagina (in addition to the other hand rubbing her clit.)

Always be aware of feedback that your partner is giving you and try to adjust accordingly. Most of the time this will be non-verbal feedback because the woman won’t want to jump back into the logical part of her mind with verbal communication.) This doesn’t mean to be ‘hypersensitive’ and respond to her every movement.

You have to be masculine and lead the interaction and guide her through her journey, but still adjust your method and pressure accordingly.

After you’ve read this initial page about making her spray like a fire hose you can go and learn about multiple squirting orgasms and stacked squirting orgasms. That’s the Jedi level stuff.


  1. Prepare: trim fingernails and buy lube, find location (warm, private, cosy)
  2. Warmup: massage her and get her aroused, get her horny and out of the logical part of her brain. The 3 vital steps to warm up your girl are TOUCH, TEASE, ESCALATE.
  3. Method: Insert you two middle fingers palm up towards the roof, into her vagina. (Do this carefully and slowly at first after having applied lots of lube.
  4. Curl the two fingers round in a ‘come here’ motion. Use the other hand to stimulate her clit. Make light fast motion over her clit, (alternatively tell her to rub it herself or use a vibrator.) Increase the speed and pressure of the come hither motion and begin to add an up and down motion. Continually observe your partner’s feedback of whether she is enjoying it or not and adjust the pressure accordingly.
  5. Tell her it’s okay if she pees and make sure she is relaxed and comfortable
  6. You should feel her g-spot swell slightly as she becomes more aroused. Often you can hear sloshing noise as the Skene’s gland fills with the female ejaculate. When you feel her pushing out then remove your fingers from her vagina but continue to stimulate her clit.
  7. If you aren’t successful first time, it probably has more to do with her emotional state than your physical technique.
  8. Check our frequently asked squirting questions for more details.

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