"Unlock The Secret Blueprint For An Unstoppable Sex Drive and New Levels of Sexual Energy and Passion..."


This course literally changed my life. Passion and lust tends to go down in relationships over time. But after going through this course I unlocked a new level of energy, passion and love in my marriage that we haven't reached before. I'm eternally grateful to Jakob and Laura.

Carl M

Austin, texas

Hi, I’m Jakob.

In this course you will discover simple and proven, yet extremely effective ways to increase your sex drive that will have you feeling like a horny teenager again, no matter how old you are now.

If you want to make embarrassing and humiliating sexual performance a thing of the past -

If you’d like to arm yourself with Unbreakable Sexual Confidence, and be able to fully satisfy ANY woman in bed...

I strongly advise you to turn off all distractions, and give this page your full attention.

What I'll teach you will have you with practically unlimited reserves of sexual energy, allowing you to perform effortlessly in the bedroom...

The things I’m about to share with you are extremely simple and kicks in incredibly fast, that I suggest you MUST pace yourself. 

Don’t implement everything at one time as you may find yourself on “sexual overdrive.”

There's a high chance you might just leave your partner in SHOCK with the MASSIVE increase in your bedroom drive and performance.

You may think you have tried it all and seen it all, however this is not another pill, cream, or injection that only hides the problem temporarily.

I'm going to show you relatively easy, yet super effective and long-term solutions that can help you sustain a sex drive well into old age that even the most successful pornstars will be jealous of...

Everything we teach you will consist of natural, scientifically proven, self-tested methods that improve BOTH physiological and psychological sex drive boosting factors.

I promise you that after you take this course you will have a deep and comprehensive understanding of how to SUPERCHARGE your sex drive - and once you start applying it you'll feel like a whole new man.

Now, before we continue I'd like to ask you a question - do you believe that sex drive is something that is supposed to decrease with age?

If you answered yes - you're actually VERY wrong.

Despite so-called common knowledge - studies of rural and indigenous populations have shown that even men WELL into their 70's have the same levels of hormones and sex drive as 17 year old men in modern, urban populations.

This simply shows that our modern lifestyle and environment are MORE powerful in decreasing sex drive than just the natural aging process.

You see, in our world today we have so many factors that disrupt our sex hormones and psychology - and therefore kill sex drive gradually as we age.

These include chemicals in plastics and our diet - while each of these on their own has a relatively small effect - we come into contact with these extremely harmful chemicals MANY times a day WITHOUT knowing it!

All of these harmful chemicals in our environment have a COMPOUND effect - leading to killing your sex drive.

Pharmaceutical companies don't want you to read this...

You've probably heard of TRT, HRT, etc.. basically the artificial testosterone creams and injections that you apply to increase your testosterone.

They've been hailed as a miracle solution for men facing testosterone decline from aging.

But while they sound quite effective and safe, they actually have TONS of side effects, including:

  • Increased risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Stimulation of prostate tissue linked to prostate cancer
  • Serious blood clots
  • Hair loss
  • Oily skin / acne
  • Fluid retention
  • Breast enlargement (gynecomastia)
  • Increased risk of blood clots
  • Worsening of sleep apnea
  • Shrunken testicles
  • Increased aggression and mood swings
  • Decrease in sperm count (infertility)

Even worse -  the improved mood, sex drive and energy is usually only TEMPORARY from TRT!

What they don't tell you is once you're on TRT you've basically sentenced yourself to constant medical checkups and drugs to manage the side effects...

Doesn't sound like a miracle solution does it?

You see, you want to increase testosterone production naturally so you don't rely on external sources of it.

I'll be covering testosterone extensively as well as other hormones that have a huge affect on your sex drive -

Since you can in fact have normal to high testosterone levels and STILL have a low sex drive!

I'll go through ALL the hormones you need to know about and how to optimize them completely naturally and drug-free.

Physiological factors are just one part of the sex drive equation.

While hormones, diet, sleep etc.. are crucial to maximizing sex drive, psychological factors are equally, if not AS important.

Mindset, relationships, etc shape our sex drive massively as well.

Most people selling you stuff to increase your sex drive only focus on the physiological factors - often trying to sell you their overpriced supplements.

In this course I'll also be teaching you the things that have NOTHING to do with hormones, workouts, and such... 

Things that most people overlook such as relationship dynamics -

This includes having trust, respect, and a healthy masculine/feminine polarizing dynamic - things LACKING in most of today's 'feminized' relationships. 

This can lead to a BREAKDOWN in attraction and ultimately sex drive - on both you and your partner's end.

You'll learn exactly how to keep your relationship(s) healthy in such a way you and your woman will always be DYING to sleep with each other.

Everything I'm teaching you has been tested personally - I was the lab rat. Let me tell you my story.

Not too long ago I was probably in a situation similar to yours...

I had a couple of girlfriends here and there - we would have sex regularly at the start of the relationship but I would get bored and desensitized to them quite shortly after.

This led to them feeling unwanted and unattractive... which obviously wasn't true. 

This put quite a strain on the relationship obviously.

Some of the girls thought I was even cheating on them since I didn't seem so interested in sex!

I eventually got desperate and started frantically researching and trying everything online -

Exercises, diets, pills, and so on... some stuff worked, some didn't. 

Surprisingly, I found that the most overlooked and low-cost solutions were in fact the MOST effective.

The pills, creams, and injections that were specifically toted to give you a high sex drive were in fact less effective and more expensive than the simpler, more affordable solutions.

It's these solutions that I'm going to cover in my course -

All natural, affordable, and super effective - things that ANYONE can implement and see results VERY quickly.

What I'm teaching you completely transformed my relationships and my own sexual experiences.

I went from feeling 'obligated' to giving girls what they wanted to UTTERLY DESTROYING them in bed (to put in bluntly) - and frankly, enjoying it a lot!

I went from having an 'average' sex drive to being able to go at it for hours, and 'reload' within minutes and go again for many, many, more rounds.

For someone that's been past puberty and the supposed male physical prime, this is seen as 'abnormal' and 'freakish'.

However it's actually a low sex drive and bedroom ability that's the anomaly.

As mentioned earlier, men should naturally have a high sex drive well into their 70's or even further...

It's something that ALL men can experience given the right knowledge, and your own willingness to apply the knowledge.

I hope you can apply what I'm going to teach you in this course that I put all my knowledge and experience into.

Increasing sex drive goes BEYOND the bedroom...

Look, I know you're already probably just excited at the possibility of always having desire for your partner and staying rock hard, being able to go for hours.

While that's definitely a given with what I'm about to teach you, the benefits of having a strong sex drive go way beyond being able to sexually satisfy yourself and your partner...

You'll have a stronger sense of confidence, masculinity, and higher energy levels - allowing you to work towards your goals and a better life EFFORTLESSLY.

Now Let's Quickly Go Over The Video Modules In This Course...

I wanted to cover basically EVERYTHING when it comes to SUPERCHARGING your sex drive and set out to leave NO stone unturned.

I did the painstaking research and drew from my extensive personal experience so you can learn how to deal with this issue from every angle.

Every single one of these 14 modules put together covers ALL you need to know.

Each module is a video filmed and presented by me aided with scientific studies, images, and diagrams.

You'll learn how to attack EVERY single factor of low sex drive and NEVER have to deal with it again.

Module 1 - Introduction

Introducing the myths about the male sex drive and key pillars of increasing it.

You'll learn the core concept that your level of sex drive is COMPLETELY within your control.

Master the two key pillars that we'll go through in this course (physiological & psychological) and you'll have a KILLER sex drive.

Module 2 - Hormones & Sex Drive

Here we take a look at the hormones specifically involved in sex drive such as testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, and dopamine.

We'll address the myth of low testosterone being the only cause of low sex drive and go through other hormones that can greatly affect your drive.

Module 3 - Lowering Estrogen For Maximum Testosterone

Here you'll learn how to optimize your testosterone levels naturally - without drugs, patches, creams, or injections.

You'll also find out daily environmental factors that cause high estrogen levels and how to counteract these.

Module 4 - Lowering Prolactin & Optimizing Dopamine for Maximum Drive

Most men nowadays have higher than normal prolactin levels which has a huge effect on your hormonal health.

Lowering it can then increase dopamine which has a HUGE effect on sex drive.

Find out the key natural supplements that help optimize these factors.

Module 5 - Diet & Lifestyle

Here you'll find out the key diet and lifestyle factors to keep your sex drive at an all time high.

Learn which foods you MUST avoid, how to make a testosterone boosting SMOOTHIE, use fasting strategically and more...

Module 6 - The Testosterone Boosting Workout

The average man today is 20% weaker than 35 years ago, which obviously has a huge implication on sex drive levels as well.

Don't be one of those men!

In this module you'll learn key principles to working out that will boost your testosterone in less time than most mainstream workouts.

Module 7 - Psychological Factors

Without a strong psychological foundation, your sex drive potential is hugely limited.

We'll uncover the key psychological factors that are hindering your full potential that no one else mentions in this area..

Including the no. 1 relationship disorder that absolutely destroys you and your woman's sex drive.

Module 8 - Strategies To Live By

Learn the contrarian strategies to apply and live by in your relationships to ensure a healthy sex life.

These include resetting relationship dynamics, removing friction and the stressors from your life.

Many of these are not the watered down type of recommendations you’ll hear from mainstream relationship gurus on TV BUT they do work and will get you real world results. 

Module 9 - Masculinity & Power

Being a man and doing manly things is strongly discouraged by modern society which confounds masculinity with oppression and destruction.

However it’s these very same traits of masculinity such as strength, courage, assertiveness, and leadership that women ABSOLUTELY CRAVE.

We'll explain the core tenets of increasing your masculinity in depth - your confidence, energy levels, motivation, sense of entitlement and especially your sex drive are all affected by the type of man you are and see yourself as.

Module 10 - Increasing Her Sex Drive

When it comes to increasing a women’s sex drive, the best and fastest way to do it is quite simply through more and better sex.

Here you'll learn a powerful, effective sex routine to make your girl increase her sex drive massively, which will in turn increase yours.

What I’ll  share here with you guys is really powerful, and with great power comes great responsibility - so use this routine wisely my friends

Module 11 - Better Sex, Better Sex Drive / Coming Lightly

In this module I'll teach you an incredibly powerful sex technique  - the art of cumming lightly.

You'll learn to control your PC muscles and ejaculation so you can maintain a more stable, high sex drive.

Heat things up in the bedroom, and send your libido through the roof with the sex skills to back it up.

Module 12 - Sexual Transmutation

“The harnessing of sexual energy and converting it into drive in other areas of your life.” 

Learn to use sexual transmutation to gain more energy, improve your sex life, your overall success in life and relationships and become a more powerful man.

Module 13 - NoFap

Watching porn and fapping off should be something you’ll want to quit asap if you truly want to optimise your sex skills, sex drive and overall masculinity. 

Here we'll teach you how to use NoFap as a key tool to increase your sex skills, sex drive, and overall masculinity.

Module 14 - Putting Everything Together

Summary of everything you learnt, how to apply it, keep track and stay consistent.

At this point you now have all the knowledge you need to fully transform your sex drive, as well as improve your hormone levels, relationship dynamics as well as your sexual confidence and sense of masculinity.

Sex Drive Secrets

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Here's What Guys Who Took The Course Have To Say


This course literally changed my life. Passion and lust tends to go down in relationships over time. But after going through this course I unlocked a new level of energy, passion and love in my marriage that we haven't reached before. I'm eternally grateful to Jakob and Laura.

Carl M

Austin, texas


Making love to my girlfriend was one of the best things about our relationship. We connected so deeply. But over time our energy levels did go down. Our passion and lust waned but our love for each other got deeper. After taking the Sex Drive Secrets course with Jakob and Laura, our passion and lust for each other is back and there's a new levels of love in our relationship.

Daniel, L

Stockholm, Sweden


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Sex Drive Secrets

Just $29.99 TODAY (Originally $199.99)

One-time payment, lifetime access and updates. No recurring orders or subscriptions.
90 day risk free, 100% money back guarantee. Support questions: support@schoolofsquirt.com

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