The 30 Top Sexperts of 2018

A sexpert, or sex expert, is the title given to a person who helps singles and couples (of any sexual combination) with matters relating to sexuality and relationships.

Fifty years ago, there were very few sexperts available to the general public, mostly because the idea of discussing in detail what goes on behind closed doors was too taboo.

Today however, there are a number of sexperts on radio, television, and the internet, and each has their own skill set and unique personality. Here we have compiled a list of the 30 best sexperts in 2017, in no particular order.

1A.V. Flox

Author, blogger, thrill seeker, and well regarded sexpert, Flox spends her days delving into the depths of sex, and all of the ways it touches our lives.

As the main contributor to Slantist, “where the slant is sex”, she is not afraid to investigate and discuss any and all topics related to our carnal lives.

Giving expert advice and opinions on the mundane, the eccentric, and even the violent, Flox will provide a level of candor that is refreshing.

As a celebrated contributor to publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Vice, and the Village Voice, readers will discover a witty, open, and disarming charisma in all of her sexpert writings.

2Kate Evans

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and therapist, Evans focuses her vast knowledge and training on the concepts of sexuality and empowering women.

With a private practice in Illinois and many online contributions, readers are welcome to contact Evans with thoughts and questions regarding their own sexuality topics.

Having spent many years addressing the issues that couples face in the bedroom, she offers a safe and reliable arena in which a couple can learn to reconnect and reclaim the intimacy they once had.

Her philosophy that a woman feeling empowered in life will translate to a stronger and healthier sex life has proven to be a great help to all who read her works.

AmyAmy Levine

When people of all ages and backgrounds have questions related to sex and sexuality, there is no finer place to turn than

This site, a mixture of self help and sex coaching for individuals and couples, is proffered by the famous sexpert Amy Levine. Levine, with her unabashedly humorous candor and approachability is ready and waiting to assist with all of your sexual health and relationship dilemmas.

Offering a unique perspective on sexual happiness and fulfillment, Levine is not afraid to draw from her own studies and personal experiences, therefore offering some of the best sexpert advice today.

3Tracey Cox

With a name like Tracey Cox, it is little wonder that this famed psychologist/journalist became a sexpert.

Having spent the last two decades speaking, writing, and educating the public on all things sex, Cox offers valuable insight into the human psyche. As a bestselling author of books like Dare:

What Happens When Fantasies Come True and Hot Sex, her works are regarded as cutting edge and candid. Visitors to her website will find everything from advice to toys and products to heighten anyone’s sexual experiences.

4Esther Perel

Proving yet again that great things can come in small packages, therapist and sexpert Esther Perel has turned the topics of sex and sexuality into an upfront and honest discussion.

As a native of Belgium who speaks nine languages (ten if you count the language of love), Perel travels the globe, giving lectures holding group sessions relating to all manner of sex topics.

Her famed book Mating in Captivity, explores the intricacies and difficulties of loving, appreciating, and enjoying sex in a long term relationship or marriage.

Perel offers a blunt attitude towards sex discussions, often creating a level of discomfort in her audience which immediately triggers discussion.

5Rachel Kramer Bussel

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was so completely honest about sex that you found yourself cringing at the embarrassing details?

Welcome to the world of Rachel Kramer Bussel, a noted author, blogger, speaker, and all around sexpert.

Bussel is not afraid to discuss anything pertaining to sex, and usually adds in her own two cents based on personal life experiences.

Her level of candor is engaging, though you may find yourself covering your ears and blushing at times. Her discussions on orgasms are something that every woman in the world should hear.

6Dr. Ruth Westheimer

With thirty five years of experience in the business, Dr. Ruth epitomizes the term sexpert.

As the first “on air” sexpert personality in the United States, her frank discussions and quick wit endeared her to listeners around the world.

Since airing her first radio program in 1980, Dr. Ruth has become an international best seller, often considered the leading sexpert in the world. And let’s face it, hearing her say all kinds of dirty things in that thick German accent is giggle-worthy.

7Sienna Sinclaire

Oh the joys of being naughty. As a Los Angeles sex coach, Sienna Sinclaire is a self proclaimed Naughty Lifestyle Expert.

Relying on her extensive personal knowledge of the adult entertainment industry, and then her subsequent years of study under (not literally) qualified scientific experts, Sinclaire jumps head first into the worlds of sex, naughtiness, and female empowerment.

Open to discussing everything from the ordinary to the obscene, Sinclaire has gathered a loyal following of readers and listeners both on the west coast and nationwide.

8Caitlin Abber

Freelance writer and all around funny gal Caitlin Abber has recently started to make a name for herself in the sexpert business.

While her writings can focus on anything from current events to dating advice, her sexuality related pieces are poignant and refreshing, not to mention downright hilarious.

Her article titled “Seven Reasons Why Republicans Are Bad At Sex” will not only keep you in tears, it actually explores the psychology behind the ideology. Proving that being a sexpert is not all fun and games, Abber also tackles the topics of sexual harassment and the struggles faced by both sexes in the world.

9Emily Morse

There is one simple reason why Morse’s podcast, “Sex with Emily”, is the top rated and downloaded podcast in the world, there is no topic too risque for her.

With an education based in psychology, followed by years of political campaign activity, Morse knows how to screw people.

Her website, blogs, and podcasts will cover everything from Sausage Wraps to the Art of a Hand job, from Talking Dirty to Blow job Embargoes.

Her frank discussions, always tinged with an appropriate amount of humor, offer some of the best sexpert advise available.

10Dr. Joe Kort

Dr. Joe Kort is an author and therapist who specializes in relationships and sex. Having studied in his field and practicing for decades, he is an invaluable source of information on all forms of sexuality topics.

As one of the leading sexperts who focuses on the LGBT community, his books related to the needs of gay men are highly regarded.

In addition to his writings geared toward the LGBT community, his “Gay Affirmative Therapy for the Straight Clinician” seeks to aid straight therapists when treating the varied need of homosexual clients.

11Tristan Taormino

Taormino has made a name for herself around the world as a sexpert.

Keeping many irons in the fire, she divides her time between writing bestsellers about sexuality, speaking to private groups, and running Smart Ass Productions, her very own adult film company.

With a goal to allow every person from every walk of life the ability to find pleasure, without guilt or embarrassment, Taormino has an extreme flair for finding the erotic and carnal in anyone.

She has made it her life pursuit to help men and women engage fully during sex.

12Kaitlin Menza

Kaitlin Menza did not seek out a career as a sexpert, yet through her many insightful freelance writing articles and blog contributions, she is now thought of as a go to expert in the area of sex and relationships.

Having contributed numerous pieces for major women’s magazines, including the likes of Redbook, Cosmo, Vogue, and Marie Claire, her ability to speak about sexuality is one of a kind.

Always addressing interesting topics from a female perspective, gals will learn how to have the best shower sex or what to really expect from anal and squirting.

13Dr. Gloria Brame

With a Ph.D. in human sexuality and many innovative books to her credit, Dr. Gloria Brame has become an adored sexpert around the world.

Dr. Brame strives tirelessly to help all of her listeners and readers lead healthier sex lives.

Understanding that sexuality is far more than the act of intercourse, she has written and spoken about the importance of sexual identity, and embracing your true desires.

An advocate of the BDSM and fetish communities, Dr. Brame does not allow the common prejudices to disrupt her search for sexual wellness in the world.

14Amy Jo Goddard

The term “sex coach” tends to instill an image of tight shorts, dodge ball, and a whistle, yet sexpert and sex coach Amy Jo Goddard is anything but “athletic department creepy”.

In fact, this sexual empowerment expert has been applauded many times over for writings and lectures on sex and sexuality. Bestowed the title of Sex Blogging Superhero, Goddard takes it all in stride.

Her articulate and thoughtful writings can help singles and couples cope with the rigors of relationships, the struggles many face with sexual identity, and the desires that most people have for a more fulfilling sex life.

15Jaclyn Friedman

Sexperts come in all shapes and sizes, and from all backgrounds.

Turning the tragedy of her own sexual assault into a force for positive change, Jaclyn Friedman has become a beloved voice anyone who has dealt with their own personal violent demons.

Not only does Friedman act as an advocate for better understanding and safety training to counteract assault, she also works as a loud voice against gender related hate crimes and violence.

Those who follow her writings and lectures gain a deep perspective into the emotional, mental, and physical impacts that sexual violence and assault can cause.

16Dr. Trina Read

As a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality and the AASEC, Dr. Trina Read offers scientific views on the topics of sex and sexuality that are easy to comprehend.

Providing the community at large with two websites, and, her vast audience is exposed to a number of helpful insights and tips.

Her traveling lectures are celebrated for their focus on healthy sexuality and sexual relationships, while her writings are adored for their jovial take on adding excitement to the bedroom.

17Lane Moore

When nature combines the natural talents of comedian, magazine editor, and sexpert, the result is the enigmatic and always fun personality of Lane Moore.

As the sex and relationships editor for Cosmopolitan magazine, Moore knows all too well what it takes to be a sexpert.

Overseeing what is arguably the most popular section of Cosmo’s magazine, she has learned all of the nitty-gritty details about sex, including all of the blush-worthy tidbits that sell copy.

Her talents as a comedian ensure that her writings are always tongue in cheek, if not tongue in some other body part.

19Korin Miller

As the site director for, journalist and editor Korin Miller has seen her share of naughty topics.

Producing articles and blogs for a number of mass media publications, including the Washington Post,, and Womens Health Magazine, Miller has written about everything from urinating before sex to tips to make your partner’s penis feel bigger.

Of her many popular sexpert pieces, the articles she wrote for Cosmo about “making him last longer” have been appreciated by women all over the world.

20Dan and Jennifer Baritchi

Offering a two for one sexpert extravaganza, happily married couple Dan and Jennifer Baritchi have created a sexpert empire with their blog site.

Having authored a series of hit books relating to relationships and sex, it is popularly said that this power couple is “today’s number one resource for love and sex”.

On their site, readers will find answers to all of those burning questions, including the ones that we are normally too embarrassed to ask ourselves. Visitors will find everything from advice to videos and sex toys.

21Dr. Laura Berman

When we think of sexperts, Dr. Laura Berman is always near the front of our list.

As a well respected relationship and sex educator, Dr. Berman somehow finds enough hours in the day to host television and radio shows, keep an updated website, write books and a weekly newspaper column, appear on numerous other television programs as a sexpert, run her own Chicago practice, and teach at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

Through all of these avenues, Dr. Berman has helped countless couples to reconnect and build a stronger sense of intimacy in their relationships and their bedrooms.

22Ian Kerner

Anyone who titles their bestselling book “She Comes First”, is a-okay in our opinion.

Ian Kerner has done just that, along with creating many other life altering works centered around healthy and adventurous sex. As a psychotherapist recognized by the AASEC, Kerner can back all of his cheeky banter with the science behind the pleasure.

Kerner is often found touring and speaking at the Ivy League universities, or writing for CNN. His lectures on relationships and intimacy have enabled him to become one of today’s leading sexperts.

23Dr. Pepper Schwartz

Some may think that sexperts are only needed by people who are inexperienced, young, or naive.

This is a completely false theory, sexperts cater to people of every age and background, even seniors. As the official Love and Relationship Ambassador for AARP, Dr. Pepper Schwartz spends her days helping the AARP members improve their love and sex lives.

An avid author, Schwartz is well known for works such as “Dating After 50 for Dummies”, “The Great Sex Weekend”, and “Prime: Advice and Adventures on Sex, Love, and the Sensuous Years”. Putting her sociology and sexology degrees to the best use, Schwartz has been helping people have better sex since the 1970’s.

24Jamye Waxman

When the roles of feminist and sexpert fall into bed together, the resulting brilliance is a woman who knows what women want, and is not afraid to ask for it.

Acclaimed sex advisor and speaker Jamye Waxman is a multi talented sexpert on erotica, adult film making, sexual health, and so much more.

Waxman is a regular contributor to online and print publications, like YourTango and Cosmopolitan magazine. Currently, those who wish to learn from Waxman’s years of sexpertise can find her online working as the sex educator for the Lovers online video series.

25Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey

The British brain trust of, the dynamic sexpert duo of Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey, are the ladies to ask about bedroom activities.

Presenting the famed UK series “Sex: How to do Everything”, and having authored a number of sex education books, Em and Lo offer answers to sex and relationship questions from around the world.

With a well respected blog that is updated twice a day, these gals spend their days teaching their followers the best ways to be naughty.

26Tess Barker

Tess Barker, comedian and co-host of the well loved Lady to Lady podcast, offers a brand of sexpertise that walks the delicate line between hilarious and vulgar.

In addition to her podcast scenes, Barker is a contributor and blogger, with many works in Women’s Health Magazine. Readers will appreciate her insights into topics such as “9 Things Sex Experts Really Want You to Know”, “The Lazy Girls Guide to Sexting”, and “4 Ways to Make His Penis Feel Bigger”.

Barker’s ability to bathe sexy situations in a layer of brevity allows her readers and listeners to connect with her more openly, endearing her into the hearts and bedrooms of many followers.

27Dr. Sari Locker

Having one of the busiest sexpert careers in the business, Dr. Sari Locker has been offering up advice on sexuality for close to three decades.

Dr. Locker knows a thing or two about having a great sex life, and the shear number of books she has sold proves that her tips and tricks are invaluable. Having been invited to speak about her forte on over one thousand different television programs, Dr. Locker is a go-to name in the sexpert industry.

While she still teaches psychology courses at Columbia University, she uses the remainder of her time touring college campuses, giving lectures on sex, and contributing to a number of print media publications.


Not so much a single sexpert, but a conglomerate of wickedly erotic sexpert contributors, Mistress Maxxsters created the Sexperts Lounge blog. Here, readers will discover a plethora of sex advice, with topics and opinions from a host of different experts and personalities.

If you have questions about dating, relationships, sexual health, or anything else related to sex, the Sexperts Lounge blog will have an answer for you.

What really sets this sexpert site apart is the many varied perspectives that are offered on each topic. A great way to ensure that the information you are reading is accurate from both a male and female standpoint.

29Sandra Daugherty

Sandra Daugherty, better known to her followers as Sex Nerd Sandra, provides sexpert advise through her podcast and blogs.

With an eye for the quirky and obscure, Sandra creates a safe environment for sex discussions.

Removing the stigma of shame from our bedrooms, this lighthearted nerd offers amazing tips and tricks to heighten your sexual encounters, face the dilemmas of bedroom boredom, and cope with our own sexuality discomforts.

Painfully honest and contagiously enthusiastic about sex, Sandra will remind all of her viewers just how sexy a nerd can be.

30Kayt Sukel

Author, blogger, and contributor Kayt Sukel is a sexpert in the sciences of human behavior. Her fascinating books “Dirty Minds” and “This is Your Brain on Sex” investigate the mental and emotional responses in our brain, which then cause us to have physical reactions to those around us.

Through her works, we gain a better understanding of why were are what we are, a study in neuroscience and naughtiness.

Readers will fall in love with Sukel’s humor the moment they listen to her tell her story about masturbating in an MRI machine! As far as sexperts go, she is really one to check out.

There you have it, the 30 Best Sexperts of 2017. If you have sex, relationship, dating, or sexual health questions, surely one of these fabulous sexperts will be able to help you. Remember, sexperts are here to help everyone, from the most missionary mammas to the kinkiest.

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