What Women Want in Bed – Deepest Secrets Revealed

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For all the debate on what women really want, you’d think the answer was an age old puzzle, wrapped inside an enigma and guarded by a wizened old mage who insists you answer a series of riddles before proceeding any further. But, really, it’s not.

It’s not that women want something mystical, it’s just that they want something MORE. Something more than most men. It’s a cliché and perhaps a bit sexist, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

It’s not that men will just settle for anything but, let’s face it, men definitely demand a lot less. Sure, they’re not going to complain about extra frills and spicing things up, but it’s hardly at the top of their list of demands – if they even have one.

That’s the real reason why so many men don’t understand what women want in bed – a woman’s expectations are simply higher.

Luckily, these high expectations aren’t actually hard to accomplish once you break them down. We’ve created a step by step way to plan and carry out a night of ecstasy that will drive you both mad and create a night that you’ll enjoy – and remember – for days (and nights) to come.

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Women secretly want a man who will ‘go the extra mile.’ For you, this could mean spending some time learning the techniques and methods it takes to give her a ‘truly loving orgasm’ as we like to call it.

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Put Some Thought Into It

Some women insist they don’t need flowers and candlelight and romantic music and it’s true, they might not need it – but every woman appreciates it when her partner puts some thought into the festivities.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be tried and true (i.e. somewhat clichéd) romantic gestured, but showing that you put some planning into your evening is bound to win you some points.


Use what you know about your girl to make the perfect night. Maybe for your girl that does mean the traditional flowers, dinner out and rose pedals on the bed.

Or maybe she’s more of a deep dish pizza and an armful of video games and movies type-a-gal. It’s not about living up to some external ideal, but instead it’s about simply showing that you gave her some thought – it’s a move that will easily pave the way for an explosive night.


One Word: Foreplay

Any sex advice article worth its salt will tell you foreplay is incredibly important. Women love being turned on slowly, even when they’re begging for sex, there’s an enjoyment in the anguish of waiting.

Foreplay should be fun and it gives you a chance to show off your skills. Show her just how dexterous you can be with your hands, your mouth and your imagination.

Teaser her, massage her and use everything except your dick to bring her to the brink of an orgasm – only to then put on the brakes and coax her back from the edge.

Foreplay should be long, drawn-put, plenty of fun and a little maddening. The idea is to get her so turned on she’s quite literally begging for sex – and then making her wait just a little longer.

Foreplay is the perfect time to be ‘sensual’ with her. This means taking the time to enjoy her, touching her body softly, caressing her, enjoying her company and building anticipation and teasing.

Being playful, yet at the same time slow and sensual is often an award-winning combination.

At the same time, we could talk about foreplay all day, but sometimes a woman simply wants to be ‘taken’ quickly by you; She wants to be ‘ravaged.’

Most of the time foreplay, and a long build up will make her more likely to orgasm later, but once in a while mix things up. It’s important that you keep her guessing. Let her know by your actions that at any point when you’re together you might want to take her.


What women really want it bed is to forget about the worries of life. There are so many thoughts running through the female mind and sex can often be a way to escape from this and enjoy the connection with another human.

Sex is extremely emotional for women. Emotion drives everything and so it is very important that you are the one gets her in to an emotional frame of mind – (rather than  a logical one.)

This is often why foreplay is so important – It gives her time to switch over from logic into physical/emotional. Sex is also about connection and communication. In our everyday lives we use words to communicate right?

Stay with me here because this is deep…

Well the words we use aren’t perfect. They are just symbols or maps for what we are trying to express, and during most conversations there’s usually a lot that is misunderstood or miscommunicated.

Have you ever noticed this? Especially in a relationship, communication and understanding is very important, but sometimes words aren’t enough, misunderstanding is inevitable.

Well during sex, usually we don’t communicate logically with words. Our bodies communicate with each other, so sex is time a time to show how much you love and care about your partner.

Sex opens up a communication channel that allows a deeper connection between you and your partner.

And that is what a woman truly wants in the bedroom – give her a connection to you – communicate with your body and your touch. They don’t call it ‘making love’ for no reason. You are literally showing her your love, communicating with her, during sex.

Okay, let’s get back to the practical side of things.

Give Her An Orgasm She Never Forgets. Try It Now!

Take Control …

Once you have her right at the brink, give her what she wants. Sexual positions don’t always have to feature the same old standbys, though there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the classics.

When you want to show her a night to remember, however, mix things up with something new.

Make Her Night

Missionary sex doesn’t have to mean boring sex. Spice up that missionary position by leaning back and holding her legs up at a 90 degree angle.

This will change the trajectory of your thrusts, allowing you to go deeper than before and increasing her enjoyment.

Know What You Are Doing

Knowing what you are doing makes all the difference to a woman. She will feel comfortable and relaxed when you are confident in your sexual ability. Thats why so many men who have girlfriends come to us when they want to know how to make her squirt easily.

G-Spot Friendly

Try positions that give you a better angle on stimulating her G-Spot. The G-Spot is located hear the front of the vagina so hitting it in the missionary position simply isn’t an option. One of the best ways to stimulate her g-spot is using your fingers.

Instead, opt for positions such as doggy Style where you enter her from behind. Tilt your body so that your penis is making contact with the front of her vagina – essentially the underside of where her clit is located externally. Grind as you enter her fully and she’ll moan when you hit the right spot.

Grab a Chair

Let her get on top and take sitting on your lap to sexy new heights. Update the old woman on top position by sitting down and letting her ride you.

Use a straight back chair so she can use the back for leverage and to help her grind down on you however she wants. Maintain your own balance and let her go to town while you enjoy the show.

And Be Willing to Give It Up

A woman loves a man who takes control, but not as much as she loves a man who hands over the reigns. Encourage her to get in touch with her wild, dominant side by throwing control over to her right in the middle of sex. Tell her you want to see her in charge and see what happens.

She may balk at first, especially if she’s not used to it, so don’t worry if it falls a little flat the first time – just pick back up and show her a good time. But the seed will have been planted.

Keep asking her – in and outside the bedroom – what really turns her on and it won’t be long before even the most sex-shy girl starts to open up in more ways than one.

Get Handsy!

No matter who’s in charge and what position you’re in, never forget how powerful your hands can be. If she’s riding you or if you’re driving into her, keep those hands busy.

Run your hands along the length of her body, play with her nipples, run a thumb over her clit or squeeze the places you love the most on her body.

Use your hands to show her just how much you love every inch of her – it adds so much to any sexual position as well as the experience itself. Chances are, she’ll remember where your hands were for days.

The Climax Isn’t The End

Having an orgasm is amazing – but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of sex. Sure, you’ll stop actually having sex, but the sexual energy in the room will still be thick.

Make the most of it and postpone cleaning up for a few minutes while you continue to run your hands all over her body, peppering her with kisses, licks and maybe the occasional nip of the teeth.

Tell her every moment that drove you crazy with desire and drive home just how much you love having sex with her. It’ll make your afterglow just as memorable as the act itself.

Most important of all is to enjoy it. Sex is about letting go and being wild in the moment. You could always enjoy a cigarette after sex.

At the end of the day, women want more than sex – they want an experience. So give it to her!

A night of sex is about more than just having sex, it’s about the build-up, the fun of the act and how you handle yourself after.

Sex is meant to connect a couple and be fun, so it makes sense that it takes a fair bit of planning and energy.

Put some thought into it and make it something to remember and I assure you, it’ll be a night that keeps her happy and coming back for more.

You’ll even get a bonus – a girl that’s happy and a relationship that has that healthy sexy afterglow even when you’re not in the bedroom.